Every. Single. Update.

Every. Single. Update.

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Modern warfare 2019 is the most fun I had in cod in over a decade. Cold war is such a shit show right now that they needed warzone/MW to save it. It annoys me and I feel bad for IW, they knew they have a great cod/ game on their hands.


They'll pull through with the hopefully MW2 game.


My problem is that publisher(you know who) will find somehow to mess it up. All the things we seen in 2 and some years in change. They have made all the choices, you really think any sane person would want 2 games that are so different from each other as one? It nearly broke the game




yeah they outside my house


Dayum stay safe man


don't worry I have a spec ops team from modern warfare 2019 on stand by


If you don't have cod points there gonna kill you js




Get protection from random assassinations with a battle pass! Only 2000 COD points and this cool skin you'll never see in game!


Check your corners


just put "Dev Error" on your door and they'll leave it alone for about a year and half


Ha not a bad idea!






Stay safe dude


Just you wait till they ban you for playing mediocre


Acti fucking vision






sir, this is a Wendy's....




I really appreciate your angst on this subject. I'm a hardcore gamer who really appreciates gaming as an art for and I have to agree with you that a Mario game of any kind really can't hold my attention for to long. I really don't get the love for Mario other than it's casual trash.. with that said, the creator of Mario(miyamoto) also created Zelda which is the best franchise in gaming history as well as Metroid. Those two titles alone revolutionized gaming!!


Bro are you ok?


True true.


Yeah MW19 is seriously the most fun I’ve had since the original COD MW trilogy. I left Cold War and came back to MW. It’s so much better. I know they recently did some changes to the snipers in Cold War but It’s still a shit show over there. I was excited to see the 80s Action Heroes event cause of John McClane and nakatomi plaza but as soon as I found out it’s a Warzone thing I was pissed. I’ve had enough of Cold War and Warzone bullshit being shoved in my face.


that is my problem, some us don't play warzone and seeing it in your face non stop is an instant turn off


Advertising is so brain dead they don't realize alot of it is doing the opposite. Seriously this is a common thing in modern advertising and I've been trying to talk to some people in the industry about it and everyone seems to be on the same page and yet Here we are.


Sorry buddy, advertising works. You don't think a billion dollar company knows how to advertise properly?


That's my issue. Stop forcing all this shit on me. I exclusively played MW from like a month after CW came out until earlier this week. Yet, CW and WZ would automatically update and leave me to manually update my MW. I go to play MW and I'm getting hit with ads for CW. It's like. "Yo, I fucking own it. If I wanted to play it, I would switch to it." The way they buried MW in all this bullshit is overly annoying.


This is how it’s always going to be from now on. It actively discourages players from buying the new game because it’ll be a cycle. When the next new game comes out later this year CW will get buried. Why even bother playing/grinding camos or achievements if the game will be irrelevant in 12 months


Same. All of it.


Don't worry, once Vanguard releases it will be WZ + that showed in your face instead. And maybe they'll make the CoD "launcher" screen even worse by having it be split between MW, WZ, CW, and VG.


The fuck is Vanguard?


Oh you're in for a shitty surprise


COD 2021


I honestly like Cold War but I can’t consistently play it. I find myself sort of switching back and forth between Modern Warfare and Cold War. I can’t seem to get into Warzone though. I think I’m just not much of a fan of battle royale games. I kind of like PUBG and Fortnite can be mindless fun on occasion, but that’s about it.


I am right there with you. I play CW only when I get tired of MW fucking vigorous error. Tried re downloading tried clearing the whole game re installing only MP etc several times and I still get that error. So I’ll switch up play CW (never has errors) a bit then I get bored with it. I tried WZ but just not my thing. I can only play on weekends at night when kids are in bed so WZ just takes to long. By the time I get in a lobby get out of the plane find good gear my squad is gone and I usually get killed or I dump a gazillion rounds into some one only to get shot 1 time and down I go, then it’s back to another lobby. How is that fun? I used to play MW all night never got boring.


I miss the game's aesthetic when it first came out too. Later on into its lifespan they started releasing all the wacky colorful skins and I just know it's Activision that pushed them in that direction because they know that stuff sells better. I bet if IW had a choice they wouldn't have gone that route. And even their craziest stuff has nothing on CW's skins. It looks like I'm playing Fortnite again with how ridiculous they've gotten. Like a flying dragon gun, really? I mean yeah it's pretty cool on its own, but in the context of CoD it's just too out there.


Ya remember when MW first came out and they were like "THIS GAME IS ALL ABOUT REALISM". I was a pessimist. I knew they wouldn't be able to resist doing wacky camos and skins.


And you can see it clearly in the engine and gameplay as well. Like the option to mount and and silently open doors, the amount of detail in the guns and their animations. The more focus on realistic instead of competitive soundengine. Etc. The intention was there for a more realistic, grittier, realistic military shooter. And they were highly praised for it. But I think the "sprint slide with my pink sniper" guys were louder or paid more money in the end, like every year.


Agreed, as much as people give the mounting and door mechanics crap for "catering to campers" I thought they were really cool. It was something fresh for the CoD series that really took it to the next level and made it feel truly next gen. And it's not like camping is any less of a problem in Cold War. People camp with Stoners and Field Mics all over the place. And then there's the engine which feels like a huge drawback, taking us back to the PS3/360 days. MW was truly something special and it's such a shame how Activision wasted it. It pulled me back to CoD again after having ditched it with Ghosts. I truly hope MW2 can bring that magic back.


That shit really doesn't sell as well as they think.


Like the bunny outfit that makes the game like Fortnite or guns that are OP and can be speed leveled in Black Ops or MW being forced into War Zone when its perfect on its own?


>Cold war is such a shit show right now that they needed warzone/MW to save it Have a feeling that's going to happen again with the upcoming new COD they announce will be apart of Warzone too. Just going to keep my expectations low.


2021 has some games I can look forward to. My best friend told me They're other games our there to play other than cod halo and gears of war


Halo infinite and BF6 baby 😏


Could not agree more. It's so upsetting how they shoved CW into the game. I deleted it because I hated the sound design and gunplay, and here I am playing MW unlocking shit for a game I don't even want.


Dude I play MW all the time. Ok so I haven’t played COD since like...idk advanced warfare. The shit with Kevin Spacey as the main dude in the campaign and I’m a COD vet. I remember when Medal of Honor was supreme and COD was shite. Then COD 4 dropped and changed the game. But The Kevin spacey shit was my last one and I had to get rid of my Xbox and I fell out of gaming for years because of work. Last Xmas I treated myself and bought a new Xbox one and I got Cold War. New COD so I figured why not. I didn’t mind it at first. I was like ok this is different. Then I bought modern warfare like a month or 2 later and was legit blown away. I was like how in the fiznuck do you go from probably one of the best COD made to Cold War? I played it again today(Cold War) just to see what it was like now, I barely made it through a match. Shit was so slow, it was choppy, like the movements(I have a good connection) but the movements were like weird. They were choppy that’s the only way I can explain it. MW is smooth and crisp. The guns are legit, the kill streaks are dope. The maps are balanced, it’s just on a whole other level than Cold War. I get why they update CW instead of MW because it’s the newer version, there’s probably a bigger player base on it and they don’t really do much with COD after then new one comes out. But they should’ve waited to release CW or just not at all. But I’m hoping they learned their lesson from all the negative feedback with that game when COD 2021 releases which I heard was goin back to WW2. If we can get a WW2 like MW then I’ll be sets. World at War is my favorite COD ever. Ima huge history buff and WW2 is one of my favorite subjects and WAW was impeccable


Bright side about Advanced Warfare: you get to drop Kevin Spacey off a building.


Lmao right. Shit was so fucking weird after hearing about all his shit he did then remembering back to that game


OUR RECON PLANE WILL FIND THEM I have 50 days played in WAW multiplayer.


World at War was one of the best balanced cods right from the get go. They actually did more damage trying to rebalance everything, but on release, good lord the guns were preem


Absolutely, they have to keep nuke town 24/7 available otherwise no one will play BO


MW 2019/WZ Is the greatest video game of all time. Change my mind


Greatest game of all time is too subjective to say. Greatest COD of all time I'd absolutely agree with.


I made akimbo full auto 80 round Makarov PMMs, of MW doesn't have they best customization, i don't know what does.


Out of the loop, what’s the state of CW rn that has everyone fired up?


The state of the game being released in the first place


Played the beta "oh its old COD again" Didn't buy it


I preordered it, played the beta for about an hour and then cancelled my preorder all in under 24 hours. Never again unless its an IW cod


It’s unpolished, didn’t get the time to make the gun-feel right, or the audio(?), glitchy loading of maps, worse gunsmithing and assortment... MW is a well-made game, Cold War is not Since release. Which people around here equate with worse game. Personally, while I enjoyed MW, I’m enjoying Cold War more. Better maps without the same silly sightlines, I don’t run for half the map just to get shot in the back constantly, flanking is more consistent, I’m enjoying more of the guns /shrug


Yeah I played MW multiplayer for maybe 6-7 months and little bit but I also grew tired of people sitting in corners or getting killed from behind 24/7. That one level was a good time, Shoot House or something? Just a plywood style paintball loooking arena, I played that quite a bit. Honestly I’m pretty hooked on WarZone. Not a big BR guy but that seems to be my cup of tea.


I felt like MW looked better, and had a better overall feel to it... but there were some pretty big problems with it. People camped way too hard, visibility of other players was really bad sometimes, and the spawning was so bad. I hated shipment, because half the time I'd spawn in the middle of a gunfight and die immediately. Other times I'd spawn and someone would be standing behind me, and shoot me... and I'd spawn in the same spot again. So, MW was pretty good, just had the potential to be super frustrating. I actually enjoyed WWII the most. I can't really get into Cold War as much.


I was optimistic about Cold War at first. Modern Warfare wasn't perfect when it first came out. But now it's been 6 months and Cold War still isn't good. My biggest beef with Cold War honestly is just that there was no reason for it. Modern Warfare and Warzone were perfectly fine. Black Ops tried to jump in and replace an extremely refined game, and just ended up fracturing the playerbase. And with that Modern Warfare lost support and won't get any new battle passes. I feel like if Black Ops Cold War came out in 2021 instead of 2020, the community would have been more ready for it. Or if Black Ops Cold War was somehow integrated into Modern Warfare. Idk what the right solution is, but the one Activi$ion chose is wrong.


I played the campaign and had fun I guess. I don’t remember anything about it but it is enjoyable? I still like video games?


First one I bought since ghost. First one I haven't regretted purchasing since MW...


Really? I genuinely enjoy Cold War much more than modern warfare


I play both and MW lobbies are as active as launch. I really wish that IW releases a "bonus" pack this thanksgiving or x-mas and gives us extra maps and weapons (from COD4 era). Don't care for CW, period as I barely play it now (unless my friends ask me to team up).


I hope they keep making content, I mean, most CODs have had content for like 2 years after the life cycles, even BO3 had the huge chronicles DLC a year before BO4. Wouldn't hurt if they kept adding maps, guns, bundles, whatever. They shouldn't just ignore the game now...


Honestly all i want is one more battlepass for MW or maybe integrate both MW items/ops and Cold war to the battlepass (not just cold war). In addition to new maps and guns, but unfortunately activision has probably forced them to focus on the next title


I remember hearing they’re already predicting the next cod won’t be that good


Battlefield 6 is going to own 2021-2022. I can feel it. Bf3 and bf4 style. They're not rushing release to smooth it out and make sure it's well optimized. I heard an rtx 2060 can get over 150fps on max settings 1080p with dlss and rtx off


I’ve had the game for a little over 6 months now and I’ve only had 1 MW battlepass (For like a month) with the rest being entirely for Cold War. Seems a little fucking ridiculous that a game that’s priced the same as launch has been effectively killed to promote a new game… I’d understand a bit more if it was discounted, but so far only Cold War has seen any discounts


The issue with MW is since that March update people are getting booted from lobbies constantly. I found the fix on Reddit, but many haven't. Half my Gunfight lobbies are just me.


Have you found the fix for Piccadilly/Vacant? My buddies all play on console so we've had to back out of those two, even though we fixed the other maps.


https://www.reddit.com/r/modernwarfare/comments/mh4ifz/which_mw_data_packs_are_actually_required_now/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Should fix all maps, worked for me (although I wish Piccadilly was broken forever 😅)


Thanks man, I'll tell them to give this one a try. My unpopular opinion, Piccadilly for cyber attack plays really well. Hate it for respawn though.


I would love more MW2 map remakes. We only got Rust and Scrapyard. Highrise and Terminal would have been great for starters.


They literally changed the games pic on ps4 to cold war


It doesn't even say modern warfare on the boot screen anymore. It's "COLD WAR | WARZONE." This shit is lame.




yeah but at least I can still go back and play modern warfare 3 and it's not covered in blops 2 ads lol




yep, paid 70 dollars for a game just to see its name get replaced by some other clown game


This is the saddest part imo


What can I say, I bump some tunes and play zombies. Level up fast and stuff. But yeah, end up deleting it without touching MP.


This. I use Cold War for Outbreak to level up guns to max in a few hours low stress with friends. It's a garbage game otherwise.


If there is one thing I want in life it’s for us to be able to use modern warfare guns in outbreak


Funny you mention it. There's this one modder I recently found on YouTube, he's rebuilding Tranzit, but including MW and CW guns. Interesting stuff. https://youtu.be/Aq_T8_by9wQ


Well that's just the magic of the Black Ops 3 modding community, its been running semi-underground for a while now since its the last COD to support modding so naturally if you want your map fix you know which game to use. Admittedly I would pass out from bliss if there's a way to mod with MW:19/Warzone's engine because having to play all the MP/BR maps of any liking would be beyond this world. That is if COD or any other shooter transcends technical gameplay beyond COD MW:19 which would be quite the challenge.


Man I wish we had stuff like that on Xbox


At least the Chain SAW, AN-94, and Mk2 Carbine, plus the real crossbow. CW weapons are so lame, the attachments are almost all filler and make much less sense than MW attachments.


Yeah I agree with you on attachments. However I would like if we could use every weapon. Ik it’s possible as I played a round with a PC modder and he dropped me the modern warfare Bruen LMG and it worked great in zombies. It actually could pack as well and it had the basic pack textures


Outbreak is the fastest way to level up guns? I've been doing well on HC Nuketown 24/7


Nuketown requires me to play the shit multi component. XP boost in outbreak gets you to max in a few hours of you map clear.




How is the zombies ??


I find it very fun but its lacking in content, especially for a game thats over 6 months old. Only 2 survival maps and Outbreak.




What an awful way to talk about your mother.






When subreddit becomes a COD lobby


The merging is amazing


Why did you spend 120 dollars on it in the first place?


He is not a smart person.


BeCAUse I TRusteD TReyARCH! tREYARch wOULD nEVeR rELeASe a BAd GaMe!


I seriously dont understand how anyone could know how scummy Activision is, and see the height of the pandemic during 2020, and not see the writing on the walls that CW was always going to be shit.


$120 on any single game is always a blunda, no matter what.


Australia prices


You spent 120 dollars on that bullshit. I feel for you man. Hey treyarch give him his money back


$120? I only paid $60


I waited till a sale and got it for 10


You purchased the most recent installment of Call of Duty on sale for $10? You sure it wasn’t COD Classic?


Nope it was a Playstation sale they are insane




Same, and still a waste of money. It took me 20 minutes to find a lobby AT LAUNCH.




Dude why tf do we have to download an update that literally isn’t for us? Gotta love the devs huh


What are you talking about…. we got a new loading screen, def worth the extra gigs


I liked the new loading screen lmao


Because you are playing money making machines disguised as games by people who don't respect you or anyone else that gives them money whatsoever


Wow this hits home a bit to hard


Bunch of rocket scientists


Every single update is trying to shove warzone down our throats in both games


*Warzone* is carrying *CoD* right now (despite being so broken), but in the long run, it'll be the death of *CoD*. If Activision would allow it to live as its own standalone game and stop trying to integrate everything into one, things could be great for everyone. But, as you said, they're shoving it down our throats. I don't want to see *Warzone* or *Cold War* when I try to play *MW*.


Tbf warzone likely introduces more people to CoD and a decent amount of those people will buy MW, I did exactly that. downloaded warzone, played exclusively plunder, got me interested in regular CoD, googled MW vs CW, overwhelming in favor of MW, thus that’s the game I bought. It’s definitely top 2 games I’ve ever played, only beaten by TF | 2. MW is amazing, however I wish they patched the double melee bug on the riot shield because it cucks you so hard everytime you get a kill with it


This is actually what caused me to quit the Call of Duty franchise. I live in the US with bandwidth data caps. I just wanted to play the $60 game I purchased (MW 2019) for the standard multiplayer mode but kept getting massive Warzone patches that were required and constant notifications for Cold War which I have zero interest in. It’s so bad that I can’t even enjoy the game I purchased as is without incurring massive fees from my ISP. I said enough is enough and gave up. I’m done with CoD as a franchise and I feel like they ruined a product I paid full price for in 2019. Why can’t I just say no to warzone updates and download only MW 2019 related content? It’s not even optional, forcing me to download one game to play another should be illegal.


Yes. I’m an active player in both Cold War mp and MW mp and I swear everything is about Warzone and every update is about it.


I’ll just stick to iw4x


we need more modern warfare


Sbmm is still shit in both games but yes MW is ten times more playable than Black Ops Cold War. But it by no means makes MW 2019 a perfect game


> Sbmm is still shit What would you change about it and why?


I would change team matching, I have 0 problem with SBMM in and of itself but it is ruined for good players like me because of team matching! Team matching makes it so SBMM can get people within a wide range above and below your skill rank and it will assign teams based on the ranks, so if you're skill rank ends up being way higher than the average of the lobby, you will get all the bottom tier players on your side while the enemy team gets all the average/ above average players on their team. This is why I'm always fighting a 1v6 match if I play solo, I'm actually trying to play hardpoint while the entire of my teammates sit in corners mounted.


i don't know, these days sbmm in mw feels way less strict like every game feels more kinda like same, significant changes applied for me after about 10-15 games


Is there a way to see if more people are playing MW over Cold War. I bet MW is still more popular


you can just look up player count for MW and player count for CW


Thats an estimate not an accurate number


It still gives you a good idea


Its still the best number we have.


Lol. I will never again buy another cod. Not because I dislike the game but because the devs and publishers treat us like literal dog shit. They do not care a single bit in their aggressive and predatory tactics. Spamming cold war everywhere. Unlocking shit for a game people don't own. Flashing signs everywhere to always catch your attention. I could go on and on. My hope is even if battlefield 6 ends up being a disappointment, it kills both MW and BO. Just talking about them pisses me the fuck off. Now brb while I fucking rage at this stupid update.


I be playing BF1 rn. Literally so much more fun than the past 3 CoD games. Cod needs to go at this point, and battlefield needs to take over.


I mean you gotta admit mw 2019 had some crispy feeling gunplay like that shit felt clean mate, I'm hoping for a modern bf game similar to mw 2019


I been playing battlefield 4 since yesterday. Cold war nerfing snipers made me give up on it and the maps of MW2019 made me give up on it. I'm giving it another chance. My first time touching MW2019 since October


I'm going to go play bf5 since it's free now on ps plus.


The devs aren't the ones making these decisions, no reason to direct hate their way.


i deleted cold war in december. DECEMBER. MW is too goated.


Modern Warfare is no doubt my favorite FPS game and I completely trashed on Cold War when it came out because I played the beta and it felt and looked like shit in comparison. That being said, it still has its own charm. It is fun and you can download updated graphics. I can't remember how much different it looked though.


i deleted the texture packs. its damn near the same




Or they reset all of your fucking settings


I don’t think cw is that bad honestly, I enjoy both mw2019 and cw. They both have their pros and cons


It’s far from as well made, but I’m still enjoying it more


Yeah both are still fun af to play


When I played cw only con it hat was support from Activision that's all.


Bro i literally can’t even play gunfight 50% of the time because it won’t load. Fix that you assholes.


You on xbox?




Delete Compatibility Data Pack 1 & 2 they are the 18 and 8 GB ones and Multiplayer Pack 2 and Multiplayer Pack 3. That fixed it for me. You don't have to re-download them.


https://www.reddit.com/r/modernwarfare/comments/mh4ifz/which_mw_data_packs_are_actually_required_now/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share Exact instructions for this


Honestly CW is so damn pathetic. They know MW is way better and they throw tantrums by smothering MW with CW ads


I don’t mind either but I prefer MW over CW anyway, I like the feel of MW and gun play regardless of meta weapons and just OP shit on there. One of the things that really pisses me tf off is how there’s ALWAYS UPDATES!!! I JUST WANT TO PLAY THE GAME AND HAVE SOME FUN BUT EVERY TIME I OPEN BATTLE.NET I NEED TO FUCKING DOWNLOAD 8TB OF SHIT THAT BARELY AFFECTS THE GAME! I stg if the next COD is like this...


This BS with CW & WZ was the last straw with me; MW 2019 will be the last CoD I purchase / play. All I want to do is play Team Deathwatch. Why am I downloading 10GB every other week for nothing that applies to me?


So fucking true man


This was what made me quit CoD as a franchise. I paid $60 full price for MW 2019 just to play standard death match and they’re SHOVING these massive mandatory Warzone updates that I don’t want and aren’t relevant to me in any way which are eating up my ISP internet data caps. I can’t with this game anymore, and then on top of it they flood the game with actual ads for Cold War. I’m done with Call of Duty. I truly feel like they ruined a $60 product I already paid for. They’re bordering on self sabotaging their own game to try and force you to buy the newer shinier one. It’s disgusting.


I’d hate to see what it thinks of Warzone…


I like Cold War more than MW


That’s cool, but I just want to be able to play my own game without having a different game I don’t like being shoved down my throat, and I want content for my own game instead of getting nothing but things for a game I don’t like


I feel like I'm one of the only ones who like cold war ): The campaign and zombies are really good in my opinion and the multiplayer, while pretty inferior gameplay wise in comparison to modern warfare still isn't dreadful.


I love that they brought back standoff


I solved that problem I just deleted it and staying away until they fix their shit


"NOOOO God please no!"


I Hate Cold War With A Passion


1. Fuck, Activision 2. Fuck, Cold War 3. Fuck, War Zone All dog shit


Cold War so bad how can they release a game so buggy it killed my PS4 and my ps5 and my dog thanks a lot 3arc but warzone wow and how can they abandon best cod like they have done every year so bad if your a shidder stop playing but also let me farm kills smash bros match making is bad


I ended up breaking down and buying coldwar after the game got so broken i couldnt play online with my buddy anymore.


Its cause Cold War is the current CoD. Next year they will push out content for a new game, cause that's how it works.


I payed $60 and waited 5 days to download MW only to turn around and give my brother my PS4 and he deleted it….anyway, I have warzone and Cold War on Xbox now so that’s nice


I loved MW...took me back to CoD how I first experienced it. I started playing some CW to level WZ weapons and started having some fun. Went back to MW to level some and everything seemed so bleak and boring...I don't know why but I actually really like CW MP now...to me it's more fun!


is this the first time y’all have played a cod game longer than 3 months? they always advertise the newest game, they always stop updating after a year.


The reason they're trying to force it down your throat is because Cold War is a shitty game. Its a failed game that had no content and shouldn't of been released when it was. Anyone notice it go on sale the first month it was out, yet Modern Warfare didn't, not even during the holidays. Modern Warfare was amazing, but let's face it. Combining it with Cold War ruined Warzone and especially Modern warfare itself. The graphics seems to have gone backwards. Sure I get the 80s heroes theme, but visually you can tell it looks super shitty compared to everything else on Modern Warfare. Especially the "new" characters. Wouldn't be surprised if in the next update we'd all just be playing Call of Duty with metal slug graphics. Wouldnt be surprised if people stopped playing Warzone for another battle royal game because they can't even seem to come up with some sort of anti cheat system. TL:DR Activision dropped the ball on this one.


I love Modern Warfare and finally jumped at Cold War. It is one of the worst CODs I've played and I have played every single one. Almost makes me not want to get any more in the future because it's put me off so much


The only good thing Cold War brought to warzone is the sledgehammer melee


I mean, it's a mutli-billion dollar corporation who capitalizes on every opportunity they get, so its expected that they'll push their new games onto you so you buy them. No matter if it clutters the previous games


my friend is new to warzone, I bought him mw and his notification at the home screen was a cold war advert


I play cold war and not mw specifically because of the size difference. Cold war is around 70 gigs for me but mw is 180 gigs


Only for zombies


I didn't play modern warfare or warzone for a number of months. I played cold war a little but was mostly on apex legends. With how disappointing cold war is I went back to play modern warfare again and they fucking deleted my game. Warzone was still available but the campaign and multiplayer data packs were gone.


I wish they'd actually make the battlepass for everything rather than only CW and warzone


Yo I think it’s bullshit I can’t use Rambo in MW


Another “MW good, CW bad” post. Haven’t seen these since December. I miss when this thread was actually about MW and not just making fun of CW. If you don’t like the game, simply don’t play it and don’t bother. MW and CW may have different tombstones, but they both share the same graveyard. Cod in general is dead and Warzone is the thing keeping it relatively relevant in player count and the main thing anyone thinks of nowadays. Otherwise, MP scene has been gone for years.


Cold War bad modern good Dumbass hivemind


I only play cold war just for the guns I can use for warzone tbh


well i like it


Wait till we start getting next cod WW2 updates, that goat's gonna be suuuuuper pissed


Cw bad mw good comments Incoming


do people only hate on cold war on this sub