I can understand the thought processes behind all the comments here except for the people saying the government is trying to steal from you. Come on people. The government doesn't need to round you up and put you on a train to steal from you. They can do it without ever even seeing you face to face.


Maybe they wanted to spice it up a bit


government stealing from me *in the flesh??* oh hell yea




I mean, a huge part of Japanese internment in WWII was to give their farmland in California to large agricultural companies, obviously under the guise of claiming their allegiance couldn’t be trusted. So there is precedence for the government relocating people to take their land.


Yeah, I suppose land would be about the one case. Good thought.


They already steal from us


Depends heavily on the political situation


Yes, is this a broad announcement made via multiple sources of media and validated by independent press/sources? Is there a reasonable expectation of threat? Is, for example, the local national guard which consists of local citizens participating and supporting the process? What does international media say? etc.. ​ I realize the poll needs to be simplitic but the decision depends upon confidence and what other options exist.




I would add it would depend on who is all being rounded up. If the whole area regardless of race, creed and economic standing, probably fine.


What if someone who publicly preaches population reduction is directly involved in the transportation? A misanthrope doesn't need to discriminate to have mal intent.




Let’s say the political situation is an angry mustached man. Thoughts?


Oh yea, let’s also say there are cool spiny symbols tilted forty-five degrees everywhere on that train and people are going into cattle cars.


I think OP is assuming the current situation in your country. Say you’re from the US, I’d go for option 1 surely.


I am from the U.S. my decision would also probably depend on a lot of other factors. For example, if they refuse to explain what the threat is. I live in Louisiana, so a mass evacuation would be anything but unheard of, but traditionally we are on our own to drive out of the area, or find our own transportation.


If it's in the US, passenger trains are surpassingly rare. Even freight lines are not super common.


US freight is actually really expansive


No high speed rail has me in tears


CHSR gang


Also depends on who you are. If you're an ethic minority, a sexual minority, trans-gender, socialist etc then there's a lot of good reasons why you might distrust the government putting you on a train. Otherwise you're probably okay so those minorities have to consider: can the government realise I'm a minority? Is the government separating minorities from the cis white Christians? Even if this is an innocuous as having different trains from different stations, do they have reasons to believe certain stations might have trains with disproportionate minorities on board? Minorities have to be constantly on guard of government overreach. The extent of this concern does heavily depend on the current political situation I'll grant you that, but for many minorities there's not a country on earth where the political situation isn't perilous so for a lot of people who they are takes primary concern.


My first thought as a Jew was “Hey I know this one.”


Yeah reading "if this is a man" hasn't left me hyped about getting bundled on to a train by a government


Very true


I'm a straight, white, cisgender, able bodied white dude. If this announcement was made I would be incredibly uncomfortable and not just for myself; I realize that I'm probably the best suited in this situation. But I have a thing..... I think it's called Empathy? Compassion? The very idea of this terrifies me on behalf of my friends and frankly anybody who are members of the groups likely being targeted in these situations.


I would first ask for an explanation before going with them.


You do not need to know. It's for your safety.


If I get that answer, I’m nopeing the f out


So you would have stayed in Chernobyl? Have you seen the mini-series?


You can still evacuate on your own means.


fr im gettin in my own vehicle not a train


That sounds like a death trap unless you know backroads to your destination


If there's literally a chernobyl like situation and I get stuck in traffic I will just abandon the car and walk.


Pull a D-FENS. “I’m going home.”


Don't know if I'd walk, if we're having a nuclear incident I'm fuckin running lol


If it's a genuine emergency then ironically that attitude would bang up the roads if everyone did it and no one would get out!


I’d just walk or bike.


Yes, skip away from the nuke.


X to dodge


If a nuke is inbound, the ones that are big are way to heavy to attach to an ICBM. Trains also wouldn't be fast enough either if they somehow managed to get a big one.


I don’t trust my government enough to not lie through its sharp fucking teeth to me and drag my ass TO the explosion/nuke/radiation/zombie outbreak/virus or whatever it is that’s an “emergency”. If you can’t be honest enough with your people to TELL them why to evacuate, I’ll take my chances staying out instead of following my crap government blindly.


Yes, have you seen the miniseries? Pretty much telling you NOT to trust government.


The nuclear cooling towers near me are not live. The plant was never completed.


Good thing is don't live in a totalitarian state


Chernobyl happened in a dictatorship that had seized most guns long before it happened because they were scared of a "counter revolution". They didn't need to specify this and everyone was already a slave And are you seriously bringing up a mini series that many haven't seen. Also how factually correct is it


This is the kind of info that you need to disclose in the body of the poll OP. This DRASTICALLY changes my reasoning.


OP keeps adding random details to make it more sketchy in the comments lol


Because OP is trying to "Gotcha!" people. They're making a holocaust analogue. This whole post breaks rule 7.


Amen. OP can get fucked.


Curiosity got the better of me and if you look at OP's post and comment history it is chock full of leading polls similar to this one and alt-right talking points. What a jackass.


This seems like a loaded question now


I'd more so be wondering how they created trains in my area so suddenly.


The only un-American thing about the wording of this question is mention of public transport


They've always existed and still run in some parts of the country


Probably none of these. I would figure "ah fuck. It's gonna be poorly run, cobbled together at the last minute, and probably shitty, but at least we're being helped" but only if they told me *what the emergency was*. If they just said it was some nondescript emergency, and would give no further information, I think I would take my chances on my own...


I live in Texas so I'd suspect there was an emergency but they would likely fuck up the disaster management somehow and who knows if we'd survive.


Would you wonder how the us suddenly got passenger trains? That's what I was wondering.


The US has always had passenger trains. They've just been disgusting underfunded for over a century now.


I never knew that. I always think about how nice a train system would be since I hate the uncertainty of possibly not getting on the flight I paid for at the airport. It feels like there's always a 25% chance that I'll be stuck somewhere a few extra days when I travel.


Well where I'm from a train without firearms is just a normal train. People don't bring guns with them anywhere anyways. They wouldn't even have to mention it.


and i cant go without firearms, i dont have any firearms to go without


this here, if an authority told me not to bring any weapons i wouldnt really suspect anything. its a mode of transport, and usually on those here you wouldnt bring any weapons. We already have to go through metal detector thingys at airports, just someone clarifying that before going on a train with a bunch of people wouldnt really bother me. Esp since this is a emergency and that would be the absolute least of my worries. Id be more concerned with “hey what the heck is going on??” than bringing any sort of weapon.


Not only that, but if everyone had to go on trains it’d be safer without firearms because cramped spaces with stressed people can lead to fights


Also, in a functional country they wouldn't want people armed during an evacuation, that's a recipe for disaster.


So the mention of it would raise alarm? Like that seems odd they’d specifically say so guns? And not weapons mind you, just firearms.


It wouldn't feel odd at all "hey please there is a emergency, come in the train but please don't take any weapon" would just mean "I know some of you are pretty anxious but there is no need to panic and take weapon to protect yourself"


It could go either way. 99% of people are hopping on trains without a weapon. So mentioning hey remember don’t bring a weapon when that’s already and underlying assumption would set me on edge. Also the fact I am provided with no information as to what is going on even I am asking combined with hey don’t bring any means to defend yourself, it would set me on edge


The fact that they specifically mention it is what makes it suspicious, although probably more so in a country with high gun ownership


But if they mention it, it is suspicious


Obviously a lot of people are going to think of the Holocaust in this situation but the government's have evacuated people in similar manners before in the events of natural disasters and wars. In terms of sheer number, it's a reasonable assumption that they're trying to move you to safety and not to a concentration camp. Plus, in this day and age, we'd all hear about the government putting people on trains and any emergency situations near instantly. So we'd be pretty able to figure out what's happening before getting on a train.


Not like the media would distort the truth or anything.


Ok then why would they need to disarm you first?


they disarm you before you get on a plane too


Why would you need guns on a tightly packed train? Seems like it's more likely to be a hazard in this situation.


Why would the government go out of it's way to explicitly tell you not to bring a gun in an evacuation?


They go out of their way to telll you not to bring a gun on a plane This is like that, except everyone is super stressed. Having to constantly worry that the person next to you is about make this a new 911 is not going to help The safest it not when everyone has deadly force, it's when nobody does


Because it's a scary and stressful situation and some dumbass could freakout and shoot someone. People are gunna be shoving past each other, fights could break out. Having a gun in this situation could do more harm than good.


You've got hundreds if not thousands of people on that train and no one knows what's going on but it seems bad and there's one person to whom the stress and anxiety is getting to them a bit much. Do *you* want them to have a gun?


Why on earth would it be a good idea to bring your firearm on a train, tensions will be high and people can get trigger happy or take advantage of the situation. I sure as hell am not getting on a train were the passengers have guns


Because 1-2 psychopaths with ar 15s and crowds of people in an inclosed space don't end well.


Soldier here, because my dipshit buddy likes to travel in the cattle-truck to the fancy laser tag Sim-course with the magazine already loaded, and if they were real bullets and not blanks, he would have killed atleast three of us all because the truck hit a bump and he is dumb. In the event of emergency there's no time to sort out the stupid.


>without any firearms So just get in a train like a normal person?


If they specifically say without firearms that will make me even more skeptical


*laughs in the rest of the fucking world*


What are you laughing at? For any country that would be a bizarre request.


Yes because you won't need them (that's what you're told).


You need to have a very usa point of view for it to make sense lol. When most people dont have any firearms, it makes no sense to have the government saying that.


I meant as in. No one sane carries a firearm except if youre an american.


Do they usually allow you to carry a gun with you on public transportation? I guess it depends on the country


I feel like every time I get on any sort of public transportation there is already a no gun rule


There is, it's to try and prevent shootings


Then I don’t see much of a difference other than this being a government declared emergency


Not really, but why does the government need to explicitly state this? That just makes it sketchy as hell.


What's wrong with your governments? Do yall need help?


Yes. We've got a president who bragged about illegally extorting a foreign government to protect his sons overpaying employer from just prosecution.


Yeah wtf you thought it was a joke? They crazy over here lmao


Government rounding you up and throwing you on trains with no explanation is cause for concern, last time that did that was Germany in the 40s


I'm Canadian, we go everywhere without any firearms.


Same, this is such an American question.


It would only be odd for them to ask us to not take any guns because no one has a gun in here


I'm not a police officer/soldier/criminal, we go everywhere without any firearms


I'd be more concerned if we had to get on a train with firearms


without firearms? why is even necessary to mention it? this is a real Murica' moment


Usually public transport is without firearms, but if they specifically say “no firearms” in the announcement despite it already being obvious, that’d be suspicious


Train to Busan inspiration?


I’m thinking more Holocaust.


I would definitely question the train because they aren’t really used much around here. Maybe if I lived near a high speed train I’d be “alright, let’s go” but not where I am now. Right now I do trust my government enough not to execute me following a train ride.


Fuck your train. I’ll take my chances.


I get Nazi Germany Vibes when i hear "people" , "trains", "camps" >!China i am looking at you and your non existing camps!<


-300,000 morbillion social points


Paradox: if a morbillion is the biggest number, how can there be more than 1 morbillion?


Because its always morbin’ time


Happy Cake Day!




Hahahaha 💀💀


Most people don’t have firearms so it would just be normal


Weather it's to help or to hurt people, I'm not going. Too much shit happens when too many people are together and panicking. I'd rather die in my home with my pets


Na mother f-er I’m trying to survive


I don’t know if this is a shitty argument for the second amendment, but it’s not like the Jews where lured onto the trains. It all begann with years of stripping their rights away. Something trans people and women experience in republican states. So here you go, this is the shitty argument in reverse


Kinda semes sus with no explanation. Def try to take a gun with me.


You get brought to a back room and executed. The rest of the would be passangers go to live in utopia.


I don't even have a firearm but its still sus how they're specifically saying to board without them. Also the particular emergency changes things


Sketch when they say “no firearm”.


Not really, trains already have a no-weapons rule


Which is why they shouldn’t have to specify that firearms would not be allowed


sounds oddly familiar…


Note people have different governments


My Jewish heritage won't let me trust the government that easily.


i am german and we have a bad history with evacuation by train


I live in europe, my government actually cares about the citizens I have nothing to worry about


If it happened out of the blue with no imminent threat then my suspicion is there is some sort of power grab and people need to be dealt with. There is always that tiny percentage of a chance that there is a meteor in the way the wipe out the planet and they secretly chose you to send on the colony ship because you represent the pinnacle of human underachievement.


There is one country in the world where you can take your firearm on a train, stop thinking it would be like this everywhere else. Geez you are self-centered


Meanwhile, people living in Germany: "I don't like where this is going..."


I'd be like "Nahh I've seen this before, nice try" plus I don't need the gov't to save me, the less they're involved in our lives the better.


I would think they are delusional because we have no train.


Fuck that shit I’m headed to the bush WITH my firearms, thank you very much


Hell yeah. I'm with you my brother.


Count me in too, we’ll I’m Jewish so no way in hell am I talking up that train offer anyway


Considering my government is the US government, I'll nope out.


Do they tell anything about the 'emergency'


What a dumb poll


I’d be curious to know the nationalities of the people answering. Since there’s the “without any firearms” line there I’m gonna assume OP is American, and now thinking “duh how can you guys just blindly trust your government?! Stupid sheep!”, and I’m just here thinking dude, you guys are the ones electing your politicians. Just elect ones that aren’t plotting to kill you perhaps?!


I'm a little shocked how many people would trust the government in that scenario.


Happy cake day


Yeah my country has some history with groups of people suddenly disappearing so I would just pass


my government is fairly moderate, generally a bit slow and incompetent but not evil. This isn't 1935 fascist Germany. The odds of my government deciding to ship me off to a death camp is virtually 0


Do you seriously think Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, Emmanuel Macron, or any other western leader except Orban would actually do this?


Without firearms, as if its a standard way to be. Murica.


I want to know where people live that their first thought is camps/killed.


America, but I thought that mostly because i’m Jewish, not because of where I live


America and probably Germany.


I live in America and the only trains I know run through the track in the neighborhood are cargo trains and every who owns a gun can carry it around at all times without a license for anything and that makes it all suspect


I don’t even own a firearm


It seems simple to me that In this hypothetical packed train, where everyone is stressing about not knowing what is going on, it is far more likely there will be fatalities if people have guns. If nobody has a gun, then anybody who freaks out can be restrained with only minor incident. Even if the guards are armed, it is safe to assume they will be trained to be calm in these situations and are far less likely to use their weapon.


These results are sad


The fact that people distrust their shitty governments is sad?


The fact that half the people actually voted for ‘they’re saving me…


Ah, makes more sense lol


This poll made me realize how unlikely Snowpiercer actually is because the train would probably kill itself far quicker than it does in the actual show. Not much to do with this poll tbh, just really like that show


Depends. 1. If I'm part of a group the government doesn't like 2. If the government is slowly becoming for dictatorship like In both those situations I'm not trusting them. And specifically asking no firearms seems suspicious, as if they don't want us to be able to defend ourselves, and why withhold information from us? If its an evacuation they should tell us what's happening, so this us definitely suspicious


It concerns me to see these results


Around here most people dont have a firearm so that would be odd to precise that lol


My answer would vary dramatically depending on the political leader in charge.


Id be worried if there were civilians with firearms on the train


Stay Strapped or get Clapped.


Someone care to explain what happened the last time a government told a lot of people they had to get on a train?


The govt needs workers to generate more revenue for the GDP, so it doesn't benefit them to kill off batches of the population when there are already decreasing birth rates. I've been living in places where it's illegal to have firearms so it's nothing unusual in the first place. Only in America would this be an issue, lol.


depends, like in current times? in my own country or a specific one? how many people? how many trains? i require full context to answer but for my own country and location and current events here: id say im probably getting moved out of the area so they can do something to other people, or there is an actual thing going on, i dont see myself being targeted by the american government, probably.


I'd need further explanation. The nearest train station is more than an hour away. It would be quicker to drive to Canada. Wait, is Canada invading? This can only be a good thing.


Emergency, get on a train. Ok. Specifically told no firearms, now I'm suspicious. I probably would have left them behind if you didn't bring it up, now I'm suspicious of whats goin on.


There's probably a fire or something, so it's best just to gtfo on the train. Also, no one really has guns anyway, so that's just kinda normal lol. I'm Australian btw


“Since when does the US have a functioning train system?”




If all races, religions are going, I’m going as well


Considering I live in Hawaii….I’d just be happy because this hypothetical situation means we finally have a functioning railroad system


This is really going to depend on who-- is it the general population? Is a specific group targeted? Are there people in positions if power on the train with me? What is the emergency? Are they clearly communicating where/why they're moving us? Are there alternate paths available? What happens if I refuse? These are all things I'd consider before making any assumptions.


Should have separated in American and not American


Do they specify the no firearms thingy? lmao because then it would be weird


Well, we in Ukraine don't have to imagine


I live in a country that’s largely monoethnic, has trains going everywhere, guns basically don’t exist, is under constant (albeit laughable) nuclear threat, and is also under constant threat of basically every kind of natural disaster, so I’m leaning toward benevolent


My country doesn't really use guns, so the gun thing wouldn't bother me at all. If they told me there was an emergency I see no reason why they would lie.


my government is actually good so I trust them (not US)


The mention of firearms is suspicious but I took it as OP being American-centric


I like how the firearms are supposed to make you question it but in my country people only use guns for hunting so it would be weird bringing a gun with


I go places without firearms anyways, so the firearm part isn’t too weird, but maybe that’s just because I’m not American


Is this some sort of American question that I'm too European to understand?


Seems like this is very American-centric


Slightly different if you are in Iran or Norway. If someone told me no firearms on the train I'd think ok, that's the normal position.


Depends on the manner of how we are directed to the train but either way wouldn’t think anything good of it


This poll is stupid. A situation like this cant exist in a vacuum. There has to be some context. Even if you wanted to kill all the people, you would lie to them and tell them that there is, say, a nuke threat or something.


Getting a train in the UK... They're all on strike. Also this seems like a very America-centered question.


I find it hilarious that so many people immediately jump to internment camps as a conclusion. I get why but it’s being a bit dramatic,governments evacuate people quite often before disasters.


The right and left of America in one neat graph…


Guess everyone thats in a different country than America is left then.


It’s the no gun part that makes me suspicious…


bro i would IMMEDIATELY assume i was going to the camps. like zero hesitation, zero benefits of the doubt, im dipping out asap.


Nothing good