I'll admit I wished that one of the quality of life additions of anniversary was the multiple supports. Now that I'd have a healthy roster, I'd like to offer other players a variety of options, not just the top support or the top farmer of their class (while I know many players appreciate unique choices, I've done my experiments and the numbers don't lie: it's those two types which give me the most FP by far).


I use all my support spots for servants other than the dominant ones put in there, just to hopefully offer my friends list some variety. I don't rake in as much FP as I could, but whatever.


Lotteries have given me so much FP that I don't care about putting meta servants on the support list


I just put my favorite servants in my support slots, minus caster which i think is merlin or tamamo currently. you'd be surprised how many people use my grailed assassin Emiya.


I still leave my grailed Merlin in my support slot even though his meta has disappeared in the misty past.


Grailed Merlin is still extremely useful for challenge contents. Having a team invul on a skill is a really really strong point to pass up.


The "meta" is always kinda nonsense, or about getting you through a farming node one turn faster than the alternative. Sometimes I'm not looking for Maximum efficiency farming, sometimes I need to Double Merlin a Heracles and watch a particularly difficult boss encounter FUCKING DIE.


Merlin is technically still 'meta' during event's challenge quest. Especially now that everyone and their mother own Castoria.


Merlin's still the best of all of them for sustain though. Passive NP gen, HP gen, and Star gen, all of which can be stacked on each other alongside a partywide Invul, all in one servant.. None of the others come close to matching that level of sustain.


I love my merlin/tamamo supports, I just hate it when people put a farming ce like teatime or bella lisa on them. No ones using them to farm we're doing CQs with them, please put something useful on them.


Personally I have Merlin with lvl100 MLB Prisma Cosmos on caster slot and NP3 Ozy with lvl100 Victor of the Moon on the rider slot. I really don't get much FP, but I just want to provide a support list that has the maximum amount of pure power available for newer players. However, there is a Summer Nito with Teatime on the all slot and a random servant with Bella Lisa on the berserker slot, so the support CEs are available, just not in their usual locations. If you (or anyone) want to have this kind of a support list available, send me a DM with your friend code and I'll add you. Same goes for you, /u/aradraugfea.


I'm really upset they didn't do this. I went an entire year on JP until a few months ago without a Castoria, and you really started to understand how Quick "died" more because of friend's list restrictions than anything. Especially with some of the powerhouse farmers over there like Chibitan and Caren. Anyway, I left my Skadi up in my All slot for people in this situation, which meant my Spishtar had to get benched.


That's a perspective I'm learning too now. The meta can affect even those who don't care for it; Quick teams may be as viable as ever, but what do you do when there are no Skadis around?


Pretty much just fill my support list with as many actual supports as i can. Sucks that all major supports are fucking casters.


I usually go with my favourite character above lvl 90, but my personal rule is I always check rider and saber for Astolfo first. Astolfo is a must use, no matter what node


I could care less about FP. All I do with my Support Slots is put my most powerful in each one. I have EMIYA for my Archer and Sieg for my Caster right now. Heck, I have *MHXX* of all Servants as my Extra slot!


It gets harder and harder to actually find a DPS friend Caster...


DPS friend caster exist?


They exist! All one of three in X.S. , Illya, and Caster Shuten Doji!


[Cries in Circe]


Man really forgot Sheba


Damn it, I KNEW I would be forgetting some of them. I also forgot Circe too, just as an added kick to the SQ!


There are a few others in JP as well. Summer Charlotte Corday and Izumo-no-Okuni if you’re only counting ST Casters.


Don't forget the occasional Murasaki and Granny Mahatma


xuanzang in the corner: gokusan! what about me! ​ ah i see you abreviated her name to X.S., my bad didn't see it


Rule breaker!


Don't worry, Circe is used to being forgotten


*muted Medea sobs in the distance*


...and Gilgamesh. //Come on, people, he can also deal damage...


Like half of the DPS Casters in my friends list aren’t fully leveled. It’s kinda painful.


My np5 Sheba is crying


I summoned two Illya back to back with tickets her last rerun and thought wow, a 5* dps caster, NP2! It works out well.


I have a NP3 Murasaki that I leave on my support list for all non-events and for most events unless there is a Extra Damage Castor unit for that event. She tends to get me a decent amount of FP.


I am that friend. XD. Cas Cu in caster slot. All slot is taken up by my second grailed berserker. I only slot support casters in event line up.


I have a handful of people that put up Nitocris. That’s about all I see outside of Sanzang on raids.


Not cat, friend! Jokes aside, I had Murasaki in my Caster slot for a while. Then a few IRL friends reminded me to put my Waver or Skadi back up.


You wanna use my Sanzang?


I had my Anastasia on Support she is lvl 100 8/8/10 but she doesn't get used as much compare with my Skadi. So I just have Skadi all the time.


This is why I still slot in my dear 1st SSR, Scheherazade!


I can imagine your Scheherazade shaking in fear knowing she can be sent out into battle by any random Master LOL ~~and that's why I keep mine exclusively in my bedroom~~


Scheherazade : "M-Master?!" Gudako: "Yeet!"


Giggity. Best Caster Girl here


The best I can do is np 3 Kiara. Take It ir leave it.


Why would you prefer a dps friend caster over a mikon or now artoria + your own medea?


Medea/Mikon/Castoria is so fucking broke on JP Especially if you have MLB Amakusa CE on both supports and a friend Medea whose Lvl 120, 2k fou, all skills (including append) level 10 with a level 100 black grail on her. What's class disadvantage when you don't take damage and just fucking consume every enemy you come into contact with.


> MLB Amakusa CE Pardon my ignorance but which Amakusa CE are you talking about?


Presumably this one: https://fategrandorder.fandom.com/wiki/The_One_who_Desires_Salvation


Holy fuck that's disgustingly amazing. I missed Atlantis on release due to temporary field assignment. Highly doubt I'll fish up any copies from the gacha any time soon.


I have Illya lv 100 but no one used her so I switched to Skadi and now castoria. I’ll appreciate Illya on my own. (FBI don’t arrest me pls)


Untill we meet again... When multiple Support lists become a thing.


Hopefully soon.


Yup, was hoping they'd implement it on this anniversary tbh.


I also wished they had that. One would be for dedicated support and the next for purely offensive purposes.


Yeah, that'd be a good idea. Three support lists are nice, but I imagine offensive Casters still don't show up a whole lot lol.


When was the Multiple Supports implemented in JP? Also, how does Multiple Supports work? Like, instead of putting 1 support for each class, you now have 2 for each class?


Around September last year IIRC. Can't remember what it was tied to but I think it was during the same campaign that added Pure Prisms, SQ fragments for completing Main Story quests, etc. It's three separate lists (with All slot, Extra slot and then one for each class) that you can set up. You can reuse Craft Essences between lists but you can't with servants. You can also put up three other lists for Events, it works the same way as Normal lists. You're not forced to, you can have just one Normal and Event list if you want. They also give you 10 Support Pages to use, tho you can only actively use and select six of them.


Sorry, the all slot is for Tamamo.


That’s very mikon. You have my respect


As you have mine, though I keep my own in the Caster Slot until the end of time.


Mine is currently 4/4/4 because servant levelling and lack of mats but once everyone is levelled then it’s mikon time


That's understandable


White Prisms have been released and the XP/QP Nodes are dirt cheap to farm now, so getting her to 9/9/9 at the very least won't be too difficult now. Mine is 10/4/10, as I ran out of Caster Gems and want to save my White Prisms for future Servants if need be.


Until my backlog of servants is levelled (or they do a pure prism shop reset at some point which honestly I think they should), pure prisms are solely for levelling servants. Gotta get those rank ups and interludes


Mad respect. .y buddy who plays fgo too burns through mats for skills as soon as they get them. He's had a level 70 locked tamamo because he can't seem to hold onto bones for like a year now






Pain Peko


Literally me LMAO


Very unmaidenless of you


Here we have a man of culture doing the right thing


My Alt has her in the Caster slot ever since she Spooked me on Skadi's banner, she helped alot during part 1 for me, heck she helped during certain bits of part 2 as well


We need more troopers like you


I hope the guy who has "24/7 Fox Support" as their message doesn't remove Tamamo.


\*calls in* Hello, is this the Fox Support hotline? Yes. Yes. Yes, you see, my Tamamo is refusing to work. She's just holing up in her room and growling intensely whenever we approach her. We have tried baiting her out with food to no success. What should we do?


"Good day, this is Fox Support, have you tried dancing naked in front of the room? This has been a foolproof hotfix for your defective Fox. "


> have you tried dancing naked What is this, a summoning ritual? \*Googles "dancing naked fgo"\* \*gets this post from a thread in GameFAQs titled "FGO Summoning Rituals."\* > Dance naked while wearing a pantsu i bought at a vending machine in tokyo a few years back, i got nothing but shame. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/boards/180151-fate-grand-order/77978084?page=4


More of an Amaterasu mythology gag. For entertaining simplified details, Overly Sarcastic Productions talked about this episode : [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFyJGXicgPY](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NFyJGXicgPY) It works because Tamamo is Amaterasu probably maybe.


Actually its a reference to Amaterasu holing up inside a cave, in order to get her out one of the other Goddess's put on a strip show.


Disregard meta, all slot reserved for Miyu and screaming for her NP buff in master note.


Unbelievably based.


I put my accidental np5 illya in all slot (that pretty much nobody ever uses)…. copium for miyu failures.


Been wanting to get a copy of miyu


I wish we could trade servants. I love her but I have like NP8 Miyu from my attempt to buff Illya


But Skadi is my caster waifu...


DW I'm keeping Skadi up


My lvl 100 Edmund thanks you.


Bless you


Skadi is waifu and grailed, she stays in caster slot. Meanwhile Castoria is relegated to E-sports tier and is lvl 70 (10/10/10 though)


With new embers and 5x chance, getting her to 90 was piece of cake even with almost no resources. Getting enough QP for her skills... well, that' different story.


^(wait I thought the support list is used for showing all your favorite swimsuit waifus?)


isn’t it to show the mapo tofu you have gotten?


It is. People are just using it wrong


Or favorite Waifus in general.


*slaps NP4 Emiya in the Archer categor* Yes... waifus...


one of my friends has a full support list of artoria his message? I LOVE ARTORIA


I have a support list full of Jeannes and other Maaya Sakamoto servants.


Skadi has done great work for me, so I have no intention of moving her off my support list, although I did scoot her over to the “All” tab


I feel the same with Merlin hahaha


Same lol, my Skadi is in my All tab now


Me with merlin on caster even though I have castoria: ...k


There's this person in my Friend list whose message is "Castoria in All" while his Merlin is sitting in the Caster slot. My man has got his priorities straight


Exact same for me.


I also have left my Merlin alone (for now) seeing how many of my friend supports have her already. Thinking someone out there who might need a good buster support or double Merlin.


I still have Waver and Merlin on my supports, despite having both of the above mentioned Casters Am I evil for this?


Yes but it is a necessary evil.


**\*The Priest Smiles\*** Kirei: Ah, my favorite kind of sinfulness. For sometimes great and wrong acts must be die to set the world right. Wouldn't agree, young Master?


The best kind of sin, the one made from good intentions. *The nun smiles*


No, you are a national hero.


You are the hero to everyone who doesn’t have skadi or castoria.


Don't worry, I rolled Castoria, but Skadi will be always be in my support list.


My hero.


My only regret is that i could only put two casters as support. I have also a waver and he could be helpful too for other Masters.


As someone who only rolls for support, it saddens me that I have to choose between the 3. Thank God reines is a rider


A lot of people picked up Waver from the SSR ticket not too long ago, his absence from the support list won't be as impactful as Skadi.


Me but with Waver instead because I want him to be there with Reines and Gray.


And Iskandar.


I... Haven't thought of this, I was planning to leave Waver in the All slot... Don't worry fellow masters of my support list, Skadi will go to the All slot, just don't overwork her.


My Castoria will probably be in All. I still prefer Quick.




Crits go brrrrrr


Ya it’s fun to Arts loop but I only have 3 real AOE arts loopers, but I have so many fully built AOE Quick loopers so I enjoy breaking out Parvati as often as summer melt


Do you want to be friends? I can promise you Skadi until you drop your guard. But seriously. I'm actually keeping my Skadi in Caster slot. Got over 2 million friend points and there is little chance of me to run out within the next few years so friendship points don't matter to me. Doing essential community service makes me feel good.


I moved my Skadi into the All slot! Had to kick Merlin out of it, but c'est la vie.


Same, rip merlin. May you rest easy


And that's the reason my caster is Sanzang. Everyone else has got the support casters covered, but if you need a single target nuke then I'm the guy for you...


There’s one sanzang in my friend list and I hope he never takes it away!


Replace master with Dantes for maximum feels


This would partially be solved if they gave us the extra support slots early


is it a thing on jp?


Yes, they have THREE support rosters for normal / event each. It only came during the sixth anniversary, so it should come in a year maximum. Given that early QoL updates are a thing, it COULD come sooner but I wouldn’t count on it.


I love my Skadi Supports <3 Update time Where are my Skadi Supports...


This week my support list has every slot filled with an Artoria with the sole exception of Berserker, as I don't have a Berserker Artoria.


> July 4th > > ~~2:00~~ 2:40 PDT Crashtoria is peak FGO, change my mind


Then you have me who is always going to keep Scheherazade on the Caster spot because she’s the best and you never know when someone just needs an Attack Caster. Also she’s my favorite and deserves all the love.


I don't plan on rolling for Castoria so Skadi stays in the caster slot for me.


My bond CE waver will never leave my caster slot, love him too much


I’m leaving my Merlin in my support slot because I know there’s gonna be hella fellas like me that love stalling (I’ve heard Merlin Merlin Castoria is very very proficient for stall comps)


This is the day where support casters are overtaken by her when NA continues onwards, it'll be rare to see the original trio of caster supports.


Master: Waver, you are moving out. Castoria is taking your place Waver: Yes, finally! I get a vac- Master: You are moving to the All slot Waver: … wait what?


The beatings will never stop


......or they just move themselves to the All slot. Thats what my friendlist is doing at least


And I forgot those exists


Huh.....ok then ~~*insert Tarantino ending music here*~~


When NA gets the triple support lists everyone will be back where they belong, there'll even be enough space to set up your favorite to an All slot... until Lasagna inevitably releases another busted support Caster.


If you insist...


Personally for event support despite having castoria I'm leaving merlin, skadi and reines just for those who might need it during the events (in the main I leave only reines and merlin).


Don't worry , I got castoria but my skadi still stand proud in my support list .


I love Skadi too much to remove her from my caster slot so Castoria gets the all slot, I had already decided that long time ago. My rolls for Castoria were the only rolls that are 100% meta driven anyway.


This is me with my JP account, but with Merlin.


I’m still hanging on double merlin


I put Castoria in the all slot. Skadi stays in the caster slot.


'tis why I don't get why they didn't give us the multiple support list early.


Seeing all the support Merlins turn into Castoria is pain


This is me but with Merlin. Gimme back my friend-Merlins, my summer Raikou needs you!


i put castoria in all and left skadi in the caster slot. Best of both worlds


I'm using the all slot for Skadi to those who need her on my own friends list. I really hating pushing out Merlin, and Waver but priority farmers i guess.


Merlin in Caster and Castoria in All, Okita came back to saber and shiki got out, waiting for the three supports to put shiki and Tamamo back


Skadi will be staying in my all slot but I’m not sure which CE I should equip on her now that Castoria has her old spot.


As a Dantes-farmer I would ask one of 3 options: 1) QP up one 2) Her personal CE (for bond lv.10) 3) Bond EXP up one. Any one of those options will be useful for a lot of ppl. Thanks!


Then there's people like me who would rather see Waver since they didn't have the proper tools to abuse Skadi.


I've slotted Skadi in ALL for events, just because I know there are still going to be people who want or need DSS to do their daily chores. Tamamo is in the normal ALL slots. Plus, Chen Gong loves 50% NP calibre ammo.


Sorry, holmes. Need dem Friend Points.


**\*The Priest Smiles\*** Kirei: Life's greatest comforts are ever so fleeting and changing, even if we don't first realize it. All one can do is accept what has happened and move on, finding new things to take succor in.


Sorry man, gotta keep Euryale there


I accept the arts meta Because I didn’t get Skadi


Meanwhile Waver:


Sadly I don't have a Skadi to offer. My All Slot is almost certainly going to either Waver or Merlin though. Strongly considering Merlin in all since he's less generic than Waver but I am not sure if that's a good choice.


I am nobly leaving my Skadi in place


Normal support has Merlin in the All slot and Event has Tamano sorry


Shout-out to players (like me) who've had their all-time favorites in the first Support list since day one, meta be damned. XD


Bruh I got Castoria but I don’t own half of the servants that make her worth it for farming. 🥲 All my support have been switching over in the last 24hrs and..this is me.


Me, with a Castoria, Skadi, Waver and Tamamo, but uses my Caster slot for lv100 Sheba: “Don’t look at me, I ain’t helping.” Edit: The All slot is for lv100 Mordred. (The Saber slot is for lv100 Musashi.)


How am I gonna buff the shit out of Scathach now...


Just for this I'll keep my Skadi in her slot.


I was always that guy who kept Waver slotted up with the premier CEs during events, because so damn often *I'm* the one looking for a waver over a Skadi for a specific clear and having a tough time locating them amongst a sea of Skadi. Now I have no idea what I'll run in that slot, but I imagine it'll be even tougher to locate a Waver when he specifically is needed. I guess Castoria does bring party charge so maybe I won't need specifically him as much? We'll see...


Looks at my Tamamo: Don't worry , even if by some miracle I get Castoria, she's going in the all slot.


260 SQ and no castoria. Barely even seen new CEs. It's this that makes me stop playing to extended periods of time lol. Save up for months and months and don't get even a consolation prize. C'mon.


People kept hyping up eggs so much that I completely forgot Castoria also needed star fragments so uh, yeah my Skadi will still stay. For now.


Sorry ladies, but this seat is occupied by a lvl 100, 2k fou chen gong


I rolled Castoria, but the level 100 10/10/10 Tamamo stays in the support list.


Haha I can't get rid of Skadi if I never had her in the first place. Still salty about blowing 300 SQ on her, but I've grown to appreciate getting Parvati


Don't worry, I put her in the All slot! No way I will make her disappear after working so hard for these two years. She was my Caster since I started the game, I cleared Part 1 with her and all, and I even have her at bond 13.


Meanwhile, me, who *still* has Helena at my caster support slot : *nervous laughing intensifies*


this is a castoria only spot now


Moved my skadi to the all slot but waver had to go


I have both in my support lol none shall be replaced


Yeah its a shame. All slot is rotation between my grailed favorites, Merlin, Waver and now Skadi.


Relax. My Skadi isn't going anywhere. Merlin on the other hand...I might swap for Tamamo or Waver in the ALL slot.


Yes, please, I'm doing just fine with Two Skadis and don't need Castoria


Caster slot is still reserved for summer Nero, though castoria does take her new spot in the all slot


I put Castoria in all and left Merlin in the Caster slot. Im a benevolent god.


The pain of Skadiless master...


I shall keep the All Slot rotating between Skadi and Merlin on a regular basis. o7 May Castoria come to you in time.


Let her rest


Actually, castoria and skadi work just fine. Just use arash to clear the first wave.


Mine will stay Skadi...because she's the only support caster I have.


Don’t worry. I’ll be keeping Skadi up for a while. Until I at least 10 S1 and 2 of my own Caltria/Castria/Castration. Its not fun if I won’t even be chosen compared to other veterans. At least Skadi will be available to those who failed or still Dantes mains


I got Castoria but my lvl 100 Skadi remains in my caster support slot. Must rep waifu #2.


Please leave skadi on support slot for the poor bloke who failed getting Castoria


Yeah, skadis in the all slot now, i want those who were unable to get Castoria to still have a looping option if they're able to. merlin just sits unused at bond 10 now after guiding me through the early game, waiting to be busted out for boss fights. Waver finally gets his rest. I'm only missing tamamo out of the supports, but I'm willing to wait for a spook. Even with triple supports, I wouldn't be able to put them all up. Nervemind the Nero caster who was one of my first 5 star servants when I didn't understand how the game worked lol. She's just there to be admired, and to be a reminder of the beginning of my journey.