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Interesting she didn't say anything about immigration....


When will enough be enough? Or will it forever be “thank you Sir, may I have another”?


Unironically when Trump stops running for President. He absorbs citizen resentment and defuses it. In 2016 he won the presidency and in Europe Brexit passed. 6 years later, he’s still talking about ”fake news media” and he’s the only hope for the resentful. It’s sad. He’ll run again, and he’ll lose, and the left will continue to encroach as the resentful starts championing for Trump’s successor…..fucking Ron De Santis. It’s sad.


How can you argue against that sentiment. She's not wrong.


Because shes not actually saying anything that matters.


To whom?


This is just the most obvious red meat to feed voters. Who does this threaten? Who does it hold accountable? Who is being named? What action is she suggesting we or she will do about it? Bunch of pathetic losers the GOP are. McCarthy's speech was pretty hilarious as well. And trump better start calling this out if he expects people he has let down to waste their time voting for him again.


You're in denial. Everything she states is totally factual.


Did you not understand what I typed?


You mean everything she states in this post is factual?


He’s not saying any of it is false. He’s saying there’s no weight behind any of it, and he’s right.


Because the GOP isn't actually going to do anything about it. They don't even like Trump.




What the fuck are you even talking about?


Why? Because if we don't pay taxes, our lives and kids lives are effed. I know, an immediate family member of mine didn't pay taxes and it messed up his and our lives bad when he went to prison and lost his medical license.


Ain’t nothing but a heartache.


Sheeple do what sheeple do. Gotta STOP voting for these elitist clowns.


Remind me how this chick votes on the next omnibus bill. Then we’ll talk.


Ain't nothin' but a heartache...


Because they take the money out of my paycheck before I ever see it. You think most of us are writing these fuckers a material check?


1. Because we prosecute people when we have evidence that they committed a crime 2. I don’t think we do that, but if we do, it’s because the children, parents, and trained medical professionals agree that it’s the proper course of action 3. (See answer 1) 4. To protect themselves. We’re all for people being able to protect themselves, right?


Almost there.... Now lets de-power the government so they can stop micro-managing our lives and medical decisions.




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I don't want to hear you say "I want it that way".


Because the society is failing..


We fund them because if we don't, the government takes all our shit and throws us in jail


You're beginning to look like Canada.




Because they have a monopoly on violence and funding them isn’t a choice?


Just to stay out of the gulag with these dick takers.




Guys, we shouldn’t send the FBI to homes any more, especially ones with families in them. And when a president pays off a pornstar we should ignore that, like how you all would ignore it if it was Biden. So yeah, let’s not fund the government and crash the economy for these super awesome reasons. Come on my guys, aren’t you done with being little grifted bitches? Do you really think she means these words or that any one agrees with them? Do you even really believe this? Thanks for the W in 2024