Not everyone has put their Castorias yet, so most Wavers are still there Half of the Skadis are missing now Merlin is as rare as it was before, for every 10 Casters, I find one of him And don't need to say anything about Tamamo, right?


Tamamo was pretty common sight before the C day, but as soon as the anniversary started they were all gone. Funny though some 5/5/5 Tamamo were replaced by 10/10/10 Castorias.


They were saving the gold gems though tamamo is harder to max with her bones, and likely most of the non maxed are the free SSR.


Tamamo also uses Yggdrasil seeds, which Castoria needs, so that's another hurdle to level up Mikon's skill


That's why I left my Merlin in All, but idk if to leave his Prisma Codes or put him the Lunchtime ce that I bought today. Still sad that we didn't get the multiple support lists, I didn't wanna say goodbye to my Waver...


690,020,840 Bond 10 CE tamamo on the caster slot for the foreseeable future inspite of having Merlin, Skadi *and* NP2 Castoria.


Most of my Merlin and Waver supports were moved to All, Tamamo is MIA, and there's still a few Skadis that will probably get replaced soon. This is why I wanted the support list update so bad, a lot of alternate support options are going to/have become extinct. That and I just want to share as many supports as I can in other slots, for variety's sake.


Even worse, this will more than likely kill any Merlins with Teatime, but at least there should be a good amount with his bond ce


I didn't get Castoria after the disaster that is my rolls for her which means Merlin is still on my Support list.




Yeah that sounds about right. It's rather unfortunate for someone like me who uses a wide variety of Servants, and the support Servant being the only, well, support is highly dependent on what I'm doing. (Sometimes at least. Usually Skadi and Waver are interchangeable, and that applies here too, but not always)


Look to Riders. Reines can easily replace Waver.


Reines' tends to carry Bella Lisa instead, which is an issue. (I'm sure there's more Wavers and whatnot in the All slot too, but that's like, effort and stuff)


Lol, I put my bella in caster because I want double compositions for QP most of the time outside of events


I'm keeping memelin in all. Edit: Or maybe I should put up tamamo?


I'd say Merlin. Most useful on average to people and Tamamo... Tamamo is a great pair to match Castoria, but if you need someone to match Castoria... usually unless it's a CQ the better pairing is Castoria. And if it IS a CQ the better pairing in my opinion is Merlin + Castoria for consistent invul uptime. Tamamo is one of the best supports in current meta, but you kind of want to almost always bring your own, basically...


They are slowly disappearing from my support list. The ones that remain are from people with EX rank luck.


I've kept my Tamamo in my Caster Slot out of loyalty and to provide her form of utility, but I had to move my QSH from my All Slot to replace it with my own Castoria. It's *frustrating* that I can't put my Merlin or Skadi on my Support Lists yet, and I find it *especially* annoying that Lasagna didn't roll out the Multi-Page Support Lists that JP has early. I WANT to showcase my Servants and offering everyone their services, but damn limitations make me have to constantly shuffle things around if I want to show everyone off.


I still got my friend with his teatime Merlin. I will treasure him, even if he has him at 7/8/10. Also, sorry skadi loopers but you don't know how damn happy to see that you guys are gonna appear less on my support list, especially since I barely have any quick servants besides kintoki, stolf and few other ssr. I'm mostly buster/arts


Not much has changed. Castoria has taken over the Caster support slots (expected), but all the other support Casters went to the all slot (1st support slot) so I still can use my non-Castoria team comps no problem


It’s a mix of everyone for me which is exactly what I like to see


A few. Kinda wish there were more Merlins tbh. I know that personally I'm keeping my Waver on my Caster slot. Forever. I mean I've had Skadi since her release and Waver hasn't budged. After all, I have him and Iskandar at level 100 and [seeing them side by side there just makes me happy](https://imgur.com/pb0H13H)


My waver isn’t going anywhere on my support list. However, Merlins and Other Wavers still remain on my friends list, but i’ve seen a couple of Skadis and the minuscule Tamamos i had on my friends list being replaced by Castoria


Still plenty Wavers and Skadis around. I have a few people with grailed Merlins so they're not removing them from their support lists. There's a Tamamo here and there but tbh I see more Illyas and Sanzangs than Tammies. Out of curiosity, what do people prefer? Skadi/Castoria or Waver/Castoria? I currently have the former set up for the friends that didn't get into the Arts looping bussiness so they can still do it with the green-folk, but personally unless I'm actually farming with apples I tend to pick Waver more than Skadi. Man I wish they had given us early triple support lists, wouldn't be a problem trying to pick which support's to display.


i counted my friendlist here's what i got |105 Friends|Caster Slot|All Slot|Total| |:-|:-|:-|:-| |Waver|18|7|25| |Skadi|16|8|24| |Merlin|13|13|26| |Caster Artoria|38|2|40| |Tamamo|1|20|3| |Helena|3|0|3| |Nitocris|1|2|3| |Other|15|\-|15|


Those two who put Caber in All Slot need to reconsider their life choices. 😝


My lv 100 Merlin is never leaving support list lol, he's relocated to All now. For events I intend to have Skadi in All at the very least since I know she'll be a rarity.


I need Merlin’s and Skadi. Add me if you got room and you like my support. I don’t have my own Skadi and raising castoria is not a priority at the moment. 021 452 837


When i was on earlier there were still some skadis and merlins, but it was early in the morning, they'll probably slowly phase out. At least I hope for their sake they do, that means people are getting her, which is good for them. I have Castoria, Skadi and merlin, so I literally can't put all of them up even if I wanted to. Thinking about it a bit, skadi moved to all, as I wanted people who had less luck with Castoria than me but could still skadi loop continue to have that option be available to them. Merlin, while very good and my first big caster support, is just used less than the other 2, as a majority of the game is farming. He is the challenging content king however, so I understand people's worries. However, I feel like the Tamamos/Wavers are at the most risk of extinction in support lists, which is definitely unfortunate, but not the worst imo. Wish we got the triple support list so I could put all of them, but we'll get it eventually anyways and also at last my Waver can rest, well at least until I need him again lol. PS. sorry for the giant post, I just ended up having a lot to say about this I guess lol.


>PS. sorry for the giant post, I just ended up having a lot to say about this I guess lol. Spoke my mind... Lucky enough to have all the support caster and currently setting Castoria at Caster slot & Skadi at All slot, leaning into farming consideration as most of my in game friends are previously on Skadi and slowly migrating to Castoria. Memelin, Waver & Tamamo will be on occasional duties where needed... (I'm sorry y'all, effectiveness prioritization)


Still lots of skadis around, but even before this the others weren't common. Rarely saw a tama, only 1 or 2, similar with merlin. Wavers more common, but not hugely. But they're all gonna go, we simply don't have enough space until the support expansion. Understandably people want to put their level 100s on show and make their support list as appealing as possible for whales and even just other people who max all their skills to keep them around or add them


Actually a good number of them 😅 Lotsa Skadi, a few Merlins, Waver was rarest but that's probably random. Barely ever saw many Tamamos to begin with... I mean, many if not most people fail on Castoria or don't level and put her in Support that fast. Though I did see a few Castoria's.


Looked through my friends list and I have seen 40 castorias, 48 Skadis, 15 Merlins, 10 Tamamos and 14 wavers. So not quite Castoria domination yet, but it's getting there.


Mine seems fine. More Castorias, obviously, but I still have quite a few Wavers.


Plenty of Merlin, Skadi, Waver still. Tamamo is actually more common than she has been (usually I have to refresh a few times to find one).


5 on the caster slot. All of them are 10/10/10. However, I still have friends that put their Zhuge Liang, their skadis, their Marlins. Tamamo is nowhere to be found.


I still see a decent amount of Skadis, Merlins, and Wavers


Waver, Merlin and Skadi is still on my list, Castoria on the other hand is less af. It's still the first day so I understand not all have Castoria. As for Tamamo and CasGil, they are gone, reduce to atom


I still see lots of Skadi but they seem to be slowly starting to roll over to Castoria. Wavers still show up so far today, but he's third now behind Skadi and Castoria. Merlin is super rare, particularly a Merlin with the Teatime Bond CE. I hope Castoria is as good as they say for stall teams, as I've relied on double Merlins or Merlin and Jeanne because of their team invulnerability on demand and healing on NP. Tamamo has always been rare. I love my sexy fox lady, and am glad I have her, but I've had her since close to the start so I've never needed two, so I never hunt for her...


I still see most of them. I went out of my way and added a bunch of people who’s specific waifu was Tamamo mostly because I wanted a good balance of support and knew her time off most support was coming. Using the same servants over and over again gets boring for me real fast and I dislike using double servants only exception being if the support servant is only used for a specific event/farming CE.


So, 33 out of my 95 friends have Castoria in Caster. So do I. For a week or so, I will keep farming those friend points, after which Imma put Skadi back from All to Caster, and Merlin back to All from nowhere. One problem though, I don't have that 15% bond bonus CE, only 10% one, so most people who want Skadi will probably look for better options, but I will do my part in helping the elderly to reminisce about their glory days.


I'm still gonna have waver or Merlin or tamamo on my support lists


Most of my friends don't have castoria


I still see many supports other than Castoria. not everyone has her skills leveled up


For every 7 Castoria, I've seen 2 Wavers, 2 Skadi and 3 Merlins And so far, only seen 1 Tamamo (with the player having Castoria in the \* category)


Shoutout to the gigachads on my friendlist with Asclepius in the caster slot


I am still seeing a lot of Skadi and more Merlins. A lot of people haven't rolled yet.


I see about a good portion of Tamamos, Merlins, Skadis, and Wavers in my Caster support list


Not enough, that's for sure. I spent the entire evening combing through randoms and socials to cultivate enough Skadi to not feel like she's entirely extinct.


I've actually seen 2 Skadi's, 5 Merlins, 4 Castoria's, and 2 Tamamo's. When you add what I have on my own support page you'll find another Merlin and Tamamo. I don't plan on putting my Castoria on caster or all support because Merlin is still an S tier servant that I don't want people to stop using, and because I plan to show off my Tamamo that I love so dearly.


I need Merlin. They are disappearing along with Skadi. Please add me if you have room 021 452 837.


I've seen a few Merlins and Wavers a few more Skadis, don't think I've seen Tamamo. The rest are split between Castoria properly skilled and show offs whose Castorias are worthless. Coincidentally, I kept my Merlin in All and Skadi in Caster spots. Not much reason to change.


Seen all of them and other casters as well. But yeah, now it's mostly Castoria. My alt got Castoria, farmed some QP in order to get her skills to 10/10/10 and no, Skadi is still on support Caster spot and Tamamo with bond CE in All slot (Waver could also take the spot, but there's so few Tamamos out there). For main, it's Waver and Skadi on the list, while Merlin is having a break.


Actually there is still a fair amount of Skadis and Wavers in my friend's list. Some moved their Skadis and Wavers to the all tab to make space for Castoria or the other way around. Good for me, since it turns out Skadi and Castoria make really good supports for Achilles to loop his NP. Have been using him this pass few minutes to get QP for Castoria's S3 and he runs like a dream now.


One of my friends moved their Merlin over from Caster to All, so at least I still have one to use.


3 skadis, 8 merlins, 0 tamamos, 10 wavers


I swapped out my Tama since Castoria well net me more FP but once we get triple support slots I am 100% putting Tama back


I've seen a good mix of all.


What do folks usually prefer? I've been wondering whether or not folks might prefer some other supporter like Tamamo/Waver.


Most of the people who use meta supports in the caster slot have switched to Castoria. I think most of them were former Skadi supports. So far I've seen 7 Skadi, 4 Merlin, and 2 Wavers in my friends list.


I purposely added the rest of the Tamamo fan club. So we all have Castoria or Merlin and Tamamo on our FL.


Skadi population starting to get culled. Waver and Merlin are still stable with the rare Nero and Tamamo popping up. The 2-3 Garden of Avalon Merlin are still thankfully around.


Tamamo s, are practically gone now, I have one fully leveled skilled


There have been some replacements, yes, but not 100% from what I'm seeing. Still a good number of Skadi. Also, there is the upcoming feature to add multiple servants in a given slot, so there will be a resurgence when that comes!


Merlin's, quite a few still Tamamos-0 Skadi still a lot Waver still a lot. Most likely gonna stay that way until people pull her and max her out


I’m still leveling up my castoria sooo I still have tamamo and skadi up there. But some still have some wavers and skadis, however tamamo is rare a gem and I’m one of them


Tbh I don’t even know whether I ought to switch to castoria or leave skadi-like people do comment about it, but if you WANT to use arts then you’ll skip by that option. And w Merlin and tamamo I generally don’t want a support one for day-to-day challenges, more cq stuff. Then finding one is a nightmare though


**Servant - All Class : Caster Only** **Waver** \- 2 : 14 **Tamamo** \- 4 : 6 **Merlin** \- 7 : 9 **Skadi** \- 7 : 23 **Castoria** \- 1 : 24 **Other Caster** \- 2 : 22 *(Popular Other Casters - Sanzang, Casgil, Medea)* **None/Other Class** \- 78 - 3 ​ ​ State of my friends list. My regular support is Spishtar:Castoria, but I change it once in a while, Tamamo gets rotated in frequently, especially into the All Class slot.


My Tamamo is still in my support list. I keep her in the All section. Tho I’ve seen a bunch of Tamamo and waver. Some Skadi. Maybe one Merlin.


A couple Wavers and one or two Merlins, otherwise it’s been all castoria


A lot. I STACKED my friend list with merlins and skadis beforehand so that even if some of them switch to castoria, not all do. I for one will keep merlin with a 2030 or prisma illys CE on my caster slot. There will be enough castorias without me


About 2 Merlin’s, 2 Mikons, and two Skadi’s on my friends list.


Im keeping my Tamamo on. The wasted friend point opportunity kinda stings, though. Ive lost 3 of my Wavers, 2 of my Skadi, 1 Tamamo and 1 Merlin.


usually a couple of skadis and wavers, but merlin still rare as always


I will never give up my Merlin take him from my cold dead hands. I have quite a few Skadi friends still, only a couple Castorias. If you wanna friend me for my Merlin, feel free to add me on NA: 206,125,006 Please add me I need those anni rewards-


Hoping the 3 or 4 Merlins I regularly borrow will stay. I almost never saw Tamamo on my FL though. Wavers seemed to have gotten halved but I feel that's less of a less since double Waver is less relevant than double Castoria/Skadi/Merlin


I'm watching it transform into a wall of Castoria as the day goes by.


They are gone, reduced to atoms


I still have my Skadi on my caster slot, I have Castoria on my all slot. Then again I switch supports between husbando and waifu weeks. Husbando week has Merlin on caster support and Waver on all. Balance is needed. 😂


Not everyone on my FL put up their Castoria, which I appreciate. I'm among them, I'm most likely going to be leaving Merlin there - there's more than enough Castorias to go around, so I don't think people need mine. That said it's definitely mostly Castorias, I saw a Tamamo or two left, couple Skadis, a Merlin here and there and a few Wavers but mostly Castorias. (Yeah, I could put both Merlin and Castoria up with the All slot, but the All slot is for faves and my level 100 Avenger Nobu isn't leaving it. FP is a luxury.)


"Just a few"


Skadis are still easily available, Merlins are there, a lot of people simp for in in my friend list, Tamamo has been a dream since years, Castoria didn't change the situation


I have Skadi, Tamamo, Merlin, Castoria and Reines for primo Support (seriously no waver) and I'm keeping Skadi up to rep waifu, and cause I still like quick farming. If I lose too many Skadi's I'll just start purging Castoria from people I don't know and get more Skadi's, might start a friend code thread in the Scathach subreddits for people who want Skadi and will keep her on their support, though I'm not in too big of a rush all my quick looper are gonna be on break for a lil bit, at least till I get Castoria to bond 5.


1 / 0 / 6 / 0 today actually. Did alot of EXP card farming (about 20-30 battles, although I didn't scroll all the way to the bottom).


It's about expected... surprised at the lack of wavers tho. Caster slot. All slot. Total Castoria. 62. 8. 70 Merlin. 8. 15. 23 Waver. 8. 6. 14 Skadi. 13. 16. 29 Tamamo. 2. 7. 9 Other casters. 8. 3. 11


Literally only 1 of each excluding Waver and Skadi because i chose Tammy and i've never actually wanted Skadi. So yeah, for someone who only had 1 ssr for like 4-6 months, the Caster trio it's a necessary glow-up. NOW TO VENTURE INTO KAMA'S BANNER!!!