my condolences friend, to save up for that long only to be shafted is the worst possible feeling. theres still 10 tickets coming soon so lets pray you still have a shot at her


I remember reading somewhere that it's why you should never save absolutely everything, and to throw in a few rolls in other banners you like but can't fully commit to. Doesn't dent the savings much, and you may be surprised, which would help the bitterness in not getting your main goal because you were still able to get something you wanted out of your (prior) rolls.


I usually try to spend a little on all new banners. That way, I spread my salt out over a long period of time. But really, I have a ton of servants now doing this and I am not so crushed when I don't get anything, than blowing my life savings and end up with nothing to show for it.


Usually if there's a new servant that looks cool, I'll throw a multi at it. Or if the 4 star is someone I want to get too higher np copies. He'll, I threw 10 at the ccc banner last week and finally got astrea, who I've wanted since release. It really does soften the blow. Even got Carmella and zerkerlot for the first time rolling for castoria today. Granted, I stopped at 300 Sq spent, hoping to spend the next 300 when she returns jn a few days. The hopium is gonna start turning into copium real quick j feel.


this isnt valid anymore now that we are getting pity in a year and half. so if you really want to play it safe, save 900 sq and you will get the servant you want after pity drops.


I think it's the best way, at least you come out with *something* instead of nothing if the main roll is cursed, especially if you're F2P. I started saving for Castoria after last year summer (Bunnytoria), but I still threw tickets and occasionally some 11 rolls on some banner, and the haul consisted of Calamity Jane, Kijyo Koyo and a second copy of Melt just a few weeks ago. It sure mitigated the salt of throwing 1200SQ + 30 tickets for castoria (granted I got her in the end, but still.. Not even a spook SSR during those cursed rolls). As for totally cursed roll stories, mine is for Foreigner Hokusai. Saved for a year, went in with 1100SQ and came out with 4 MLB 5\*CEs and a bunch of SRs. To this day I still don't have her, some things are just not meant to be...


Dunno, it kinda feels bad to get ssr that was my 2nd choice because I keep thinking with the same summon chances, I could’ve summoned the one I wanted most


Looking at it from another perspective, with the same summon chances, you're more likely to get ones that aren't at the top of your list. Getting one of your top preferred choices over the larger pool of servants you probably dont want is fairly high in the luck scale


Thats exactly what I did. Anytine a new banner comes in and I feel like rolling for it, I'd usually just do a 10 pull and call it a day. If i dont get anything then eh, its pretty much expected. But if i do get something, then thats basically a lucky bonus


Happened with Amakusa for me, still don't have him. Was saving for him and Dantes, ended up getting Dantes and Jalter with the freebies of Dantes event and maintenance.


Started saving since Saber wars (excluding a few multis here and there) saved 950, plus with anniversary quarts making about 1200 SQ. I didn't even get a SSR and maybe 5 SRs in total. Currently grinding to level up servants who have interludes and rank up quests as a last ditch effort but I'm not hopeful. Condolences to the rest of you who are Castorialess


Good luck man. Maybe you'll get lucky with the tickets sprinkled throughout the event.


That's what happened with me and Eresh on JP server. All my savings since Babylon gone, nothing left to grind. Then, on Christmas Eve, her last day, I realize that there was a single ticket in her event's quests that I had somehow forgotten about. And sometimes, that one single ticket is absolutely all you need to convince a servant to come home. It can happen to you, too.


That's what happened to me during S.Orion banner: 1500+SQ no SSR but I farmed bond points for SQs and finished all my rank up quests and managed to summon him on the last day, so don't lose hope and good luck!


Was Saving for Castoria since New Year. Had over 1200+ SQ and over 120 Tickets. Even spent my Food Allowance for this month. No SR's and the only SSR I got is Anastasia with a Rainbow. There is a hole in my heart and I am completely numb. How do I cope with this?


Try taking a step back and small break from Fgo. Fully process what happened and set a new goal to focus yourself to look to the future. Remember that this isn’t the only chance for her and there is still a last ditch effort with the login tickets!


Thats pretty much what I did when I got shafted by Minamoto no Raikou (800-900 Quartz and another 200 on her next banner) and Sei Shounagon (700-800 quartz). Both losses made me go into maintenance mode for about 6 months each. It really helped. May not seem a lot but I only spend money on GSSR banners


Small break but don't forget to log in everyday. You will ruin the 10 tickets reward.


With a fresh mind and after a full night's sleep, I can say that this was something I expected. The only thing that I didn't expect was me spending money here. That's why people to never do anything when you are sleepy. Boys and Girls, this is why you never leave your Wallet with a Sleepy Guy. Disaster happens 😂. Thanks for caring everyone 😊


>Even spent my Food Allowance for this month. Please don't spend money not allocated to entertainment, I heard she came back eventually when they implemented a pity system.


Those were the actions of someone both sleepy and desperate. Never going to leave my Account details in my Phone again 😅


Seeing your comment make me want to not taking this game seriously and just play for the story


Not trying to tell you how to live your life but, go seek help. If you're spending the money you have for food on a game, that's a problem my dude.


To be honest, if the game is affecting you actual living expense, think about deleting the game or at the very least deleting your payment setting. What I do is I never buy a pack while rolling, but before rolling. That way I spent what I am able to spend and not spend more out of frustation. Not only is it a bad practice to buy whole tilted, but in term of enjoyment it just make it worst. Its just a game, not worth spending your food money on.


Not Castoria but, I know the feeling. It's really a painful when you save for a servant and not getting them. 2020 up to this point was rough on my NA account. Save half a year for Eresh, failed. Save half a year for Summer Musashi and the other half year for Eresh rerun, both failed. Save for Sushi-rerun, failed again. I think, I didn't get any SSR for almost two years. Until my bro Chad-Orion take pity on me and got him on some throw away tickets. Thank goodness, FGA exists and the FGO story is really good, especially the Lostbelts, cuz men that was rough. But even though my gacha experience is horrendous, I don't think I will dropping FGO. I can easily drop my Arknights and Genshin, but FGO, I think I will stick to it to the very end.


Yeah idk what it is with Fgo but even after dropping other games I still end up coming back to Fgo.


For me, I really enjoy the way FGO handles characters and storytelling. *Rant/Sample FGO, Arknights and Genshin have a lot of interesting lore behind them, but the way the other two handles storytelling is just so dull. FGO uses their roster of characters tell the story, but AK and GI loves using some random NPC to tell a story, I don't mind it (I love talking to all NPC in any Trails game) but those NPC's feels like they are reading some long ass script rather than actual people talking. It feels so boring and unnatural. Gameplay is the only reason I still login for those two.


It’s because, despite it being how the game makes money, functionally, the gacha is side-content. The game is designed to be played without spending a single SQ, putting genuine effort into good story, fun gameplay, and—most importantly—keeping all the free characters relevant and useful throughout the game. The SSR characters aren’t designed from a standpoint of having the gameplay be miserable without their abilities, like other gachas. Not only are several older, more common characters still relevant compared to their newer peers, but the game will periodically buff them and/or give them new and improved animations to keep them fun to use. Then there’s the fact that actually building a team, leveling up Servants, boosting their stats and abilities; largely isn’t aided at all by the gacha, and can only be accomplished through gameplay. It’s able to make money off its gacha solely as a vanity attraction. These characters aren’t rolled for because they’re good, they’re rolled for because we like them, and any gameplay qualities they have are more to encourage us to use the characters we like than to incentivize us to roll for them whether we like them or not. And even though it can be played without spending SQ, it still gives you SQ anyway. Playing NA also mitigates impulse-rolling on the gacha when we can see what banners are coming in what order, for the most part, for the next two years. It’s easy to see why people keep coming back to FGO over other gachas. It’s a good game first, and a gacha second.


1200+sq with a single europa on the final multi. My bf got her in 1 multi. This also happened with arjuna alter (my 1800+sq with nothing vs his 3 multi np2). I'm struggling because I want to congratulate him and be happy for him, but it genuinely fucking hurts. Any advice?


He'll understand the salt. Just be open with him. Maybe ask him to buy you an ice cream for sweet sugary goodness to wash away at least some of the bitterness


Wait, this is what I was supposed to do for my SO when she didn't pull her? Not gloat like a jackass when I got my second?


Depends on your relationship and if she gives back just as good as she gets lmao


Oh the gloating was 100% revenge for her Summer Salter pull.


Then your relationship status is the ideal relationship we should all aim for lmao


Remember folks, date a cosplayer. Then if you don't pull them, your SO can become them!


steal his account


Actually the best solution lmao. I was the one who rerolled for both of us back at the start of the NA server as well :P these comments are honestly so helpful, im much more chilled out now. Thanks!


Gacha is cruel. I always look at it like: your odds don’t increase the more you roll/spend. It’s always the same .08% chance of getting her every. single. time. My sister and brother BOTH pulled her. My sister did one 10 pull. My brother used a summon ticket. I’m a little bitter but that’s the way it happened and you can’t be mad at someone who really just had better luck.


Just clarifying, it's 0.8%, not 0.08%. This ain't EA.


I made the odds worse than they are by accident. Thanks for the clarification! I appreciate it.


It does certainly feel like 0.08% at times (yes I got burned, by Arjuna Alter and Bunny Artoria twice).


Also spent 1800 SQ on Arjuna Alter and got not a single SSR other than Europa. Felt I was cursed. I gotta be too lucky to be this unlucky. So I Waited and looked up all the reruns in the future and pulled the lucky bag today and got him. Wait and hope and don’t give up. It’s gambling and now thinking back I rlly should’ve stopped and set myself an absolute number of SQs spent so I can control myself and emotions.


Ive pulled for him on every gssr as well, no luck yet haha. If he wants to come home he'll come home i guess. Just stings to have that bad luck on both these banners yknow?


Out of curiosity. Who rolls first? Or is it same time? Cause i've found if my former roommate rolls first and gets. I'm going to have a bad time. Like he nukes the luck in the area to get stuff. Yet I only take exactly what I need and nothing else. Has been consistent in multiple gacha games.


Tbh if your bf is that lucky then you can just ask him to roll for you instead of wasting many sq on your own.


We alternate rolls usually, 1 multi each. Doesn't seem to help my luck :P


I think it just takes time and experience. It's hard to not feel salt, especially when you were really looking forward to getting her. I think it's possible though to feel happy for someone who was fortunate while being bothered by your own misfortune. So maybe step away from the game a bit and try to bifurcate that.


>I personally spent 905 SQ and 60 tix only to be spooked by Altera. Relatable that I also spent 900 SQ and 50 tickets and got a Drake Spook. Fortunately, I at least got spooks with the Servants that I don't have and heck Drake too. But it's a bit depressing to have that result and no Castoria and I just need a long sleep to remove that feeling.


1500+ SQ and 30 tix no Castoria... , Even bought three packs to try to get her since there's no way anyone could be this unlucky. Not even a spook SSR. Just random spooks by 4 stars... What the hell... At least I can MLB like 4 copies of the 5 star CE.. My GSSR rolls got me a cleo too... Literally the only one I did not want.


Do not get it twisted is a motto to tell yourself before gambling your money on waifu.


Ouch, that sucks. I’ve been there. Back a couple years ago, during the first summer event, I blew everything trying to get Summer Tamamo. Nearly 1000 SQ, and spent hundreds of dollars on more quartz. No luck. It was enough to make me take a break until just a couple months ago. Tried again to get Summer Tamamo today in the GSSR, but failed again lol. Some things just aren’t meant to be.


sounds exactly like my (non-existent) relationship with Skadi.


I got Castoria this time but I once experienced 1500sq no SSR as well. My condolences.


Unlucky GSSR is the worst, I remember new year I literally would’ve been fine with ANYONE but Jalter since she was already NP2 and voila Jalter now does 25% more NP damage


I think you're cursed. Consult an exorcist.


Yeah the ce dropped way to much here too can MLB two of them


Any time I'm tempted to buy quartz for this game I think of a full complete game I could buy instead for less money. Not even tempted to spend money on quartz this time though, I'm closer to quitting. Never once gotten an Artoria without an exchange ticket in 4 years of playing. The absurd 900 quartz pity coming in a year is no consolation at all.


>Never once gotten an Artoria without an exchange ticket in 4 years of playing Takeuchi, is this you?


The only time I ever bought quartz was for GSSR's and it's the only worth it expense in this game imo


I started saving for about half a year with one or two tenfold pity pulls on event banners, and I still only saved around 700 pulls or so as a F2P. I can't imagine just not pulling at all for over a year to get one unit.


I did that for a while tbh, but for me it just ended up not being worth it after Anni 3. Since then, anytime I saved up more than 100 SQ for a servant I really wanted, I failed. Which ultimately led to only getting a single new SSR in 2021 on random tickets thrown at a banner. Since then I haven't really tried doing that. This year I pulled when I felt like it and have been more successful, ironically, even if it meant missing some big-ticket items.


Xenoblade 3 stopped me from buying quarts. The quarts just ain't worth it for the price.


I'm happy sq is so expensive, it keeps me from even considering actually buying it. $80 for like a 30% chance at an SSR, not even a coinflip, easy decision.


That is why I keep wallet-chan closed until the GSSR.


Honestly the rub for me too. Why would I want to play a game that is actively withholding its content behind really poor RNG, when I could play anything else and just read the story later.


Over 1100 quartz, zero gold servants. This is genuinely the worst luck I’ve ever had in any game in my life.


I went through all of this last year when rolling for Merlin. 954 SQ and nothing. It was an extremely humbling experience. I was extremely frustrated and devastated. I didn’t need him for meta reasons and I didn’t hold him as a husbando, I just like him for the fun, derpy, somewhat degenerate person he was. I genuinely liked his character. Today I failed to summon Castoria too; apparently Avalon hates my NA account (I summoned her pretty easily in JP). After last year I don’t get too upset with failure, rather this feels completely different. Like I’m being left behind or somehow inferior to everyone I interact in this game with. The hardest part for me is I’m now faced with the challenge of trying to rebuild my farming compositions. I’m somewhat casual so I lack a lot of substitutions like Tamamo and Bride Nero. My friend list is evenly split between Castoria and Skadi and every little while another Skadi disappear ls so it feels like I’m trying to hit a moving target. If I had any bit of advice it’s to cherish the servants that came home to you. If you’ve successfully rolled your favorite or waifu/husbando hold them a little closer today. That’s the quickest way I find peace.


960 SQ 90 Tickets Not a single 5 star servant What. The. Fuck.


Same, I went ~800 SQ for Musashi and ~650 for Castoria. Not even a single 5* servant for my efforts. If the quick meta is shafted after this I am genuinely thinking of quitting until her next rerun


My sentiments for you brother. But don't worry, quick isn't shafted. Quick loopers will still loop like always and crit like always. It's just some ppl love to say something is dead because the new shiny thing is the new meta. Quick is absolutely fine and still good. Also, just to show my point, there are unironically ppl that think Merlin deserves a buff because he can't loop like others (which is ridiculous). Hope you can still enjoy the game. Good luck on future pulls ^^


Nope quick is as good as it is now. When the 90+ node comes out with waves like 1-2-1, 2-1-1, etc arts and quick perform about the same. Especially if you have a quick servant with high investments (dantes np2+ grailed, lancelot np2+ etc)


Quick isn't shafted, but you'll have to look hard for Skadi until they give us multiple support lists. I'd been hoping to see that early, maybe even before the Pure Prism shop we got.


I didn't spend that much but I went 600 SQ and like 80 tickets in and didn't even get an SR.


Man, I'm sorry to hear that. How does that even happen? Even I got maybe 10 SRs.


Honestly, I have no fucking clue. Like I was fully mentally prepared to not get Castoria but not even an SR? I didn't even know that you could roll that much and not get one. I even triple checked my servant roster... nothing.


Sheesus. RNG is really merciless sometimes...


i cant even wrap my mind around that


damn im like 600sq 50 tickets no SSR not as bad but oof all that saving only to end on the wrong side of [this little shit](https://cdn.scribbr.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/standard-normal-distribution-1024x633.png)


I feel like this should be posted here. https://www.reddit.com/r/grandorder/comments/hm62ld/gacha_heartbreaks_do_be_like_that/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share I truly hope yall can get through this.


I got a Gold Caster. It was Sanzang. Never before have I hated a servant so much.


See it like this: she was so excited to join you, that she couldn’t wait for a rate up!


I got two gold caster spooks, Nitocris both times.. I feel your pain.


At least you can farm with into, nursery on the other hand...


Sanzang is really good with the early append skills. 100% battery, ST, and berserker mod is a nasty combo. Still copium tho


I got three caster spooks: Helena, Nitocris and Nursery.


Same Helena must be my all time least favourite Fate character (although I don't really hate any fate characters but still)


Unless you hated her before you pulled her, consider it a win that you got something. Sanzang is usually considered to be the best (ST) offensive Caster in the game. I felt the same with Astolfo but the difference is that I always planned to burn him if I got him (which I did).


Me with Kerry when I was pulling for Okita Jet who I never got, last year. He’s been my least favorite servant ever since and I see him spooking me as a bad omen for the rest of my rolls. I never gotten spooked by him and then gotten what I wanted Also Tamamo spooked me twice, once on Wavers banner and once on Merlin’s banner. Luckily it’s Tamamo, but still, oof the pain especially on Merlin’s


Lol she was the caster I got was like yay fuck but yay


Tamano here.....I'm happy and angry


I got Tamamo on a Waver banner once, most mixed emotions I've had from a game.


700 quartz and 80 tickets ,got Sherazade and Europa.


I personally spent 700 quarts and 100 tickets didn’t pull her but it is what it is, there nothing guaranteed on banners as of now.On the positive side I pulled my first lancer Medusa and Stheno.


This is the first time I read Stheno among the positives side.


The first time makes you smile. Even the second through fifth time means you're raising her NP level. But after that she just starts looking very yellow and cubelike.


I've always wanted a Stheno! I have pretty much all the sisters. Euryale, Rider Medusa, Lancer Medusa, and Avenger medusa. All I'm missing now is Stheno to complete my Gorgon Sisters set


> On the positive side I pulled my first lancer Medusa and Stheno. Good taste


Every one of my friends got castoria. I'm the only one left out. It fucking hurts lol. But i'm gonna keep coping and pulling until her banner is gone


From like 450 to 130 SQ. I suppose I finally got Paisen’s boyfriend and Beowulf. That’s as good right? I home didn’t think I’d get *this* into it, but I’m glad I held back. The rest is my Swimsuit Banner 1 and Vritra fund. Maybe I’ll finally 10/10/10 Tamamo to cope. Maybe even Grail her a bit


10/10/10 Tamamo is worth it


I think I have her at like 9/3/10 rn


You don't think about that Morph skill until a node stacks a bunch of Riders on your Take-All-Comers Arts Comp and Tamamo just flat out tanks crits from them and still gives a happy "Mikon!" on your turn. ...Yes, that was very specific. Yes...that has happened. Multiple times.


I just wish Morph gave teamwide defense. With Castoria handling defbuff cleanses that's now my most wanted buff for fluffy tail. Give the team more hard defense when Castoria's NP isn't available. It's why OG Mash combos so well with Tamamo, lets her spam her defense Skills *and* defense NP


Yeah, I would love for Morph to get a buff. It's not a *bad* skill and has come up surprisingly useful at times. However, it definitely does stick out as the only non-support skill for an otherwise Top-Notch Support Caster.


Honestly, even just making the 3 turn buff teamwide and keeping the 1 turn for her would make it better.


I feel you, I had 300+ saved quartz, and I got the anniversary CEs and not even one SR servant.


Over 400 SQ and enough Summon Tickets to bring that up past 500 SQ. One. Rider. Martha. Just one 4\* Servant, no 5\* Servants or any 5\* spooks. Just a single 4\*. And a lot of CEs featuring Goredolf. He's a cool guy, but still.   It's fine. I don't need *Castaltria*. I'm fine. ^^I'll ^^just ^^take ^^some ^^time ^^off ^^to ^^play ^^chess ^^with ^^a ^^snow ^^leopard. ^^^and ^^^bury ^^^my ^^^face ^^^in ^^^the ^^^fluffy ^^^tails


I needed this post so bad. Thanks OP


Some people pull Castoria to save the World. Some save for Muramasa to burn the world. I'm saving for Kiara Summer to drown it


I hope it's a typo, but this guy put in his message he used 4200 SQ and didn't get her. https://community.gamepress.gg/uploads/default/original/4X/6/b/0/6b0f743ff666b0aa052a8332c06f03e4d2a7ac5f.jpeg


If it makes anyone feel better, I also failed at the GSSR, I pulled Miyamoto Musashi summer. Literally the only 5* from that group I already had. NP2 Musashi and no Castoria. Keep your head up friends, there's probably people with worse luck than mine.


Hey, at least NP2 Summer Musashi can *probably* loop with a single friend Castoria! ...have a hug.


Here is some calculations i made after saltering my blood with SpIshtar: 1722 SQ - 1% of poor souls wont get what they desire. 1122 SQ - there is still 5% chance you will not get promoted SSR. 519 SQ -1 in 4 will fail. 261 SQ - at least half of people could get her. 108 SQ - 1 in 4 is lucky. (And im mad just for looking at results my calculator show) 21 SQ - 5% could get her with only tickets. 3 SQ - 0.8% single pull. Do they really exist? Like unicorns or smth. The most evil thing about statistics the pulls don't care what you get before. So even after 3000 SQ there could be 1 person who failed. Get strong.


What about for SSRs in general? Cause some poor souls in this thread went 1k SQ without even a spook


The odds of getting any SSR is 1%. For promoted SSR it's 0.8%, so 0.2% to get spooked. 5/4/3 Stars for servant goes 1/3/40%, for CE it's 4/12/40%, respectively. There is additional chance from guarantied 4S+ in 11 pull, but with my luck it's typically CE. As a matter of fact i get a lot more 5S CE than servants even compared to chances. (And yet no kaleidoscope) ​ Edit: 1K SQ will bring you to a 0.00432% of failure for any SSR. With 5M downloads it would be 216 poor souls. Edit 2: Made a mistake its for 1K pulls, For 1K SQ it's 6.89266%. So it's can be a thing for everyone once in a time.


It can happen alright, proof: me. Spent 1200SQ and 30 tickets before pulling Castoria. No other SSR spooks in between. By calculation, with 473 total pulls, I was in the 0.9% of population...


I personally tried to get Melt with the anniversary SQ, well i got the classic fate treatment, only CE's for 120 SQ. At least i stopped before going insane and saved 90 SQ, now at least have some spare SQ from the milestone missions and i'm waiting for summer Abby.


Best of luck summoning Summer Abby. I’m holding back a bit for her too, which makes failing to summon Castoria feel rough. Knowing that *could* keep going. But I set a limit for my Castoria funds and I’ve already surpassed it, and on top of that I summoned Sumanai which for me is usually a sign that resistance is futile. So I’ve accepted my fate.


Posts like this just make me wish DW would bring the 900SQ guaranteed SSR to NA already


Honestly, my GSSR made it easier for me to handle. Should've guessed that getting exactly who I wanted there would mean Castoria would deny me. But it's okay. I have Nero Bride and Tamamo. I can loop perfectly fine with Summer Melt. I still hope I get her at some point. I hope the same for everyone who wants her, especially for those who genuinely *like* her and don't just want her for meta reasons.


If you have jarcher all she needs is double bride, can loop from 0 w just them.


I hope that the statistics go fuck themselves and every 1000 of the 1000 here that went Castorialess get her with the last 10 tickets on the 7th day. Godspeed fellows


Very first role, caster comes up, gold sparks, omg boys this is it, and it's Nitocris. Look, I've been wanting NP2 Nito for a while, but not like this man. Not like this. Ended up w/ Nito, and two new servants, Chiron and Nightengale.


ill sum up my experience in a few words: 1200 quartz, waver spook


Yikes. Be strong brother


I walked out with 6 copies of Celebrate Memories, 11 copies of Brainstorming, a Herakles, a Liz, *two Nitocrises*, a Hessian Lobo (who's the only new servant from the bunch) and exactly 0 SSRs Then I rolled the Year 3 GSSR hoping for Sigurd/Skadi and Katou Danzo. First summon was Summer Nero so the guarenteed SSR was taken care of. Then a Gold Assassin showed up and I held my breath thinking it was Danzo - it was Nitocris who decided she hadn't tortured me enough so she showed up *with a Gold card matching the servant I wanted for the third time today* but in a swimsuit At least Nero and Lobo are servants I somewhat wanted. And regular Nitocris is pretty good for event farming so getting her from NP3 to NP5 is nice. But Summer Nitocris can go suck a popsicle ...I'm just hoping that whatever SQ and Tickets I can scrape together in the next two weeks will get me Castoria


I spent 273SQ and 29 tickets myself, with zero luck. Currently plowing through the memorial quests to get more tickets in hopes of them plus the 10 we get this week might net me her. We’ll see. Haven’t spent yet though, and this isn’t as bad as my Merlin rolls last summer, so I’ll take it.


1000 quartz, and no Castoria


It feels bad having spend so long saving and skipping banners just to have a good amount of saving for a meta support just to not get it. Pity can't come soon enough but even then the amount of back to back banners next year this time will be some of the most gruesome, so don't be feeling down, castoria is so op having just the support one is good for your team, some times you win and sometimes you lose, but keep it up. - words of a master who has failed to acquire Merli in every single banner he's been.


Y'know, I'm already prepared for this scenario. I already convinced myself a long time ago that I only need a support Castoria so I won't be disappointed if I don't get her. This is also the reason why I picked Tamamo in the 5* tix over Seiba or Mordred. I also look at the spook that I got. Domi Mommy Carmilla finally came to my Chaldea so that's a W.


300 SQ lost explains the situation quite well I believe.


I actually uninstalled the game, it's time for a break. 600 SQ 80 Pull tickets and not even an SR..... like....what. I'll follow the story through translations and videos.


Took A huge L this day but we continue to ball


Oh hey OP, same boat; 900 SQ, 70 tickets, spooked by Altera#2 (and Enkidu whom I don't care for in the slightest). In the day since, I've squeezed out 10 more tickets and another 30 SQ (Atalanta bonded to 12) for naught. And to add a bittersweet tone to the pure bitterness, my GSSR roll gave me Musashizerker #3, which means I can raise her to level 120 now which is cool because she's my all-purpose clearing default, but without Castoria (nor Bride Nero nor Tamamo Caster) to perfect the looping potential, the prospect of a super duper powerful AoE Arts Berserker is noticeably less hype. I was close to giving up all gacha last night because of this, because the disappointment felt like it tainted Azur Lane and Blue Archive both. Then I had a tug, remembered my buddy spent $500 to get Ereshkigal, and had a look at the roll thread to find those who had it worse than I did.


If it makes you feel better, I failed to get Bunny after roughly 1300 SQ worth of rolls with zero 5-stars (not even a spook). The trick is to convince myself that she was never worth it in the first place. That has to be it... it's better this way....


2022 is the worst year in terms of FGO for me. Spend 900 SQ no summer Musashi; Now spend 1200 SQ no Castoria. This sucks so much.


Back again. Coping mechanism today is: writing fanfiction. Idea: Gordy’s soul has been up and stolen by Davy Jones. The twist? This adventure takes place on the rails. The Flying Scotsman has become The Flying Dutchman. Guda’s gotta get Gordy’s soul back, via a ride on a ghost train. The engineer? American Folk Hero Casey Jones. Fused with Casey Jones(TMNT) to make a Rider Class servant. Working on who rides the train with Guda. Definitely Void Shiki. I know it’s cringe, but I’m REALLY fighting the urge to pay money.


Remembers kids, arts looping is still in your reach, with a support Castoria, a Tamamo and a Waver, you can make any decent arts servant loop just fine, I've been doing this on JP for the past 2 years.


I think the biggest thing people forget is how soon her next banner is. She has 3 banners in times shorter than most servants’ next banner. DW didn’t pull a Godjuna with her. They said “this servant is totally broken, let’s give them lots of chances to ~~give us money~~ get her”. I will say, I did get her, but the cost was so high that I feel like shit every time I see her banner. 1,100 SQ, no other spooks, and the only good SR I got was another Marie copy, everything else was useless. And my GSSR was neutral. It really deflated my enthusiasm.


I got spooked by Nursery Rhyme twice.


50 tickets and about 700 SQ. Not 1 SSR. This is probably my punishment from getting Merlin in less than 100 SQ... Highlights include: \-Lakshmi Bai \-Atlante Alter \-Stheno (now I too can charmlock) \-Astraea \-Chiron (not the worst buffer) \-Vlad III Ex dupe (NP2) \-Anne & Mary dupe (NP2) \-Fionn dupe (NP3) \-d'Eon dupe (NP3) \-Mandricardo NP5'd \-2 MLB 5\* Celebrate Memories CE (60% NP charge aint bad) \-3 MLB 4\* Brainstorming \-Metric FUCKTON of 3\* Filler Flowers \-Fragment of 2030 ​ Honestly, with how long I had been resisting pullling on banners throughout the year, it's kind of a relief to just not have to worry anymore. I didn't get Castoria, but pulling was fun.


With the amount of "FILLER" flowers I recieved, I don't think I could have found a more appropriately named card in the game.


Oof. Sparklies…gold Caster…Helena. Sparklies…gold Caster…Nursery. Playing games with my heart. 🤦‍♂️


800 sq and 77 tickets. Not even a 5 star, got too many Tamamo cats, 5 4 stars in a row. I somehow forsaw this and picked Tamamo with my SSR ticket, guess it'll suck for me during shishou fest. At least I am still lucky enough to be able to fall back on DSS Zerkerlot thanks to appends


Logged on this morning, got all excited because of the influx of sq and tix, but to no avail. All I got was an astolfo. I’m not giving up yet, but I’m certainly a little dejected.


Honestly don't know what I was expecting. With how lucky I was earlier this year, it makes sense why I wouldn't pull Castoria


Spent 500ish SQ didn't get her, and my friend who only spent 90 SQ got 2 of her in one multi, I so wanna kill him


I've had historically catastrophic results when rolling for casters, so I decided that this time, I won't go through the salt of saving only to get nothing again. My mind is clear. Of course I didn't get her (curse my shitty caster luck), but I'm surprisingly okay with how everything turned out. My round table is complete after saber Lancelot finally spooked me. I got Sei with my GSSR, who was honestly my last choice pick of the year 5 servants, but to hell with it---Arjuna was getting lonely as my only 5 star AOE Archer anyway. There's still some time left to squeeze out a few sq to attempt Castoria again, but at this point... I don't really mind not having her.


I give my remaining Castoria luck to my fellow masters. May your rolls be golden and I sincerely wish your tickets be blessed.


My only advice in this thread is to stop pulling if it genuinely feels like you're pulling nothing. Try again another time. If you're like 10 multi-pulls in and have actually gotten nothing, stop stop stop! Whatever Pseudo-Random seed is being used, I'm relatively sure that *time* is one of the factors. Even if it isn't, whatever true random event is being polled to be part of the seed will have changed after some time has passed. Roll on Friend Gacha to get it out of your system. After some time (a few hours, maybe a day), take stock. Think about if you really want to roll. If yes, then try for a few more. Hopefully something better this time around. If nothing again, stop and roll another time. Use the time in-between to purge your desires. Not because of the desire sensor but to prepare your mind for the eventual disappointment. Repeat after me: "It would be nice to have Castoria but I don't *absolutely* need her." If it's the last day and you still have SQ left, then roll it in a blaze of glory. You could make up a story about it. --- My condolences to those who have already spent all of their SQ and have gotten nothing. I tried doing looping with a Friend Castoria and a maxed out Tamamo. It actually loops pretty well. There's some additional hoops I have to jump through but a 3T Loop is pretty functional with a single (Friend) Castoria. The comp works really well for challenge quests too.


>Whatever Pseudo-Random seed is being used, I'm relatively sure that > >time > > is one of the factors. Even if it isn't, whatever true random event is being polled to be part of the seed will have changed after some time has passed. every time I roll I get convinced this is actually what happens. I shouldve done 1 multi per day instead of just yoloing it


> Whatever Pseudo-Random seed is being used, I'm relatively sure that time is one of the factors. Even if it isn't, whatever true random event is being polled to be part of the seed will have changed after some time has passed. It probably is, but not likely in the way that you think. While many random number generators are seeded by system time, it's usually by the millisecond, with even adjacent milliseconds producing very different results. So while time can be a factor, there's no reason to believe that rolls made in close proximity to each other time-wise will have similar results. That said, it's still a good idea psychologically not to do too many rolls at once, especially if you're paying. A whole lot of SQ — or worse, money — can go by in the blink of an eye before you have the chance to re-evaluate things and change your mind.


l agree with this, you cant be un lucky every single day for an entire week. Eventually yo luck returns so never blow yo entire load the first time. If it goes bad, stop then wait aday or two then try again. Even asingle 10 pull per day over the course of the entire banner period will give better odds imo than blowing all 1k SQ day one.


Expectations: With almost 400 Quartz of course I will get Castoria Reality: Unlimited Kiyohime Works


It feels like she's on rate up. No other berserker showed up.


Odd, over here it was Darius III, Darius III, Darius III, and did somebody call for Darius III? No? Well he’s here anyway.


You really missed the joke by not calling them Darius III, Darius IV, Darius V and Darius VI


Alas, I didn’t even think of that, you are wittier than I.


Just went “rip” and went on levelling the four stars I got in these rolls Besides, there’s always LB6




Got Tamamo Caster. It seems like all of the artorias does not like at me all lolz. Edit: You know what f this I am lucky on the Gssr since I am blessed with not one but two ROMMMMAAAAAS!


I'm still chugging away in a futile attempt to get her in singles. If we get two rankups tomorrow that I can do, thats +14 sq... But like, I was pissed off earlier (not helping that today has just been entirely cursed all around outside of the game as well), now I'm just... Done. Dejected and mildly annoyed, but I've accepted that it's a gacha and such is the life of the gacha. NGL I'm more pissed off for somehow hitting that 6% chance of getting a support NP2 at this point... I'll still throw every sq/ticket I get at her banner until I either get her or it ends though. At least the new year's GSSR pool with Castoria has almost all wins (if overall mediocre) and only Lolinci could be a dupe, but NP2 for her is at least useful o.e


Currently at the Depression stage transitioning into Acceptance; after seeing multiple Gold Caster cards, and none of them being Castoria instead spooks like Anastasia, Tamamo, and a whole bunch of Circes. Also if I have to see that 4 star Anniversary CE one more time, I'm going to scream lol. Right now, I'm cleaning up Rank Ups, Free Quests and Interludes for some spare SQ; I also have Arash almost at Rank 11 Bond, so that's a free 30 right there. Not gonna give up after waiting for ages for her.


1k2 quarzt no castoria not a single SSR Spock... Just pain


I.... I got a rainbow spark and got a caster card but I got caster of the nightless after 300+sq and 20 tik.


330 Sq + 30 Tix = Napoleon spook (Castorialess)


My coping mechanism is grinding interludes and rank up quests right now, so far it’s not working.


900 sq and no castoria, just reading this makes me rage, in other games I can say at least it contributed to pity but there is no pity here right now


I'm going to be evicted due to the expenses and still didn't get her.


Still not over. Ten bonus tickets left, free 30 from login bonus that i am getting in two - three days... and i am farming free quests that should give me another 10 shot. Not much hope but... I spent around 200 sq, 15 tickets, plus everything for anniversary. Got my first Lang Ling and Laqsmibai, my first not limited NP5 SSR(Ozy as a spook) and Napoleon, which at least is new. So not a complete disaster such as as some stories i am reading here. But still missing the big price. Regardless, it wouldn'nt be a big miss for me. I have all the other big supports and i am doing fine with them for now. But i still would like her.


878SQ and 114 tickets here, got 16 SRs and literally no SSR servants. It was... certainly a ride. Best of luck in the round 2 if we get to it!


I though the S in SQ was a 5 for second lol


I feel you. 134 tickets and 800 sq with no SSR’s at all. I think Im just back to daily logins and easy sq/tix clears until her rerun. Im just personally doing other things as much as I can to slow down the malding.


This is me. I wasn't exactly swimming in currency, but with a total of 550 SQ + 60 tickets, I was supposed to have a chance. Not even a single SSR. Got Lanling, Fionn and Vlad. My NP4 Space Ishtar was super eager to have her own Castoria in the team... Did the same thing as you, too. Using the opportunity to level up my Paracelsus to have a stand in alongside my Tamamo+support Castoria in the mean time. Honestly considering buying a pack. I LOVE OG Saber, and her Caster version is no exception. Still have some hope, but after spending all I had, it's pretty hard not to feel destroyed and over with the game. Can't wait for the pity system, however flawed it may be.


I went through the same with Nero Caster. 1000 sq and got Altera. I can't guarantee that you'll feel better, but the dullness in your chest will ache a lot less as time goes by. You'll find some modicum of normalcy eventually. Perhaps you'll even have hope once her rerun comes back around. Just take it easy on yourself.


As a hardcore Arts lover, I offer this small consolation- you do not need her. She's great, but I have had TREMENDOUS success up to this point with Tamamo, Bride, Lan Ling, even CasGil and Paracelsus. Arts is replete with fantastic supports, and even if one breaks the game, all of them make it possible.


That and a support castoria still super charges any arts team. The only problem is going to be forced supports.


I once failed 700sq no Skadi and 900sq no Jalter (meihousou banner), i feel ya


Herc and shishou soften the pain


It hurts, but it hurt even more when I got literally the fucking worst GSSR pull I could get not even 2 minutes after not getting her, including my very own fourth copy of Ash. Mind you, the first three copies I got while failing to get Arjuna Alter, so not only is he at level 1, but I was actually on the verge of burning all his copies when I saw him appear. It felt like a bit of a disgusting joke. I've been looking forward to this anniversary for so long, and it ended up being probably the worst day I've had with this game since I started 1 and a half years ago. Felt completely defeated. The thought of leaving the game didn't even cross my mind because having recently been blessed with two of my favourite servants in Merlin and Melt really gave me a motivation to keep going, but man, it really felt like getting kicked in the balls in your own birthday. Lost a lot of love for the game today.


I remember when ishtar first came out on NA, I spent all my SQ, like 700 at the time and didn't get anything. I felt awful after that and left the game for like 4 years. I think taking a break and just walking away for a bit is for the best (doesn't have to be for 4 years lol). I wish you luck in your next pulls!


Holy... Its very depressing to see how many failed with so many sq saved. Meanwhile there are still some *guys* still post "castoria in one pull" outside the roll thread. "*sigh"* Get well soon guys, luck may come when you least expect it


806SQ. 36 tickets. Nothing but SR spooks. I even got 3 fucking Caster spooks. Fuck. I know there's still the 10 tickets, but I'm no longer hopeful. I tried BG Space Ishtar (NP1) with Lanling, Paracelsus, and support Castoria. Doesn't cut it. She doesn't refund enough to loop. I guess I'll have to sacrifice a damage if I want to loop. Maybe I'll give BG another shot once I get Lanling to Bond 10. Now, I know she gets another run, but this puts me at a conundrum. Her next banner is pretty close to Anniversary, which puts her pretty close to Koyanskaya. I've always loved the red cards more than blue. Some of my favorite servants are buster. But arts looping is pretty damn powerful with Castoria. And since they're so close in release I'll have to pick between Koyanskaya or Castoria. Ultimately the lesson I learned from this mess is that before pity is implemented, saving is pointless. If a servant wants to come home, they'll come home quick. If they don't, no amount of SQ will ever be enough.


600+sq, the dream still contuines, til her banner ends.


Needed this thread. I was so salty, and then it just turned into depression. My most anticipated banner with 500 sqs saved and I got shafted so hard T.T


I know it's kinda too late to say this, but usually after using like 300sq if i feel i am being really unlucky i would just stop and come back after a few hours or even a day sometimes. So yeah never use all your sq in a single session. Well regardless hardluck and hopefully you can still manage to get her !


Spent enough to hit the pity for two banners. Tried sleeping it off and thought it was a nightmare when I woke up ...until it wasn't. Such a shame the gold fous and grails will gather dust now


I swear I woke up this morning thinking the banner was today and that the pulls from yesterday were just a bad dream.


At least I finally got Stheno and Banana. The 10 tickets bonus is after Sunday?


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Reading the comments here is utterly the most depressing thing I've read in the last few months. Holy shit, I hope you guys recover from this and I hope you all get her within the log-in tickets.


i spent like 300 sqr and 40 tickets and didnt even get a 5\*... i feel you


Rip my 300+ sq and 30 tix


Spent 500+ sq on this banner forget about castoria I didn't get a single 4* servant is this normal or am I cursed, only saving grace that stopped me from uninstalling the game was the gssr got the one servant I wanted spishtar, but without castoria her full capabilities might not be reached


Had 400+ SQ, 35+ tickets, 1xxx fragments. All gone now. Acquired 2 Lakshimi Bai, 2 Nitocris, a Lan Ling, and an Elizabeth Lancer. Hoping I can beat LB5 in time for more SQ... >\_>;


Back to Quick meta we go


I only had the hoard that anniversary gave me, and said hoard did not net me a Castoria. I'm hoping that whatever else I get during the next two weeks might help me get her, but right now I'm resigned to the fact that I probably won't pull her. My bigger concern is while I'm fine with trying again during future GSSRs, she'll be competing with Voyager for those slots, and I'm not sure if saving for Space Baby's White Day rerun is worth the salt risk given all the horror stories I hear about failed gacha hoards. Would it even be worth the risk to go cold turkey on summoning once the Summer Camp event is over, or should I just do what I've always done and spend all my quartz and tickets immediately when I get them? I've been able to bounce back from Voyager's first run and this pretty easily, but I'm scared of the pain that failing after saving for months on end could bring. On the flip side, if I DID get him, I could use whatever's left over to save for Castoria and the LB6 cast, so I'm torn. Anyone got any tips?


Pure F2P here, and also someone who likes to roll on a lot of banners. I have this "weather proverb" that servants either get summoned in the first 2-3 multis or not at all. It's a nice middle ground because 90sq is a decent amount of firepower, but not hard to cobble together. If I know there's an interesting banner in the future, I make sure I meet that baseline and any surplus I receive is fair game for whatever catches my attention in the meantime—if anything does. If not, then hey, more quartz for the important banner. Maybe something like that works for you?


I didn’t get Castoria today, and though I was mostly rolling because she’d be good to add for more variety in my (fairly basic) team comps, I still found myself upset after all my anniversary quartz went up in smoke. This is now going to serve as a lesson that I shouldn’t spend loads of quartz rolling for servants i don’t absolutely love 💀 at least I’ve got the gssr to look forward to though! And I shall be looking ahead to summer with my demolished savings.


My Paracelsus has been given a bond grail. At least with appends early and support Castorias a lot of build possibilities are still open