Huh, this is an odd but neat take on Castoria. Looks like someone wanted to make a portrait of what a IRL version of her looks like, and if that is the case it was very nicely done.


Thanks, i appreciate this! I'm still not very good at drawing it, but wanted to play around the idea that the FGO setting is a grittier and darker fantasy world than it seems when you take away the colorful anime style. Each singularity and Lostbelt has its share of dystopias, Eldritch horrors, fickle gods, seemingly unkillable strange beasts. I imagined it wouldn't actually be so far from Elden Ring or a Souls game. Especially with LB6 being inspired by medieval British legends and myths.


100% someone in my friendslist will change his signature to "you however are castorialess" ​ same dude who np5 10 10 10 EVERY saberface ever. I respect the dedication, altough I suspect he might be an alter account of takeuchi


"Unfortunately for her however, she is masterless. Without SQ, without the strength of embers, and without an invitation to the Roundtable support list. She is fated it seems, to be unsummoned in obscurity..." Spent too much time making an old meme joke, hope this helps someone as a catalyst though! [pixiv link](https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/99510976)


Nice Elden Ring reference


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Yes the bitch didn't come. So why not leave her masterless


She might have one last chance to come, before my sadness turns into hatred.


Nice art!


she choose this path not me, so not interested in her anymore. i love my servants more who choose me


Castoria is literally the last servant that should be worried about being masterless on FGO lol At the very least it won’t be out of choice for most masters.


I will be her finger maidenlad


I'm sure, somewhere out there, there's a Masterless Artoria who managed to overthrow her sister's world-spanning kingdom without knowing of the Fluffy's Grace