20m My life consists of 3 friends and a few family members, colleagues don't count, I came out of my lowest about a year ago and it was shiiit I'm always here to chat about anything dude


Thank you so much for the offer. The same goes for you. I’ll definitely send you a message sometime.


Do it man, it feels good to get things off your chest and clear your mind, hopefully you have a good day/evening wherever you are in the world


I have no friends either. I’m hoping when I’m able to return to campus in the fall that I’ll be able to make some, but tbh there’s a reason why I’ve gone on this long without a single friend. I don’t see it happening. I’m going to go on in life alone and nothing will change because I fail to try.


If anything just know that you aren’t worthless, human organs go for a lot on the black market I’ve heard (be sure to read that in a non creepy way plz) Thanks for that ending btw, I love you too. Who knew humans could be decent sometimes, only on reddit ig


im just a pile of organs to someone..




almost 19m here and same its rough. my family either talks shit about me or just avoids me. if anything im the reason they cry. all i got is online friends but i dont feel i have any because they got friends they got lives while they are all i have and i cant get a text back. im sorry you have to go through this and feel this way


19F . I feel you on the family part. I have a rocky relationship with most of my family members. I feel like the left out one and the ignored. I don’t seem as relevant as other siblings or family members. But I am really close to 1 sister so I am greatful for that. Try going on bumble friends edition to meet new people! Don’t worry you will find someone out there who is worth it! Friends as well! Just remember confidence is key! I used to not have many friends or just fake friends. Now I have a good few close friends and a awesome bf! Just keep ur head up! I was once in that dark place. U will get out! I believe in you! Don’t ever feel like you can’t talk to anyone. Even a stranger on the internet. Sometimes the most random people you meet are the most caring!