Chip Theory Games are pricey unfortunately because there's so many dice and mats that are all custom made and printed (and because they say they pay their employees well, which I hope is true). If you can't find it at a second-hand seller the only place to get it is their website and you may just have to bite the bullet with the cost upfront. The Undertow box is also a standalone box with only two playable characters and slightly less stuff meant to be a cheaper way to get into the game. Their upcoming Unbreakable box is also meant to be another standalone box for those that don't want to pay for the base set right away but that is not out yet.


Thank you so much! I'm actually actively looking for a second hand. Until then..


You're unlikely to find it significantly cheaper. The game maintains its price really well, as they are the main retailer and will not offer it for less than the original kickstarter price point. It's pretty great for those who own the game and might consider selling it one day. Especially since the components are very durable.


Check okkazeo. That is where I found my corebox :)


Out of stock in the US now!