TIL that First Lady Anna Harrison was still packing up her house in Ohio when US Pres. William Henry Harrison died on his 30th day in office. She is the only first lady to have never moved into the White House

TIL that First Lady Anna Harrison was still packing up her house in Ohio when US Pres. William Henry Harrison died on his 30th day in office. She is the only first lady to have never moved into the White House


I mean, technically, the title First Lady wasn't established till after Washington's presidency, but we do tend to regard Martha Washington as the first First Lady and she didn't live there, if I'm not mistaken.


George Washington never lived in the White House either. It wasn't completed until 1800 and John Adams was the first president to live in the White House


And to be fair, Harry and Bess Truman lived in Blair House because of WH renovations.


Damn really? For all the years Truman was president?


They gutted the entire building. The only thing remaining between the original white house and the current one is the façade. They built new basement levels, constructed a steel framed structure, and attached the existing facade to that. There are pictures of bulldozers moving earth inside the structure with the outer walls in the background.


This is a good book that covers the restoration and some of the history of the White House: [The Hidden White House: Harry Truman and the Reconstruction of America’s Most Famous Residence](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/17286707-the-hidden-white-house)


The floor of the Oval Study above moved noticeably when walked on, and a valet was then attending the president while he was taking a bath. (Truman described a potential scenario of him in his bathtub falling through the floor into the midst of a Daughters of the American Revolution tea "wearing nothing more than his reading glasses.") From the Wikipedia article.


For 2ish years during the second term


Not all the years, just for a large part of his second term.


An architect stated that the second floor was holding up out of habit. The building was a shit show.


Blair House is much nicer.


But not for the entirety of his presidency, only from Nov. 8, 1948 to March 27, 1952.


Funnily enough, Martha Washington’s house she grew up in was referred to as the whitehouse.


Interesting, but I need to know more about this pie.


Yup. Came here to say this.




You should read about James Garfield's medical "care" when he was assassinated in 1881. The bullets didn't really kill him, gangrene and infection did. Apparently, people were prodding at the fresh bullet wound with their bare fingers while Garfield was *still lying on the train station floor*


Garfield had a better chance of surviving if the doctors did absolutely nothing.


Which was Charles Guiteau’s defense against charges of murder. Still - you shoot the President, and he dies - you get hanged.


He was serious-delirious. He asked Chester A. Arthur for a presidential pardon because Guiteau gave Arthur a promotion and salary raise.


Dont mistake this as a typical US bashing from a European, but the US wasnt anywhere near the most powerfull country on earth and the US president was, as a individual, quite weak compared to the Emperors and Kings of European colonial powers.


The epitome of the old "*Husband-threatens-to-leave-wife-behind-for-taking-too-long-getting-ready-for-their-event/date*" cliche.


"This blasted packing! Will it ever end?" "Well, Mrs. Harrison, I've got good news and bad news." "Excuse me, you are to address me as 'First Lady'." "Yeah, funny story about that..."




Daniel Trimp's wife?




She's not a human trafficked mail order bride, fuck off with your anti slavic prejudice bullshit. She's just a model motivated by greed, as many are in the industry. She fits that sack of shit perfectly - and I think he's a more accurate mirror of the US than many would like to admit.


Negative stereortypes about the US, neither original or truthful. You want a real look at greed? Go ask your favorite countries who regularly try to get sanctions on human rights violating dictatorships and Authoritarian regimes lifted so it doesn't harm their multi-national businesses. Or just violates them anyways and pulls shenanigans like redefining sanctions within their own country. You know tham as all of Europe.


Ah yes the famous country of Europe


You know those countries as all of Europe... Nothing incorrect about that...






No she wasn’t and from most of the audio we have of hear she’s just as much of a asshole as him Thinking of her as a helpless docile little girl is very sexist


If you can call Hillary Clinton human then yes. Give low effort BS and recieve it in return.




Just laugh at the joke and move on.


Trimp’s tramp?


Because can you really call that living?


I only came here to see how quick it took for someone to mention Trump. He's out of office, you can find someone new to obsess over now.


You came here just to search the comments for mention of Trump and you think it's other people who have a problem with obsession?


I think it's a matter of they both do


It's not really a search when you click the post and the third comment is Trump related


He shouldn't of gave that long ass speech


Should’ve worn a coat too.


He died on pneumonia, not exposure.


Shouldn’t have given.




Technically it should be hyphenated.


Melania tried to be the second.


Didn't she mostly reside in New York, with her son, for most of Trump's presidency? Also, that kid is still growing - dude is nearly 7 feet tall now!


Simpson's did it.


*That's a man baby!*


He died in April, so she had been packing for 5 months. EDIT: fixed "was died" to "died"


Inaugurations used to take place in March. [Source](https://news.harvard.edu/gazette/story/2021/01/a-look-at-the-long-odd-history-of-inauguration-day/)


Yes, I know that. He won the election in November, and if he died in April, she had been packing for 5 months. Your information doesn't change anything about that calculation.


I don't know if you've ever moved but you don't start packing 5 months before your lease is up. He may have won the election in November but they weren't moving until he became president many months later.


My point was that she had had lots of time to start packing. It's odd that she wasn't ready to move by inauguration day, and extra odd that she still wasn't ready by April.


How old are you? Have you ever had to move literally all of your things? You definitely don’t start packing 5 months in advance, you don’t even start packing one month in advance or even 2 weeks in advance because you still need to be able to use all your shit you were using before. You start packing about 3ish days ahead of the move and a lot of times you’ll be packing the day of the move too. Plus this was the 1800’s it’s not like they could go to the local Uhaul get boxes, a truck and a dolly then start packing they’d have to manually move every wooden box which would be heavy and time consuming then they’d have to transport all that shit to wherever it was going. Really what it comes down to is you can’t really pack ahead of time because then you wouldn’t be able to use any of your things you usually move.


>How old are you? Have you ever had to move literally all of your things? I'm old. I've moved many times. Don't talk to people like that. It's incredibly rude. Everyone is upset that I said "packing" as shorthand for "preparing to move" and completely ignoring *my actual point*. Yeah, I know she wasn't literally packing for five months. But she knew when she was moving months ahead of time, and there is no clear reason she couldn't have been ready to move by inauguration day. If you know one, tell me. If you don't, then don't waste my time.


I did tell you. You just chose to ignore it. You can’t start packing early period because then you don’t have access to your things. I also explained that it’s not the 2000’s and they couldn’t just go down the road to the local Uhaul grab a truck and some boxes and then make your 45 minute drive to the next state over. We’re talking about a month to move all of your belongings into boxes into multiple different horse carriages finding people to drive said carriages finding people to help box said items finding the time to do this because once it’s fucking dark you go to bed you’re not packing by lantern all fucking night. And hey fuck you this is America I’ll talk to you how I please. Don’t be a self righteous, self sucking dickwad and you wouldn’t have people “being rude” to you on the internet. Seriously dude grow up it’s a fucking forum people will speak to you how they damn work please


>I did tell you. No, you didn't. None of those are reasons why the president of the US can't hire someone to move stuff in 5 months. It's not like he's some poor slob who doesn't have anyone to help him. All you presented was conjecture. >And hey fuck you this is America I’ll talk to you how I please. Yes, you have the right to embarrass yourself and throw a hissy fit when someone calls you out with a single line. I tell you that you're rude and you prove my point by acting like an insolent child and vomiting insults to prove how strong and grown up you are.


Damn it Harrison


*There's Taylor, there's Tyler, there's Fillmore, and there's Hayes!* *There's William Henry Harrison - "I died in thirty days!"*


The Simpsons hate the Whigs.


God bless John Swartzwelder.


🤏🏻 so close


On the one hand, it would be a bummer to miss out on living in the White House. On the other hand, moving sucks.


But imagine excitedly packing up your house, then a courier shows up and tells you your husband is dead and the trip is so long, you won't be able to attend his funeral. Have fun un-unpacking!


Melania was vying for that title for a while.


Harrison's get the worst president, worst beatle, and most unenthused star wars actor.


She's a dead ringer for my uncle Jimmy


humm mm moi même je suis dépasse


I mean if USA would stop giving president title to old ass bastards then you wouldnt have the problem of presidents dying in their office lol. What i can remember there were a lot of presidents that died of old age in their period.


Of 46 Presidents, only 8 have died in office. 4 were assassinated, Lincoln, McKinley, Garfield, and Kennedy. None have died natural deaths in office since FDR. FDR had a hemorrhagic stroke at 63 that may have been related to his polio. Harding had a heart attack at 57. Zachary Taylor died of acute gastroenteritis, likely from contaminated food. William Harrison died of pneumonia, and medical care just as bad as if it were offered by Facebook users. Modern medical practices could potentially have saved all except FDR. None really died because of their age.


Man I bet OP would feel really dumb if he could read the big words you wrote


And Kennedy was the last great Democrat.


It’s 4. FDR, the latest one, was only 50 when he was first elected. The one before him, Harding, was only 57 when he died.


Reddit is super ageist sometimes. I’ve seen people seriously consider 50 to be too out of touch. Are you kidding me? Do you want someone with 30 years of experience or 5? The answer is clear to me.


Your memory is pretty bad then, cause it really hasn't happened. A whopping 4 peesidents (less than 10%) have died in office besides assassinations, which getting shot obviously has nothing to do with age. But go on.


Misinformation, as usual.


With Melanomia coming in at a close 2nd.