I picked Year 3 becausr I wanted Sigurd I got Skadi instead Task failed succesfuly I guess?


Rolled Y5 hoping for anyone other than Ruler Artoria and Da Vinci (np2). As for 4 stars I didn't have anyone except for Osakabehime and Carmilla since I had to use 1200sq for a single S. Musashi last year. Ended up min-rolling Ruler Artoria and Np4 Carmilla. Amazing waste of 20 bucks 😑


Rolled 2 SSRs: Jalter and Nero Bride. https://imgur.com/a/JSQmznh I know that a lot of people would be overjoyed with this roll, but I only chose the first banner hoping for one of the male servants (either Sakata or Gilgamesh). I still happy that I got 2 SSRs though! Can't complain too much!


Btw I got Avenger Nobu and a swimsuit Ushi from GSSR While I like Nobu, but it's going to be a bit troublesome since I don't want to roll for Koyanskaya myself. Ah well, Koyanskaya + Oberon + a 30% charge CE at least should be my minimum for farming setups assuming there's at least 1 wave with only 1 enemy for Nobu to Buster crit down with Magus MC assistance


With the paycheck on hand I decide to buy some quartz for the GSSR, I have the unusual ritual of using my cat to summon for me (she has more luck that I will ever have) and lo and behold the best roll of all my time playing. [She used 3 of her 9 lives for this](https://imgur.com/a/WFgZ0F8)


[GSSR Result](https://imgur.com/a/CQ5zQ6n) I was torn between year one for void shiki, year 4 for kama+MHXX, and year 5 for space ishtar and archer osakabehime or assassin okita but I ultimately decided to go with year 5 as I had the smallest chance for a dupe and yang guifei, super orion and romulus would be welcome additions. Overall I'm really happy with the results.


[Got Da Vinci (Rider), Yang, Summer Carmilla and Kijyo](https://imgur.com/BVSecP9). Not a bad way to return to the game tbh, even though I was going for Summer Musashi or Space Ishtar, this isn't too bad at all.


Got Hijikata and NP2 Ruler Martha. Could be worse ~~I wanted Casgil~~


Got Archer Osakabehime (NP6 so rip) and Bersserker Musashi (NP2 yay!!) I'd say worth it despite the 4 stars, I really wanted np2 Musashi.


I'm officially loved by Archers. Got Sei and Calamity Jane. Pretty happy all things considered.


Rolled on 5th year banner since it was the one with no characters that I had, and I told myself I would be happy with everyone except Ruler Artoria... Ahaha 🤡


[GSSR Result](https://i.imgur.com/H2jGRy1.jpeg) Finally decided to do a GSSR after two years of playing. Didn't have any hopes or expectations after my terrible castoria rolls. So getting 3 SSRs and 2 SRs had me shook.


Holy shit


[A tierlist I made](https://i.imgur.com/fCWjoHN.png) [GSSR Result](https://i.imgur.com/6VEfXLi.jpg) Just like Thanos once said: "Perfectly balanced, as all things should be..." (I don't dislike/hate Ibaraki Douji. She's adorable, but I am quite literally flooded with lancers.)


Made a post separately and couldn’t find the thread on mobile cause I’m blind. Lol. Got this roll as the last roll for the event. [What a wild ride](https://imgur.com/a/sHl0f0K)


Managed to get Space Ishtar which I was aiming for. Setting Summer Ishtar in my room helped as a catalyst. Summer Carmilla as a 4 star. To my surprise got a second 5 star, Yang Guifei. A surprise, but a welcome one. 1 Prisma Cosmos as well. Pretty good roll. Increasing My Frendo NP is also a good bonus.


[GSSR Result](https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/803872648248819713/993463965659189258/Screenshot_2022-07-04-14-30-35-30_577bcc70c040536a6d306ef99c704547.jpg?width=1440&height=648) Wanted Musashi NP2, Space Ishtar NP2 or either one of the Grands for my 5* with Astolfo being the least wanted. In terms of 4* unit, anyone barring Carmilla because she's NP4 but Melt and Caenis were my most wanted picks. And I got Grand Archer. And Melt. And Caenis. NP3 Osakabehime too I guess. I've rolled 2 SSRs during a GSSR but I'd say this is probably my best one so far.


Got Summer BB, which was the one new servant I didn't want, but I did get MHXX, so I consider the GSSR a win regardless.


Did my GSSR today. I was missing all the characters of the 5th banner except for Altria Ruler and Da Vinci Rider. *Of course*, I get the dupe Da Vinci Rider, who now sits a NP2...which is not bad, but it's so infuriating because I would have preferred something else. As if it wasn't enough, I got a Calamity Jane, just to remind me of the failure of Spishtar many months ago. Now she's NP5 Honestly, with such a bad GSSR, I won't probably roll it anymore, especially when I see people getting two or three SSR, an both being the ones they actually wanted.Yes, I'm salty.


Np3 spishtar. Wished for new ssr. Kinda mixed feeling about this..


Got Voyager np3 and summer Camilla, he was previously np2 but since he decided to come home a third time, I took it as a sign to grail him to 100. I previously wasn't planning to grail anyone ever but... he's a good boy and deserves my grails (plus it's easier now with the x5 exp). Was hoping for summer musashi or space ishtar but ehhh it's okay. Next gssr I'm going to try for skadi


Got Kama! After multiple GSSRs with nothing but dupes or meh servants, I finally got one that I want!


Got Super Orion, Summer Melt and Calamity Jane!! Super happy about that!


Got 5 star Jarcher on GSSR. Was a bit disappointed as I already had her. Then, my last pull of the GSSR was also a 5-star. Kama. That's great; I don't have her yet and she was one of my top 3 wants of the banner (Kama, godJuna, and Mothman). Probably my best GSSR pull ever and I have done these for a few years.


Got Super Orion and 2 Car-millas Quite happy given I was 50/50 on hoping for him or ROMA


I did year 5 and got Saint Seiya Roma and summer Melt. I am happy with that.


I’m curious- what were generally considered the BAD 5* possibilities on these banners? Like what would widely be considered a disappointment? I’m new and ignorant so I’m not sure how well I did but [I think I did fine](https://imgur.com/a/uuWmrIk), but I wouldn’t even know what to be unhappy about getting lol.


While not necessary 100% accurate, you can consult the fgo gg 5 star tier lists to see what are good and bad pulls. https://gamepress.gg/grandorder/servant-tier-list The biggest caveats are: 1. Generally, it is better to have variety to cover a wider range of scenarios. So, if you already have Mordred, then pulling another AOE Saber is less important than pulling an AOE Archer (even if the Archer is of a slightly lower tier rank). 2. Some of the rankings assume you have the correct supports, so YMMV if you don't have them. (e.g. Dantes works very well with Skadi comps but not as well standalone due to his lack of NP self-charge battery). 3. Also consider lower tier equivalents. e.g. Ushi is a very good ST Rider, so many ST Riders are comparable if not worse to her.


You did fine. Can't complain about multiple gold servants. You also got one of the best limited 3* units in Asclepius, a great supporting unit for a new player. Pair him with Mash and a dps unit (ideally with an Arts deck/NP, like with your new Beni-Enma, but friend dps servants also work well), make arts chains when possible (three arts cards (including NP cards) will boost the NP gauge of every unit whose card was involved by 20% in addition to boosting arts card damage and np gain), and you have what amounts to a near undying composition between all the healing, debuff cleansing, guts, etc.


Wasn't going to do the GSSR this event since I am only interested in Arjuna Alter or Kama and I already have Jeanne Archer, BB Summer and King Protea. I have only 20% chance of getting one of the two servants. Finally said yolo and I got KAMA!!!


How do you purchase quartz outside the region (Uk resident trying to pay on Na)


UK resident here. Just using a UK bank debit card worked for me. Pay Pal did not work. Using an Android phone.


I just made it possible, only option is to buy itunes gift cards if you are on ios (i bought from g2a) redeem them on your us account but beware that there is i think a 10% increased price so you should buy 18 dollars giftcard (15 +3) also make sure those gift cards are for united states.


PayPal, if you have it, works fine.


My PayPal unsuccessful on Android


Do you need to do it on a american or would it work on a uk account( ideally apple but can make a google pay account)


Not sure how it is on Apple unfortunately. PP account can be from anywhere.


Do you know how it is on android


Right so I *thought* that getting Castoria so easily was life's little way of paying me back for having such a terrible week at work last week, but then I got Voyager on the GSSR, who was one of the two servants I was really hoping for, and it seems that what *actually* happened was that I just sacrificed real life luck for my pulls, because holy hell last night was terrible. Still stoked to have Voyager though.


Even though I borderline ragequit from spending my entire last 1.5 year F2P savings on Castoria and getting NOTHING AT ALL, I spent the extra $5 to get up to 15 quartz and do a GSSR *(because god knows with my luck this is the only way I can get one)*. Best outcome was from the Kama/Arjuna/BB/Jarcher banner; in that order. **[Sima Yi.](https://i.imgur.com/7xFmR8e.png)** I don't even know who this, and honestly don't care. Seems she's a high tier rated support now, but I **just** got Zhuge with that free ticket 2 months ago, who's still better, and the last thing my mediocre offensive roster needs is yet another support (who's shockingly not a caster). Last time was Kingprotea while aiming for Kama/Arjuna/Merlin once again. I've used her **once**, in the recent re-run of SERAPH. Before that was Iskandar, one of the worst 5* riders at the time (and my first). He's better now with good NP power, sure, and was one of the prominent cast in Fate Zero which I like, but still, not my target. Before that was Archuria, also my first 5* archer. Can't even remember who I was trying to get, but I already had Chloe from the then recent re-run event, who performed better for me. Still no Merlin, Gilgamesh or Ereshkigal, who I've attempted pulling for half a dozen banners each. *(waver was here too)* Meanwhile people in this thread posting double 5*'s and both were god tier (or their wanted) servants. Why do I torture myself with gachas..


eh u should prob find a diff game because ur luck isnt horrible....


Reines can be better than Waver in many cases. In farming team, she gives more ATK bonus than him, while in CQ, her Invincible buff + NP effect turns enemy damage into neutral is a game-changer sometimes


Sima Yi is really good and gives 50% NP charge like Waver. She may not loop like Castoria system but she can still make your farming life easy by pairing with Waver and having the same effect. Just pull a Castoria off the support list or other supp.


Shitty anniversary GSSR again. I got Sherlock, who was my 3rd worst pick. I like his character but as a playable servant he's meh to me. Thank god it wasn't Abigail at least. This plus no Castoria makes this whole thing so shitty. I hate anniversary now, 2 years in a row it's been shit.


Wanted dinosaur oni, so rolled on Y5. Got Yang Guifei and Assassin Okita, instead. I always roll GSSR first because I know it will screw me over and the Anniversary servant will show up quickly after.


3rd year or 5th year... this is hard to pick for me.


What are you between?


I just used the banner tool and it seems that those two banners would be my best options. I ended up picking the 5th year and getting Summer LArtoria Ruler and NP2 4* Summer Carmilla. Not what I wanted but I don't hate it.


I rolled for the Year 5 one, and I got [This](https://imgur.com/a/mtMhHcO)


This is the most amazing non-SSR luck I've seen!


He REALLY wants to be your friend haha. Good on pulling Da Vinci!


Couldn't decided, did the math and found that Year 1 was the cycle i had the fewest 5 stars from, and the most i'd like to get dupes for. Got my 3rd Okita copy out of that, which is the dupe i wanted the most.


Y5, Carmilla and Romulus=Quirinus. Was kinda bummed, honestly I really wanted Voyager. I just watched the video showcase of Romulus though and i'm so excited to level him now though. just after i finally leveled karna to 90 though...


Went Y5 because there was less chance to get fucked if I got someone I wasn’t hoping for, was hoping for any SR that wasn’t on summer Musashi’s banner. Summer Oki acquired. Yay. But the 5 star was my 3rd copy of Space Ishtar, my main all purpose ~~flour~~ farmer. So I’ll goddamn take it BONUS: Buddy rolled Y5 for the same reason and was only dreading Sei Shonagon, Saber Astolfo, and Jet Okita. Everyone else or literally anyone else would’ve been super W. He got Sei and Jet Okita. 😞🥵 But he did get Castoria in 3 multis so we still eating good on this day.


I wanted Space Ishtar. I got Space Ishtar. Life is good.


[Holy shit](https://imgur.com/a/2xwP9ni$)


I was struggling between Year 4 and Year 5, but I decided on Year 4 because of fewer dupes. For the first time on the GSSR, I got two different brand new SSRs in Kama and Avenger Nobu. Also, Red Hare who I apparently never had...? A little bummed I didn't pull a 4-star tho.


Hold on, the GSR for this Anniversary literally GUARANTEES a 4 star. How did you not get one? Are you sure you maybe didn't notice it?


Here is the [roll](https://imgur.com/a/QkLNaUW) I looked at the News tab's GSSR article and it says it guarantees a 5-star and one 4-star or above. So my chance at the 4-star ended up as Avenger Nobu. It's a bit of a bummer because I was hoping for MHXX or Astraea to pop out.


Does anyone know how I can buy the SQ for the gssr while I'm from Europe? PayPal doesn't work for me. And I thought you could create a American Google play account so that I can redeem a USA play store code on that, but I don't know how to successfully make a USA play store account. Can anyone help me? Thanks!


Another year, another GSSR that I don't get what I want(wanted S.Musashi, Space Ishtar, another Rider DaVinci, and S.Melt. Got Super Orion, whom I REALLY don't care for even if he's super good), another year of wishing they stopped fucking jerking me around and just let me PICK WHO I WANT! This is the only gacha game I know and play that let me pay for the chance to get what I want for a GSSR instead of letting me pay to pick. I bet its gonna take til the 10th fucking anniversary for them to FINALLY relent and let us do that.


id uninstall too fk that


Bro you can be glad FGO at least has GSSR unlike other games lmao 15$ for a 5 Star is a real gift compared to other gachas haha


Genshin Impact, a game that makes 100 millions a month doesn't even have a gssr anniversary or new year event. Just a 10 pull on anniversary 🤣


I'm new at the game, so I was wondering if you would pick the one of ereskigal or the one of musashi?


Gssr are highly valuable so definitely pull on it. If you want to see if a particular character has a future banner in the next 2 years. I like to type their name in google and search them on the site grandorder.wiki. Then click on the campaigns tab. Other than New Year and Anniversary Gssr. Ereshkigal might have 2 upcoming. 1 to celebrate Grand carnival release around October 2023 (They might change this banner since it would sound weird celebrating a show releasing 2 years ago) and January 2024 with Ishtar. https://grandorder.wiki/Ereshkigal/Campaigns In this game, almost all the servant are viable even year 1 servant due to the company buffing the servant. Though most meta units would be in year 4 and year 5. Meta is really about characters farming the fastest. Also, if you are new, Castoria is a must pull. She is in a class by herself and will make your life so much easier. The only servant I would even say is a must pull for new players. She would make most servants viable for new players


Is possible to get her? I only have 200 quarz and it's a 5 stars servant :/


It's possible but low. People spent 1000 SQ and got nothing. If there is one servant to try to get, it is Castoria. People been saving 2 years to get her. She is in tier EX+ by herself. Just a some videos [Keichaldea](https://youtu.be/O7hQAW3Lb_4) [ZTL](https://youtu.be/HK2Y4UpF6pY) I remember starting the game and had 210 SQ. I used it all up to try summon Scathach but got nothing, I was so mad. But it is the way of the gacha game I learned.


Don't pick a GSSR pool just based on one servant. You have a very small chance of getting that particular one - you likely will be disappointed. All of the pools are good in some way, pick whichever has the most appeal to you. 4 or 5 are overall considered to have the highest concentration of gameplay picks, if that interests you, but there is no BAD option here.


Oh I see thanks


All SSRs are generally useful in some way, so just be open minded. Pick the pool that's most likely to make you happy.


Contrary to my Castoria luck [my bad GSSR streak continues](https://imgur.com/a/hts5gt5). I don't think I've getting anything I wanted from my GSSRs past New Year 2018. NP2 Voyager was not what I wanted from this. I don't have a majority of the 5\* from the 2021-22 pool, which includes Orion, Quirinus, Summer Musashi and Yang Guanfei. Would even have taken an NP upgrade for S.Ishtar for the FGO equivalent of a life insurance. That being said a Koyo that I didn't have before makes up for this (who didn't show when I was spending some tickets on the Requiem banner).


Picked year 4, mostly because Arjuna Alter wasn't going to have a non GSSR banner for 2 years, and Space Ishtar has 1 next year. Pulled King Protea then Arjuna Alter. Not bad, not bad at all.


King Protea is not meta at all but I pulled and got her on her recent banner just for her adorableness


Picked the newest year https://imgur.com/De8IKxz It's like the game know I only have one main class that don't have a SSR - Lancer. Still would prefer getting Orion instead.


I chose to do year 5, casue I wanted Melt, Space Ishtar or Summer Musashi. ​ I got Melt(Np2) and Voyager!


Just wanted Reines from the year 4 banner. Managed to get Reines, Qin and Kama, pretty whacky luck. [Results](https://imgur.com/a/fJZVRKP)


I picked Year 4 (I think) and got my first copy of Kingprotea and my second copy of Arjuna Alter along with my first copy of Red Hare and Asclepius. That's pretty good in my book.


decided to finally spend some money on the game, both to try and get servants i really wanted and also to support the game. rolled on year 2 as im missing almost all of the SSRs on it, and really wanted merlin or the old man. unfortunately didn't pull either of them, but I got 2 new SSRs from the single multi; Da Vinci caster, and moriarty (and my 3rd copy of emo emiya), so not overly disappointed.


Picked the year 5 GSSR since it had the most servants I didn't have and some I would like extra copies of (s. Ishtar, Musashi, etc., Ruler Artoria, etc.), ended up getting Rider Da vinci, 4 copies of Mandricardo, some CEs, and a Carmilla rider. Very happy with this outcome. I will definitely be using Da Vinci for Castoria looping


Kind of bad luck on Year 5. Got a dupe of Spishtar and lambda (I have NP6 lambda already), but I did manage to get my first Calamity Jane. ​ Obviously Spishtar is good to have more NP levels for, but I really would've preferred either a new servant or another Summer Musashi.


Rolled Year 4, hoping for Murasaki... got NP2 QSH instead. And my first summer Medb. I do like the Emperor, but I can't help feeling... let down? Which probably isn't a valid feeling given that this is the GSSR. Whatever Servant you pull, it is what it is, y'know? But I've been chasing Murasaki for ages, and I really wanted to avoid rolling on her download banner...


Dude same here. Qin was the only servant I didn't want as I already have him and Np2 Murasaki would've been great for me cause her damage is low at Np1. The reason it hurts so much is Qin has a non damaging Np and going from Np1 to Np2 is not that much a big difference for him as it would've been for someone else. And I hope you get her soon(the new years gssr has a 25% chance of getting Murasaki).


After a long hiatus, decided to come back for Castoria. After I got her fairly quickly, decided to open up the wallet for the GSSR. I was debating between year 4 & 5, but figured I would do year 5 for a shot at another copy of Space Ishtar. Did not get her, but got Sei Shounagon, and Yng Guifei. Not on my top for sure, but I'll take 2 SSR's any day. Plus, got to NP2 my copy of summer Okita. Quantity over quality for this banner and I'm okay with it!


Decided to do Year 3 despite it not having the best servants because I had no SSRs from that year, and I really don't like dupes after I got my 2nd Illya from last summer's GSSR. Got Semiramis, which wasn't my top pick, but I'll take it cause I needed an AoE Assassin and her animations are nice. Funniest thing was that my brother got Semiramis from last Summer's GSSR, but then he got Illya this year! Couldn't believe we got each other's servant an exact year later!


I decided to do the gssr this time since I didn't have any of the year 5 servants. Got Sei Shonagon...I'm so salty right now, this is probably the worst way it could have gone, who is worse from this selection? ruler artoria? *sigh*


Got my Kama to Np2 which is nice since now I dont have to pull on the Ooku rerun. My 4 star was summer banana, too bad I probably pulled 10+ of her during Oniland rerun..


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Arts keeps on ballin with mine. Second copy of space ishtar, second copy of dinomom and mothaflippin lancer melt.


Rolled on year 5 and got Voyager, Summer Carmilla, and Caenis. Really happy with my roll and especially with Voyager, however still mad that I spent 600+ sq when he came out and didn't get him.


Picked up 4th year cuz I wouldn't mind pulling any of the servants, despite already having Kama and Murasaki. Targets were Bird and Summer Jeanne In the end i got Kama so now she's np2 wich is fine since i was debating whether or not should I pull on her coming banner, so i can safely throw my sq for DaVincy and Summer Abby. On the 4 star i got Diarmud, wich would be ok if this wasn't my np6 copy smh


I spoktaneously roll for loli-vinci despite summer being around the corner, and got her three multi yay!. Still have over a 1,000 sq for Summer Illya and Abby. IDGAF that Abby Summer relied to much on debuff (with one being a worst stun) which is bad for farming and stupid immune buff cq, bc waifu > meta.


I'm honestly having a hard time choosing between Year 4 and Year 5. Those are the best options for me IMO because I only have one limited five star servant from each of those years (Mothman from Year 4 and Rider Vinci from Year 5). The fact that my only top tier meta support is now a newly acquired Castoria leans me towards that as well. I actually like a lot of the servants from both years, the only ones I wouldn't be as thrilled about are Saber Astolfo, Ruler Artoria, and Kama (considering I already have both Carmilla and Jack, I think Kama's niche is filled for me). Protea is also not a favorite of mine but at least she'd be my first Alter-Ego. Do you guys have any suggestions on which of the two banners to roll for?


Jack and carmilla doesnt fill up kamas niche. Kama has too much cracked mechanics going on for her to be compared to them.


Sure, but especially with out Skadi, I have no use for a Quick ST Assassin like her considering who I already have.


Oh so u dont have skadi. All the more reason to have a kama. Her self sufficiency will shine right through. Love jack but kama is a straight up upgrade.


I mean, I did say Castoria is the only top meta support I have. I do have to wonder though, how does not possessing Skadi cause more of a reason to own Kama? Wouldn't it be less so?


oh now i think i get ur point. Im assuming u think shes like scathach or dantes where theyre full jank if u dont have skadi. Kama isnt one of those servants. She has a 50% battery, stupidly good survivability and an np that stacks quick buff and potentially locks down bosses with charm. The quick buff stack on the np is mainly my reason why u dont need skadi to see her destructive power. And now that you said you have castoria, absolutely delightful! Kama has a concerningly good synergy with her!


Entirely up to you and what you want. If you don't want kama and you're looking for servants to pair with castoria, year 5 is probably your best bet because it's got rider da Vinci, space Ishtar and summer Musashi. Have you considered looking at what four stars are in those banners?


Picked Year 4. BB and Beni-Enma were the only possible dupes and I'd be okay with anyone but the latter. I don't use Beni-Enma while BB, on the other hand, is always welcome in my Chaldea 'cause I'd like to use her as an offensive unit. I was really nervous because the last three GSSRs were dupes (two of them were NP3) and I just wanted a somewhat more exciting outcome for a change. [Here's the result!](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FW-wvNbWIAAeSGg?format=jpg&name=large) I rolled a great SSR but Yu being finally home makes me even more happy! Oh, and 2030 is a great bonus! Happy anniversary, everyone! :D


Picked Year 4 because I only have Maou Nobu and I want every one but Reines. I got Reines. I hate this fucking gacha so much. Literally every GSSR, I always get the one character I DONT want.


My condolences; that must be a rotten feeling.


I can relate. Not only did I get the specific ones I didn't want each year, I almost always got dupes. 1st: NP2 Vlad on the cavalry banner where I wanted 8/10 servants (ie anyone but him and xuanzang) 2nd: NP2 Xuanzang on caster banner where I wanted 3/4 servants (ie anyone but her) 3rd: NP3 Artoria in the pool which included every single five star up until then. So not only was it not a limited servant, not only was it a dupe, it was basically the most vanilla option possible. 4th: NP3 Quetz. Don't even remember the chances of that, but they weren't good and I got hit anyway. I didn't even bother remembering any of the rest but I know for a fact that I was disappointed each time.


They used to have permanent servants in gssr? Oh man that in itself is terrifying.


And they used to cost 30 sq instead of 15. And you didn't get guaranteed a 4 star.


HOLY 30 SQ???? Im a year old player so i know the sr is just implemented now but goddamn are gssrs in the past dogshit.


Tbh FGO's gacha in general is pretty dogshit lol The GSSR was always one of the least egregious aspects imo. But yeah, the fact that they've made it better, while good, also kinda makes me regret even rolling on them before these changes. Goes double so since I never got anything good until recently.


...I feel I should have opted for one of the other banners instead. Got Spishtar and Summer NEET both NP2 dupes. Ah well, they're still very solid servants and will be seeing use nonetheless, so I'll take it!


Initially I planned to roll GSSR for Jeanne Archer, and everyone except Nobu would be totally fine. Then, because of failing to get Castoria after 500 SQ + 30 tickets I refused to pay a sheesh. Today, because the event is so freaking hilarious (to me), and I have calmed down a little bit, I decided to spend money solely to support the writers (first time spending money on a gacha game). The result didn't dissappointed me at all. I got Lakshmi Bai (hey she totally looked like Jeanne sooo it's a win for me), NP2 Lan Ling (NP1 I got from pulling Castoria, great support so I can't complain) and Reines (Finally got my first 5* support *sniff sniff*). This made my day. Thanks you Lakshmi Bai and Reines.


Spent 720sq for Loli Vinci and she doesn’t come home, no other 5* as well :(


Is Summer BB good? Her kit looks fine (I guess ?) but is having her servant class being Moon Cancer an issue ?


She's quite a good unit. Damage is on the low side at NP1 due to her neutral classing, but I used her to farm dailies and waves 1/2 in regular nodes for a year without much issue, and her damage will do well against Berserkers. Her main gimmick is going to be the card lock, which will allow you to lock down the cards of your DPS and provide them with stars for 3 turns of that provided that nobody dies or gets swapped out. In my opinion she's also the best Moon Cancer you can take against an Avenger right now in NA, since the crits she can provide for herself along with locking down her own cards can allow her to just decimate them quickly and efficiently. With the Buster meta next year her viability will soar quite nicely, and her rank-up in around two years gives her an attack buff to help along her damage and 20 stars on her extra attack to really make her shine as the DPS with her cards locked down.


Rolled year 5 hoping for a spishtar or a Grand and got Yang, at least she can arts loop


[GSSR](https://imgur.com/a/Oz09wag) ayyy I'm in the double SSR for GSSR cool kids gang now even though both are NP2 dupes lol. I thought the gold saber card was gonna ba Lanling but hey nice surprise. Can't complain really.


I rolled the most recent [banner](https://youtu.be/lYTySB0TPOM?t=3545) and managed to get exactly who i wanted in the 5\* and who i needed in the 4\*. Very happy with that roll :)


Okay just gotten Summer Musashi, she good? Like... Her NP1 damage ain't really impressive...


i got her too as well as my own castoria she’s definitely more of a farming servant and not someone you take into a CQ since she loses 5000 hp with her third ability and a long CD on her evade skill


Bro her evade skill cool down is 4 turns.


berserkers run the risk of being one shot 4 turns unprotected is pretty bad especially if your guts is off cooldown


Hmmm i guess i get ur point. I still find it to have good value tho because its such a good "oh shit" button. And remember youll most definitely pair her with castoria so shes sheltered from crits and nps 80% of the time.


sometimes having a support castoria isn’t enough and not everyone has their own she is viable but just for the sake of being safe id rather take someone with a class advantage


Arts looping wise, she outdamages a NP1 Space Ishtar if that's what you are asking. However S.Ishtar is more consistent due to having a 50% battery. Also her having 12,712 ATK is pretty damn high if you ask me.


[No New but I appreciate the NP upgrades.](https://i.imgur.com/xM6V7SD.jpg) 1/3 more NP damage for Voyager, not having to choose between Append 1 and Append 2 for S. Orion, and just enough copies of Mandricardo to unlock his Append 2.


Is there a noticeable benefit to NP2 Super Orion or Yang? I'm struggling between the Year 4 or 5 banners, I was leaning towards Year 5 for S.Musashi, but I'll be risking four dupes and three servants I don't care for.


Overall that doesn't sound like a good banner for you, as the chance of getting Summer Musashi is very small. I'd go for another, personally, that has a smaller chance of disappointment.


rolled on year 4 mainly hoping for np2 kama but got reines instead. i have no idea how to use her so i think she'll be collecting dust for now


Yeah let her collect dust. Definitely not a cracked support servant.


She works like Waver, as a flexible 50% charger. Main differences are that skill/NP wise she is more defensive overall (targetable invuln and class disadvantage nullification is great when supporting or fighting against Berserkers), but she is also better for supporting single DPS looping setups due to her 40% attack up on S2. In the future she'll be able to fit into general NP spam teams and the Castoria-Merlin-x immortal team as she'll get an overcharge effect on her NP with her future buff.


ohhh i see, thank you sm for explaining her kit and usage!!


Rolled year 5, hoping for a good AoE arts servant (I figured that was S Ishtar, Musashi, Da Vinci rider, or Sei, probably in that order of preference), and not worrying too much about 4 star. Got S Ishtar and Mysterious Alter Ego Lambda - so pretty much all I could hope for - with two servants that meet the goal. When I also add in 1 Castoria and NP 2 DaVinci rider from about 500 saved quartz (and an additional 200+ in 5th anniversary bonuses) on the standard banners, and still having enough quartz (about 400) to at least have a shot at Kama when her event shows up (in a few weeks?) - I have to consider this a strong piece of evidence for the value of delayed gratification. Now just have to decide whether D'Eon, Lakshmi, and Martha (SR's summoned on the standard banner) are worth more as potential interlude/rank up quest targets, or just sold for prisms. Thanks to the RNGods, and the game devs.


Sei is Quick, actually.


After nearly 10 months without a single SSR since the MHX rerun where I got a Napoleon spook I did my GSSR and this was the result. [https://imgur.com/a/GCYnYn9](https://imgur.com/a/GCYnYn9) This is and probably will be the best roll of my entire career.


Rolled on Year 5 because I had no other units on there except for Summer Musashi. I really wanted Space Ishtar for WAIFU reasons. [Can’t say I’m disappointed nor am I excited either :’(](https://imgur.com/a/rgYCkIm) Voyager VFX is amazing though. Thoughts on him? 🥲


np3 melt so roll turn out ok https://imgur.com/a/A7FJhr6


I think that's the most SRs I've seen in a GSSR roll, let alone the most lancers I've seen in a roll in general. Good shit!


Did Y5 since I thought it was the most bang for the buck. Got Sei! Hope she’s useful


Picked year 4 as I was captivated by most of the servants on there--Beni Enma wasn't my main target, but she is cute enough and I'll be excited to level her up as my ST Arts Saber! Summer Ushi and Astraea were also pretty nice bonuses (esp since Astraea is my first Ruler) [My GSSR result](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/828836518411239454/993587042392997999/IMG_3244.png)


Is saber astolfo good?


He's fine, although his Terror gimmick isn't all that useful, IMO. His NP charge per turn is nice, and he can do a bit of damage.


Thanks for the info. I've almost got him to level 90, and he's pretty good so far


He's fine. I prefer Okita, but he does some damage.


Broke my f2p cherry and went for year 4 as it had the best odds of giving me something good. Got Benienma, a Saber Diarmud copy and Paisen. Beni was more on the "meh" side of the list, but I'll take it.


I don't even count buying a GSSR as breaking F2P, really. 15 bucks for a guaranteed 5 star in a game with NO really pity system is too good and affordable to pass up.


I ended up going for year 4 because I wanted Arjuna Alter, Summer Jeanne or Summer BB. I was expecting to end up with one SSR and one SR. [This is what happened](https://imgur.com/a/pFx5CBy) I can honestly say I have never had a roll like this. NEVER.


Summoned on year 5 and got Yang! Would’ve loved to get Voyager, but I love Yang’s design and she’ll be fun to use with Castoria in a certain berserker fight in Lostbelt 6.


Berserker Musashi dupe. Now she's NP3. Sheesh...


Got lancer Scathach on my roll along with Atalante. Burned all my quartz and tickets and got NP2 Castoria, burned all the pure prisms for needed mats… …only have 8,000 QP. Lol


Rolled on 2021-2022, got Voyager, S. Musashi and a surprise Melty. My 2 most wanted units out of the banner were musashi and voyager im so happy god bless your rolls everyone


For _one dang time_ in 3 years, I got the one servant I wanted the most. It was basically "please anyone but Astolfo, I beg you", with dreams and hopes to get a shot to NP2 S!Musashi (she still hasn't come back in Jp and I need her NP2 to get her to 120), but luckily **ROMA** (my second most desired and first copy, after a lot of disastrous roll on his first banner) came in her place. >!I guess now it was her time to guide him to his final destination!< SR was a lancer too, I was hoping for Melt actually but got Caenis instead (not bad, I'll give her a try while summoning for Morgan in the Vietnamese event). I also bought a 76 just to have more funds for Castoria, but didn't actually need to use the paid quartz, so I'm quite ready for next 2 GSSR (hoping they'll be as good as this one)


I put it on twitter but forgot to post it here. I went for the last year, hoping primarily for an upgrade to my NP1 SpIshtar. But the whole banner looked pretty good. Upgrades for Yuyu or SMusashi would be great, or Sei or daVinky for a new servant. First gold glow was a berserker: Musashi!! Very exciting, she’s my first NP4 SSR! Then some more gold! A lancer this time! I was hoping for Lambda since I’m still Meltless on this account, but it turned out to be Caenis 😒 meh, whatever, but at least Musashi made it a happy roll. I was accepting that as my result, but then another gold card popped up! An archer this time! Turns out it was Jane! So at least I got part of the SWII crew! Awesome result! Jane is great too, and I’m that much closer to a perfect Musashi! BUT!! Jane was only the 10th card! There was another.. [and it was gold!!](https://pbs.twimg.com/media/FW3_EtEWIBUKRPF?format=jpg&name=large) 🎉🎉🎉 >!Got two of my absolute favorite servants in one roll. Both dupes, but that’s exactly what I wanted: NP upgrades for both! It’s oddly fitting, I rolled on the 4th, and got mUSAshi and Calamity Jane, with her cowgirl crewmate!🇺🇸!< [{thread here}](https://twitter.com/underscorejo3y/status/1544163367107035137?s=21&t=-xCL2Ywl-tj0PBqtOv7Qtw)


Holy fuck that’s a nice roll. Congrats dude!


Thanks \^_\^ I think I’ve used up my luck for the next year or two between this and caltria


https://i.imgur.com/WmYldpo.jpg Was pretty satisfied to not get a dupe when Shikibu popped but did not expect Arjuna Alter to show up soon after!


Went for the 5th Year banner hoping for Space Ishtar as my 5\* and Okita Summer as my 4\*. Unfortunately, I got Voyager and Osakabehime Summer. I've heard good things about Voyager but still stings when you don't get who you want.


YEAAAAH BABY Castoria, Dioscuri, and Vlad after a handful of rolls


The last 2 anniversary GSSRs gave me Ereshkigal and Ereshkigal, so of course I have to go for Spishtar. It would be a perfect redemption considering I've thrown 1200 SQ at her and gotten nothing. And with my great luck in the Castoria banner, hopes were high! But alas, it was not to be so. But I did get my 2nd pick, Summer Musashi! And a Camilla, my top 4* pick! Today was a great day.


Rolled year 4 hoping for Reines or Arjuna and got Kama and KP with Summer Medb for a waifu sweep.


NP3 Jarcher might not sound too exciting, but it feels good that she will be firmly preferable vs sabers to my other more “neutral” loopers. It also let me unlock her neat anti-zerk A3 at a fairly low bond level. Most people would certainly not assume that I celebrate my NP6 rare prism summer Ibaraki, but she is my Lv100 DARLING and her servant coins were actually my first choice of SR on this banner <3 She *also* has an anti-zerk A3 that I can now (almost) unlock, having already done her extra attack, and focusing on superleveling her OG version. Muahaha. And a brand new XX! And a brand new Asclepius! Red Hare was already maxed. And next round I will have great odds at Kama/Arjuna/Murasaki. In conclusion, [I liked it.](https://imgur.com/a/J1DKGQH)


Went with Y5 for the hopes of finally getting Ruler Artoria, got another Spishtar instead oof np2


Went year 4 hoping for a Reines since I don't have her, got a dupe of kaiju daughter so I'm not too upset. Kind of annoyed that she showed up here instead of when I was rolling her banner, but a win is a win.


Thinking about rolling on banner 1 because of Gil, should i do it? I started playing yesterday.


Absolutely not. Gil gets so many solo banners it isn't even funny and the year one pool is the most dilute, making it even harder to pull him. You really wanna pull year 4 or 5 and use the pure prisms that you'll get doing the main story to grab the materials to power them up if you get a good one.


thank you very much for your answer, i will keep that in mind!


Happy to help. Sorry the answer probably wasn't what you wanted, but I hope you enjoy yourself nonetheless.


i'm really enjoying the game even without Gil! someday i will get him so i have no worries


If you want, I can add you to my friends list and you can use mine as a surrogate.


I would love to! My user ID is 783,112,813


Sent. IGN is the same as here, lv100 10/10/10 Gil with MLB Starry Nights in the archer slot.


Went for the 2020-21 banner, because Reines was the only one from that group I already had. Ended up with summer BB, plus NP boosts for Red Hare, Asclepius, and Banana (Lancer). Not bad at all.


It took about 600 SQ but Castoria is here! I've been saving up for over a year and still have a bank of over 500 for Shirou! For the GSSR I wanted Ishtar or Arthur, ended up with Cleopatra and an NP boost for Emiya Alter. Meh. I was also spooked by Odysseus and an Astolfo NP boost while rolling for Castoria. I didn't even know Odysseus was in the game beforehand (I admittedly have fallen off pretty hard over the last year) so no idea if he's good or not.


I picked Y5, because I literally had none of the 5*s on it so I had no chance to lose. I got Sei, who I wasn't particularly after, but will gladly take nonetheless.


first time spending the money on the game after 4 years of playing, rolled on year 4 and got beni emma AND summer BB


Entered banner 3 hoping for a Foreigner. Came out with a summer UMU. Eh, could've gone worse


Debated for over 48hrs about the decision. Finally got the courage to go for 4th year and try for Kama or Arjuna and finally get them maybe. It was nearly painful spending money for SQ now after the previous GSSRs fucked me with Scathath, who got burned immediately, and Ilya who just became NP2. Got that stupid librarian with teflon boobs, the one unit I didn't want, again, 3 GSSRs in a row now. At least I have more Rare Prisms for whatever. And Bikini Ibaraki too, so that's something. GSSRs are a fucking scam.


Rolled Banner 5 since I didnt have any of the servants on it, especially hoping for Super Orion, Romulus, Summer Musashi or Spishtar. After being given an NP12 Mandricardo I ended off with Ruler Artoria. She's cool too


> of annoyed that she showed up here instead of when I was rolling her banner, but a win is a win. I took the extra np12 mandricardo as a catalyst sign for Castoria, I leveled him up and threw a multi; castoria was the first in my roll.


I went for Year 5, and my result was a shiny new Yang Guifei! Calamity Jane and a second copy of Rider Carmilla came along for the ride. Not a bad roll, all told!


Year 4 was my best choice for maximizing nondupes (only dupes were Reines and Jeanne, whom I have at NP 2). I've gotten a lot of dupes in GSSRs and I really did not want NP2 Reines. Thankfully, I got Kama and Yu, both of whom are new, and I like both. Though now I feel obliged to get Xiang Yu to reunite them.


Rolled on year 3 because the odds of getting a dupe is really small, but the odds won and give me an NP2 skadi.


>NP2 skadi Oof Most unfortunate:/


OOF. Got Saber Medb and Nobunaga. Already have Medb NP5 (she was really the ONLY one I desperately didn't want) and Nobunaga was also the only SSR I didn't want. Not really that salty honestly I'm happy for a new unit even if I don't much care for Nobunaga. Still gonna level her and fou her.


She can buster loop after getting her newest buff if that's consolation enough for you.


TFW you tried for spishtar or zerker musashi and you got saber astolfo -_-


Is it a crime to be happier by the 4* than the 5*? i rolled on requiem event to get kyjyo koyo and got 2 voyagers instead. I rolled GSSR and got ANOTHER VOYAGER but i managed to get kyjyo. So kinda win


Gave in to GSSR and chose Year 4. I am hoping to get new SSR (Reines, Beni or KP), though I will also be happy with dupes SSR (Junao, Kama, Jarcher). And I got Avenger Nobu(new) and Arjuna Alter(NP2)!! I also got NP2 Paisen! Thank you lasagna, you made someone happy today. :)


Good on you! Congrats!


Went on Banner 4 hoping for either Kama or Arjuna Alter, ended with Beni Enma which I’m extremely happy for!! I remember really putting in quartz for her both times because of how adorable she is and was upset when I didn’t get. Man, the last cutscene when she met the old man again hit me in the feels. I’m so glad she came to my Chaldea, now the kitchen crew has a new helper, and Tamamo, Tomeo, and Okki no’s have to deal with their teacher again.


Rolled for Skadi, got Caster Nero. Not ideal, but I do like Nero so it works out


Got shafted ... I mean saber astofo ... Outch


bruh i havent had a single good gssr ever. all of them suck lmao


I feel you. From all GSSR i rolled, i only felt satisfied by one. Rest was bad to ok.


Year5 banner with the odds being 50% dupe (worst case) and 40% jackpot 10 good% I landed on voyager which was the 10% so I am quite happy even without hitting caenis or home but hey, the odds where terrible on a Sr hit anyway All in all I hate this anniversary....


Tried to get Space Ishtar and got Da Vincii who is now NP3, Saber Astolfo and Yang Guifei instead. Are Astolfo and Guifei useful?


3 SSRs in one.. lucky! I only got two. I have both. Saber Astolfo is a bit awkward to use (mostly due to the third skill only having buster-star absorb... for his one buster card). But, his overall kit is still solid! 3-hit, 3-turn evade with an potential terror stun for enemies, which can help. He's no Okita, but he gets the job done. Quite a strong single-target saber, whose NP can NP-seal bosses (You don't know how many times this has saved my ass). I put a buster crit damage CC on his one buster card for the memes. With crits, he can refund pretty well - Skadi compliments this. Yang Guifei is the premiere single-target foreigner atm. NP burns both your phone's FPS and enemy HP. Pairs very nicely with castoria, who gives her extra survivability and damage. Against bosses with debuff immunity, she struggles. I give her black grail or Devilish Bodhisattva. painting summer, etc., can work too. Don't forget burn CC on her card, to help with applying burn asap. Overall, still very solid. Give her plenty of care (and mochi). So yes, I'd say they are both quite useful.


Got Arjuna Alter, Nobu Avenger and Lakshmi Bai! Super happy with my results [Rolls.jpg](https://imgur.com/a/AcIevsP)


Got Arjuna Alter, Summer Medb and Miyu. I was so I excited and then I remembered I blew all of my Eggs on Castoria yesterday so my Arjuna Alter will remain incomplete for a while.