Better to go over than to drink a significant portion of your calories for the day, especially if this is an occasional thing. Booze may give you calories but it doesn’t give you nutrients.


Just don’t drink on an empty stomach, so save all your calories for before or during the drinking. Also, watch out for slips when your judgment is off.


If I drink I can't lose weight. I've tried. It just doesn't work for me.


I only drink maybe 4 times a year (and it's only half a bottle of wine with dinner) so for me it's no big deal I just go out and don't even bother logging the calories (but I do log the food) If you drink a bit more often than that and heavier I'd suggest maybe logging the calories but then spreading them out over a week or two, not taking the hit in one day, make it a adjustment, not a 'punishment' as such.


Awesome title.