Crash Bandicoot Anniversary Bundle - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch

Crash Bandicoot Anniversary Bundle - Launch Trailer - Nintendo Switch


Is it like a temporary bundle promotion or permanent bundle as one??


Seems like a permanent bundle but a limited time price. I think after a while it goes up to 100 for the 3 pack and 60 for the two pack.


Ah thanks


Would like to know this as well, should I be jumping on this now?


Oh wow. And I JUST bought the n sane trilogy. Think there will be a physical release?


If there is no way all these games are on on cart


The download file size is listed at around 20 GB, that would definitely fit on a switch cart.


Yeah but it's Activision. They probably cheap out and use the small capacity carts and make majority of it a download.


That shit practice is why I still haven't bought Spyro.


I was so excited for Spyro until I found out you had to download most of it :(


Knowing Activision that is certainly a possibility....


It isn't one 'game', if that makes sense. I bought the bundle and it's three separate games on the home screen.


Single carts can have multiple home screen icons, both my Asian Dragon Quest cart, and my Atelier Dusk Trilogy does the same thing.


No unfortunately. The games are too big to all 3 be put in 1 cartridge & physical boxes with more then more then 1 cartridge is not a thing that Nintendo is doing


Anyone knows if they are going to realese them physically?


So, do these get downloaded to your Switch as three separate games? Or is it a new single app on your Switch that contains all three games?


Probably the latter Edit: just checked, it’s the former. It gives you all three instead of one application


That's extremely good value. I'm really surprised they are actually selling a 5 game pack for such a price.


I paid full price for 4. Totally worth it, it's fantastic.


Crash Bandicoot in Smash in 4...3...2....


They also released this on Xbox and PlayStation aswell lol


The dream is dead. If Crash hasn't gotten in already no way is he the very last character. The last character is probably a big third party character similar to Joker, Banjo or Steve that generated massive hype or a Nintendo owned character. And while Crash would create hype I don't think he's on the level of the ones I've mentioned.


On the contrary, Smash has a tendency to end on less exciting notes. Wii U DLC ended on Corrin and Bayonetta, Ultimate base ended on Incineroar, Fighter Pass 1 ended on Byleth. If they’ve learned their lesson over the past 5 years, maybe Smash Ultimate DLC will end with a bang… but you should probably lower your expectations in the meantime. And to that point, Crash is probably too “big” to fit that description


Bayonetta was the conclusion of the Smash Ballot and the third most voted for character overall. Like, there might be two more hypeworthy characters than her but it certainly wasn't Byleth


TBH I think if Crash was coming, he would’ve been revealed at E3.


It's also worth mentioning that Smash hype cycles practically never end on the highest note. I also believe that people who are expecting a Western third party character are largely setting themselves up for disappointment.


Ring Fit Trainer incoming!


I'm pretty sure Crash is a lot bigger than Joker. At least in the US. Persona is a niche series.


Perhaps you're right, I'm probably overestimating Persona's popularity, it's huge now yes but still niche.


Persona is popular among many JRPG fans. But Crash is much more well known among casual audiences, due to being a big part of pop culture in the 90's. He's bigger than Spyro and Banjo. To some he's basically a Sony mascot.


I would argue that Persona 5 in the particular broke through to mainstream audiences. It was even up for VGA 2017 Game of the Year. Completely agree that Crash is bigger than Persona, especially given his history, but Persona 5 was a very high-profile addition to Smash, too. Banjo competes with Crash only because he’s bigger to Nintendo fans specifically, but Crash definitely wins in the overall industry.


Was Crash as popular in Japan as it was in the west? I feel like the decisions will be made based on popularity in Japan (which is why the DQ Hero got in)


Crash was very popular in Japan actually. The Crash Dance actually originated from the Japanese Crash 1 commercials.


Big third party character, huh...


The only reason for him to be there is gaming history from Japanese perspective as he was the first (fully) western character to be huge in Japan. He will end as a Sonic clone as he always was since 1995.


I can't seem to find it on the eShop in my browser. Is it not available in Germany?


obnoxious loading times on the Switch CTR port, it's bad on every platform but extreme on switch


Yeah, the load times really killed that game for me