I knew we were fucked when they fouled AD.


Wasn't he a high 80% ft shooter when he came? Wtf happened


You see, once you get the bag, you no longer have to work for the bag… basic bagonomics


Bruh 😂😂😂 baganomics 😂


Damn bagonometry


Dunno, his freethrow shooting fell off after the championship season. His midrange game was horrendous for some time after that, too.


After the championship, AD decided to bulk up in preparation to play center more often the season after. Unfortunately I think this is having similar effects similar to Giannis (not as bad) when he bulked up by affecting his shooting form/mechanics


He's gotten a lot of leg injuries since then, too. Maybe they should've just focused on strength and conditioning instead.


haha... that's some funny shit man... no. Adding weight to your body isn't going to effect your shooting mechanics. It's not like he went and got hulked out or something. AD went on cruise control... it was obvious. He won a chip, and was living in LA. I can't blame him. Not going to put any of this on him honestly.


There’s a little bit of truth to it. Remember when Kobe bulked up one year (I wanna say 04) and then leaned his body out the following year saying the added bulk affected his conditioning? Not saying I know the science to it, but there’s some precedent to what he’s saying lol


Adding decently significant weight definitely can. In a number of ways, even if small, that can add up. You have to learn to compensate new strength. Takes time, when it's such a routine/mental thing. If you bulk up your shoulders/neck, you might legit need to tweak your mechanics to work around any new tightness or things like that while you use the muscles. I've always maintained that even though centers are fucking huge, and so likely to get fouls, the reason why so many of them suck is because of just how big and strong they are. Someone like Lebron or Shaq can probably use a fairly normal shooting form with a half court shot and make at least attempting the shots look easier than say point guards even curry and all who have to start putting in a lot more body effort and strength at the longer ranges. Doesn't mean it's any more likely to go in, naturally, just that they have the strength to keep form better. Probably just a little harder to be able to use finesse when you have more strength. Some bigs and strong guys in the league are just fine, but not everyone has amazing dexterity, and the more strength you have the better finesse you need


Adding weight does effect your shooting, that’s common knowledge


Bro he’s literally shooting above his career FT percentage and it took me 10 seconds to find that info


Yeah, but during the championship season he was at 84.6%. After that it fell off to the low 70s before this season. That's what I was pertaining too.


He put on too much weight, affected his shooting


His issue is hes fucking soft for a big man. He plays like he wants to be a shooting guard.


no bubble is what happened


He’s terrible in the clutch that’s what


He's literally above his career FT% this season, the AD hate is crazy tonight


With respect to his FT shooting? It's definitely not hate. He's legitimately cost us like 2-3 games this season because he couldn't seal them at the line. It is what it is.


The machine would never!


The team shot 63% FT.


Well deserved


Our 2 shooters went 0-9 from 3. A single make and we win.


A single free throw and defensive play, they win. Lakers had the lead despite what you're saying.


Right and they could've had a bigger lead. And if you wanna talk free throws it's weird to blame the guy with the highest % on the team tonight.


Yea but they lost a needed game so who cares? Nobody cares about that. They needed THAT freethrow. Davis misses a key freethrow and then overplays the paint for a wide open three. Can't forget he misses a Houston game with some made up load managing bullshit. But he plays near over 35 minutes tonight. And nutty fans keep making excuses for him.


He gave them 3 free throws as well on that stupid foul.


They needed any free throw, they're worth the same amount at any point in the game my dude. You're falling into a common sports fallacy. If we hit some earlier free throws then we're not in a position to NEED one particular free throw.


That’s the same fucking excuse we have all the time. The lakers 3 pt tax is real so we should be able to rely on our stars in crunch time. AD was trash at the end and in the 3rd qtr.


Irrelevant free throws don’t matter. He lost all the important game winning ones so I dunno what are y saying. Free throws is a psychological game mostly. He went for the free throws looking like he saw a ghost 👻.


He goes months without touching a basketball in the off-season.


A lot of players do because they can’t do strength and conditioning during the season since they’re recovering their bodies from the games zz


That idiot you replied to and most of the sub here probably thinks their opinion matters more the professional trainers.


I don't think I've ever seen him hit 2/2 in clutch situations. That's the 3rd game now that he's lost on a clutch FT; this time, it's worse because he gave up the winner...while also having committed the foul that brought the Mavs to 1 the previous play. Good god what a choke.


and he caught the ball so confidently 😂 i told my brother i doubt he makes both and look


Why was in the game?? Everyone else takes out there big at this point


why did he sag off


I don’t understand why he would think to enter the paint.


I mean there’s two shooters open. He’s gotta cover both but why the fuck is he in the paint.


No, you cover the first pass. Let him make the cross court pass and hope somebody rotates.


Watch it again. Vando is more capable closing in on hat corner 3. Open guy in paint is qtleast being bodied by Vando. AD had 1 job that play. What a blunder. Single-handedly gifted the game to Kleber in 2 possessions


He didn’t know where his man was either. His first step was a step in the wrong direction on that close out


In the postgame interview he said he assumed Kyrie was gonna take the last shot and when he went to pass it it looked like he was gathering to enter a shooting motion. He was setting up to go for the rebound. [Source](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dWXF2b1d0dQ&ab_channel=NBAInterviews)


Maybe he couldn’t see the clock but at the time there was absolutely no need


In the postgame, he mentioned something about "getting the rebound" LOL


Fouled him. Bricked a free throw. Sagged off while he hit the game winner. Wild way for AD to end the game


They didn’t communicate. Both him and Vando were guarding the paint. Vando should’ve told him to go back up to guard Kleber. Cross court pass to the corner would’ve been way tougher to make considering where Kyrie was getting trapped. And if he did make the corner pass Vando would’ve had more time to close out to the corner. Edit: lower percentage 3pt shot at the corner compared to a wing 3pt We shouldn’t have been in that situation in the first place. This L is on AD and so is the Rockets L 💀


Neither should have been in the paint in the first place. A dunk/layup doesn’t beat you….


Are you serious? Neither of them should’ve been in the paint. . . . ? So we just give them a free dunk/layup?….


The Mavericks barely if ever flash a player to the basket. It almost always Kyrie or Luka on isolation/penetration, and a possible kick out to the perimeter. If somebody does flash to the basket, then one of the guys doubling Kyrie should move to cover, but don’t leave guys in the short corner and the elbow wide freaking open when a shot from either spot beats you. A dunk/layup at worst leads to OT


Dude probably thought we were up 3 or sth lol


How the fuck are you going to crowd the paint when you're facing a hot three point shooting team in the clutch?


and you're up by 2...


Not just a hot three point shooter, bro just shot 3 free throws the possession before. He would be the worst for the Lakers to try another shot, makes sense that the never even touched the rim.


There's a causal link between load management and horrible performances.


Remember in 2020 when we loved seeing AD at the line in the clutch and it felt like he never missed? Good times


Deleted his social media at the perfect time lol He saw this coming


He’s a second option like PG at best


naw he is a top 75 player all time


I'm actually here for the AD and DLo slander. 🤣 Because what the fuck was that.


Rui was 4-6 this game... Reaves absolutely would have done something as well but he wasn't getting the ball. All we needed one scratch and it was over. Ham needs to just stop gambling with our streaky players when we just need one bucket... One bucket.


Ham is such a terrible coach, cannot control these dudes at all


I'm tired of the Ham stans on here. I'd rather have an actual thanksgiving ham out there coaching these guys. Just tape an ipad with randomized plays on it to the ham and the team will be fine.


Rui can't be playing the least minutes for us in the game in a night like this


Rui is my guy. Gives me baby bball Kawhi vibes.


Dlo actually had the audacity to tell us he's popping off. LMAO. What a clown. We need to extend him to retain the asset. But after that, trade him to India.


holy overreaction LMFAO nigga think he ate


DLO shot poorly but he had 11 assists and 0 turnovers lol. Only person that should be getting spit roasted is AD for literally throwing away the game in a manner of 14 in game seconds


Fouled a 3 point shot, missed a free throw, left the wide open shooter for the loss. Ya rough for him


Best word to describe it, is pathetic


He’s lost three games at the line this season


Hahaha I can even name them! Sixers game, celtics game, and this one! He's not serious


You are forgetting the Pacers game. This is #4. AD shouldn't even be in game when we know teams will foul since he can't get the job done.


at least the ones AD cost us from free throw. But that game is up there as one of our "best" meltdowns. Uhhh plz don't remind me


Yep. Sooner the franchise realizes this, the sooner we can improve.


We should’ve been fighting for the 4th seed damn


He single handled was responsible for a 7 point swing in the final 8 seconds. Foul on Kleibee 3, misses a FT, and then gives up another Klieber 3. Fucking pathetic


AD paid Westbrook a tribute for this game


So much for that load management vs the Rockets huh, both him and the front office are fucking dumbass aaaaaarrrrghhhh so fucking frustrating, fouling on 3 then missing an important FT.


The load management shit is ridiculous


Fr stop signing these dudes to max contracts if they do this shit


I just don't understand sitting him at this point in the season. But if they miss the play-in its no ones fault but their's.


Shit is DUMB


And on top of that he is 30! YEARS OLD 38 yr old BRON IS PLAYING MORE GAMES THAN THIS CLOWN. Please trade him pelinka


I’m literally seething…


Don't forget just staring and losing his guy as someone "That just switches his mindset to the defensive".


Imagine what Kobe would say… ![gif](giphy|MEyfbfTbBCjE4|downsized)


Kobe would hate playing with AD lol. The real White Swan


If he called Dwight soft I just know he’d be on ADs ass. AD is genuinely one of the most talented players ever seen. But while he has the talent of a generational talent. He has the motor of a 9th man. I know injuries are injuries but I refuse to believe any other superstar in this league would be load managing when the team has momentum and needs every win. Look at Steph. He’s been injured again and again this year. Yet he’s out there dropping 50 for his boys.


We thought Dwight was bad but at least it looked like he somewhat cared, AD will laugh down the court as we’re losing


AD didnt even stand up when Bron broke the record because he was so upset at losing the game. Of course he fucking cares


Well why didn't AD put in any effort that game? Weird to be upset at losing but do nothing to try and change it.


he did


I'm sure it was Schroder and DLo's bad passing and Ham's poor coaching that made this guy play like Invisible Man for 3 quarters, foul a 3-point shooter, and brick a clutch free throw to lose the game! AD is not a winner or a leader. He's a great sidekick.


You are not a superstar if Kleber schools you in clutch time.


Beyond stupid not to pass to Dennis for the free throws.


I don’t get why Reaves was inbounding the ball when he’s one of our best FT shooters


Guy who's supposed to lead us to the playoffs and does that wow


He’s not that guy. He’s too inconsistent and injury prone.


Dudes wildly too inconsistent. Dude plays like an mvp then gets injured then proceeds to play like an inconsistent mf. This literally happens every year except for the championship season. I think its time we seriously consider hearing trade calls for him


I think it’s time to start acknowledging that the Covid year honestly helped reserve AD. Played half of season then got to take months off before finishing the year and he still got hurt. Ever since he’s not been able to make it through a whole season in one piece and his inconsistency has became a glaring issue. In 2020 he was looking like a top 5 player.




Seasons over


AD is not a first option. He is probably the best side kick we've seen in a ling time. Honestly, he doesn't even seem to want to be that guy. Him making wrong decisions or not delivering in the clutch multiple times shows that. Also, we should get what the Mavs get out of other teams doubling him: a fucking wide open shot. He just can't do that. I hope lebron comes back soon and cleans up after AD.


Who was shooting clutch shots last time we played the Mavs? 🤔


Yes. He has it in him. I know. I wish he'd show the confidence every time tho. Also, that foul on Kleber was a complete brain fart not matter how you look at it, especially if you are meant to carry a team


I'm more surprised AD made one free throw than the missed one tbh. The most predictable Lakers script this season


Yep. Told my wife exactly what was going to happen after he fouled Kleeber on the 3. "Missed FT and Dallas will hit some lucky ass shot to win it." Even my wife was pissed and she doesn't care about these games 😂


He needs some a Kobe treatment. Did wonders to Pau.


He load managed his way to a rockets L and now he fouled managed his way to a mavs L, send that boy back to the g league to practice his fundamentals


Deactivated instagram before the game. AD sold confirmed.


Anthony “I GOTTA BE BETTER” Davis


Dayum it’s real in the comments lmao


Ad just got told by Lebron to finish the game he a clown


Ad on suicide watch… Lebron was just seen wearing a nurse uniform leaving his room…


Damn AD lost them this game


First he takes a lazy 17 footer and misses in crunch, then he fouls a 3, then he misses a free throw, if you want to take responsibility for a loss take responsibility for this one you brain dead mf. I'm pretty sure that conversation LeBron had with him after that lazy 17 foot miss, was something like, don't do that, and neither of them looked happy. When he got to the line knew we were in trouble, he's anti-clutch and he proved it again. The Lakers earned this loss, thanks AD! Edit: [Watching the end of this game be like...](https://www.reddit.com/r/Unexpected/comments/11uaww6/mom_watching_her_sons_wrestling_match/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3)


Total overreaction by the fanbase. Lakers will still make the playoffs and you guys will be loving AD after next game lol


ADisney is nothing without lebron carrying him. Dude is Bradley Beal if not on lakers




When he missed that free throw, I had a bad feeling. I was unfortunately right.


44% FT in the clutch sigh. Need to get something for him this summer


Not sure why he took the ball instead of Dennis on the last possession


Took the ball? Mavs covered Dennis like white on rice.


I don’t want to hear him say “this is on me” or some weak ass shit like that. Duh mf 🤬🤬


This guy whined and cried and sulked for a better-supporting cast at the deadline and he shows up to do this.


Incoming “My Fault” line


I’m not mad at you AD. I’m just… disappointed. You’re still my boy!!


This loss still fucking hurts


Said it a few days ago and I’ll say it again, he doesn’t have IT


He fucking load managed the rockets game and for what choking in the clutch.


The doctors and coaches made that decision


Reddit so savage


What a sub


AD laker legend. Fuck the hate.




this. until the end of the season. Which might be soon.


The universe does not want this team to reach .500


This dude is lost half the time.


We will still make the play in , but man these last 2 losses hurt i dont hope this is a momentum changer.


Thanks AD for the late contest on a 3 pointer, then splitting you free throws when they fouled you, then sagging off your man for the game winner. What a sequence of events LMAO.


That’s about all she wrote for playoff chances. Now 3 under .500. This is over. Hate to be overtly negative but it’s reality.


Can’t miss 10 free throws and shoot like 15% from 3. Not being clutch is bad too no doubt but the team isn’t good or rather is running out of time


That's what half assing gets you.


Why would he go double team under the rim??? when the open 3 was the only shoot that could have won the game for the mavs


The overreactions in here from people sitting on their couches never get old 🤣🤣🤣🤣


🤣🤣🤣 and when we will miss the playoffs Reddit user callnehunky will make a call to Adam silver to swap the lakers position to first seed.


no but I’m sure as hell not gonna be crying on Reddit like a little bitch like user Fuzz_Pool2013 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Nah fr this thread is fucking hilarious all these dudes are actually bitching so hard over a game they didn't even play in 💀 being a Lakers dick rider their only personality sheesh


That’s what I’m saying. They’re acting like they care more than the dudes that are actually playing the game. Shits hilarious


Can we not do this toxic shit every loss? Unbelievably lame


Do you not see where we are in the season? That all time mental choke job on three consecutive plays from your “superstar” is a straight up season killer. AD showing the team exactly who he is when it matters. Lebron was disgusted lol.


It’s so fucking corny


These reactions are aggressive, find another hobby


Everyone saying “trade him” has the brain of a box of rocks


Man i fucking hate this fanbase sometimes.


If you trade Davis you can get so much for him? Soon he'll lose value if not already.


Saying “trade him” is so stupid. Why would the lakers trade him bc mfs in the toxic lakers sub says so?


Fucks sake, would you rather not have AD on the team? Common man, people have bad games, and they know it. No need to flame them like this every single time.


These mfs love overrating but watch when he had 40 and 20 they gonna be on absolute dick. And the common response is “he’s 30. He’s supposed to being doing that”


You people make me sick! Talk shit about our players but next game he does good you will be back at talking wonders. I HATE Laker fans. 👎 And go ahead down vote me I can careless!




Weakest superstar ever in NBA history


What a pathetic group of fans. Find me one other fanbase that openly hates their stars the way Lakers fans hate AD. I just don't get it. Every single mistake goes under a microscope and gets thrown back as some arbitrary reason why he'll never be good enough. Fans even actively make things up or pick through selective memory to hate on him. And then hating on him for getting injured, which is obviously not his fault or something anyone should get hate for, but it's extra hilarious compared to how this sub handles Bron (AD is about to pass him in games played this year, less than 30 fewer games played than Bron the last 3 years) with constantly hoping Bron rests up and everyone feels so bad for him being injured while AD gets relentless shit for resting against the Rockets (Not his decision) or any missed game.


So screwing up on three consecutive plays to lose a huge game isn’t his fault? If my coworker screws up three times in a row and kills a patient, I would never want to work with that person again. Mental toughness means something when there’s high stakes.


are you comparing human lives to a basketball game lmao?


He screwed up 1 major play. Going 1/2 after playing 12 straight minutes isn't really a screw up. He was also our best free throw shooter tonight. And that defensive possession is how you want AD to play it, help in the paint with 1 second left, they just made a miracle play.


1 major play too many. Why is he full on tackling a guy on a closeout three? Doubling the paint and leaving the open three is not how you want to play that. Him and Vanderbilt should have communicated.


He literally scewed up 3 things in a row within 7 seconds: 1. tackled a 3pt shooter when he didnt need too 2. missed a FT when he needed to hit both 3. Left Kleber completly wide open


you are absolutely correct. for example ad gets shit on for not playing and being injured. but LeBron only plays 5 games more. but this is what happens when LeBron comes to a team. everyone else gets criticized until there is no one else to scapegoat and then LeBron leaves the team. sorry lbj just stands there ad is constantly screening and then running to the rim and also playing all the defense on the perimeter and inside. fans are crazy they have no logic. crazy times in the nba imo.


>then Are you out of your fucking mind?


Dude is on the same tier as Elden Campbell or Benoit Benjamin when it comes to great Lakers bigs


He better hire some bodyguards to protect him and his family. No telling what these crazy fans will do.




Please trade him one game he is good the other he trash atleast other superstars are atleast consistent and don’t choke in the clutch!


no, you can get the fuck outta here, this is why laker fans are seen as toxic, even w their own players


Nah the dickriding is crazy💀 wait holup AD IS THAT U 🤡


such a clown


Most popular team gets the most passionate toxic casuals is what it is


Shut up retard


I hate AD so much. Soft ass clown.


Tbh at this point I don't blame him for missing clutch free throws he's known for it and nerves will get to everybody. But fuck he has to step up and be more aggressive the whole game, not just in the fucking 4th quarter.


Trade Anthony Davis


Get this guy out of LA can't stand him


Dumbest morherfucker on the fucking planet


coward needs to open up his gram, i want to tell him some nice things


Horrible coaching, no reason he should get the inbound


Y’all are so fucking annoying and tiresome my goodness. I want to make a bot to see how bipolar most of y’all comments and posts are cause some of you need to be held accountable with receipts. It’s every fucking game dudes who have never played basketball but play 2k and think they’re basketball savants, critiquing someone over one play and then the next game lauding that same dude as the savior. I don’t give a fuck if this gets downvote, some of y’all need a reality check and retire your comment fingers


If you play in LA, we expect nothing less of greatness. Non-Lakers fans just don’t understand cos they probably have bum ass teams that don’t win championships. We had Kobe for 20 years <— I think him alone sums up our expectations for stars (let alone all the other all time greats to play in LA)


Somewhere Westbrick is smiling.


My God trade him please this off-season




Love how no one calls out Lebron for his toxicity lol. Dude twisted his ankle and refuses to play while AD is playing injured. He shows up to game in a full black suit wearing shades indoors and tries acting like hes the coach. Bossing people around while they are up by 4, completely killing team morale. Dude just loves being center of attention.


AD made a couple of mistakes but played a great game. D'lo lost the game tonight.