A while ago I saw a post about how all the main characters in ODST had there blood type on their armor but recently I was replaying Reach when I noticed that all of the odst’s, most of the marines, and Jorge all had their blood types on their armor.

A while ago I saw a post about how all the main characters in ODST had there blood type on their armor but recently I was replaying Reach when I noticed that all of the odst’s, most of the marines, and Jorge all had their blood types on their armor.


It’s a fantastic little detail that I always loved wish they would do more with these kinds of detail on Marines and ODST Edit: why in the fuck do I have 1k upvotes? Can someone please explain


The small attention to detail really makes these games special. You can feel that care and though was put into some of the most small and inconsequential things. Ive always wondered if Bungie had some sort of military advisor, or maybe even a staff member whos ex-military. As a military dude myself, they get so many big and little things right, theres no way tjey dont have some level of exposure to it.


Whenever they get anything wrong, I always think "well alot could change in 500 years". Especially since the UNSC seems to be pulling from every country in the UN, maybe it became somewhat of a melting pot of all the world's military as more countries joined in. It mainly seems built off of the USMC but there are many other militaries out there that could have contributed to the culture


They also got a lot of things wrong, as well. I’m sure they had a military advisor, but rule of cool always won. In the opening cutscene the group of Marines call Sgt Johnson “Sir”.


What should they call him? I know next to nothing about the military…


“Don’t call me sir I work for a living”


You may call me seargent or seargent dornan


Since the UNSC Marines seem to be descended from the USMC and carry most of their customs or traditions, they would address him by his rank. I don’t remember what his rank was at the time of CE, but they’d address him as like “Gunnery Sergeant” or “Sergeant Major”. “Sir” is how you address commissioned officers; lieutenants and up.


Sarge, or Sergeant, this is because Johnson wasn't a commisioned officer, he wouldn't be referred to as "sir".


Never call a marine sarge, that's army bullshit, also every marine rank is fully pronounced, no calling a staff sergeant or higher sergeant simply "sergeant"


I mean there's PFC, Lance Coolie, Gunny, Master Guns, etc. that's not fully pronounced. Also I like to half ass pronounce Staff Sergeant and Sergeant Major as "Staff Sarn't" and "Sarn't Majur" respectively. It's the little joys one derives from the misery of Marine life.


You don’t even do that fuckshit in the army unless you are a POG. We had a new private come into our infantry company and called a sergeant “sarge” and got his shit smoked lol


"Sgt" is what they should call him. Sir is reserved for unrestricted Officers, Warrant Officers, Chief Warrant Officers. Hes also a little old for a Sgt by todays standards. At least US Military-wise. But like the dude said, rule of cool.


Technically speaking, he’d be called Sgt Major (per the army at least)


> Hes also a little old for a Sgt by todays standards. At least US Military-wise. But like the dude said, rule of cool. Well, rule of cool, but more specifically, he was based on Gunnery Sergeant Apone.


As an IRL Marine we have these things called Kill patches on the front of our armor with blood type and other info, along with Kill Cards in our shoulder pockets with the same info.


We're starting to do whole blood collection and administration in the field, too. Take blood from a healthy Marine that has a compatible blood type and then give it straight to the casualty.


My AB+ blood is nearly worthless!


O- too. The person can't recieve any blood other than O-


You’re my blood arch enemy


Yeah but at least you can take all the blood you would need


I do anyways, that shit is delicious


Sound like you guy's have got some bad blood


Meaning your donation is GREATLY needed for our O- folks.


Glass half full! ...of blood!


I donated blood not too long ago. Turns out I'm O-, and ever since I've been bombarded with emails telling me how important my blood is and requesting me to keep donating


you can either donate it, or they’ll *take it from you*, what’s it gonna be


Just do what I do. Whenever im in for blood tests or such, I let them take an extra vial or 2. Even if im in just for my checkup (prexisting health issue), sometimes ill let the GP get a vial. Basically I dont go out my way to donate, but if im there, especially if they are taking blood anyway, you might as well sort of thing. Coming to this arrangement basically stopped all those pestering text and emails i got almost daily. Told em to unsub me from those infront of me, while i came to this arrangement with em.


Uhhh you got it backwards buddy o - is incredibly valuable as it can be donated to any blood type


I think they meant a soldier with O- blood is boned since they can only take blood from another O- person. Which might be a bit tricky to find in the field


yeah but we are fucked if we need blood, sure we might be a walking blood bag for everyone else but that just sucks when we get damaged


That’s why you spec tank and make sure your healer focuses you instead of dps


right i'll tell all the Inf guys to keep me extra safe because of my blood type


Best thing about O- is it can be given to any other blood group. Such givers.


So what you are saying is you have liquid money in your veins.


I've got 0- but my body reacts very poorly to blood donations. I've tried a few times and the last time the nurse told me to stop coming in. :(


It's worthless to give out (except for plasma), but in a bad situation you can receive any other blood type!


Your plasma is valuable. O- Whole blood is universal but AB+ plasma is also universal Donate plasma if you donate


Well that’s a recipe for disaster….


How so? It's literally life or death in most situations where we'd use this.


I have a question, and I don't know shit about medical stuff or the military so... Whenever I personally have had blood drawn, either donating or testing, I get hella woozy and shit. Does that happen to soldiers when they donate blood in the thick of it? Cause my first thought after 'oh that's neat they can do that now!' (I've been watching band of Brothers, and just finished the French medics episode last night lol) was 'what about the other dude wouldn't he be all fucked up and weak?' So yeah wouldn't that make the other dude all fucked up and weak?


Yes. Any soldier/marine who donates the blood would be taken out of the fight as well once the evac arrives unless we're really in some shit and can't spare losing another person.


In a situation where the donor couldn’t be picked up, would it be possible for two donors to donate half the required amount, leaving each pretty stable while keeping the wounded soldier alive?


Ehhh that's a lot of extra variables thrown in. Now I'd be exposing another person to any potential bloodborne pathogens, even if that risk is low after all the screening servicemembers go through. In that scenario I'd just do it like normal and keep that marine in the fight. I'd give the dude some normal saline or something to keep the volume up I guess.


My only experience here is from donating blood myself, but I'd imagine that because these guys are all incredibly fit, it probably wouldn't impact them much as long as they get fluids and electrolytes quickly Personally speaking, when I donated blood and was pretty fit and healthy myself (although definitely not up to a marines level of fitness) it really didn't bother me unless I had to run for a bus or something immediately afterwards, so I imagine an actual marine would be just fine


Whole blood transfusion are dangerous and should be avoided if possible, so should only be used in situations where bleeding to death is imminent. People surprisingly can survive with a large amount of blood lost for a good while. The reason we want to avoid transfusing whole blood is because it largely increases the risk of haemolytic transfusion reactions, transfusion associated graft vs host disease (due to leukocyte in whole blood) and alloimmunisation just to name a few common adverse effects. The second reason is that a transfusion doesn’t necessarily stop the root of the cause, which is bleeding. You want to target that with recombinant factors and platelets which don’t need to be type specific and therefore safe to administer in an acute setting to stop the bleeding. Also finally emergency units of O Neg is commonly carried by trauma teams and therefore that should be utilised before whole blood direct transfusions.


"so should only be used in situations where bleeding to death is imminent" You mean, like combat? 🤦‍♂️


The idea is geared more towards long-term care while in austere environments. We're expected to hold a patient for up to 72 hours. If there's an alternative, we will not use the whole blood. This is strictly a last resort. Edit: also, bringing the [blood collection and administration kit](https://combatmedical.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/valkyrie-ltowb-collection-set-closed-front.jpg) out to the field is way more viable than bringing whole blood. Infantry units can bring these with them instead of relying on shock trauma teams to bring it to them.


Brit here, we also have something similar called a MIST AT card, I'm guessing it's more or less the same thing across NATO forces


I'm not sure if it's common for units to do this but our kill cards/ZAP cards also had 9-line and ZMIST instructions on them.


Fun fact most of the "marines" in Halo Reach aren't actually marines. They're UNSC Army troopers, and you only really see non-ODST marines in the final level escorting Captain Keyes.


Supposedly that hexagonal insignia on their shoulders is an army cavalry insignia because it's absent on the marines. Unfortunately, they fucked up in ce anniversary because all of the marines have the insignia


That makes a lot of sense, but I never noticed it till now. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/NATO_Joint_Military_Symbology#Unit_symbols Scroll down to Cavalry.


Considering the amount of things they screwed up with it, I like to pretend the anniversary doesn't exist


Or maybe it’s correct- lore updated since they’re with Keyes when autumn leaves reach. In other words. 343 fixed it cause bungie gave them the insignia in reach.


Doubtful, textures in the CE anniversary were not redesigned and created from the ground up like the Halo 2 anniversary. Most assets and textures are taken straight from reach and put over the original models. So CE anniversary models aren't lore updated or anything, it was a time and cost saving measure, not an intentional bit lore


Too bad no one can use Jorge’s in an emergency.


Because he's not eligible for donation due to the spartan blood or the not existing anymore? F


Definitely from not existing, although I hadn’t considered that a non spartan receiving it might be in for a bad time.


Oooh, debatable. Is it super blood, or just blood? I would lean towards normal blood because if the 2’s can’t get blood from non-Spartan 2’s, well they’re more fucked then they were on Reach! My bet is that the chemicals used to super-izize the Spartans only effected their organs and flesh and bones.


Yeah that actually makes sense. I can’t imagine having to keep enough blood on hand for 4 generations of Spartans.


Eh, the exclusivity seems like it might go down with each successive generation. IV's are Spartans, no doubt, but they can't compare to everything II's, or even III's, went through. You can only do so much before the blood starts to be affected. That said, Spartan II's RECIEVING blood seems like it'd be no problem. Get enough to keep them alive and their body will eventually have it replaced with their super blood. In the immortal words of Sarge, "Your body will make new blood. You just need orange juice!" GIVING blood, on the other hand... well, I'm just gonna hazard a guess that you might not want to accept it. Perhaps they have a few of the genetic "washouts," the ones that got ravaged but not killed by the mods, in cryo as sort of a living blood bank for II's. Seems unlikely, but possible to me


Not to be the 'ahktually' nerd, but Cryogenic Stasis would insinuate that the body will operate in stasis, and it's normal bodily functions, like blood production, are reduced aswell.


That’s not how blood works. It’s likely that Spartans can get blood from non-Spartans in the same way that Positive blood types can receive from negative, but not the other way around. Non-Spartans don’t have typically harmful components in their blood, but Spartans have many enhancements that might impact non-Spartans.


They have "enhanced" blood purely because the other enhancements would most likely cause their blood to be thicker and carry more oxygen. Spartan 2s could probably get blood from other humans, but Spartan 2 blood could quite possibly be too thick for a non enhanced heart. Just a theory


In Halsey’s journal there’s a few pages on the S-II augmentations where I believe she mentions that they also modified Spartan blood so it couldn’t clot up. (Probably not good for the average joe)


It's possible the spartan blood is augmented but there's only so much you can do to such a simple system like blood. The augmentations would probably just raise the red blood cell count and make them more absorbant. This would probably mean that getting a blood transfusion from a spartan would probably make you more alert and energetic if anything as the higher red blood cell count lets you be more active


Or just raise the chance of the blood clot drastically


What do you mean? He is just missing in action


Yeah, in the truest sense of the word.


Jorge would just slaughter an entire squad of covenant and use their blood as a placebo lmao


That’s a new middle finger to the covenant. We’re keeping our troops alive with your blood. Actually that could be a whole twisted side plot.


*Predator: Concrete Jungle intensifies*


It's also a middle finger to biology.


hence it being a joke.


Pretty sure Jorge's blood is straight up venom for anything that isn't a Spartan, might even be exclusive to IIs


If I were ONI, I'd argue it's a liability to even list his type. Should at least be marked as 'no donor' or something.


Alternatively, "S-donor Type B+ only" S meaning Sierra/Spartan.


I don't think the augmentations affect blood, could be wrong though


Someone else in the comments said that some augmentation did affect blood so it’s possible where it’s like a negative donating to a positive. So a spartan can receive blood from a normal person but a normal person cannot receive spartan blood.


I’m guessing it’s more for if jorge gets injured on field since S II’s were such a valuable asset they would want to keep them alive if possible rather than have them go MIA if preventable


For a whole 30 seconds I was trying to figure out what the green circle was for :') I'm more tired today than I realised, hahaha.




Also a fun fact this are UNSC soldiers and the diagonal line is based off the US first Cav insignia and most of the UNSC guys you see in Reach and 4 are soldiers compared to being surrounded by Marines in the other games


in 4 is it not marines? since well they are deployed from a UNSC naval vessel


Man halo 3's ODST design is so good


I may be missing something but which of these is halo 3’s odst?


Top right is H3, and middle left is ODST, so technically also H3.


It’s a really nice detail but I was wondering as to why the unsc has peoples blood type displayed so centrally and if any military’s in real life do the same? I also plan on checking 4&5 to see if 343 kept this.


So medics can quickly check what blood type the soldier is in case they need a blood pack.


Yeah, if a medical is treating a marine who has been horribly wounded and it in shock, he isn't gonna be able to ask them their blood type


Well, a doctor cures people. A medic just makes them more comfortable...while they die.


More like the medic makes them die slower so they can get to a doctor.


You are correct, but it's a reference to Red vs Blue.


He was making a reference to RvB.


Rip rooster teeth


What happened to rooster teeth?


RvB: Zero happened. No more reds and blues, huge drop in animation quality, and [this bad boy](https://mobile.twitter.com/RoosterTeeth/status/1413268035390091264) is the intro for next season.


Haven’t watched in ages (like, 2011 era), what the fuck is that shit? How did it suddenly get worse than both animation AND machinima?


Honestly, I'm not entirely sure. The animation on the original Zero was actually incredibly solid. It's the writing that was a train wreck. They took my boy Tucker's sword :(


How it’s done can vary from military to military, branch to branch and unit to unit but almost all modern militaries have a way for a medic to quickly ID someone’s blood type and it’s usually on their shoulder or chest. Some also have the persons name and other information that can be useful for a medic to know but blood type is definitely a standard thing to have


Marine Corps keeps one dog tag on their neck and the second in their boot for identification/info. Y’know, in case one part of em goes missing. Source: know many of the devil dogs.


Can confirm. 5 years USMC. Some units don’t require it, but when I was doing a temporary assignment with military police we had to have our dog tags on and just like you said, one around the neck an one on the boot. I want to say they told us left boot for uniformity but I don’t remember. My maintenance unit didn’t require it though, but to be fair combat wasn’t exactly something we really prepared for. Ground based radars tend to be further away from the action. Most guys had identification patches on the front Velcro panel on their plate carriers that also stated blood type.


Confused the all hell out of me until I asked my team lead, since I was Navy. Weird cause we were all intel guys but I guess their CO was a hard charger.


Our platoon has orders to lace our dogtags in our shoelaces, interestingly enough


Yeah, this is something that green berets started doing in Vietnam, but they were way ahead of their time. In the US military it's now standard practice to have blood type displayed on the uniform. I'm sure it is in other countries too.


We do it in the military too with you personal medical kit having a card with it already on there that’ll be displayed if you die or get wounded mainly and it’s on your dog tags as well as your medic collecting a list of your platoons blood times when you’re deployed


Have you not watched Blackhawk Down?


Haha, my first thought when seeing this post as well. Don't these guys know it's bad luck? No wonder Reach fell.


In the US army we have a band that goes around our helmet and it has our name, roster number(for that unit), and blood type.


I can't speak for anything outside the U.S. Army, but we have our blood type on our dog tags. Some people will put patches on thier gear with thier blood type on it, but most combat medics will tell you. "I'm not trusting some random velcro patch you stuck on your kit to make sure you get the right blood." That being said it looks like the UNSC are more standardized with it.


Yeah for the most part, Dog tags have blood type on them and some people will have a patch with their blood type on their IOTV *Vest*. Some people even write their blood types on their boots.


Blood type and other important information is displayed on patches in halo, and (at least us) military irl has it displayed as well as a card with the info. I assume in halo that barcode can be scanned for more info because future and stuff


My old man was Army Special Forces, he has a few gray Ts from back then that read in large print, "O NEG, ALLERGIC TO DEMEROL"


Have you not watched Blackhawk Down?


In the Landfall short there’s blood types too


Ah yes, the "I'm fucking dying here's my information" patch as I like to call it


Makes sense


The odsts in the live action thing made by the district 9 guys had em too


I'm pretty sure the Landfall live action promo was the first bit of Halo media to feature this.


Please 343 just give me ODST 2.


We dont get Buck, unless its a prequel. Between 3 and 4 or something


In military life, it always benefitted when your attitude was to B+


Naturally, Jorge's blood type is B+.


Great find! My marines never live long enough for me to get a good look at them…nor do they live long enough for them to get a blood transfusion.


The attention to detail Bungie pay is insane


Standard practice in the UNSC. I imagine part of the grim reality of the Halo universe would be lots of lukemia from radiation/plasma/nuclear weapons and equipment, but I think the Halo novel Contact Harvest also mentions that cancer has been eliminated through gene therapy over the years. I'm not sure if that's actually how it would work but it floats my boat. Near miss from a fuel rod? Here, take this blood pack and your genetics will clean up the rest. Also, wouldn't they have a universal donor blood analogue they could use for everyone? I'm guessing you'd run into storage and transportation issues with an analogue though. I've always wondered why it's so prominent.


In case there's none of that left and they need to do a rapid transfusion from another nearby warm body.


*Midnight in the Heart of Midlothian* also makes it clear that Cancer is very rare after the 22nd century, so rare that the ODST that is getting the diagnosis doesn’t even know what Cancer is. Getting rid of it is an hour-long procedure described as “trivial”.


They're naming Halo books after places in Scotland now? I did always used to say that I thought Midlothian sounded like something from Star Wars


It was written by Frank O'Connor and I think the short story is named after the ship that appears in it which in turn is named after the poem by Sir Francis Scott


It’s surprising they don’t even know what cancer is. It’s not just well known due to being a common cause of death, but also from the fact it tells us a fair bit about how various different cells and bodily systems function together with eachother because cancer is essentially a cluster of cells that no longer respond to their biochemical protocols. In the current day, most people know about the Black Plague, polio, staph infections and sepsis even though they’re extremely rare and either almost completely curable with modern medicine or preventable with immunisation and modern sterilisation procedures


i mean 500 years from now on multiple planets people that have never experience and just thinking about how nowadays education seems to be failing on a lot of people I could see people not knowing about cancer some 500 years from now


Man if getting rid if cancer was easy thatd be awesome. But then again space travel would be cool too


Small nitpick, but those are colonial army, not Marines pictured at the bottom.


My dumb ass thought the crosshair was the indicator


and this is why Bungies Halo will always be in my heart, same with Marathon.


I actually noticed the blood type symbols a while ago while I was playing ODST with my friends. What was the point for them to have their blood types on their armour? I’m actually curious


When you get a large injury, you'll obviously start losing a lot of blood. In combat, this is decently common; medics will start blood transfusions (basically filling someone's body back up with blood after "patching the hole"). The issue here is that if you give someone the wrong blood type, they will die. This idea is reflected in the image. Halo, while being sci-fi and futuristic, still payed attention to these details when the armors and vehicles were designed. If you take a closer look at UNSC stuff in Bungie* halo games, you'll see that they put some effort into making things feel semi-realistic and useful, like something that could *actually* be used if these things were to happen in reality. It really drives home the gritty, militaristic feel that 343i didn't seem to notice until recently. Not throwing shade at 343 here, they just saw halo as a different game compared to most of the community.


Whoa thx for the really long explanation. You didn’t have to make such a long one but thx anyway


So the medics know what their blood type is.


Ohhh ok, well I’m a dumbass


Have you ever gotten a blood transfusion?


I wonder if all marines of the same model have the same blood type or if it’s randomised like voices and whatnot




That’s honestly such a cool and logical detail!


I heard somewhere that they do this so that medics can identify what blood type is needed if someone desperately needs a blood transfusion right there in the field. In 2552, they ought to have technology that is able to tell what your blood type is immediately. No people with A-negative in the area and a soldier comes along? Great there's someone with A-negative! Get him over here!


Which is weird because you would figure the medic would scan a chip or receive data from the armor the soldiers information but I guess this is just the failsafe way to do it. My blood type is on my dog tags and under my cap. I figured if my head gets blown off, it won't matter at that point.


Oh that's their blood type? I thought it had something to do with their armor or something. If that's their blood type, why does the military do that? I'm confused.


Makes the field medic able to quickly do a transfusion and other medical stuff when the soldier is most likely unresponsive or unable to provide the information. A blood type mismatch is always fatal.


Makes sense now. Thanks for the info.


you thought they got the blood type on there for fun?


Don't be a smart ass, he only asked a question


When is it appropriate to be a smart ass then?


When someone is wilfully wrong


Nah I didn't know what it was. I don't know too much about he military and how it works.


Huh, r/TIL.


It makes jerry the field medic’s job a lot easier


What's Chief's blood type?


I don't think we know?


Great detail!


I cant believe I've been playing halo since I was 4 years old on my grandma's PC playing CE, and only today, while taking a shit, browser reddit did I learn of this.


I watched a film the other day and they had them tattooed on their arms and either neck or head, I forget


If you enjoyed that detail, you’ll love this video. Just disregard anything referencing CE Anniversary. https://youtu.be/fqIcqcLStJY EDIT: Disregard any CEA references because they just used assets from Reach without really thinking how they fit the world. The creator of the video doesn’t really make that point, but the video itself shows it well.


aren’t the green ones top left and bottom right the crosshairs from your gun......


Yeah? And?


I’m stupid as shit I thought the inside circle was the crosshairs and the outside circle was added. Like, “look, these guys are O, circled here in green” and OP was dumb. Turns out I’m dumb


Lmaoooo, you're Allright man XD


It's small details like this that can make an average game into a great game!


Wow, I love finding small details like this. Every time you find one, you feel that much closer to the game.


Imagine being the Spartan-II that died to a fucking incorrect blood transfusion.




Not really lore I think, more so just in case someone got shot, the medics can easily and quickly know their blood type for a transfusion


Meanwhile chief's blood type is 117


There are also the patches on the marines in halo cea if anyone sees this comment


This makes sense. I do not see dog tags on them, so they would need some kind of blood type signifier for the purposes of triage, which all dog tags normally have. This is a really cool detail


Jorge had his dog tags hidden inside of his armour where they can be reached if needed but don't get in the way of his job, so I'd imagine other soldiers likely did the same. The patches are most likely just an additional level of convenience.


How did I not know this until now???


Hope we get another spin off playing as an ODST.


It took me longer than I’d like to admit to realize that your reticle is infact not a circle with a blood type inside


A type blood, same as identified in the seven I’ll uh.... let that autocorrect stay.


Asian parents when their son makes it to E-6 in UNSC but he has B- blood type: REEEEEEEEE!


Ah bungie. True artists


how do ppl notice this shit…


I noticed that too nice little detail I like


Nice man a nice little easter egg


It's because if you bleed out and you need a blood transfusion on the battlefield they could just look right there and know blood type you are


One of the things I loved about Reach and ODST is that the characters have a more realistic, tactical feel.


That’s the thing about being O-. Everybody wants it, nobody gives back.


I imagine this is a useful thing to know. I am 26 and have 0 idea what my blood type is.


Ah the Bullfrogs, I love them even though they had a nasty habit of jumping off the buildings into nothingness.


You do realize that Reach was released after ODST? The releases for the games were actually Halo, Halo 2, Halo 3, Halo Reach, Halo 4 then Halo 5.


I always feel that video game decals are the love child of an artist and the writers brainstorming what amount and kinds of info would make the details look interesting and make sense for the people in these worlds. I'm assuming this is so a medic can know what kind of blood transfusion to give if needed? Do real soldiers do this?


Yeah, when I played through reach the first time I noticed that.




It's details like this that made the reach spartans and marines look the most like actual soldiers.


Very cool detail to include! I would imagine in 300 years our artificial bloods that are mediocre will probably surpass natural blood -- and if they can modify Spartans bodies and physiology... likely they have better synthetic blood... that said, for a soldier in the field the best option is type matched whole blood... and having played thousands of hours of Halo... I agree they're gonna need a lot of blood in remote places.


so what your saying is i need to have this for halo infinite...for continuity purposes.