"due to extreme volatility..." - since when does this "extreme volatility" exist even?

"due to extreme volatility..." - since when does this "extreme volatility" exist even?


They added it last year in March. I think it means since they lost a load of staff and failed to rehire.


They should delete that stupid message from March 2020. Can't be helping them to keep it, and it's annoying too because it delays the time to entering account number.


I’ve just moved to saxo, brilliant customer service was called twice when setting up and have always managed to speak to someone when I’ve called


Fully agree. Only reason I moved off Saxo after 5 years is the custody costs are actually quite high for me as I have a fairly large portfolio, while it's 0 costs for ibkr. But in almost every other single way, Saxo is superior to IBKR in customer service and platform usability. Just called IBKR and the guy spoke to me on the most condescending way I've ever experienced. I was this close to pulling a Karen on him and demanding to speak to his manager. The moment Saxo stops custody fees I'm backing out of ibkr.


I had opposite experience with Saxo that I just left for IBKR where I found the customer service decent. Saxo messed up with dividend reinvestment and had to follow up for 4 month to get the issue resolved. This is just an example out of many for over three years I've been with Saxo Also, custody and transaction fees are a way higher than IBKR.


I joined IBKR but never used them, need to transfer my stock out of freetrade and etoro to saxo next


Their service sucks. Even run of the mill crypto exchanges have better customer service