Obligatory "not proud of it but I'll post it here so everyone can see how cool I was"


And then everyone in the bar clapped, of course


The funny thing is, if you ask ANY person if they were bullied in school, they will say yes. Everyone has been bullied, so who is doing the bullying? Chances are: all of us. It’s not a binary. You can both be a victim and bully in a lifetime. You can be both.


I don’t know… I mean I get that everyone has had times where people were mean to them or made fun of them. But being long-term bullied is a lot different from having a few bullying incidents. I think almost everyone has had incidents. But I don’t think that everyone was bullied in the sense that going to school every day was terrifying or so bad that it affected their mental health long term. I think every class has a few of those, but it’s not like that for everyone.


Absolutely, I agree it’s very different. But when you ask people, most people will say yes they have been bullied and mean isolated incidents


What are you talking about lmao I was never bullied


Wow, you are seriously a first. Do an experiment and ask people. Also, maybe if you’re not in the US people don’t say that as much? Idk, I’ve heard so many people say it when bullying comes up. Like, Trish, I know you were an ass in school.


Idk, I wasn’t really bullied either. I was just… ignored, but I wasn’t bullied. I would say most people felt that they were being excluded


Idk I'm Aussie and I know a lot of girls got bullied in high school because teenage girls are bitches. Me and most of my mates didn't get bullied at all. But to be fair I was pretty popular, basically the whole school knew me in one way or another 🤷‍♂️


Ahhh there it is. I’m a woman who grew up in the US. But seriously, start asking around, I’d be curious if you don’t find anyone who says they were bullied in school


I mean I know people who had been bullied, especially the girls, but the majority of people weren't


I am sure the victim would be smiling too as this so-called badass would be sent into prison for assault, and you can get some free money from him! Lawsuit and police report for the win!


Well at least we know the bully is a coward


What a fucking toolbox lmao




If he actually wasn’t proud of it, he wouldn’t have bothered sharing it.


This. And he damn sure wouldn't have added the "smile turned into fear" BS if this was in any way real. The truth is none of this happened, it's a story a guy made up on the internet to try and sound cool and added the last bit to try to lend credibility to an otherwise totally and unbelievably stupid, cheesy, and made up anecdote by saying, "no it's true, because at the end of the day my badassery made nothing better". And now he's burdened to live with the fact that he's a total badass for the rest of his days.


And then a supermodel walked in and said, “Wow that was pretty hot! Can I buy you a scotch?”


To which he replies, "sorry hun but I'm a man and I provide for my woman, what'll it be. It's on me" and then grabs her and brings her in for a kiss ass the whole bar claps and cheers


Who goes to the pub and orders piss and vinegar?


He is probably the type of guy to order one Michelob and barely finish it just to be noticed. "Hey look at me I am tired from work and I need a beer like in the movies". Might as well put a neon sign above him saying "I drink...please take notice and pay attention to me".


Don't you kink shame me.


He probably listens to slipknot and uses that line from "spit it out"


If it didn't make you proud or feel any better, then why the f\*ck did you do it?


And more so, why then post about it too??


Guys, it’s because he is VERY badass


And then everyone applauded.


I think he meant pants full of urine and hand full of jizz


And then I found $20.


Yeah, this guy’s a tool, but to hell with all of y’all who dismiss the trauma of being bullied. For a lot of us, that shit sticks.


my dad met his bully years later. Except my dad had grown twice the guys size. My dad beat him up.


It’s true. Turns into insecurity when you grow up




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I'm in my mid 30's and can't even remember my school bullies or what they look like. Guess I stopped caring and holding on to that shit as I grew up and matured. Have more important and cooler shit going on in my life.


Based chad




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“Oh because I still have a childlike mentality that must mean my 8 year old bully does too”


The downvotes 🤣🤣🤣🤣


This guy sure drinks a lot of piss and vinegar.


whose piss and vinegar did he drink?


Mine, $20 is $20


I think about shit like this all the time. I’d love to meet my high school bully because I would show him how I’ve physically changed, as well as show him that I’m financially successful, and have led a better life than him, raised great kids…then I would beat his ass. However, in reality that meeting plays out like this: I wouldn’t beat anyone’s ass because I worked too fucking hard to gain all of the above, and I’m not risking going to jail or getting shot and losing it all. In reality I would be like: “Hey man what’s up?”


Happened to me in college. I was delivering pizzas on break and had just gotten my full ride to grad school. An order came up and it was my high school bully. I said fuck it and took it, not knowing how it would go. He recognized me and was ecstatic. We shot the shit and told each other how we were doing. Dude was super nice to me and tipped me well.


I was a bully when I was a kid because I was bullied by older kids, I wish I could find everyone I bullied and apologize. Age has a way of making past decisions more clear.


I admire your honesty and maturity. I hope some day you get the chance to make amends.


Wasn't proud of it. Posted about it anyway


Damn. Sought out? Should have sought out some damn therapy.


Just the look—not the assault—come on Confession or flex?




My school bully is a cop now in my town. He's a detective. His best friend that bullied me is also a cop in another town. His asshole brother that was a lot older and didn't specifically bully me, but wasn't kind to me either is also a cop in another town. Half of my school's football team ended up becoming cops all over my state. One teaches criminal law or whatever that is called at the High School. I assume bullying takes up at least one semester.


They should disbar school bullies from being adult cops—but your record doesn’t follow you if you had a good lawyer or a cop relative or just because you were a minor or never got busted for bullying (assault, intimidation, threats of bodily harm) when you were a minor. Belittling online is bullying too—we need to be careful.


Bully’s become cops. Pretty sure it’s a job requirement.


Idk most of the cops I know were bullied themselves. It's anecdotal. Also, I wasn't bullied, and I know that people express emotions different ways (especially as children), so I would imagine that a lot of the bullied kids would pass the bullying on to whoever would "take it" (i.e. didn't express their pain through anger, but rather sadness/depression/etc.).


That’s fair. Bullies or bullied. Either way, they are in a category.


Kids aren't born bullies. I agree they're in a category: people who have unresolved issues and seek a job in an environment where they get to be a part of a brotherhood with some authority and status. The majority of cops who join most likely legitimately want to help their community. The issue is more deep rooted than just "bullies shouldn't be allowed to be cops!" But more like "why are we not providing the mental health resources for children in the US to help point out their pain and help them deal with it in a healthy way?" We can't keep chasing our tail. I'm not a big fan of cops either because of the cop culture and all that but screaming at them and barring some from becoming cops will do nothing but further polarize people and push policing in general further towards what is already disturbing.


No one ever said they were. And I don’t disagree with you, the problem is the system, not the people. Unfortunately it doesn’t change the truth.


No one in this thread explicitly said that, no, but it is implied in most of the conversations. It doesn't change the truth that cops tend to come from a certain background? Yeah. But do you think the rhetoric around policing is going to do anything about that? Do you think it will do anything besides further the divide and make it even more the case that they come from a certain background?


I think identifying the problem is the first step to solving it…so yes. You shouldn’t assume what people mean why they wrote something.


But the thing is that the discussion seldom goes beyond "identifying the problem". That was my point. Assuming =/= inferring. The implications are clear. I am not using them to discredit anyone, nor am I basing my argument solely on the inference (i.e. making a strawman argument). I'm not trying to shut anyone up or act like I have all the answers. I'm trying to encourage the conversation to progress to what I think would be more productive than simply identifying the problem. You'll find few people here who don't agree that these problems exist, so continuing to hammer it home often just comes across as virtue signaling.


Didn't make you feel better because it didn't happen.




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Can't comment on how own post lol


*is not proud* *makes bragful post*


Who remembers their elementary school bully to the point where they recognize them 15-20 years later in a bar while drinking?


Some people recognize faces regardless of time. I saw a guy I went to school with 20 years ago at a concert the other day and recognized him. We weren’t even friends or enemies, just classmates, and his name popped right into my head when I saw him.


Depends on the type of bully. Bullying could be anything from pestering people and ignoring some boundaries to straight up torturing and hurting people. I'd imagine that someone might forget about someone who pestered them, but not someone who made them absolutely dread going to school.


When they get in your face you remember that face—fit better or worse. If they didn’t change much in their face…


Literally everyone


Me. Of course mine literally pissed on me and then tried to hit on me/take me home at said bar so....




And then he woke up


My high school bully lives in his parents basement and is really into ferrets now


I don't know why, but "is really into ferrets now" made me laugh really hard.


The first time I heard it I laughed really hard too, it’s the extra touch that means so much lol


Basically, "I got drunk and punched someone." Bravo. So impressive.


knocked him then absorbed all his piss prototype style


Dude that game was wild X to CONSUME


Bro was absolutely filled with piss


I remember every time I crossed paths with this one kid, he'd start some sort of altercation with me. I've had a few embarrassing (or physically painful) incidents at Taco Bell or some gas station. This kid was having a tough time growing up, and he made everyone around him pay for it. I eventually graduate high school, and almost immediately join the Army. Two years later I was home on leave, and I see him at a gas station. I can see he's cleaned up a bit, but we're just staring at each other. I didn't want to fight, especially if it meant potentially interfering with my enlistment, but I wasn't going to shrink away. We greet each other, go through a bit of small talk, and finally I just come out and ask him why he's being polite. I tell him he was the biggest asshole of a bully to me ever since I've known him. He gives me a strange look and says, "Me? Dude--YOU were a bully to ME!" This blew me away, and I felt like he just called me a liar. I start stammering about why he's wrong and he just cuts me off with, "Hey, does it really matter anymore? We were a couple dumbass high school kids back then. We're growing past that." I was, again, blown away. This was actually some wisdom that I needed at that moment in life. I agreed with him and we talked more--all awkwardness gone, now talking like two buds who haven't seen each other in awhile. I was pretty damn proud of him for turning his life around, and I was thankful for his perspective.


But if he started it every time? Words? Who threw the first punch? People can change but fuel the jet him gaslight you about what really happened. Maybe you were his nemesis, but unless you actively trash talked him to his face or behind his back And started some of those fights I doubt you were the bully. Moving past it can give you a friend, but you can only trust him if he doesn’t rewrite the past.. we all have perspectives but is that truly what he thinks or is he pulling one over on you?


Well, my dad was a teacher at my high school, and this was well over twenty years ago. Suffice it to say I wasn't in a position to be struttin' around talking trash to, or about anyone. Regardless of how people want to spin it, the important lesson was perceptions about what really happened in high school are best left in high school. If my bully thinks I started everything and that I was his nemesis, that's not either of our problems. He left it all in the past, and I decided to do so as well.


Thats nice man


"wasn't proud of it" then why the fuck are you bragging then?


And then everyone farted.




Beat me by only 5 hours!!


I was a bully too, until my mom Judo-flipped the shit out of me and showed that size and strength are asshole things to take advantage of. I started getting into fights with bullies after that. The bully bully lol Edit: misspelled Judo


Who are these people that write these fantasies lol is it cathartic for them or some crap? Like do they actually feel like anyone believes them?


Here's a true one; I ran into one of the people that used to bully me, in my head, before he even opened his mouth; I'm thinking how I'm gonna do this and that, but nothing happened. He recognised me, treat me like a normal person cause he grew up and so did I, he didn't apologise, but tbh I didn't ask him to.


Yeah this is what happened with both of the guys who used to bully me. They're both normal adults with families and decent careers and we occasionally like each others posts on social media. People grow up and change. I'd rather they improve as people than drag others down into the gutter like a lot of revenge fantasy tends to do.


Exactly, not everybody walks around carrying a schoolyard beef, ya bloody lunatics


It’s not just beef—it’s something that happens during your formative years and affects your world view, outlook on life and sense of self. Some people just get over it and some need help and some feel the need to get even, which would be assault, but don’t blame the victim even if the bully was young and dumb. Try to work through having been a bully or having been bullied before you project it onto a long term relationship. be honest about your past and hopeful for your future. It’s not just a beef—it matters and it can continue to do damage if you don’t take care of it.


The real revenge against bullies is to live a better life.


"I'm such a badass I let my childhood bully keep living in my head decades after they forgot I even existed"


Yeah nothing badass about it. But the people that tell you to just let it go, are just as annoying as the ones who just stood by and let the bullying happen.


Do not allow your past to define your future


Thank you for providing an example of annoying, meaningless advice the other guy was talking about.


It’s only meaningless if you’re a dunce


Or if you have actual issues that won't go away because someone who never met you and knows nothing about your situation told you "just don't let the bad things affect you" in their infinite wisdom.


To be fair you could go to a psychologist for 10 years and all it boils down to is learn to move on. Eventually you have to live your life no matter what happened to you. Not trying to downplay your problem or feelings, just anecdotal life experience from somebody who spent a lot of time at the VA head shrinker trying to deal with PTSD.


I'm not saying that you shouldn't eventually move on. I'm saying that telling people to move on even though they probably heard that a hundred times before the age of ten is annoying and unhelpful. It's only barely better than "don't be sad", even though not being sad is also a worthy goal.


Yea dude I'm just some guy on reddit commenting on a post about Adults beating up middles school bullies. I'm not here to help you nor do I care about any of your past issues.


So you agree your original comment was meaningless? Glad we can see eye to eye.


It’s meaningless to someone who can’t see reason


Most people can't see things that aren't there.


Nothing personnel kid


Nothing personal kid, but it is personal not personnel.


English is not my first language so when I read “piss and vinegar” I literally thought he was goin to pour a bucket of vinegar and one of piss on this dude as revenge. Took me a minute.


I’ve always thought about meeting those people from my youth. The reality is I spent more time thinking about them then they ever did about me. I learned how to fight for fights that never happened. I wish I would have learned how to live by a better philosophy instead.


It's not too late to buy a large barrel and live by the philosophy of diogenes, disrupting philosophy classes and insulting great rulers


I’m probably cynical enough already


I still think about the kid I bullied in high school 20+ years ago. I was a shit head. Mostly I just imagine his life is probably 100 times better than mine is 20 years later.


As a guy who has been told this, yeah pretty much never think of you


Often time, people who were bullies or mean while younger grow out of it and feel like shit regarding their younger, dumber actions.




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This definitely didn't happen Also, full of piss and vinegar? Hopefully OP is over the age of 60, otherwise he just sounds like a briefcase wanker impersonating what he thinks a tough guy would say


What kind of Anglo-American word hash is this


Why was he full of piss and vinegar??? I feel like instead of beating someone up he should be going to the doctor (this is a joke)


Bro how tf was he full of piss and vinegar is the question we all should be asking. Got me about to look this shit up on google.


And then everyone clapped!


More like full of shit.


Full of piss and shit


Shid, fard, and cum


Redditors pretending to be the main character:


If this happened at all: Saw my elementary school bully with a bunch of his friends at a pub while I was there drinking alone. I glared at him until he finally noticed me and he smiled back but then he just looked confused when I drunkenly took a swing at him, which he easily dodged and I landed on the floor and passed out.


and then he woke up…


‘Wasn’t proud of it’ _’glorifies it’_


Using “elementary school” and “pub” in the same sentence make no sense to me as someone from the UK, is this maybe a Canadian thing?


I’ve met some fellow Americans who refer to every bar as a pub


I thought the exact same thing, but then I thought of course this was at Paddy’s Pub


Yeah we do have a lot of pubs here and they are a pretty popular option for drinks, especially for older people


And then he fell 16 ft through an announcer's table.


Bah god


Wasn’t proud of it so I told everyone on the internet…


And afterwards everybody clapped


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