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The opportunity for Education should not rely on a throw of a ball.


You're exactly right. I'm happy for him, but our country is more brutal and cold than we make it out to be.


I would even say it's *very* cold and *very* brutal




Ironically it seems that government-backed, non-defaultable student loans are/were part of the problem in skyrocketing college costs. With more people having access via easy-to-get loans, colleges spend like crazy on new buildings and services to attract new/more students which also raises costs across the board and ultimately results in higher tuition. Then you got the publishing companies and professors pushing their brand new $300 text books every year. Source: anecdotal rambling.


I’d argue a lot of is bloat on the back of knowing kids will just be able to get the loans to cover it. If you look at spending reports, the most dramatic portion of the increase in tuition goes to administrative fees and salaries - not buildings and services.


I know 5 IT/AV techs on a college campus, they have 2 supervisors, 1 manager, and 1 director...4 management for 5 techs. This is one small department, I can't imagine how the rest of the school is run. For info, it's a state school on one of their smaller more specialized campus'. Absolutely bloat!




This ain't government spending. It's university education, which is run privately with a large amount of public dollars


This applies to public schools more than private schools The University of California system has skyrocketed tuition costs vs inflation in the 20 years since I started


What we do without directors doing absolutely nothing except taking credit for work and collecting a hefty salary?


It's admin. Fuck admin. Librarian donates life savings to his own college. Fuck, did you think they'd add to the library or something scholarly? Nope, scoreboard. US colleges are a lifestyle and edutanement provider service.


Medicine is like this also.




10k bro are nothing XD


That's a full 2 years of tuition at my school (I pay 2500/semester, so 4 semesters) but that's a public college with in-state tuition. But I suspect if this fella is this good, he's getting a full ride athletic scholarship somewhere.


wops, in italy the school are free..


Pretty sure, judging from his form, he just had one of those moments.


It certainly enabled tuition rate hikes but at the end of the day corruption and greed of the higher education industry, plus their related industries (I.e. book publishers & housing) are to blame.


I think I have an idea to help with this. The government should give the FAFSA money to the colleges for twenty years. But the colleges will be responsible for collecting re-payment and using it for any loans they want to issue after the 20 years. Then the colleges would have skin in the game and try to turn out graduates who could pay their loans.


I do like the idea of finding ways incentivizing a college to produce graduates who can immediately enter the workforce in a relevant industry. Would light a fire under those programs without robust student counseling and job placement mechanisms.


This also inadvertently harms the local population. "Townies" as we are called in my nearest university town. High priced, high rise apartments get built to house all of these kids because hey, they're living off of borrowed money anyways. That in turn raises housing prices and cost of living for the rest of us.


“Anecdotal rambling” is now my favorite source.


The number of things messed up in higher ed funding is innumerable, but yes non-defaultable government backed loans certainly contributes. There's also the problem of the huge number of employers that are looking for an unspecified degree graduate with no actual job responsibilities that require anything from college. But the reason this is important is that a lot of the proposals that are out there to fix the problem will probably make it worse, just shift who is paying (potentially to people who can't even get in to college). If college is "free" then there's going to be a mad rush in qualifying colleges to build new dorms and personal fitness coaches (and their managers) to attract the free money. If you run the numbers the most profitable customer for most universities is someone who takes large classes from their lowest paid faculty as a freshman and sophomore and then drops out, preferably to start a company or something so they can later give back to the endowment, before they get to smaller advanced classes with more specialized faculty. I don't mean by this that universities are trying to get people to drop out to profit maximize, most of them are doing the opposite because of rankings, but the financial incentive is to attract the wealthiest, most high achieving students possible and have them there through their sophomore year. To make matters worse cost is neutral to your rankings, but as Malcolm Gladwell recently demonstrated high income families as students is incredibly positive on your rankings so something which increases richer students but costs more is a net positive for rankings and thus probably a good investment, even if it has nothing to do with academic performance. Somebody (Perdue, I think) recently underwrote a program to give full ride funding to students where instead of being a loan it's structured more like a personal equity arrangement. The terms were that if you get a job in the field you pay a fixed percentage of your income up to some threshold high enough to cover the risk for a fixed period of time but if you can't find a job then they eat the cost. I thought that was really interesting when I heard about it because presuming that the purpose of college is to get a better job (which I think most applicants think is the case, but maybe a smaller percentage of college administrators) this aligns their funding mechanism with their performance towards that goal. Source: I've worked in and around Universities for two decades.


It's a squid game.


$10000 doesn't even come close to covering everything too.


That's awesome






The really sad thing is that those in the US who are really good at throwing a ball make fortunes in their careers that the top academics can only dream of.


I never begrudge professional athletes one penny of their salaries. They are elite entertainers, just like Tom Cruise and Bruce Springsteen and their salaries are based on free market economics. If I work in an office, no one is going to pay $300 to watch me work at my desk, right?


You would be surprised the things people watch on twitch.


It is a staggeringly low percentage of pro athletes that actually make the kind of money you're talking about. Especially when considering career longevity in sports. The average NFL career is 3.3 years, NBA is 4.5 years, and MLB only 2.7 years. Meanwhile ownership and executives take the lion's share of profits even when the stadiums are taxpayer funded. I would rather see players make substantially more since they are the ones putting their health on the line for our entertainment.


Hey man. We got our freedoms though. /S


That's why we're *still* the best.


yeah this has the same energy as those "high school robotics team build kindergartener new wheelchair after insurance says no" headlines


Or the VA has after only approving a prosthetic hand that can only pinch like a claw to a Vet that lost his hand in war….


Yeah well. In Russia ball throw you!


American capitalistic dream


I always used to dream of living in America when I was younger but the older I get the more I see how bad it actually is, like a third world country with money. Still aesthetically beautiful though and some places are amazing but could never live their unless I was a millionaire


Know what's even more brutal?? Depending on what he wants to go into, he's still gonna be tens of thousands of dollars in debt.


Arbitrary education squid game style. Imagine all those who missed the last shot. Brutal.


I was going to say exactly that. This honestly feels very close to Hunger Games. Entertain us by throwing a ball through a hoop and and you may be able to afford education so you have a shot at not starving.


I'm not even sure he can still afford an education with 10K, maybe this will pay for one year of post secondary education but not much more.


One semester is somewhere between 10 and 30k. Edit: At a major university. As a professor at a major university, I strongly recommend finding something cheaper.


That must depend on the university but the ones I've checked are around $10k for state residents for one year. For example University of Washington is $12k for resident and $40k for non-resident.


God damn, $40k for a semester? or 4 year tuition?


For a year for those who are not residents of the state


If they executed the players that missed it would basically be Squid Game


Give it 50-100 years and we’ll slowly get there.


We kinda already are there.


Player with enthusiasm and hopes for the future has been eliminated 🤷🏼‍♂️


yea this gives me the same feeling as reading one of the "6 year old kid performs manual labor for weeks to pay for grandma's insulin"


Exactly. Or “I gave the fast food person a big tip”, or “students buy car for janitor”. Let them comfortably afford their own stuff, like everywhere else!




Remember that scene out of Escape from LA where Snake has to play ball or die.....Yeah.


I remember


When your other option is relying on throwing grenades in countries thousands of miles away...


this is messed up


The opportunity for an education doesn’t rely on the throw of a ball. However, in this scenario, the opportunity for $10,000 that can only be used to pay for an education does rely on the throw of a ball.


My sentiments exactly. At first I was "wow! yay!" And then I remembered that where I live, everybody gets a free college degree, if they have the grades of course.


10k will get him a months rent, and 2/3rds of his books.


“Entertain me puppet”


I hope he puts that in a 529. That way he can buy 2 books instead of 1 for the 10k.


Lol right? Like what if he bricks one? “Ope. Sorry little Jimmy, even though this would be a challenge for most professional ballers, we’ve decided that you really haven’t earned that scholarship. Maybe next time you’ll be able to foster and grow your education, just keep working on that shot.”


And $10k in tuition money is like one fucking year at this point unless he goes to community college.


Peak Unites States. Maybe next we can have the sick fight to the death for for medical care.


Well the opportunity is there for anyone who wants loans. School is a great investment of you choose a field in stem or healthcare or other desirable profession. If you don’t finish or get a useless degree you’re fucked though


It didn't. 10k is still 10k tho




Waters free where I live. Pretty much all of Europe


You don’t pay hydro bills in Europe?


Wait - it doesn’t rain where you live ? Shit, no wonder you mad bro.


Yeah watching this video made me feel bad.


Or if your parents are alumni at the school. It's bizarre that that has any bearing on the admission process


Welcome to America the land of the free, and the brave. ​ I wish that we would fund higher education so that we could be able to sharpen the talent in this country and be able to make information such as science and technology an export rather than an import like we do right now.


There are funds for higher education That's why there are literally hundreds of different scholarships post-2008 that you can apply for


We give out $28B in Pell grants and only like $25B of it is bc actually claimed by students. These people just want to complain


Exactly. I'm studying in the US right now and my college is being completed paid for off state scholarships that I didn't even have to apply for, they just gave them to me automatically for having a good GPA


And $10k won't even cover a year of tuition. That would pay for most of a year of a state school, but still. I would prefer if this was phrased as "NxtFkngLvl: Watch him make all these shots in 30s! WOW."


* four throws


That's awesome. Now he can afford a semester in a state school!


Im doing my part to help people too. Today I donated my old basketball hoop to a school for the blind. It will be missed.


This joke had ups and downs like it was written in Braille.


I definitely didn't see the punchline coming


Neither did the kids




[Some blind kids can actually play basketball pretty well](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeFRkAYb1uk)


Squid games not so far fetched, is it


Yup pretty much the same thing 🙄


Exactly what I was thinking lol.


Don't fucking tell me to wait for the ending


I'm obviously going to wait for the fucking ending when the whole game is that he has to do 3 things.


He had to do 4 things, but the title only told us about 3 of them.


Nah, the guy probably made the 3-pointer just to show off. Next fucking level! /s (if necessary)


Its reddit, of course /s is necessary


I'm glad the caption came with instructions. It's tough committing to a full 30sec clip, especially when the only way to know if it's a good clip or not depends on the ending.


As a rule I don’t watch videos that tell me to wait for the ending.


It ended too soon. Turns out the poor kid was crushed to death by the people who were celebrating.


*Robert Horry hits a game winning 3-pt buzzer beater against the Kings. Wait for the ending!*


wow!!!! $10,000.....if he were here in Germany he'd pay for his entire schooling and still have like $7000 left over.


You can right fuck off back to your civilized country! We'll have none of that nonsense here! We're rushing back to feudalism and the peasants will like it!


Joe Manchin is single-handedly sabotaging the effort to reintroduce free community college in America. Republicans stole it from the people and now a fake Democrat won't even allow the possibility. He makes tens of millions from coal mining and the citizens get the shaft.


Ahhhh the glorious civilized Germans. If only they’d won. /s


Pretty tasteless


Help! I'm being oppressed!


Actually would have received up to 861€ per month for going to the university.


For anyone intersted: - you get that money if you can prove that your family cannot support you. - you have to prove your progress (which was why i lost my support because i lagged behind) - you have to pay half of it back (!) starting a few years after you're finished (and there are many limits in place like "max 10.000€" and "max 130 payments").


I was born on the wrong side of the planet fuck me


If you think that is good. Multiple European countries basically have either free education or the state pays the entire tuition fee.


You don't pay tuition fee in Germany. The fee you pay every half year is mostly for the public transport ticket and like 30€ for other miniscule stuff. The money he talks about is for living and so on


I vaguely remember handing out a 170€ check to that old lady in my university administration.


Thats for living expenses. There is like $400 for semester fees.


Correct but there‘s no interest and you get to keep half of it so even if you leave the other half that you have to pay back untouched it‘s free money. That being said, the system (BAFöG) can be faulty. It just looks at the income of your parents but if they are in debt because they are paying off a house or something, they might still not have enough to properly support you but you still don‘t get BAFöG. Education in Germany is so much cheaper than in the US though, so even if you don‘t get BAFöG and you don’t get support from your parents either, you can afford it without racking up mountains of debt.


Kind of crazy to think that y’all pay $3,000 for the entire schooling. Where as a semester of IN-STATE tuition costed me $4,000. Feels good when this $10,000 will literally only get him a year of schooling after books and supplies. Absolutely fucking bonkers. The fact that people see nothing wrong with the system in America.


It's not true that we only pay 3,000 for entire schooling. We pay a life long for schooling foreign kids (and our own kids if we have them). We pay with our taxes. We pay it even if we don't have kids, for the entire society. That is not socialism, it is caring for those people who will pay our pension when we will retire. That way, nobody has to worry for fulfilling basic needs and the whole society profits from better educated people social security. It makes me sad that in the USA, if anyone comes up with such a solution, it takes just one person to shout "thats communism!" to silence people with good ideas for a better society. (To make that clear, I am no communist and I don't like to live in a communist country myself, but in a social state that cares for the weak - and that's what I pay my taxes for)


I agree man and that’s how it should be. If the US was like this from the beginning, no one would bat an eye about having to pay taxes for the well-being of others. But because Americans have always had such an individualistic mindset, it’s always “well I had to, why shouldn’t they”? Like ah yes, I went through crippling debt, so everyone else should too. As if it makes a fucking difference for you what future generations go through. Apparently having a better society is less important than hurt feelings smh


>That is not socialism, it is caring for those people who will pay our pension when we will retire. ...which is exactly what socialism is


Socialism is when the working class own the means of production.


No it's not. Socialism isn't just social funding, socialism is the working class owning the means of production. That isn't a meme, that's literally the basis of socialism as an economic system. I'm not saying whether it's good or bad, but taxes covering healthcare, school, roads, whatever, that is not what socialism is


Lmao socialism is when we love our neighbours.


And here in Denmark, you could invest all the money, and live off of the monthly stipend the government pays you to attend school. Because it's not just free here, we get paid to attend.


So if American Colleges are anything like your hospitals then that will buy him a couple of textbooks and some stationary….


It’s pay for a semester at most. And that’s for the cheaper colleges


StationEry : when you need a letter to put in your Envelope StationAry : when something is not moving in the Air




Boston University, NYU, the ivies all cost around $70-80k a year.


He also hit a 3 pointer


That was for books.




Yep another 2k


Love to live in Europe. Education should be free and available for everyone


Please, lose "wait for the ending" shit! Most will not look till the end just because of that.




*Aguero scores a last minute goal to win the Premier League. Wait for the ending!*


I hope he survived that celebration!




The schools best basketball player ​ ![gif](giphy|W0c3xcZ3F1d0EYYb0f|downsized)


Lol the premise of this feels very black mirror to me. Capitalist dystopia


"Dance for me monkey. Dance for the right to dream of a better life".


Hahahahahaha if that's a real quote please can you tell me what/who it's from? If not, bravo. Also very amusing that $10k is fuck all when it comes to US university fees (from what I hear)


Affordable public college is very complex and hard to implement. The only countries that have pulled it off are Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Czech Republic, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Kenya, Luxemburg, Malaysia, Morocco, Norway, Panama, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Scotland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Uruguay...


Mexico too


The Netherlands too (we have a very similar system)


Not arguing your point, but why isn’t the net flow of students from the U.S. to those countries instead of vice versa? Do those countries pay fir students to study abroad?


Sometimes? It varies a lot on country, but if they're not from a country with generous tuition support, most international students tend to be pretty rich or saved up for a few years to study abroad.


Estonia too, i mean its free here.


Making someone play a game to have a decent quality of life? That's squid game right there


Is this squid game US edition?


The US has always been squid games. We elevated it to a virtue.


Squid game lite


As someone from a country that is NOT BY ANY MEANS a first world country BUT has universal Healthcare and free college tuition watching this was like watching a diabetic child jumping through hoops to earn a year's supply of insulin. And everyone in the crowd is cheering :/


looks like he also had to make a 3 point shot...impressive!


This is so sad ;-;


So… he had to perform tricks for a free semester? If that?


Homie in the red kit tried to sabotage him not getting that rebound


Awesome lottery system to afford 1/5th of avg. college fee in America.


Kind of wild that 10 grand helps a little in the US but is enough money to pay for all the tuition fees for a entire master degree in other countries.


My degree (UK) cost me £9,000 in total.


It'd cost a lot more now though.


Tuition board members are thinking, “fuuuck, we really have to spot this kid $10,000?”


This reminds me of every barbaric country / era in history where fait is determined by luck, chance or a fight to the death...


Wait for the ending?


Alternative title: kid needs to make difficult basketball shots to afford higher education without going into debt.


10k is a small part of a whole college tuition. I'd anything they hooked him up


the point is that it shouldn't be this way


*and a 3-pointer




Now he is definitely going to be in debt!


A drop in the bucket




Squid game first round


America is a failed nation. Do you have zero self awareness posting this?


Now imagine missing and feeling like shit about yourself for the rest of your life


Hell yea good for that kid. Love seeing ppl win these


School’s gonna find a reason to kick him out so they don’t need to pay up. University administrators are the scummiest, dirtiest, most deceitful penny-pinching bottom feeders outside of Washington DC.


Wouldn't it be nice if kids didn't have to perform party tricks in order to go to school?


Has a similar vibe than videos of the Angola Prison Rodeo. Desperate people entertain the masses.


$10,000 cool so 1 semester no books gotcha


10k should cover some of his books!


Exciting but hell if this isn’t a dystopic feel good manipulation.


I just picture the president like Jackie Moon in Semi Pro. [“GOD DAMNIT, HE STEPPED OVER THE LINE”](https://youtu.be/skMjcxjrOA8) “WE DONT HAVE THAT KIND OF MONEY”


As a european with free education, this is some dystopian shit.


I'm an American with a tuition cost of less than $0 after scholarships It's not as bad as people make it out to be. Most people going into college nowadays aren't going to have debt unless they either had bad grades, got themselves in bad enough trouble for it to be in their record, or just didn't put enough effort into getting scholarships and finding a fairly priced college. Hell, I didn't even need to *apply* for my scholarships, my state just gives them to everyone with good grades by default.


Next up... wheelchair fighting to see who gets their medical bills paid. Murica!


How sad that this is celebrated


Being from Europe I find this more depressing than impressive.


Dystopian as hell. Have fun in the "land of da free" you deluded liberals


This is next level fucked up is what it is…


Yeah American education system sucks but can’t y’all be happy for the kid and the feat in itself? If the headline said he won the money instead of it being for school tuition there’d be more positivity in this comment section and less of this repetitive commentary on the American education system which is well known for its corruption and inferior status. Regardless of politics and what not, good job kid and good job to his classmates for showing support. I felt the positive energy from everyone in this video and that’s my take on this clip.


If the money wasn’t tied to education then no one would have any problem with this video, the title is riling people up more than anything. If he misses he doesn’t get ~~an education~~ the opportunity to receive further education, that’s what people are depressed by, there are many a country these days where this just wouldn’t make sense due to universal education Edit: a word


Then they all proceeded to attempt and kidnap the twerp, to hold for ransom.


That oughta cover the first semester.


I swear to fuck I get so mad anytime I see “wait for the ending” shut the fucking fuck up.


Only 10,000$? What is that like a couple text books?