The Pelican: Will It Ever Be Drivable?

The Pelican: Will It Ever Be Drivable?


Hopefully they add it as a forge vehicle in Infinite. You could technically fly one in Halo 5 customs by welding an invisible banshee to the pelican prop though.


I used to play Halo CE on PC and if you had the right mods, you could drive one. It was very nice and i think you could bring up to 6 ppl But also you could drive a wartog from the turret and fly with it... Man... Modding that game back then was sure cool... Pistols shooting nades and all...


Coldsnap v2 and Apocalypse Hugeass. I wish for MCC to get this kind of love


Whenever 4 comes to the custom browser we'll see it more


There’s already a Pelican prop in Halo 5 forge and if you weld a banshee to it you can fly it, although it obviously won’t have weapons or take damage like a normal vehicle since it’s just a prop


It's strangely easy to underestimate how ginormous it actually is.. I just don't think it could actually spawn on a map landed.. For example, on valhalla.. Where would you even place it? It would have to somehow be incorporated into a game "Always in the air".. or something.. Maybe you access it via a console that's on the map somewhere and you get teleported into it?


What about the Phantom, we at least got to drive the successor of the Pelican (the H4 Pelican) in H4 forge. The Phantom (and the Spirit) didn't even get that. Same goes for the Reach easter egg. The pelican there at least had physics. Bungie didn't even bother to give the Phantom some as well.


You could play halo custom edition and dl it as a mod


You can in halo 4 multiplayer


In Halo 4 Forge you can put it on maps.


It’s still the dream. My jaw dropped when it finally happened in Halo 4 but that level was terrible and Halo 4/5 have the worst Pelican design. I was excited before realizing it was basically a linear flight path.


U could do it in ODST campaign


lol no you couldn’t unless it was a glitch?


I think u/jabberslythe_lover was thinking of the flyable pelican easter egg from reach.


Must have been reach, was a while ago.