I don't remember...


Must be the same as mine


Same here


I think i enjoyed most of the game


Me too!


The only correct answer.




Came into the comments to make sure this was an option.




Both boring and extremely disappointing: the Evelyn Miller mission once you’re able to play as John. It’s the only exclusive side missions you get for John, and it ends up being bringing food to some random mf’s house every few days. My thought process was that there’d *definitely* be side missions for John to complete in New Austin, so there was no point saving him any of Arthur’s side missions. I was so wrong.


John has 1 side mission in new austin and its the one for the guy who collects legendary fish. It makes sense tho that john has very few missions in new austin as in rdr1 he said he hadnt been there before.


Solid thinking on Rockstar’s behalf then, because just being back in that environment made me want to replay RDR1 all over again (which I did)


Now if only they made it available for modern platforms. It was almost a good business move.


It’s ridiculous to me that they didn’t remake the first game on the RDR2 engine and sell it as an expansion. It would’ve been perfect.


It would've sold like hot cakes with cocaine. You have the people who never played RDR1 because it was an old game and a limited release that was never ported to PC or newer consoles for whatever reason. Then you have the people who did play it and would love to see it updated in the new beautiful engine with all the new mechanics and features. Or they would just like to play it at all because they don't have their old PS3 or 360 laying around anymore. Blows my mind they didn't jump on the opportunity to have the whole story in one package. Most of the old map is already done. Even Mexico's geography is already there. They left so much money on the table with RDR2 it's insane. They didn't do this, let RDO wither and die, didn't make any single player dlc. I just don't get it.


I don’t understand why these companies just leave money on the table like that.


Especially with all the scummy shit they do FOR money. Like yeah lets milk GTAO for a decade with shitty updates that make it not even feel like GTA anymore but nah lets not do things that would make sense for our other huge franchise.


It’s insanely cheaper to pay a small team to release GTAO stuff than a larger team to remake RDR1. The revenue and margins generated from the small team is greater than what their bean counters figured a return is on RDR1, even if they struck while the iron was hot. Especially considering much of the RDR team went to work on GTA6 after release. R* knows their next big title is going to be very anticipated and with an online component is going to make a ton of money. Also, with the shitshow of RDRO, I think R* saw it wasn’t nearly as popular as GTAO so they pulled back on it. To be honest, a game like GTA has more fans than RDR even if the latter is a superior experience. I think cars and guns are simply more relatable hence more popular.


It's more likely that they have a limited amount of resources and focus that resource on what they think will make the most money. Sure, they could make $1bn on RDR1 being remade, but they probably figure they can put the same people to work on something that will make them $2bn. The options are probably mutually exclusive.


It's available on Xbox


Same! I was seriously hoping for a Mexico because I love Mexico map in rdr1. Tried to cross the river to no avail lol.


Right? Man, that first ride into Mexico as John with that song playing in the background - it felt like one of best moments in gaming history to me. The sun was setting as I rode, and it was such a surreal feeling. And when Rockstar recreated it with that last ride into Beaver’s Hollow as Arthur, best believe I was in tears haha


> that first ride into Mexico as John with that song playing in the background - it felt like one of best moments in gaming history to me. I fell off my horse and fell in the river and died halfway through. I did not get to do it again.


I was knocked off my horse by a cougar.


yeah but i also agree that even though it was fan service to bring new austin back, the lack of side missions also indicate that its maybe uncanon for John to be there, even if he has dialogue and bounties down there


It's a pretty huge bummer how unutilised New Austin and the original RDR map is in general. I wish it was explorable as Arthur and Blackwater itself was wanted dead or alive which would make more sense tbh. It feels so half baked that only John can go there any there's really not much as far as sidequests and exploration.


Its fucking stupid as hell like the only reason its even in the game is for rdro


That was exactly how I felt. The first time I even stepped foot into New Austin as John in RDR2, I got stopped by a few Mexican gangsters who wanted to rob me RDR1-style and thought ”okay damn, this place is gonna be as fun as a bitch” But that was it. Never encountered anything like that again. All of New Austin feels so lackluster and unfinished compared to the rest of the map. And yeah, I get that he’s not canonically meant to be there before 1911, but it’s still disappointing


I feel like New Austin was added as an area for Online more than single-player. And well...that didn't turn out either.


Yeah well how you feel about a certain misson in the end of chapter 3 where you take a short walk in a pretty town, “Sean Maguire”


“Now it don’t feel right? Coulda told ya –“ 0/10 mission. Not because it wasn’t fun (love blasting sherrifs faces with a pump-action shotgun, classic Monday for me) but because of how it ended… with, you know… Sean’s brain splattered everywhere. He’s always been a favorite of mine. Sitting around a campfire in Ch. 3 and listening to him speak out of his ass is one of my favorite things to do in RDR2. But the shock factor of his death was executed perfectly. No slow build-up, no hints towards him dying, just straight barbarism. Can confirm I will not be taking any more short walks in pretty towns anytime soon


Technically it BEGINS with Sean’s brains getting exploded everywhere but that doesn’t really matter because yk either way he’s still dead, but yeah maybe avoid short walks in pretty towns


I usually save the last part of every side mission for John, feels nice wrapping up Arthur's business and reminiscing about the man with other people


Oh I actually love these missions because of who Evelyn Miller (most likely) represents. There was a real life author around the same time the game is set call Henry David Thereau. He wrote a book called Walden and Civil Disobedience while he lived in the woods in a hand-built small cabin. He was once a University professor but decided that society had a hold on the way he and everyone around him lives. I guess he got tired of the chokehold and went to live naturally for months or so. He was very introspective and the way he wrote was beautiful. I remember reading the book just before rdr2 came out and the game and the book were both enjoyed beside each other for me. And when I met Evelyn Miller I was so star struck I couldn't believe it.


The Professor in Saint Denis, you stole moonshine and collected a bounty and lost $50 in 5 missions


The overall arc was pretty lame, but the culmination of the botched execution was pretty intense. Still, it was a lot of work just to get grossed out.


this is the only side mission i really don’t like. it just feels weird, esp since you have to play it later in game (after the start of ch4) and it just doesn’t make sense for me with how arthur’s character is


Couldn't agree more! The most time & money consuming stranger's mission. Hate those mission so much (everytime Arthur wants his money, the professor just immediately changed the topic). Poor McDaniels though, it's better for him to get hanged instead of being tortured on those electric chair (or i can just freed him if such a choice available).


Ooh, I dunno, I really enjoyed Arthur taunting him on the ride to St. Denis. Seemed worth it for the voice acting alone.


The way Arthur cheerfully explains how the machine works was fantastic. Cracked me up!


It’s annoying, but by god it is not the worst stranger mission out there time-wise. That ‘honour’ goes to the Algernon Wasp questline, hated every second of it.


All for nothing


You did get the blueprints in the end, though. 🙄🙄


Idk if it counts but when you first get on Gaurma and just hold down the joystick forward for like 5 minutes. Hate that shit just make it a cutscene


That part always glitches for me so that Arthur is way too far behind or way to far forward making the chain stretch out really far. And making the chain look like it's made out of rubber


It’s probably cause they don’t want you in a loading screen forever cause gaurma probably takes a while for the game to load in


I just want to eat my Cheetos without having to hold onto the controller and get it all orange!


Then the cutscene suddenly transitions to a intense shootout so you have to wipe your Cheeto fingers on your pants at the speed of light


Chasing the street urchins in Saint Denis gives a strong feeling of helplessness.


I'd be lying if I said I didn't try and shoot that kid at least once. I also wish Arthur put them in their place rather than letting them get what they want.


Yeah unless you manage to catch him which is incredibly satisfying


I did it first time lmao I thought you HAD TO catch him or else the mission was failed


there is a possible way to catch them but i can’t remember the shortcut


I’ve caught him once juiced on special potions and haven’t been able to replicate. I think, I had really high core, without potions; I think it was one of those play throughs where were you have a fully upgraded camp/satchels and you haven’t taken the girls into valentine yet.


How is it possible to progress to St Denis without completing the mission of taking the girls to Valentine?


I caught them first try somehow actually so that was a good mission mission for me




I wish they'd turn off the slow tutorial bullshit after the first time around. "Press L2 to aim your revolver! 🤠" "Just give me my carbine and let me make this quick" "Press L2 to aim. Your. Revolver. You stupid son of a bitch."


If the game actually said this I'd absolutely replay the tutorial lmao


Make a save at the beginning of chapter 2 and play from there. That’s what I’ve done and it’s so worth skipping Colter


Dude great idea! Never even thought of doing that.


This is what I did on my first playthrough. Saved right at 13.7% (I think that's the progression mark) and never went back.


I have a save after they get to Horseshoe Overlook so I don’t have to play those anymore.


my favorite part is chapter 1 rockstar always has the best opening missions




tbh one of the main reasons i keep restarting playthroughs is the vibe i get from the first chapter , missions on the snowy mountains were one of the best in my opinion and makes you wanna replay the game from the start i don't even look at them as tutorial missions


Okay but that’s pretty high praise that the tutorial section of a game doesn’t get boring until after you’ve played it three times


No I like to play it every single time. It's the most cinematic one. And I've played it like 5 times.


Underrated comment


Boring-the one in the swamp when you save that guy from the legendary gator and the one with Mrs. Callhoon where you drive them thru Rhodes. Most forgettable- I honestly don’t know dude


Dude what the gator one is one of my favorites


The gator one was great! Had that whole unsettling feeling the whole time you’re wading through the swamp!


Tbh its only fun on the first playthrough because you don’t know whats gonna happen, on the second playthrough you just kinda try to rush through it because you know what happens and it ruins the element of surprise you get on your first time doing the mission


True, but I personally am not a fan of water so it’s still slightly unsettling even though I’ve played through a few times 😅 the first time through, I was a sweaty mess lol


it’s still pretty fun when you get to the good bit. before it is just boring


Intense as fuck. I'm terrified of swamps so that mission was extra intense for me. But that was a damn good mission.


Have you ever turned around and looked when Dutch tells you, "Just don't turn around and come on!"?? That dang gator is literally right behind you!


Yep, I actually took a photo of it lol


I don't even have a inkling for the second one, so that must be pretty forgettable.


It was the "women's right to vote" parade, but it wasn't the worst. "American Fathers I" was terrible.


I feel like if you played online at all, the gator one got ruined because you got too used to their behaviour and being around them, which is what I did but still thought it was really cool (even if there wasn’t any real action the whole time, there doesn’t need to be)


The one where you’re moving to Horseshoe Overlook and Arthur breaks the goddamn wheel


Yeah but we at least get a fuzzy glimpse at Rains Falls


Is he watching them in the background? I never noticed that?


Both him and Eagle Fly’s are up on that mountain during the cut scene. Including a third guy in the middle of them


Yes, Dutch afair makes a comment about their party.


Hosea says "poor bastards" and then goes on about their plight.


I quite liked it because of the music and the vibe of it


It sucks because I’ve never successfully broke the goddamn wheel ever again. I thought the wagon falling apart would be a part of the game that would especially incentivize safe wagon operation and driving slow while in free play and during missions. Would definitely be cool if they’d fall apart. It would make the missions where you steal wagons and get chased more strategic in combat.


Only times i remember wagons kinda breaking is online. Otherwise it can happen just not the way you think it would


I love that mission


You didn’t see the fire in your eyes


I mean pulling down the house where if you skip the cutscene you can't get gold. It took me about 8x to realize that 🙄


Why would you skip that cutscene?


I played it before


Why would you skip that cutscene?


Which mission is this?


home improvement for beginners, in epilogue 2


I’m an idiot, I was thinking of actual gold, like a gold bar, not the medal. Yeah that one sucks


Anything in Guarma honestly.


honestly most of the guarma missions were boring but the one where you’re in the fort and the big ship is shooting at you is kinda cool


Felt like I was playing assassins creed


The whole Guarma section just felt out of place and forced


It was very lackluster and to the point,made me want to get back way sooner rather than enjoy and explore.


I can't tell you how many times I died trying to do the first major mission there. Where Dutch wanted to meet *below* the cliff. I kept getting Swiss cheesed by the locals cuz i thought Dutch wanted to meet behind the camp


Hell hath no fury was sick tho


This is the right answer. Barely anyone posts about that section of the game and it’s the part of the game I actually couldn’t tell you how they got there, what happened on it and why/how they left.


Most people just already know that the whole Guarma part was pretty meh. A lot of cut content from the game so everything was pretty rushed.


You’re so right, there was even shit found in the files of $100 ticket to Guarma in free roam. Was never implemented


Pursuing gold medal on "enter, pursued by a memory" is pure torture. Killing three wolves with a shotgun with 2 rounds and no long range, WITHOUT getting damage and then proceed to finish the mission with 80% accuracy? All this with no deadeye? Yeah the level designer was thinking for players like "how bad I can mentally fuck'em up"


For anyone struggling: once you kill the first three wolves, switch to your revolver. It's easier to aim, and if you miss a shotgun shot you can intentionally hit the wolves bodies with it, killing them in three hits instead of one.


Killing the three wolves is most annoying part as for the wolves during horse riding part. After killing 3 wolves in one shot after a 100 tries without them hitting me, I dont take out guns at all. I proceed to trample them to death. No way I am taking any chances.


I'd like to add that replaying any mission for gold medals is frustrating already because of the loading times, having to sit through minute long horse riding sections, and having to replay the whole mission just to get to the part where the medals actually are and then check points usually void most of the gold requirements, so if you mess up, you have to do all that again oh and you can't just restart a mission right away, it's 'abandon mission' > loading screen > go into slow ass menu, story, replay mission > loading screen and then you can try again just a huge pain


You exactly pin pointed the most frustrating part! Trying to shoot wolves without getting hit a dozen times is annoying, but waiting for eternity between attempts is what makes it far worse.


Cornwall's death mission. It sets up a lot, but this was so anticlimactic, like, he dies too suddenly, you run, Dutch talks some shit, done.


Honestly, I kind of love how unceremonious and anticlimactic some of the deaths in this game are. Like, I don't think the Saint Denis bank robbery mission would have had the same impact on me if it took the time to "bury" the characters (so to speak) who were killed during the mission; having them just drop dead and forcing me to continue left me with such a taste of disbelief and shock that I don't think a video game has ever really hit me with before. It feels goofy to say considering it's just a game, but there's almost a sort of "traumatic" undertone to those scenes, even somehow with Cornwall's death (despite being one of the primary antagonists for most of the game), that just added more weight to me than if they'd dwelled on the deaths.


True, but in the case of a secondary character dying... well, it's a plot device. And Saint Denis bank was also a great mission, first with breaking in, building up tension with the safe, and then things going to hell and getting worse and worse. This was... I didn't even know Cornwall would show up in this mission, and then he was just killed in a cutscene. And killing a primary antagonist is usually seen as a reward. Here I felt that this reward was kinda "stolen" from me as a player. And the mission itself was boring after that. The only interesting things here happened in the cutscenes, and the emotional impact of it all was missing.


See, for me, normally I would agree wholeheartedly with you -- especially about the feeling like the reward of beating him was "stolen" from the player, but something about the way RDR2 plays out makes the deaths of any named characters seem so much more "realistic" to me than almost any other game I can think of. Like, I know Arthur is objectively *the* protagonist of the story but it just somehow works to have his role be relegated somewhere off to the side from time to time; like, it's so good at capturing the idea that life doesn't always happen the way you want it/plan for it to -- which, 99.9% of the time would absolutely annoy me to no end coming from any video game, so I'm not exactly sure what Rockstar did to make it so enjoyable for me this time. I'm trying to think of what it is, and maybe it's just the lack of "boss" encounters throughout the entire game that, I think, would've made actually having a gunfight with Cornwall feel even more anticlimactic to me than how it ended up playing out (like, I imagine it would have felt similar to the final boss of Fable 2 where it leaves you saying "that's it?" instead of "wait, did that really just happen?"). That is, unless they made it more like American Venom, but I think with some of the other missions in a similar vein, it might have ended up being too redundant and taken away from facing Micah both times if that's how they wrote Cornwall's demise. I'm not really sure, I'm just kinda spitballing.


Herding the goats




But you get to shoot up half the town!


Scrolled too far for this mundane ass mission


Unfortunately like half the missions devolve into the same shootemup. Probably the weakest part of the game. The world, immersion, challenges, and story telling are so much stronger than what you actually do in the missions


I think so many games unnecessarily fall into this, why can't AAA games be about anything but shooting


Honestly the best example of this is colms execution mission it did not have to end in a firefight and frankly shouldn’t have ended like that


This. We could have just killed the guy on the roof and watched Colm swing during a cutscene. Without the guy on the roof shooting the rope the O’driscolls on the ground wouldn’t have been able to get to Colm with that much Law. It’s just Sadie has to be a psycho sometimes..


That stupid ass mission where you walk through the swamp


That was thrilling tbh, legendary gator hunting you down and stuff


I mean yeah I get it, on the first play thru you’re on your toes feeling unsettled. But when you replay the game multiple times you know how it goes and is not as fun


That’s kinda how it always is though. Maybe you can love the other missions more and it not get old but if there’s anything that’s only gonna scare you, in a horror game for example, the first time, the second time you wouldn’t be as frightened. Not to say it was too scary playing that mission but the tension and mystery of what’s coming disappears


Mrs. Calhoun and the women’s voter rights wagon ride to town


That stupid wagon ride to town. You’re expecting a big fight or something in town and you just run away quietly from Bo Gray’s stupid cousins.


you can beat the shit out of them


Fr all that build up, you expect some of the angry dudes would try to stop the march and start throwing hands with Arthur but no it goes as planned and you walk away unharmed


“Magicians for Sport”. Rescuing Trelawny’s bitch ass. Then you have to find two of the bounty hunters in a minute. All of Guarma. “Smell of Greasepaint”. The pre bar fight cutscene is funny but chasing Magnifico is ridiculous. “Visiting Hours”. The way Sadie just walks around and that a prison with that many guards would just hand over an inmate to just two people. Might be the worst mission in the game.


You don’t like Trelawney?


Just don’t like the mission. That one and “A New South” give me fits for gold. So I project my frustrations onto Trelawny.


Off topic but when the bounty hunters run there is two of them but when the cutscene ends there is three running to the corps idk why


The mission where you have to help the guy set the traps in the swamp and save that one guy who’s hiding a in a tree from a big alligator.


For reallll, and you can't even walk ahead of them straight to the traps you gotta wait until the NPCs walk to them first its so annoying.


seemingly unpopular opinion but i loved this mission, not only is arthur and dutchs bickering really funny but that shits terrifying on the first playthrough, a really good example of horror in a non-horror game i think. i totally get why people dislike it tho it is pretty slow lol


All the missions were you go to find a new camp they suck


i like them because usually they’re with charles


Algernon Wasps bitch ass


that was memorable but only because it sucked




that entire farming simulator in the epilogue. felt like such a chore(sometimes quite literally) to get through


Most of the chores in the game sucks. Arthur and john move so slowly carrying the items around and then u have to do like 3 trips each time . Milking cows is actually fun tho since its the only decently paced one




Empty the bucket, then cancel the chore so you can run back to the faucet. It’ll count as completed if you cancel after emptying the bucket


For me I’d say it’s the hunting trip with Charles in Colter.


That was one of my favourite missions in the game. Gotta love Charles man.


Any of the Penelope and Beau missions


Oh man. I actually really liked their missions. It was a nice change of pace from all the shooting and robbing… until the last of their missions.


Any mission where you have to take a long ass horse ride while another character tells you their life story or something.


This is the entire game


I know lol but it becomes so apparent and jarring on consecutive replays.


Theres plenty of missions that i’ll just fail until it lets me skip checkpoint lol, but for an example i’d say helping the young grey and braithwaite couple I forgot their names.


Beau and Penelope


For me, it's helping Mary Linton. Can't stand how she uses Arthur.


Ive just recently been doing a super low honor run and damn it feels good to giver' the cold sholder


"Don't help Mary"... satisfying


The twin brothers fighting over the same girl were lame.


That one was funny because I'd intentionally "accidentally" hit either of them in the first one of it.


I don’t red dead remember


Money lending and other sins III


Any Guarma mission


The Mary Linton missions purely because Arthur is a darling and he deserves better than doing some begging ex's bidding.


The money lending ones. I hate going to collect, also, isn’t that how Arthur catches TB, by beating up someone who owed Strauss money and was already dying?


Yes (although in my play through I never actually punch the guy I always threaten only) and fun fact that I recently realized. that mission appears as a side mission until a certain point where it then becomes a main mission if you still haven’t done it.


It just didn’t make any sense. Arthur doesn’t like doing it, so why does he? Can Strauss just send someone else. It annoyed me that Arthur solely puts the blame on Strauss in chapter 6 yet he’s literally the only camp member willing to go debt collecting.


For me, it was rescuing the "zebra."


I feel like the last one where you find and actual lion waiting for you was only good because of the previous ones though, or at least made it better. It lowered your expectations then ‘oh shit they actually made a lion for this’


Everyone of the rdo missions


When you set out to find Clemens point


I can't remember


The women’s suffrage protest in Rhodes. Drive a cart slowly through town, then ride to the battlefield. MAYBE fight the two guys who follow you, not required


Going to guarma. Its so fast.


Where you ride all the women rights protesters into town


Right after the heartbreaking ending of Chapter 6 when they have you playing as John and the first thing you do is pick up shit and milk cows 🔥🔥


loool this made me laugh


Walking through the water just for little time shooting an alligator you can’t even properly kill I forgot the name of the mission


Shovelling shit and milking cows in the epilogue.


Thats the best part of the game.


The Magnifico one - just chasing round some MFer whilst he throws coloured smoke with no ability to lasso him or anything. I avoid for as long as possible and only do it for completion


This comment are for RDR2 game since i haven't played the Revolver and RDR1 yet. Probably almost all Pronghorn's chapter (Epilogue 1). Even i already forget what happened on that chapter until i googled it again lol. Too bad, John didn't get really that much of screen time and memorable stranger mission (well, basically you can do all the stranger mission as John, but i feels like all those missions are meant to be done as Arthur).


Yeah, John already has his shine in the first game. The ending of the game is just gap between 1 and 2. You can see the transition of storyline during the credits.


The one in the Bayou where yoy capture those moonshiners for the deputy or something


The Course of True Love III - Joining Penelope & Ms. Calhoun during the woman's march. Your speed is locked so you can't go fast, you can't interact with anyone, and you don't even get to fight the goons that start picking on Beau. The mission just ends with you riding away with him. What a waste of time.




Every mission with Mary...she's wack. She's in the same trash tier as Dutch & Micah, her dad too.


The intro/tutorial stage.


I would tell you, but I forgot it.


Getting Micah back


The ones trying to help the two lovebirds from the Greys and Braithwaites escape their insane families. Especially the last one where you just drive a train with almost no enemies to deal with


Hunting deer with Charles in Chapter One. Not forgettable but very… very… boring… especially the 18th time.


That Penelope mission with women's rights protesters, it's just a bunch of cutscenes, then you're supposed to drive the wagon, but in the direction and at a pace that the game wants (basically could have been another cutscene), then you randomly run away with Beau and that's it. Not to mention the fact that neither Penelope's activist side, nor any of those women appear again or affect any bit of the story whatsoever, I feel like that was just squeezed in there for woke points and nothing else


Country pursuits(big gator mission) is not forgettable, or bad at all. Great soundtrack, cool location, some of the best dialogue, but still very boring in replays.


There's definitely been worst missions but the one that comes to mind is the having to pick up the poop for that 1 bounty hunter's story and then blowing it up and killing him. It's funny but nothing really goes on that's incredible.


Arlington (feathers guy). I never do his quest. Also dinosaur bones.