Using the new nodes and farming team to slowly inch my KP to 120. Biggest girl must be bigger


I gotta get more coins to get Gorgon to 120. After that it's KPs turn


Gao Gang.


Just doing some basic QP farming with the new lucrative Extreme node. Now that Castoria is done with i’m now waiting on summer Abby so I can grail her and finally have full 100 support across the board.


What are your current lv 100s if you don’t mind me asking


My favorite servants in each category basically. Saber: Musashi, Archer: Gilgamesh, Lancer: Ereshkigel, Rider: Achilles, Caster: Artoria, Assassin: Kama, Beserker: Arjuna, Extra: Abigail.


beautiful line up (only difference i have is Abigail, but each their own)


It’s actually rather funny you bring up Abigail as your one exception. Most of the other characters are my favorites because of the characters themself, Abby is the one I actually chose not so much for her herself but because of the themes she represents. I have a huge fascination with the unknown including lovecraftian horror. Took a long time to decide between grailing her or Hokusai but eventually decided on Abby as I believe she better represents those themes.


Currently power-levelling Void Shiki. I won't able to go that far, given that I've only three grails, but I want at least to get the show started. Perhaps one of those grails will be diverted to Jeanne Alter, she's my second target. Plan is to get both of them to 110 (120 being a bit out of my reach for now) eventually. Aside from that, I actually got four new SSR today, combined with three others the previous month and a few SRs to round it up, so they all need embers too.


Nobody for now. I have to wait for the last 2 grails I need for lv 100 Achilles and from him the next one is most likely Cú Proto, and then Kama (if I get her)


Medusa cause she is best girl and I left it in the back burner for long enough followed by Saber then Gorgon and after that Kiara.


I spend all my qp in altolfo(seibah) skill


My waifu Chiyome. Have enough coins to go to 118. Need another copy or Bond level for 120.


a human of distinguished taste, this one.


i’m leveling to 100 the fsn crew. done with saber,gil and hercules. sitonai is at 98. and summer bb, cu alter, medea, ana, emiya, and kojiro are coming after.


Zerkerlot just reached Lv106; 4 more levels to go before he and Saberlot fight over my 5 remaining grails


I got all my SSRs leveled to 90 with the new nodes - next is finishing ascending some people I’ve put on hold, then skill levels! Can’t decide who I want to grail next though, so that maybe a later thing


Still debating if I want to \*actually\* grail someone to 120. I have a tendency to just not use my grails, but the ember investment as well as coins turns me off from 120-ing my Shishou ;-;


I got lucky and managed to summon protea today with castoria so I'll go for her after finishing. I also neglected romulus and voyager due to materials conflicting with Castoria. And Finishing the Merlin I lucksacked on summer 4, so The 5* EXP and extreme dificulty QP quest are really welcome


I have enough coins to get Ushiwakmaru to 110, if I decide to go higher now then I'll need to do FP summons.


bb, probably rider astolfo Debating whether or not to get castoria to 100


Didn't have enough to completely level Castoria, so she's stuck at level 80 until I can find it in me to grind some more. And then after that is Herc, who I intend to get to level 90 at least.


Just give her a taunt/starbomb CE and pretend like you meant to do that


I actually just grailed my Qin Shi Huang today. Undecided whether I should grail Enkidu or Romulus next. I kinda want to get all grand servants to level 100, but then again Enkidu is just amazing and solo servants really benefit from the extra levels.




Working on 120 Kama while we can choose specific class nodes.


Castoria is already maxed. Just leveling up the two 4 stars and Ganesha spooks i got first, then leveling up the remaining servants (1/2/3 stars) which are like 20 i think. I'll use apples but only because i feel this time with the Extreme nodes and half ap it is worth it. That way i won't need to use the embers in the lottos for lvl up anymore which helps with the MP hell i'm in.


Getting Mordred to Level 100 and Chen Gong to 80


I got my GSSR result (Demon King Nobu), Amakusa, and Merlin to 90 after a long waiting period while I was saving up EXP for Castoria. Now it all goes towards level 120 Nero.


The extreme nodes have allowed me to get Salome to 102, but man did it take so many repeats even with the reduced cost and 5x success rate with how much EXP is needed. I'm just going to accept that level 120 will probably take more than year and maybe grail Jason to 90 instead or something since it at least won't take hours upon hours.


All the three stars I’ve got left. Then onto the four stars. ~~then those five stars I’ve been ignoring I’m sorry beni and Achilles~~ And then it’ll be Jalter and spishtar because I’m basic. Then finishing up Medea who is currently 90


Just farming for QP now. Mordred needs one last injection of 20 million for that last skill, and then I can get started on raising up my new Kingprotea.


Aiming to get my Ereshkigal to level 120


I’m just trying to finish leveling up the servants I already have I don’t think I’ll go crazy with the grails until we get the casting system update, but I might boost a few 4* units up to 90


95% of my AP in the coming days will be spent getting Voyager closer to 120.


Beowulf to lvl120 (or as high as I can go on natural ap) I’ve already leveled up Castoria to full and Yang Gufei to 80 (I’ll finish her during Scathachfest) but the rest of the time will be dedicated to Beowulf. I am even ignoring the Strengthenings for now as none of them are for a heavily used servant on my account


No one. Used what I saved up to level Castoria and GSSR Mothman. Now I'll save up lancer, rider, and saber embers for summer.


Just stocking up on all those 5* embers and qp for summer Kiara, since I got extremely lucky with Castoria.


I got Sei from the GSSR and still have d'Eon, Qin, and Suzuka from my Melt rolls to level up. I only stockpiled enough embers for Melt and Castoria with enough leftover for Passsionlip back then, so now I have to handle the rest.


In order, Castoria, Musashi, Mothman, The Dioscuri, Ishtar, ROMA. That alone is going to take a while.


I have the coins to get ishtar, eresh, and illya to 120. I do not have the apples or sanity to grind it out anytime soon.


QP hell for skills. Now that pure prisms are here and the new level of the treasure vault, you better believe I’m maxing out skills left and right.


with the new nodes I brought to 100 yang gufei, then I stopped because I have few grails and i want to save them to bring ushiwakamaru to 100 (when the skin and the new animations come out) >!then the next targets are Mash and Morgan at 100!<.


I'm going HAM. I'm done leveling Castoria so I'm going to try to level up 34 servants by the end of the event. I already got done with five of them.


Super Orion, summer Musashi and Melt are my priority now followed by berserkerlot, CARmilla and Beowulf.


I have 2/5 Jeannes to 100, so probably finish getting Jaltzerker to 100, then Jarcher, then Jailter.


As soon as I get enough grails, I’m getting Caster Artoria to level 100 for soloing purposes


Currently i am just levelling up the servants who have 2 rank up quests so that i can recuperate my lost sq used to get castoria. But if i have time then i might try to 120 musashi summer if i have the coins and grails.


Voyager and Koyo came to me on GSSR, so working on them as well as Heracles. I *would* be working on getting my level 102 Quetzalcoatl to 120... But out of grails.


I got a back catalogue to do, alongside my new GSSR pull Mothman, Bradamante, Schezarade, Valkyries and Lobo have all been on the back burner waiting for an exp gain upgrade.


Going for Lv100 Nagao


On my alt account, I've decided to take my grailed George above 100. You can never have too much HP. It'll probably be over the course of a long period of time, though. On my main, I'm not leveling anyone above 100, just working on any 4 stars I haven't max leveled.


I'm just focused on hitting level 90 on my 5 stars while unlocking interludes and rank ups. All but emptied myself for Castria and I gotta save for the dragon loli lover.


Eresh to LV 120. I was waiting for the extreme nodes to come and now it's time to farm. I'm gonna really take advantage of the half of AP costs.


Castoria’s skills. I had 450 million qp before this anni. I maxed 2 ssrs and their skills except for castoria’s last skill. I need more qp for that. I’m down to 9M. Back in QP hell. At least now it’s easier to get out with the improved treasury node


Emiya's skilll. I want him to be ready for his rank up quest and summer


Before any grailing, I just intend to get my 5-star Servants to max level. After that, probably some of my more used Servants like Scathach, Jalter and Tomoe.


Going to start grailing my cas cu and cu alter past 100. It's going to be painful.


I have 1 grail :( Probably gonna use it on Fujino again and curse myself for not being able to 100 summer Bryn and 90 summer Murasaki.


working on cu alter, lvl 105 atm but I was stupid and forgot to roll gssr so now super orion, okita j, and summer okki are waiting for exp lol.


black grail


I'm seeing this as a great opportunity to getting all those bronze servants leveled up, if only for completion purposes.


I have 20 grails left. Not sure what to do. I've been hoarding in the hope someday I'd get enough coins to level 120 Space Ishtar (my fav) but I was denied an NP2 on the GSSR again so I'm not sure if I should keep them I have been strongly thinking of grailing my Lancer Scathach (and her Scathach faces) as she is my second fav character after Ishtar/Rin faces (all of four of whom are level 100).


Roma and dioscuri now that i got the mats


No. Spishtar will be my only level 100 servant for a while. I prefer to distribute my grails to a bunch of servant instead of 1-2 servant.


Might try to put Melt at level 110 ( not enough coins for level 120 +append 2 =/ ) and also Martha to at least level 90, since I finally got her while rolling for the Sakura faces after getting Castoria (the Summer Ruler version is already at level 100)


Honestly I am just trying to level up some CE's. Those things have been stuck around 20 for the longest time but after rolling for Castoria so much and burning all my saved FP I decided i should do what I could to level my most used CE's. If they are worth leveling who knows but at least I now have some over level 50 (woohoo... why does getting any of them to 100 take so long) For servant I am trying to get Berserker Mushashi to 100 then Jalter but I am out of EXP items. I also FINALLY got Caenis so chipping into her levels (but item block has stopped her from ascending) and I also have Romulus to level now from the GSSR roll. I am trying to level a few other random servants I had in the que but didn't have the EXP items for but now with the half AP and x5 chance I am farming hard for any and all 5 star EXP items to get my team across the board at least to none grail max.


Gramps to 110 since I don't have enough coins for 120 yet. Need to bond with him some more first.


Qp first servants later


Getting Quirinus to level 110 since that’s just how many grails I have.


Not to 100 - I'm still going through the list of who needs the Ascensions to unlock the rank quests. (at least, until I run out of basic mats)


I would, but I only have 2 holy grails left after getting Siegfried and Izou to level 100 😅 If I get more grails I'll probably max level Dantes since i already gave him a few grails back when I got him and had absolute BRAINROT over him or Arjuna Alter Bc a hoe never gets cold when there's a Lv.100 Mahaprayla coming your way


Used the new nodes for [getting Skadi to 120](https://twitter.com/firq_ow/status/1544321985995489280) Shishou [was already 120](https://twitter.com/firq_ow/status/1541064034618904578), and I sadly lack her summer version, so I'll probably finish up the non-maxed servants and then concentrate on some QP


just got Bunnyan to 80, Wu to 80, now im debating who to focus on. I got Kiara from my GSSR and I feel like she'll probably be mad helpful coming up but idk if its worth investing into her when I have other AOE alter ego options