They’re the last of our ice age megafauna, and scary as hell.


What about pronghorns?


Their speed is evolved to outrun an extinct cheetah! such an interesting animal.


So they won?




Never thought I'd die running side by side with a moose.


You are fucking brilliant. I’ve been following the story since it was just an Idea. “Why are American antelope so fast? There’s nothing even close to that fast in NA….” And I needed that exact line to wrap things up. Thanks.


We have antelope?


Yep! It blew my mind seeing them at Lake Havasu in the 90's but only in that region of the country


If by that region you mean west Texas to the Dakotas to East Washington and California. Then yes. Just that little section.


Oh, I totally forgot about pronghorns! I was reading about them after seeing a bunch and learned how fast they were.


Fast as fuck boi


100km/h wtf. If they trip they just vaporize themselves or what?


They are certainly pleistocene relicts. But at around 100 lbs they aren't quite big enough to be considered mega fauna. Edit: For clarity, I'm referring to pronghorn antelope not moose.






Don’t ya wanna wannafauna?!


Hmmm, macrofauna?


and bison...


I just learned a new word, thanks!


Awesome! I’m stoked when that happens to me, I usually end up in a Wikipedia hole. A fun fact I learned related to our extinct megafauna: squash and avocado seeds evolved in a symbiotic relationship with mammoths (edit: in the case of the avocado, it was the also extinct giant sloth). Their seeds were designed to germinate after the fruit had been consumed and passed in dung by the animal, which is a pretty common mutually beneficial relationship. The plant spreads its progeny wider than it can alone, it’s seeds are protected and receive a personal patch of fertilizer in the deal, and the animal receives nourishment from the fruit. It’s quite possible that these plants would have gone extinct without their use as food crops to early humans; their seeds germinate poorly without their tough outer shells being deliberately damaged to allow water in. This trait, an adaptation in a species that survives despite its symbiotic partner becoming extinct, is called an evolutionary anachronism.


Avocados were probably propagated by giant sloths


And look at what happened to the lazy fucks. Broke and extinct.




Yep, this is true.


You know what, that is pretty cool


I think he meant he learned the word scary




TIL, thx!


I got another sort of fun fact. Did you know that humans are megafauna? You never really think about it but when compared to the rest of the species in the animal kingdom, we’re pretty freaking massive.


Alright, now this is cool. You never really think about our size but come to think of it, we are pretty freaking massive.


*stares forlornly into my pants*


Yeah, never knew what the word "The" meant either.




No, having seen plenty of both up in Canada, Moose are astonishingly large. Bison actually quite a bit smaller than I expected them to be IRL.


Bison are very compact and stout. Moose are much more leggy. Technically bison weigh more and moose are taller. But it also depends on where the criters are from moose and bison (and wolves, bears, and elk,) from Alaska and Yukon are far larger than their counter-parts in the lower 48. [Here's a bull moose next to some bison in Yellowstone](https://mycountry955.com/this-yellowstone-bull-moose-is-mighty-proud-but-bison-dont-care/) Edit: actually, scratch the elk. The largest elk subspecies (Roosevelt elk) live on the West coast in US and CA. Also, Yellowstones wolves are from Canada so ¯\\\_(ツ)_/¯.


But still freaking huge. Bison are like prius size.


I was about to say, [bison ain't small](https://i.redd.it/gd8kagoogld51.jpg).


Yeah, for sure! Especially impressive in a herd of 100+ 😮 I remember the first time we saw “a” Bison, my husband stopped the car and took like 50 photos of the lone animal standing in the ditch. When he was sufficiently documented (LOL) we drove on... rounded a corner... and there were 100+ more all over the road! 🤣


Hah that's brilliant what life throws at you


I lived in Alaska for a while, and "sorry, there's a moose in my driveway" is an actual excuse I've had to use for being late to work. Everyone understood. They'll trample you and/or your car if they feel intimidated by you. Especially mama. Everyone around pretty much has to put life on hold when Mama Moose is near.


Yeah people dont realize how they wreck full size road trains, killing the truckers inside. Its a huge log on stilts. Delivers a massive blunt object directly to the cab. Boom.


Bison are chonky and short lol I live in Alberta Canada and we’ve had moose come through our neighborhood and they’re scary big. The babies are even huge


I'm from New Zealand but saw Bison in Wyoming a few years back. They aren't big but they are seriously solid and about 60% head.


For reference Canadian Moose are far larger than their counter-parts in Wyoming. Meanwhile Canadian Bison are only a little larger than Wyoming bison.


I saw no moose. Wolves, though. And bison. Here the biggest non-marine native mammal we have is a very small bat. It won Bird of the Year last year.


Uh, no. Moose are fucking huge dude. Bison are more bulky, but moose are way taller.


As a canadian, i will tell you theres nothing i legitimately fear more than a bull moose or really any moose. These fuckers are the kings of the canadian forest and they know it. They have no natural predators and theres nothing you can do to make a motivated moose stand down. You can make bears stand down, you can make wild cats stand down, moose give no fucks, ive seen them charge locomotoves because the train horn pissed them off. And they live in the forest, so those antlers will not slow them down. They can and will run faster through deep forests than you can, and theyre paitent, if you climb a tree they will wait there until you come down. They will wait in that area for days until you try to come down. Long story short: these fuckers are known to charge locomotives coming at them, so theres nothing you can do to stop an attack if one decides it doesnt like you. NEVER approach a moose, PERIOD. It is the apex predator and it knows it. They fear NOTHING.


No no, they have no natural land predators. Orcas eat them, because guess fucking what?! Moose swim!!! Yeah get that nightmare fuel out of your head, just try. The only animal big enough to hunt moose are killer whales. Just a PSA from a friendly Australian who is confused as fuck as why we're the scary country pffftt we have no predators.... *cough*


Yep, around here we call them "swamp donkeys", because of a donkeys notoriously assholish nature and of course since moose like to chill around water and wetlands. Thus their massive legs


My ma lives in Canada now and camps with her new husband and I'm like nah thanks but like you were scared of camping down here coz of spider and snakes yeah? Have fun being a bear snack or trampled by a raging moose or just straight up mauled by a mountain cat... Canadian be wild, show them a danger noodle and they all panic but they'll go camping with actual apex predators like it's a picnic hahah I'll take my chances with the snakes and spiders down here


Honestly camping isnt that bad, if you encounter a moose itll give you some "fuck off" signs before charging. Usually you get a few main warnings 1: loud snorting is "youre pissing me off, leave" 2: digging the ground with their front hooves means "im getting ready to charge, get the fuck out" 3: head down or shaking their rack back and forth means "alright im all out of paitence, run."


> i will tell you theres nothing i legitimately fear more than a bull moose or really any moose. My parents live in The UP of Michigan. So Canada lite. I hunt up there every year. When I am walking through the woods and hear wolves, no big deal. I have a gun. If I smell a bear, no big deal, I have a gun. If I see a moose, fuck that, I'll come back tomorrow.


I was hiking once, heard a noise, looked to my left, and saw a moose about 100 feet off. Heard another noise, looked to my right, and saw a calf also about 100 feet away. So I was right between a cow moose and her calf. I’ve honestly never been more scared in my life, I just sat down and didn’t move for probably 20 minutes until they were well out of sight.


A taxi driver that my family knows once hit a moose while driving. The moose landed on top of the car and bent the roof so the driver hurt his neck. He survived but idk what he is doing now


He's eating grass remembering that time he crushed a car.


[Ah, the ol’ Reddit moose-a-roo](https://www.reddit.com/r/Showerthoughts/comments/ukyu4l/comment/i7tixch/)


Hold my antlers, I'm going in!


Hello future people!


How do you guys always find the last one of these? Do you just look up a-roo on Reddit?


I had a friend in high school die like this. They’re so tall and their legs are so skinny you don’t see them at night until it’s too late.


He's lucky to be alive. Super common to die from that scenario. They are absolutely massive and will crush a car like a tin can if you leg sweep em.


A Møøse once bit my sister


Mynd you, møøse bites kan be pretty nasti


Knew someone went to AK to hunt, the hunt came to them. They hit a large moose and the antlers impaled one of the guys in the front seat dead. Suffice to say the trip ended.


Hit a moose in a compact car? Odds are, you will die... And the moose will get up and walk away


This is why hitting a moose is so much more dangerous than hitting a deer. The deer will take an engine block to the torso, but the torso of the moose will pass over the hood and hit you right in the face.


Years ago I came across a couple that had hit a moose with a cavalier. The wife had laid her seat all the way back to try and sleep on the drive and the roof of that car was crushed down to just over her head. I don’t know if she would’ve survived had she been sitting up.


Her SO got it?


I took driver's ed in Maine and there was a 10 minute video on the dangers of hitting a moose. Apparently if you're going under 40mph you'll knock its legs out and it'll fall on the hood of your car, and if you're going over 80mph it'll roll right over. Unfortunately, most roads where you're likely to hit a moose have speed limits between 40 and 80, which is means it goes straight through your windshield.


I think Mythbusters did a segment on that and found you'd have to be in a formula 1 car (super low to the ground) going formula 1 speeds in order to not get crushed by a moose


Well that's disappointing.


Yeah, F1 is really missing out by not adding random moose to the tracks.


F1 is good as is. Can we add this to NASCAR instead?


I would instantly become a racing fan if random hazards were introduced


So what you're saying is we should be driving F1 cars and there should be a minimum speed limit of 200kmh? I agree.


That would be an incredibly effective strategy, actually. Couldn’t travel a mile on most Maine roads before bottoming out and rendering the F1 car immobile.


I have a car where it's safer to hit a moose, since I'll travel right under them.


There's even a "moose test" for car safety testing and nobody passes it lol


The Moose Test is for testing the avoidance capabilities and rollover likelihood of a car during an emergency, like avoiding a moose. Many new vehicles fail because a majority are tall compact SUVs with stiff springs, which ends up being a very tippy combination.


Depends where and when. My friend from Newfoundland hit a moose with a crown Vic a decade ago. The moose was so big that it blew the windshield in and peeled the roof off, but the vehicle was otherwise fine. My friend had some glass in his hands but was otherwise fine. The godamn moose was so big that a car almost drove through its legs…


Moose have derailed trains.


Compact? Maybe even a F250 bro... lol


Better to be dead than live another day driving a Ford


Have you seen the video of the one just utterly cunting it through the moose-chest high snow drift, like it’s just running through thin air? Those things are so prehistoric looking




I wasn’t sure what “cunting it” meant but yea this is definitely it


it slowed down a bit toward the end of the video and i was all "oh no, its coming back!"


I've been too close to huge caribou, and have seen huge elk up close in the woods, but that would scare the shit out of me. It's like a freight train that doesn't need tracks. Wiki says they can get up to 1500lbs and can run up to 35mph. Not something you'd forget anytime soon. Glad they got it on video.


“Utterly cunting it” 😂 I love this phrase, but I also don’t understand what it means


"Booking it"


Are you Australian lol?


They have the funniest phrases and I can never come up with anything that sounds similar besides saying sausage roll


*snag roll


Hitting a deer: Dinner , Hitting a moose: Funeral


Hit a moose once in a car - I was the passenger. We got extremely lucky: hit brakes, dodged the first moose, slowed down to probably under 40kph, clipped the second with the edge of the hood. The passenger side pillar took the majority of the impact, and windshield got crushed when the moose slow-mo rolled off the pillar and onto the hood. It just... rolled off again, onto its feet, and trotted into the woods.


I mean it's basically a nimble tank. I doubt the car did much to it.


I mean it was inconvenient for the moose.


> We got extremely lucky I had a buddy in college that wasn’t so lucky. He hit a moose in the winter coming home from a late shift. The moose landed on the car and killed him. He had just gotten married a few months before this happened too. Super tragic all around.


:( That's such a tragedy. I'm sorry.


When a car hits them it blasts their legs and sends the massive body straight through the windshield. Not how I’d wanna go out.


Not if you're driving a SAAB!


Sure, SAAB could take an Elk to the face, but a moose is more like 0.1 KiloElk.


My buddy hit a moose on I-93 in a T-Top Camero. The “T” split the moose’s guts onto him and the passenger. Couple hundred pounds moose guts, steaming and all, all over them. They did not get hurt somehow. Edit - grammer


Dinner for the next year.. for someone else. In Alaska there's a roadkill moose lottery. Everytime a moose gets hit, they call a random number of the list. 1st person to show up claims the moose!


This guy in a video SPLATTERED a deer on a highway at night. Moose? Hohohoh boy


Yeah naw, I live up in Maine so they're rare unless you go really far up north. I hit a deer with my car one summer and everyone was making jokes like 'Man imagine if you'd hit a moose! You'd get a brand new car!' , I would also be dead.


My driving teacher told me that the best way to deal with a moose collision, if it is going to happen, tap the brakes, then floor it. The slight rise of the front of the car will change where you hit the legs, changing the pivot point slightly. So, instead of them landing on top of the cabin, crushing the roof and anyone under, they might just land on the windshield/engine. But those are all maybes.


That sounds like something I would be reluctant to put to the test


I wouldn't go slamming into every moose you see, but if a crash is unavoidable, it might just make surviving a bit more likely.


Myth busters busted that one hard. You aren't ever going to go fast enough to get under the moose before physics drops it into the passenger compartment.


Just an average size doe wrecked my mid sized sedan. Two new fenders new hood windshield front grill bumper, wiper bottle and messed up the entire front end frame. Surprised didn't get my radiator also. The deer flew up and over my car and who knows where, 8 meter(20 freedom feet) drop off on the one side. I was lucky the deer didn't go through the windshield. Now if that was a moose I really hope I would still be typing this but I'm not sure.


Yep, because you don’t kill it, you just sweep the legs, and if it’s still on the car, he gets up and starts scrambling to run away, stomping the shit out of the passenger compartment with you in it


In Canada, we call them swamp donkeys


Moose eyes don’t reflect in headlights! Super spooky and dangerous


Has to be dark out. Kind of look like those little red circle 🔴 reflectors people put at the end of their driveway.


Moose are tanks. Admire their moosiness from a distance.


You do not want to fuck with a moose. I’ve come face to face with a bull moose on 2 separate occasions in the wilderness, both times no more than 10-15 feet away. They are terrifying.


moose are huge. and super deadly. edit: also this is either very very northern America or Canada. ... I guess it's all North America at that point but still.


Years ago I saw someone on here describe moose as a Giant Angry Murder Horse, and I haven’t stopped laughing about it.


Those aren't exclusive options! Canada is in North America!


Ehhh they definitely have the power to kill you, but if you get charged just turn around and run away, moose only care about personal space and won’t pursue you. Just gotta keep your distance and you’ll be fine


We have moose in Colorado which I wouldnt consider very very northern America.


Nah, moose are scary giants.


**The best way to fight off a moose:** - Don't. **How to react if you think a moose might want to fight you**: - Don't get too close to the moose. This might make it mad. If the Moose has noticed you, you are too close. - Do not attempt to feed the moose. This might make it mad. (Seriously, they're kind of crazy that way.) - Don't try to make yourself look big. This might make it mad. Moose know damned well they're bigger than you. - Don't try to scare the Moose away with shouting. This might make it mad. - If the Moose has a calf, don't get close to the calf or between the Moose and the calf. This will almost certainly make the moose mad. - If the Moose seems chill and is just doing it's own thing, this might still make the moose mad. They are sometimes described as "moody". - You wouldn't like a Moose when it's mad. - Running is better than not running, but don't expect to get very far. You need to get something big between you and the moose immediately. - Don't hide behind anything small, including small trees. Moose can run through those. - If there is no place to hide, do not try to fight the moose. This will make it *madder*. Drop and cover your head with anything you have handy. e.g. A backpack. You're probably humped, but maybe the Moose will see something else that distracts it from turning you into a hoof pancake.


Don't mess with Moose if you see one, they will fuck you up if they feel threatened.


Can't imagine who would look at that and so severely lack self-preservation instinct as to think to mess with it


Watch videos of tourists at yellow stone. People are fucking stupid. Btw, watch a video on them running or a bear running. They will go 30 mph through dense forest. It is insane.


I saw a brown bear run up a 45° incline at 11,000 ft ( 3352m) at full speed like it was nothing. I was breathing like a fat kid with my pack and this thing was running like it was out for a walk.


Yeah, I hear you. The first time I saw a bear run, I was in awe. There really is no getting away from a bear if it wants you.


If you have to run away from a bear, run DOWNHILL, their weight and momentum will cause them to fumble down if they go too fast after you.


I would guess changing direction might help too. On a motorcycle they recommend tapping the brakes and speeding up once to mess with their aim.


https://youtu.be/jOLF2d09GKE?t=50 Moose runs through waist high snow like it's nothing.


Every time I see this video I am astonished. Shovelling snow that high breaks your back after a few feet. The moose meanwhile plowing through as if he's only resisting a mild wind.


That weird mixed Quebecois-English, tho.




That moose was utterly cunting it


The majority of bear spray deployed in Canada is actually used against moose. They are much more aggressive in the rutting season than bears normally are. Bull moose in rut have charged trains head on. When I was a kid we were delayed by a traffic jam in the middle of nowhere because a bull moose was in the middle of the 2 lane highway charging any vehicle that tried to pass.


Sounds about right lmfao. Meeses are dicks.


Not much I can do but ignore them if I’m far enough from the house. They rarely ever seem interested in me though. I built an 8 foot fenced in area for a yard for our kids to play but really, if a moose wanted they could Kool-Aid man that thing right down. We’re just lucky that they don’t really care enough to bother.


They will also fuck you up if they don’t feel threatened


I have only ever seen a baby moose up close. It was standing in the dirt road and the mom wasn’t visible. I was driving a kia soul at the time(the hamstermobile for those who dont know) and he was at least two feet taller than my car. I had no idea baby moose were that huge, and seeing how big he was i was terrified for momma to come back.


If you’re ever driving and see a deer, don’t swerve cause you are better off hitting it than ending up in a ditch. If it’s a moose do anything but hit it because you will hit it an stop and it will fall on you.


“ eey bud?!”


Chapter two of author Gary Paulsen's memoir *Guts* is titled "Moose Attacks". Some excerpts~ >...I have never seen anything rivaling the madness that seems to infect a large portion of the moose family. There seems to be a river of rage just below the surface in moose that has no basis in logic, or at least any logic that I can see. After his most serious moose attack: >I was spitting blood. Later I found I had a cracked rib and two broken back teeth. I had a gun--not on me, but on the sled. A friend had loaned me a handgun, a .44 magnum. I crawled, stumbled, fell to the sled and found the gun and turned around and thought I would hunt her down, even if it took all my life. I wanted to kill her--six, seven times. >I know we are supposed to temper judgement with wisdom and logic. But in all honesty if somebody came to me now as I was sitting at my computer and said they had found that moose and I would only have to walk seven or eight hundred miles to get her, I would grab a rifle and go for it. She made it personal, as the moose that went after [*Hatchet* main character] Brian made it personal.


Shoutout for Gary Paulsen, Hatchet was one of my favourite books growing up.


Yeah, they're basically 7ft tall cattle but with really shitty attitudes. The 2nd rudest Canadians behind the asshole geese.


Why you think you have to be American to know moose? Moose live in Canada, USA, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Czech Republic, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and small parts of China and Mongolia.


This. * I've seen moose sleep in my grandmother's garden because they got drunk from fallen apples a few times. * My friend's dog got killed by a moose. This can easily happen if you let your dog roam freely and people often warns about it. * Bulls sometimes had their fights on the local football field when I was a kid, and you can feel it when they hit the ground. Mating season can be wild and very dangerous. * Moose warning signs can be seen as soon as you get close to a forest. * Driving schools teach us what happens if you end up in a traffic accident involving a moose because it is rather common, and it is a disgusting way to die. * We have moose safari tours... 'Murica? Nope, rural Sweden.


I should add that this isn't my video - I'm Aussie, wouldn't film vertically or while driving. Just was amazed seeing size of moose in a museum in New York 10 years ago. [Also when seeing pics like this](https://i.imgur.com/8i9Ckne.jpeg)


yea theyre huge and tempermental. so are bears that are the size of the newer VW beetles with steak knife claws. but we can see them. thats called horror. YALL motherfuckers have the small shit that hide in toilet paper rolls and in boots and shit, thats called terror. if someone said "yo, theres a moose over there" im cool, just dont go over there. stay the hell away from - over there. but if yall will be like "oi mate, saw huntsman up in ya house. dont know where 'e went to." well then now i gotta fuckin move completely! "naw, they'e harmless" the things the size of the plate that rotates in my microwave, dont sell me that shit im burnin this bitch down!


Redbacks are what get ya. Nasty little buggers. Huntsmen ARE harmless. Have been personally bitten by one. Hurt a bit, but otherwise didn't need treatment. Then there is the SNAKES. Here in Aus, it is what you DON'T see that gets you.


They aren't harmless, they can still psychologically ruin you.


Especially the poor sod that's shopping for bananas in their local british grocer and stumbles upon an eight-legged freak that hitched a ride in the shipment.


I don't know any fish in NA that will kill me if I stick them up my ass, but if you boof one little blue-ring octopus, shit goes sideways,


They are in europe as well, saw a mother and her calf in sweden. It even is the swedish national animal and you should check out moosegarden, there you meet friendy moose and feed and pet them even.


Is the plural form for moose; meese?


Moosen, many much moosen


I did not expect to see a Brian Regan reference in the wild, I love it


In the wild? I would expect to find a lot of Regan reference in the woodsen




Seeing a random Brian Regan reference made me feel like I got hit with a whammy klabammy.


I'd hope to find MORE Regan references in the wild! "**The big yellow one--"** ya know what? Nevermind


in the WOODES


Moosen. The meesen went into the woodes to get the foodenesen


Your English reply sounds like it's pretending to be Dutch.




This is so Canadian lol


Well aside from Canadians and Midwestern Americans being practically the same people, the cars speedo is in MPH so more likely someone up in MN, ND, SD, etc.




Or Alaska quite common there.


They feel like prehistoric mega beasts to me. The sort of thing you see in textbooks and museums.


They are. The oldest known species of moose is over 2 million years old.


Totally. It’s just that in my little silly brain I file them alongside giant sloths, glyptodon other equally awesome furry bastards that I remember from childhood museum trips. I’m delighted they are still about. And I’m glad I am still in awe. :)


Saw one almost this big while golfing in Banff 10+ years ago and it absolutely blew my mind. It was just chilling right on a tee-box about halfway through the courses back 9. Needless to say we didn't stop and went straight to the next hole lol.


That motherfucker will effortlessly flip your car over if it wants


A lot of people make that mistake and think Moose are chill


And they are, for pretty much everything. Moose do not give a shit about pretty much anything that will make a deer or elk flee. But as soon as that moose feels threatened, or if you get too close to a young moose and momma knows you're there, oh boy, you are fucked.


They're also very dangerous. I knew a guy who was up in british columbia, who watched a moose shove his antlers into and rip out a car's radiator. All because he honked at it. Don't screw with moose.




Also, they are VERY grumpy, and will attack with little or no provocation.


This guy sounds Canadian as fuck.


Why would you keep driving next to it? They spook easily, you’re supposed to give them as much room as possible so they calmly walk by like the gentle giants they want to be.


The dude already thought it was okay to slow down to a crawl on a public road and film it, I doubt thinking is his strong suit.


I fear a moose more than I fear any bear. Prey items are not to be trifled with. They will 100% mess you up if they feel threatened in any way.


Nah hungry bear are way scarier, and they can climb. Source: I’ve faced and ran from both of them.


Lol, same except for polar bears and a gnarly grizzly. Even elk are terrifying when aggressive, but moose are a whole level of terrifying. Right up there with cougars.


A moose once bit my sister…


I am American. I had no clue until now. And I nearly shit my pants when I saw this.


I saw a juvenile moose right off a trail a few weeks ago. It was only about the size of a mule and had no rack to speak of, but I still doubled back and took a path well off the trail it was grazing by to go around it. I was not about to take a chance that mom was anywhere in the same zip code, and even if not, junior could have kicked my skull in without blinking.


I once saw a car flattened after a collision with a moose in the Réserve faunique des Laurentides, in Québec. Happens regularly… Monstrous yet noble beasts!


A fun fact with a moose, if find one blocking your way, don't honk at it. It might make it angry, and a moose can run faster than you can turn around. The moose will win. Same thing if you hit a moose. The moose will walk away, you probably won't. A moose can potentially take out a semi. My dad loves to tell a story of when he was driving a cabover, woke up to weird noises outside, opened the curtain, and saw eyes staring back at him. A moose was investigating his truck.


There’s a reason why they’re called «the king of the forest»


Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, we would vacation most summers in Wyoming, and our favorite camping ground had a few resident Moose. The matriarch was soon named “Sally”, in honor of my Aunt, who had the same mercurial temperament as this Moose, a full grown cow that may have been 800-1000 lbs. She would meander into camp at night while we were asleep in the RV, rooting around for garbage and discarded/dropped scraps of food, and to drink from the puddled water beneath the spigot nearby. On at least 3 occasions, I had close encounters in the dark that massive moose cow when I was going for water or whatnot. At ten, I was terrified, but not as much as I should have been. To help with my fear my dad, who I don’t think I ever saw fear anything, made a salt lick and placed it on a concrete reinforced picnic table, and once the moose took to licking it, encouraged me to approach and pet her on the snout, which I did. (Yeah, I know, it was the 80’s and things were different…) Somewhere in my folks’ things is a few great photos of the event. I’ll have to look for them.


My sister was out hiking with her dog. The dog got between mama moose and calf. The moose stalked my sister for 1 1/2 hours. She finally got in the clear and was sure it killed her German shepherd. But a few minutes later he comes bounding out of the woods, all excited, like he wanted to do it again. My sister thought she was going to die. When she tells the story, it is really intense.


As an American that just didn't live near where they usually habitat neither did I. Till I was driving through Vermont and I see one sticking its head out to the high way and I nearly shit my pants thinking I'd just witnessed the creature from The Ritual.


This guy sounds like a real idiot. Unfortunately it sounds like he already pro-created.