"Disease X" is just a hypothetical placeholder for a possible future pandemic to help the WHO and other orgs prepare in planning. In fact, since the Disease X project was started in 2018, you could basically say that COVID19 *was* Disease X. Of course, this doesn't really change anything, since another pandemic could pop up anywhere, anytime.


>"Disease X" is just a hypothetical placeholder Kinda like how we use the Zombie Apocalypse as the placeholder for some future mega disaster.


The same way you prep for anything else. The sad thing is, the COVID response tainted all public health for many in America. The next pandemic response will have to deal with that as well.


I’m expecting it to mimic the hurricane evacuation phenomenon. When a hurricane is bearing down on an area they issue an evacuation order and everyone hauls ass inland. Then the hurricane hits 200 miles away and everyone is sitting, not at home, thinking “Why the fuck did I evacuate?” So the next evac order that comes out people will be more likely to not evacuate. I believe COVID was a pandemic an the millions we lost is absolutely horrible, but what I’m worried is that the next “bad” pandemic we have people are going to ignore it since COVID wasn’t the apocalyptical outcome that was forecasted


If it’s deadlier then the people will take it seriously. comparing the flu to the black plague idk


7 million in 3 years is deadlyish no?


Not even 1 out of 1000 people. We will be feeling the economic devastation for years.


2% to almost collapse the economy isn’t worth it


At least then there was an actual reason. Republicans are threatening to crash the economy now because they don’t want to pay the debts they already accrued. And if you look at the makeup of the debt, the big jumps in it were under Reagan, W, and Trump so they literally don’t want to pay their own bills. You think Covid was bad for the economy, wait till the Republicans make us default on the debt. It might not come this time. But if you play a game of brinksmanship, eventually you have to go off the cliff to prove you are willing to. Gonna make the Depression look like a walk in the park.


Just cut spending. It's a sensible trade.


Cut spending to the military then. Or repeal the tax cuts to the wealthy Trump passed. Either option could pay for more.


Why? We see returns on the military investment, and raising taxes will just stifle an already faltering economy.


They (the Pentagon) can’t account for trillions of dollars. The amount they “lost” could pay for all those social programs for years.


Diluted and tired fits you perfectly! It’s the democrats in charge now that is ruining this country! Try and take a nap, it will help clear your head;)


😂😂 The Republicans created most of the debt. Now they don’t want social security recipients to get payments to subsidize reckless Republican spending? Thats your fucking solution? You might as well go suck a billionaire cock, its truly the only things Republicans do to you when elected unless you are rich. Republican voters would rather give away their grandparents social security and medicare to give the wealthy a little more money? Republican voters are literally cuckolds for the rich. Only its their money, not their wife. They apparently get off on watching billionaires get tax breaks, while raising their taxes. Because thats what the Trump tax bill did. Lowered taxes for the wealthy and set in place tiered increases in taxes for working people that he set to start right after his term. The Democrats and Republicans both are rife with corruption, don’t get me wrong. But I will take an oligarchy like we have over a white supremacist oligarchy that eliminates any safety net in society any day. At least the Democrats sometimes do good things (legal weed, paid sick time, etc) that actually benefit me or people I love. I can’t ever think of a Republican policy that benefited me. The reality is that, as a not rich person, Democratic governance is better for me than Republican governance. Maybe if I am rich someday I will feel differently, but guess what? Theres millions more working class people, so maybe thats who the country should be run for, not chucklefucks like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates and Elon Musk. I ll give you that the Democrats, particularly the Pelosi wing, are horribly horribly corrupt. But the party still passes good legislation that helps normal people once in a while. Particularly on the local level, less the national one. The problems the Democrats have are the same as the Republicans: they are all bought and paid for. However, the Republicans want to rob us blind right now to pay for the wealthy to have another vacation to space. These tax cuts they passed are bad for most people. They do bad stuff that impacts most people in a more immediate way than Democrats lining their pockets. They have the same baseline layer of terrible, but the Republicans add a whole layer of extra bullshit.


An excerpt from an article on the Trump Tax bill: By 2027, when the law’s provisions are set to be fully enacted, with the stealth tax increases complete, the country will be neatly divided into two groups: Those making over $100,000 will on average get a tax cut. Those earning under $100,000 — an income bracket encompassing three-quarters of taxpayers — will not. At the same time, Trump has given his peers, people with annual incomes in excess of $1 million dollars, or the top 0.3 percent in the country, a huge gift: The Joint Committee on Taxation estimated the average tax rate in 2019 for this group to be 2.3 percentage points lower than before the tax cut, saving the average taxpayer in this group over $64,000 — more than the average American family makes in a year. If you want the whole article, I am happy to post the link and the rest of the content cause its behind a paywall.🙂


Yea I was upset they were holding us hostage, I would like a comprehensive list of who exactly spearheaded the hostage taking and I will be sure to vote against them for as long as I live


2% is a result of the precautions. If we had taken a more moderate approach, the death toll would have been higher. If we lost 10 million Americans, what would have happened?






Three seashells


And Taco Bell gift cards - it’s likely they’ll win the fast food wars


Money, fitness and diet


Are you prepped for anything? If so, you're good to go. The basics never change no matter what happens.


This isn't exactly news. Epidemiologists have been talking about pandemics for decades. It's happened before and it will happen again. There's no guarantee the next one will be worse than Covid, or better. But it will happen because that's how biology works and we keep doing stuff that forces animal migrations, so disease crossover isn't exactly uncommon. Hand sanitizer, masks, avoiding unnecessary contact, basic hygiene, vaccine when available. Stay plugged into valid information sources. Get off the social media rumor mill, which we now know is going to flood with disinfo in any pandemic. It's exactly the drill we did for Covid. That's how you deal with any epidemic. It's not complicated. And, seriously, nationalpost?


They warn of what's inevitable: another disease will eventually arrive. I mean, no one thinks, "Okay, COVID's done. Now we'll never have another pandemic ever." The media is, unfortunately, overemphasizing the wrong aspects of this, so people are getting nervous. With the overuse of antibiotics, we're pretty much always "about to have" Disease X.


aluminum hats are safe and effective!




I'm always double bagging my head with aluminum


Get more reliable news sources.


From the article: "Ebola, HIV-AIDS, rabies and COVID-19 have all spilled from animals to humans" I think the jury's still out on that one


With any disease or illness, there are usually multiple comorbidities in those that have the worst prognosis. Even if you don't get "disease x", your health will always be worse than those who maintain a healthy lifestyle. Make your health a priority and you'll live longer and happier.


I prepare for this by going outside at least twice per day, drink a beer, sit on the porch taking potshots at the squirrels. Calm down.


A pandemic is a pandemic. Only the severity differs. Be prepared to bug in, use your stored food, supplies, meds. Then good masks, sanitizers, maybe a suit. A decon area in your garage or just outside your front door, etc. One thing we got wrong prior to Covid was that the common Pandemic X theme was - bug in for 30 days and it burns through population and its over. Well Covid was a long drawn out thing, 1 million died in the USA, but it could have been much much worse. I am ready for many months now - but thats good for many prepping situations and not just Pandemic X.


The Kung Flu was so long and drawn out because of how mild it was.


I'm preparing for it by not listening to anything they say.


Chemicals, Spice, and Everything Nice.


This is fear mongering. “Disease X” is a placeholder for the next big thing. It’s not even known… It’s like saying “Disaster X” is coming… but we do t know what it is.


This cracked me up. What muppet had the idea for this article? It's like saying the sky is blue. Of course there is another pandemic on the horizon, that has always been the case and will always be the case or have people completely missed not just modern history but any history whatsoever? Black plague ring any bells?


You mean more deadly than a virus that was 99.7% non lethal?


If they warn about it, be sure it already exists.. Busy making the vaccines


Same way I prepped for the last one. Ignore everything on TV. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Oh no. What ever shall I do. More devastating than covid? I am shaking in my boots.


Jesus christ these hypochondriacs are just salivating for another pandemic


Yea, seriously. I mean only 7,000,000 plus worldwide died of covid directly, and millions more attributed to effects of Covid, freaking hypos.


Aside of basics..... learn to forage. Learn to use natural medicine. Sometimes it might even be the cure. You never know. If we all had regular intake of dandilion, wild lettuce, dead nettle and such..... maybe we wouldnt be as prone to this kond of stuff. And the more you can stay away from people the better. So grow your own food or forage or both.






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Ahh I see, the second plandemic because the first one didn’t hit us hard enough. Well you can prepare with hand sanitizer a hand powered ventilator, gas masks, isopropyl alcohol and more food and water so you don’t have to go out as much. Get your toilet paper while supplies last!