First Car!

First Car!


I had a 2008 Jetta with the 2.5 engine for years and had practically no issues with it. I don’t know the first year they introduced that engine but I know it was pretty reliable. The fuel economy was between 20 and 30 depending on how and where I drove it


I really like the MK4s. If you can find a relatively clean one for a good price I'd say go for it. 2.0s get decent milage and my old 2.0 was rock solid reliable. VR6s are very cool, but the timing chain is the big deal with them. Just get them done every 100K miles. My new VR6 also costs significantly more in fuel than the 2.0 did. If fuel economy is your thing with MK4s the TDI is the way to go. No questions about it. I don't have too much personal experience with them but they get stupid milage. With the 1.8t I actually know very little about them.