Funny that living in Brazil I'd only seen this kind of can opener in all my life. [https://imgur.com/a/VEycu1a](https://imgur.com/a/VEycu1a) ​ Until my sister-in-law brought this one from Canada. It also cut the can lid without leaving a sharp edge. [https://imgur.com/a/k3LYOBl](https://imgur.com/a/k3LYOBl)


I was expecting the video to be about the 2nd one you posted.


Canadian here. My family has had a Mightican (the second pic) for as long as I can remember, and I bought one of my own after I moved out.


I have a version of that second one, only in translucent circuit-pattern red like one of those funky Nintendo 64 controllers. It's actually the best can opener I've ever used. Fairly robust construction considering it's mostly plastic as far as I can see, not a lot of moving parts so fewer potential points of failure like I've had with some more complex ones, probably not the easiest to use in terms of physical effort but I'm not a little baby with no forearm strength, going on a few years now regularly used without getting dull, even damn cheap too. It's also a can opener that lets you solve the Chef Boyardee problem, by latching it horizontally with the blade cutting inwards into the side rather than vertically with the blade cutting downwards into the top. That removes the lip entirely and lets the precious ravioli slide out with just a little flinging. Also no issue with the lid falling in because the thing you cut off has a bigger footprint than the internal space of the can. Some people are saying that makes the can sharp and I'm not gonna say they're lying about their own experiences, and I'm definitely not exactly confident caressing the edge (especially not with my abnormally soft handflesh), but it seems a lot more intuitive to handle a large object that's sharp on one end than a small finicky one that you have to fish out of your food because it fell in. Plus, just be careful, it isn't like the Sword of Heroes, said to be so sharp you can cut yourself just by lookin--OW!!


I have one of those horizontal can openers and I can say that it still leaves an extremely sharp edge. While yes it's easier to handle a larger sharp cap than a smaller sharp lid, it's still very much possible to cut yourself on it, just for a different reason. I'm sure there lots of people that like me, hate taking their recycling out. So when we have a bit of cardboard or packaging and the bin is full, we simply crush it down a bit and toss whatever in. A typical sharp lid will usually fall deeper in or fall into something else (usually the empty can) but a sharp edged bean can sits there and wait for your hand to slip or for you to push a little too hard. Now it's only happened to me once in 6+ years of having one but the 5 stitches in my finger and the 4 hours in the ER have me HATING the horizontal can opener and terrified of ever pushing down on the recycling bin again. This video....it's changed my life. I just ordered 3 of them and I can wait for the day that fear is vanquished from my kitchen and I can go back to slicing my fingers open in good old fashioned ways, like removing the pit from an avocado with a little too much gusto.


Achei para vender o abridor do vídeo no ponto frio por R$ 33 Na Casas Bahia está com frete mais barato para São Paulo e quase o mesmo preço (R$ 37 + R$ 6). [https://www.pontofrio.com.br/Utilidades-Domesticas/AcessorioseUtensilios/AcessoriosDeCozinha/abridor-de-latas-plus-verona-brinox-1526872986.html?IdSku=1526872986](https://www.pontofrio.com.br/Utilidades-Domesticas/AcessorioseUtensilios/AcessoriosDeCozinha/abridor-de-latas-plus-verona-brinox-1526872986.html?IdSku=1526872986)


Já tá 38 hahaha


I literally bought one of these Uptown Waterloo Canada yesterday, it's called 'Little Beaver', and I'm and sorry to say it cuts the lid and top off the can leaving a paper sharp cutting edge at the top of it.


Yes but way less dangerous than the sharp points the first one I posted leave. That thing make razor wire on the can.


Disappointed in Alec that he missed the opportunity to inject the phrase "can o'worms" in this video.


It's in there.


Oh man, I completely missed it. At what time? I should not have doubted Alec.


21:35 in the captions. It's a very well hidden Easter egg. I love that he not only actually has captions, but puts extra jokes in them.


Like XKCD - but hard to hover to see it these days on a phone


If anyone wants to learn more about the fascinating design of soda cans, check out [this video](https://youtu.be/hUhisi2FBuw) by The Engineer Guy. Also, as the father of a toddler (and a Spaghetti-o connoisseur), this can opening eliminating the little lip sounds like a dream come true. Pour one out for all the lost O's that have been stuck in the can.


As soon as Alec start going off about Toxic Midwesternity, I immediately thought that he was calling out his dad. (Which I may or may not be correct in assuming that is what "Mr. C" refers to). I would add that toxic Midwesternity is about getting YOURSELF by with what you have, but taking that extra step out of your way to help others get by easier or safer. Great video, signed a fellow near chicagoan Midwestern.


I have that style of can opener that I bout on clearance at Walmart, for something around $2. It was very clear that most consumers didn't automatically see a need for it. Also, besides the little metal shards, some of the cans I open with it have some kind of stretchy adhesive in the seal that gets stretched out, when initially taking off the lid. How was the soup? My very not-Midwestern mom sometimes makes a soup she calls Mexican minestrone that is almost entirely canned foods mixed together and has no relation to Mexican food. I can't stand the saltiness of it, and feel like I am unquenchably thirsty after eating more than a days worth of salt, in one sitting. Speaking of cans and overlooked technology, I really think canning jars are overlooked by newer generations. You can spend one day prepping garden vegetables, and have food to last you all winter. It is extremely frugal and healthy, with the added bonus of being able to call jars cans and calling the process of sealing food in those jars canning.


Add a potato to the soup next time you make it - then fish it out - unless it already has potato in it - Potatoes suck up salt.


[That doesn't work.](https://www.thekitchn.com/can-a-potato-really-fix-a-toosalty-soup-putting-tips-to-the-test-in-the-kitchn-214650)


Ok - Thanks I was under an impression that I had heard that advice from some famous media chef. Oh well




The telling bit of information is that the potatoes didn't taste salty but did taste like the broth. They extracted more flavor than salt.


can i just say the hair is looking excellent -- looking forward to some kind of video about fans or wind tunnels just for a dramatic hair whipping shot


You might be interested in the can opener we have (germany), which was patended in 1998 and in imo even better. PatentNo US6058613 UK2341378 UK2334939 https://patents.google.com/patent/US6058613A/en It's angled differently and seems to be easier to lock and give force to. The round side of the "cutting" wheel run's better around the round can and it has a scisors-like mechanism to close it, which requires extremly low pressure from the user


I use [this one](https://www.amazon.com/Kuhn-Rikon-2262-Safety-Master/dp/B000B6NXL6) that looks similar to the patent. It's absolutely wonderful and has a little grabber on the side so you don't have to even touch the newly cut lid


My [Starfrit](https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B00D1KZ6BE/ref=cm_sw_r_apan_glt_i_P9TXZHRAJ4Q4PN61EGMR) unit also uses a design like this with a lid grabber. We love it cause it keeps hands away from the food and the can goes right in the recycle after its rinsed since there are no sharp edges anywhere to be found


Ah nice - that’s exactly our design, too.


Yes. Pretty close to mine and the patent.


LOL I should have read the comments before posting my own. I have one from the same company, but the particular model is discontinued. Mine just has the lid lifter, too, which was the deciding factor for me getting it. I'm debating if I'm willing to shell out $25 for that 5-in-1 jobbie you have.


Lol, never thought I would see a can opener on Technology Connections. I had this one 20 years ago. I got it new from a family member. I loved it, but eventually it broke. I asked the family member where she bought it. She said hers also broke and the store she bought it at didn't sell it anymore. So I bought a traditional can opener which is still kicking it 20 years later.


I was just having a super long conversation with my wife about can openers and their design. She was rolling her eyes the entire time. Now gonna send her the 20 video from techconnection about it. There are dozens of us!


Th madlad has gone and done it. He's gone and made a twenty-minute video about can openers interesting.


My face when I put his second example on its side and getting the same results. https://i.imgur.com/luJVCvC.jpg


There is an edge on the can though... but yeah, none on the lid and it holds the lid too.... also my opener had instructions on the cardboard, to use it that way...


Anyone have a link where I can buy one?


I'm just about to order [this one](https://smile.amazon.com/Can-Opener-Ergonomic-Stainless-Restaurant/dp/B08TW37WZL/), it's one of the cheaper ones on Amazon, and it comes with a jar opener, too.


I bought one of these without knowing it because the can opener I had up to that point was utter garbage. It confused me for a good minute or two when I first tried to use it, I thought it was missing a part. Once I figured out how it worked, I thought it wasn't cutting through the can, but I picked up the can and the top fell off and I instantly realized what it was doing and thought it was so cool. I am totally sold on the side cutting design, it is such a tremendous improvement and nobody I know of is aware it exists.


I'm kind of flabbergasted you didn't bring up using the 'old' kind to remove the lid entirely by rotating so the blade engages with the side of the can and not the lid. There is also the plus to that kind in opening cans that will not readily pour their contents, e.g. tomato paste. Simply open both ends and push one lid through the length of the can to extract all of the contents without having to dirty a spatula.


>Simply open both ends and push one lid through the length of the can to extract all of the contents without having to dirty a spatula. Now I'm picturing loading a tomato paste can into a caulking gun


Yes, regarding the tomato paste! I actually have both kinds of can openers in the kitchen (duplicate gift-type thing). I use the new style for everything except tomato paste. For that I use the old style because it's so much easier to get it all out!


I use both styles, the top cut for things that need to be drained, like beans and tuna, and the side cut for literally everything else.


I swear that I have not bought a can that's needed a can opener in years.... practically everything has a pull top these days! This does not stop me from wanting one of these can openers though.


If I open a can with a pull tab, my cats come running and start begging for what I'm cooking, assuming that it must be cat food, because it has a pull tab.


[This is the best can opener](https://youtu.be/gdjvsGySIOI)


The thing I did in day to day life that I never questioned and just assumed is how things are? Masculinity. No, but seriously, the tangent on never questioning issues of something that is accepted as a fact of life really struck a chord with me as a parable for gender transition. To paraphrase, I'd lived my whole life expecting existence as a man to be a certain way, even though I knew a gender existed that didn't leave sharp edges (I did indeed meet a woman), never did I think to try it for myself because, well, "a man is a man." Edit: Anyway, yeah. Being queer involves a *lot* of soul searching so my reaction to this video is one of existential contentment. Make of that what thou wilst.


Straight man here. I like to wear long A-line skirts and prefer to have my nails painted. It took me a while to realize that there aren't really guy things and girl things. Just things. I'll try anything once, and if I like it, I'll keep doing it, it's as simple as that. Getting comfortable with all that takes some effort, and some people are going to be weirded out, but really it's not that I'm weird, it's that they're rigid. And not to toot my own horn, but a LOT of women find it attractive. Not aesthetically, necessarily, but just the idea that I've got enough confidence to walk around in "women's" clothing and painted nails. If people ask me about it I just say "I'm so masculine that I figured I needed to dial it back a bit." I own guns, I ride dirt bikes, I wrench on cars, I hunt, I like kung fu movies, and I drink and talk shit. Pretty typical man stuff. It's just that to me painted nails are pretty and skirts are vastly superior to pants (assuming they have pockets, which all of mine do). So adding onto your comment, I would say that pants are one thing we all just assume are a thing without thinking about it, just like the humble traditional can opener.


I wouldn't buy this "new" can opener because most of the food I buy comes in glass pots with a metal lid and the 2 pointy things on the old opener help me vent the glass pots so I can easily take off the lid.


The type of can opener I see almost as much as the traditional one is a side cutter (like his safety one) but with a manual lever action to start the cut instead of being part of the rotation. Maybe it's a regional thing or maybe he just didn't see them at the store because at first glance they can easily be confused for the traditional design. Heck they are so common around here that you even get cute gimmicky ones (we have a pig one)


My favorite can opener has a patent date of 1920 or so and cuts the can as well [Star Can Opener](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQYYPzhRIKMJyS6E83Zb_ulZo2ddhfGe4yUJjG8a3NRcIgC4S2kv8eid_mJlVSpT1O-DKA&usqp=CAU) [History of the Can opener Revised](https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Ftaths.org.uk%2Fimages%2FTTArticles%2FCanopener%2FCanOpenerMayRevised2.pdf&psig=AOvVaw1jjOL36qUdHrEPrUDQuSX7&ust=1642312344575000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAoQjhxqFwoTCKiGgbKIs_UCFQAAAAAdAAAAABAE) Exciting I know!


Off topic but the connextras videos domt get posted here Why dont we put quantum dot technology on the glass of a low pressure sodium lamp?! They are more efficient than leds and quantum dots wouod make the light more acceptable, also if the quantum dot layer where to wear out the lps lamp would still function


Amen! /u/TechConnectify +1 for posting Connextras content here!


Hey u/techconnectify i found something… [Interesting…](https://imgur.com/gallery/JPXECfs) at a target near me and well, maybe you should take a look?


I've had an electric version of this since I moved out of my parents house. I take it for granted how great it is.


I think this is a great opportunity to plug [BIFL (Buy It For Life) Can Opener Thread](https://www.reddit.com/r/BuyItForLife/comments/48jptn/bifl_request_a_can_opener/). They like the [EZ-DUZ-IT amazon](https://www.amazon.com//dp/B0071OUJDQ).


@Alec, do you use McMaster-Carr for any of these videos or for your work in general? It might be possible to have you added to the list of customers who receive a catalog if yes...it's really hard to get on that list unless you have a certain amount of purchases, but even though, you might not be on our list for other random misses in the algorithm...


Now I have to find this kind of can opener in Serbia. I suffer from pretty much the opposite of Midwestern attitude. Everything can and should be improved. If I see one in any shop I regularly visit regularly I will buy one. (Let's be honest a can opener doesn't deserve a separate shopping trip)


how did his hair grow so fast, in his last vid he had short hair. It takes me like a year to grow that much hair


I enjoyed the video. Never seen a can opener like that. Neat! But it costs over [10x as much](https://groceries.asda.com/product/cooking-utensils-food-preparation/george-home-metal-butterfly-can-opener/1000159725425) as a working class can opener. The butterfly can opener is a beautiful piece of design. You can just look at it and deduce all the design decisions involved to make it one of the most efficient, practically designed items in your house. It's die cut steel that's been bent and riveted. That's it. You can see how the parts have been designed to reduce waste material when die cutting from sheet. You can feel how the twist has been made in just the right spot to feel comfortable in your hand. It feels really sturdy, like a hammer. Pure and direct in its designed intent. No idea why the US one has a stupid plastic turning handle on it but the pure variant is fully recyclable steel (it's hard but not impossible to find one without a plastic spacer on the turning handle). It costs less than the can you're opening and if it goes blunt you just get another one. Also the seam opener DOESN'T EVEN HAVE A BOTTLE OPENER!!1 The amount of times at a party the humble can opener has come to the rescue after someone absent mindedly wandered off with the A-tier bottle opener is innumerable. All those plastic can openers feel like they were designed by marketers to justify a markup. The steel butterfly is brutalist and real. It knows it has a job and isn't shy about doing it and after many years of using all manner of plastic openers I'm still in love with my cheap butterfly can opener.


What is the purpose of the long handle on the new breed of the can opener? I do not see any way it might provide leverage or other mechanical advantage.


We used to always just had a butterfly can opener that's nothing more than a sharp tooth and a handle to manually open cans, since we didn't open that many cans to begin with. All the mechanical can openers we had buy across the years were cheap ones of the "classic" model but since we got them cheap they were never that good, and really had to be replaced every few years. I'm really considering getting one of these but on the other side I had forgot the last time I had to use a can without a removable lid. Heck they even have started getting rid of the metal removable lid and substituting it with a soft aluminium/plastic one! I hate these so much, I can't squeeze the juice out of a tuna can with a soft lid, I need the old metallic lid to squeeze the juice out and use the canned tuna on my dishes