Heh this is good. My simple addition: Think of it like this. The US Dollar is generally called the Dollar, but the ticker in international trade is USD. The currency symbol is $. Nano is generally called Nano, but the ticker in international trade is XNO. The currency symbol is Ӿ.


Yes this is good explanation 👍


This should help anyone to understand the difference Dollar - USD - $ Nano - XNO - Ӿ


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it's all explained here, fill your boots: [https://medium.com/@nanocurrency/say-hello-to-xno-7ed55e419e3f](https://medium.com/@nanocurrency/say-hello-to-xno-7ed55e419e3f) it's incorrect to say that nothing has changed in how it's referred to, but it's correct that nano and xno and Ӿ are ways of referring to the same thing. underneath it's the same thing. in a nutshell NF are positioning nano for the next decade(s) as a ***currency***. *crypto* is how it works but not what it is. it's super smart IMO.


Thing is nobody else seems to care about these ISO guidelines to why does Nano have to be subjected to this name butchery? Also why did they use X for the symbol? The X is not special for Nano. It's supposed to be the start of the name of all international currencies, and it's not a letter that exists in the original Nano name. They should have used some kind of an N for the symbol.


all of this is covered in the article I linked or in my reply.


For those who have also not read the article. The N symbol is already in use by the Nigerian Naira


yup - and no national currency will ever be allocated a ticker starting with an X so it can be used as a supra-national indicator. Bitcoin for instance is officially XBT. That then carries over to choosing an existing ISO approved character for the symbol (or as close to it as possible) based an X. Feeling more relaxed about it now?


We need to get this stickie'd or something.


When was the vote in the community for what the symbol should be? This is the type of stuff I come here to be apart of but I always seem to miss the important stuff.


I don't think there was any such vote. I think Nano Foundation decided the symbol


Dollar or $ or USD? Make sense? :)


This is the worst analogy ever.


I don't understand why. I ask for your explanation


Batman is also Jason Todd, Dick Grayson, & Thomas Wayne to name a few. Also, Bruce Wayne is not always Batman.


I didn't go so deep for an example haha. In which universe is Bruce Wayne not batman? Never heard of it


Foodog100's post is all anyone needs to know. It's simple and everyone should be able to understand it instantly


Sadly there has been frequent posts of people still getting confused by what is XNO. Hence my post. I would like your points to improve my post and correct what is written wrong


Bitcoin - BTC - ₿ Nano - XNO - Ӿ


So, really, what it is is that we've come full circle all the way back to the XRB days for RaiBlocks. 😅


Noob miner here.... Why i'm mining NANO on unmineable and dropping my small quantity on crypto.com but there Is only a page for the xno??? And why in hell they have different value?????