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I am glad that she is Pro-Ukrainian. When she was elected no one knew how the new far right government in italy would position itself. It is also important that she distances herself from her friend/ally Orban. Viktor Orban is the biggest embarrassment in Europe.


The problem is with her allies.


Fucking true, salveeeeni is a pootin lover and the old è il dwarf from arcore love his old orgiastic friend too


Perhaps her being close with Orban might influence him to stop being a bitch and side with Ukraine?


Maybe the EU. Lukashenko and kadyrov have the continent sewn up.


What one visit to Bucha does to a person... It feels like not too long ago we weren't sure about her.


She was already sure and firm in her choice to support Ukraine long before visiting Bucha. Obviously seeing in person gives a different awareness. I'm curious to see how she will be able to transfer her emotions to the Italians, as she said she wanted to do after visiting Bucha. I mean, those who aren't convinced yet.


It s more complicated about Italian ppl. I can try to explain it,as a Italian. Let s start to the fact that we create the fascism,Germany copy it,and hell came to us. All Italy and Germany were a giant ground zero after “45”. For decades,were told that fascism was wrong,and the pacifism is the only way to make everything. We followed US wars only because we have to do it,not because our audience love it. How can you change those minds and tell them that this war is better than Iraq,Afghanistan,Libia or Siria? How can you change a mind of a man who work 50-60 hours per week for 1300 € who have now an electric bill of 200 € per month? And not because of the war,but because someone in the northern countries speculate about this war. The same countries who now speak about freedom started a war in Libia years ago. The propaganda said:gheddafi is a dictator,free the Libian ppl! We were the only country who said:if you removed gheddafi,the hell will come. They told us the same shit: little Italians don’t understand foreign policy. We know very well what happened later. The same shit of Vietnam,Iraq,Afghanistan,Siria and the all wars of the west. Now,even a blind man see that money is money,and western companies are making billions thanks to this war. Billions who maybe are better spent in health care or to help the poorest ppl of our countries. Even a blind man can see that the weapons sent are enough to make something,but not enough to win a war. Now,how can you change the mind of 35 millions of italians who know these things? The half of them have problems to arrive at the end of the month,they really don’t care about this war,in fact it s a problem for them. They know that Russia it was,and it will be never a threat for us. Change those minds. They will not arrive at the ends of the month with good words.


It is not minds that need changing, my friend, but hearts.


Good words,like I told before…nothing more. If we have the possibility to change hearts,we will not have wars anymore,my friend:)


No - the west did not start a war in Libya. The Libyan people rose up against Gaddafi who then started bombing them. There was a limited NATO endorsed intervention to remove Gaddafi’s ability to bomb the Libyan people.


No,the French government put pressure on UN to close the libian air space(no fly zone). This because Gheddafi was crushing the rebellion. And this because the west…well,the French in primis,with a no fly zone had the possibility to bombing the strategic military bases of Gheddafi s army. This made them in chaos,and defected,opening the doors to a civil war who is still ongoing. What you said is the second part of the story. The third part of this story is about president Sarkozy and his plans to get out the ENI from Libia. To put French companies of course. It is known that he made money from the libian sovereign funds.(for his electoral campaign). He took the money from Gheddafi,and made plans for 10 billions with him. This was in 2007. He was sentenced for corruption in march 2021. Like I told before its ever a question of money. I will not drink your propaganda. Unfortunately many ppl believe it,and because of this,death and sufference is made in many countries. Like in Libia. Or in Ukraine.


Because Gaddafi was “crushing the rebellion” or in other words: murdering his civilian population. Sarkozy was sentenced in 2021. That shows the western free media and independent justice system working. Something that was not possible in Libya where the population had to put up with Gaddafi buying gold taps for his palaces for 30 years. So you’re saying the Libyan population shouldn’t have what democracies have - the right to expose and prosecute corruption, to choose who leads them, and to remove them peacefully? So you’re saying that western countries should turn a blind eye to civilian populations being murdered en masse by their governments, that we should instead strengthen the reign of dictators that suppress their populations. We have done that in the past and been accused of egregious behaviour in doing so (despite the fact that that’s what you propose that we should do).


I m sure that was better 1 month of murdering than 11 years of civil war. What you said is pragmatically nonsense. What you don’t understand is that we,western countries,we should think about our business. It s easy to say: let s free other countries with our weapons. You are a murder too if you give weapons to kill on other man. A nation should become free by itself,and i give the example of Tunisia,or Egipt.who leave the Arabic spring more or less peacefully. I m Italian,and I know very well the mentality of North African ppl. Because they come here,they work here and they grow their families here. We have a large respectful community of Africans in my country. Maybe you should respect my opinion before suggesting where I came from. Because you are talking about democracy,but I see that you don’t like my opinion,doesn’t mean that your opinion is better than mine. Doesn’t mean that I m Russian. And even if I was Russian,doesn’t mean that all Russians are murders. Dalle mie parti si chiama ipocrisia. Se vuoi possiamo continuare la discussione in italiano,o in lingua sarda…per me sarebbe più semplice.


I had a browse though your timeline and could see pro-Kremlin propaganda. There are so many Russians who use their dirty money to live abroad, enjoy our free societies, while destroying us with corruption. They always pretend to be something else. Maybe you’re one of them, or maybe you’re an Italian/North African tankie with anti-NATO views.


I m not Pro-kremlin at all. Please stop to say this if someone just think with is own head. I m just pragmatic enough to know that this war is convenient just for the USA. If Russia lose power they win. If Russia win this war they win because they can continue to sell more oil and weapons to us,and to the rest of the world. You cannot say the contrary at all,and i explain you why: 1 it s a fact that we(especially Italy and countries like Germany) lost hundreds of billions in inflation,lost trade,and lost tourism because sanctions. 2 Our salaries are small compared to countries like the in the north Europe. If you take 1.4k euros,and the gas or light go double or trhee times more it’s normal that someone think it differently about your point of view. 3 if we speak about realistic threat,you cannot say me that Russia is a military threat to NATO countries. I think it s just propaganda. Like they said that NATO is a threat,we all know that it s the same bullshit. 4 even if this war end tomorrow,we,Europe, lose because Russian fossils supplies were cheaper and easy to deliver. I m not anti-NATO at all. Why? Just because i think that we are giving weapons to a non NATO countries(and legally this is wrong because it is forbidden,as a entity i mean) it doesn’t mean that i m in anti-western factions or similar bullshits. I can made the example of Athen and the delio-attican league. Born to be anti persian,it became a strong weapon to satisfy Athen imperialism. More or less is NATO today. Look the Serbo-Croatian war for example. If you say,or think different someone will cut EU funds(hungary example) or put in the way to say what the master(the US) said. If you read what I said in my first comment:”even a blind man can see that we sent enough weapons to continue the war,but not enough to win” If you decide to fund a war,you have to do it well. It is criminal what we (west) are doing. They can stop this war tomorrow. I m just pragmatic enough to know that 4 or 5 new mechanized brigades will only prolonged this war for other 2 or 3 years. That’s,in ultimum,it’s because i m very sceptic when i read the words “freedom” or “democracy”to made your opinions stronger. And with me,35 millions of italians,for sure. Again,try to change our minds…or history.


If 1 month of Gaddafi murdering civillians (on top of decades of repression) was better than anything else, why did the Libyans revolt? Why did they kill him? Perhaps it is you who should respect the views of the Libyan people.


I respect all autodetermination. This is the main thing that west never respect,if can made some money. Because of this in Siria and Libia the civil war is still ongoing. I respect the different political views of Libian ppl. But you should leave them to fight by themselves. The Libian society is extremely divided in tribes and sub-tribes. They have a seminomadic concept of power who is based on clientelar systems. So they usually respect only strong leaders. It means that they still don’t have an idea of united country like us. Because of this now they are fighting,and only the stronger will win. If you think that democracy like here will win you are wrong. And ingenuous. You remember what happened in Afghanistan? The US leave them maybe in a worse situation then 2001. And for what? “Democracy”??? Do you really think that these countries had,or will have our concepts of democracy? We should respect they re autodetermination. We got our civil war in 43-45. Every country got it. Who are you to think that our democracy will work everywhere? About Libian rebellion my opinion is that it wasn’t the right time to put gheddafi down. Perhaps without western weapons,in years,maybe after a natural death or a peacefully change of regime they solved they’re problems. We must stop to think that we are better than others. This is one of the main problems of western countries.


I agree with you that democracies can’t be installed, the institutions needed to make it work can only be built over generations, and the locals have to be prepared to fight for it, including eschewing low level corruption. Hopefully we’ve learnt our lesson on that. The only ppl who can answer whether it was the right time to depose Gaddafi are the Libyans. We weren’t trying to install a democracy there though - it was a limited intervention to protect civilians. Whether we acted or not, many people were going to die at the hands either of Gaddafi or the civil war. Next you’re going to say that we shouldn’t have protected the yazidis from isis.


Also - are you actually Italian? Or are you a Russian living the nice life in Sardinia and masquerading as Italian because it’s convenient to hide your roots?


I was worried she d be like old bungabunga but she's great


Thank god conservatives are circling back to (logically / justifiably) hating Russia for its behavior. Even American conservatives and Trumpy sheep are beginning to realize their purpose in life should be to hate what Russia stands for — remarkable it took this long.


Why is Meloni high? Probably should not be smoking before a presentation to the G7…