I honestly prefer the halo 1-3 shotgun compared to the reach and 4-5 shotgun because it actually looks like a shotgun

I honestly prefer the halo 1-3 shotgun compared to the reach and 4-5 shotgun because it actually looks like a shotgun


I thought you were talking about functionality of the shotguns. I was going to say that the halo 3 shotgun is the worst out of the other halo shotguns.


For me the worst is halo 2, 3 is a close second for the worst


Halo 2's shotgun feels more consistent despite the heavily reduced range. Halo 3's shotgun feels inconsistent compared to the others, however reach i think is the same stat wise but reach's shotgun strangely feels more consistent compared to 3. All of the shotguns (besides 3) feel consistent in their campaigns but sometimes broken in multiplayer. 3's feels inconsistent in its campaign but feels almost balanced in the multiplayer. I think playing infection from halo 3-5 & H2A would be a good way to get a feel for each shotgun.


The ce shotguns the best. Best view angle and a solid design


The Reach shotgun is probably my favorite, as far as looks go. The 4 and 5 versions are too… 343i tried to make them more “futuristic” than they needed to be, but I kinda prefer the sound effects of the 4/5 iterations, and I thought the flashlight in 5’s was a nice addition.


u/graballdagunz how does the reach shotgun look weird?


What's wrong with them?


Halo 2 Anniversary Shotgun has the best design, but I think the Reach Shotgun looks great too. 4 and 5 is a mess.


Turns out 4 and 5's shotgun is reach's shotgun with some sort of recoil dampening shell on it Edit: idk what the downvotes are for, halo 4/5's is literally an m45 shotgun with a shell on it


im some how not surprised 343 went "this looks great everyone loves it, lets add some random greeble" atleast the bulldog looks sick.


I guess 4/5's makes sense lore wise but yeah it's a mess


Me too, especially when it comes to the Reach shotgun. The other players seem to have a very decent range with that gun while I can't even onehit someone that is right in front of me with it (it makes Infection very frustrating). Same goes for the Reach sword, although I have already learned in that case that my timing is just bad.😂