Extreme quests and Pure Prisms were really nice surprises. Thank you, NA.


Seriously, I was super worried about getting mats for stuff. I won’t be able to get a horde, of course, but I should be able to max Mordred now, as well as whatever I get from GSSR.


Yes, and not only that but the class-based missions too.


I was just getting frustrated about getting my Melt beyond level 100, bless Lasengle


Can you get pure prisms from free quests you might grind for bond? I didn’t fully understand that slide.


Pure prisms are rewards for first time clear of story quests. Applied retroactively for long time players.


This is very generous


Do note that there is a cap of 100 pcs per item that can be exchanged. Pretty good for gold mats, but is often far from enough for even 1 servant if trading for bronze mats, i.e bones, dust where servants can easily ask for 100+ of them.


I bet people will be using them for Bells of Absolution for Castoria's Append Skills, and other not-farmable-in-NA-yet mats for other Servants.


You get them from beating the 'sections' of the Main story quests- as in the individual story sections within each chapter, not the whole singularities/lostbelts themselves.


That’s amazing news! will we get an amount of pure prisms for the story we have already cleared ?


Yep, you'll get Pure Prisms for any story stuff you've already done.


Yes its retroactive


I was pretty certain we’d get Pure Prisms early. Ever since append came early. It makes a lot of sense for new players and with append. My pipe dream was to get grail casting early, even though I don’t have many spare coins right now. That one I guess will wait till next Anni, they don’t want to give us *everything* early.


I don’t really understand what pure prisms do. Help me out?


A new option will be added to Da vinci's store where you can exchange pure prisms for any ascension material. So say you need evil bones to level up a skill. Instead of needing to farm Fuyuki over and over hoping that they drop, you can directly exchange pure prism for evil bones in the new pure prism exchange. The amount of pure prisms needed to exchange per ascension material will increase based on the rarity of the material in question. You get more pure prisms by clearing main story quests.


Will they offer ascension materials that are hard to get? Like the buckets of chicken for Christmas saber or for BB?👀


Believe its just farmable mats, not welfare ascension mats. It'd be pretty nice if I was wrong though


Along with what others have said, I'd like to add that the amount of each material you can trade the pure prisms for is limited to 100. So even if you have enough pure prisms to pay for, say 200 Evil Bones, you can only buy a maximum of 100 Evil Bones. It's the same for all materials in this shop. There will also not be enough pure prisms to buy out the whole shop, not even close. So if I were you, spend your pure prisms wisely.


They're a currency (like mana prisms and rare prisms) that you spend in Da Vinci's shop to buy ascension/skill materials.


Basically a mana prisma that is used for materials


there's no triple support but at the very least we got pure prism


Time for Castoria to flood the support


I will stand strong with my Tamamo up, if only to offer some diversity.


I salute your Tamamo efforts. I miss seeing her around, even if I don't use her often :/


Honestly, I had my Tamamo on my support list for months, nobody ever used her. I put Merlin on just for some variety and he got 10x the usage. It’s sad to see Tamamo so under-utilized, but I mean I kinda get it.


Meanwhile I refresh for the 4 Tamamos whenever I want to brain afk Summer Musashi smash some nodes. Or when I use Mothman to stall a CQ.


Same here. Tamamo will never be replaced


I salute your efforts


My Tamamo shall remain in my All slot. I am considering putting Merlin in my Caster slot (replacing Waver) even if I get Castoria because I expect that most Merlins will disappear.


Can you please explain what is triple support?


essentially you got 3 support page each for normal and event, this makes it easier to search for supports since we got more options like for example i can put waver in support 1, castoria in support 2 and then skadi in support 3, my friends can now option to choose one of these 3 instead of waver that is currently on my support page


wait what holy shit ive been playing on JP since LB4 and i never figured this out? admittedly i ignore most of the smaller buttons if they arent in NA but holy shit i had no idea this was a thing?????


They added this feature back in September, 2 years after the release of LB4.


At least there's still some hope that we get the triple support early later on (maybe for Heian-kyo?) given the rare prisms are here sooooo incredibly early. Also does anyone know about how many pure prisms we'll get if we're up to date on the story?


Quite a bit, through 6.2 is like 1250, iirc.


JP's 1011 minus the 45 and 90 given in Heian-kyō and LB6 gives us 876 pure prisms (or 871 if you haven't cleared Salem's "Journey to the West" unlockable side story).


Around 1000


ngl, im a bit dissapointed at no pity and no triple support early but inside, i know it was quite the copium dream


Funny that Albert was calling out the crowd of having clairvoyance EX. But those small enhancement of to improve drop rate and better material acquisition is a plus. It was an annoyances to get complete all quest for the mp. Now time to farm those 5 exps.


"Quick everyone act surprised!"


Where was that part again?


I believe Albert said it in an older panel but I don't remember which one it was.




Most recently AnimeNYC.


Even in discussions getting the extreme set of free quest was widely expected since the early addition of coins.


Too bad it doesn't seem like they're adding a "Claim All" button for Extra Mission rewards, as this morning is gonna feel like manually doing the lotto. FGA doesn't support claiming Extra Mission rewards, does it?


> Albert was calling out the crowd of having clairvoyance EX I'm glad they acknowledge the memes and the fact that they're bringing QOL stuff early is great and fantastic.


Mahoyo getting localized means I can finally cross my fingers for Tsukihime. I’ve waited a long time for TM to finally release VNs in the west officially


Honestly, I think Tsukihime R is the priority and would love to see it more but an official F/SN realta nua release on steam and etc would not hurt the brand in the least


I’d love hollow ataraxia because it seems like such an interesting story (and I love it’s openings). Plus with translations we could potentially see more anime of them to further boost sales (because realistically you can’t adapt an entire VN in 24 eps)


Especially since FSN took 3 adaptation to get all the routes


I am a massive hollow ataraxia fan and get so hyped up anytime I’ve seen scenes referenced in various Fate works since then. It’s easily one of—if not the best—Fate work and it boggles my mind that they haven’t done more with it. Ever since they finished HF part 3 I’ve been waiting for the hollow ataraxia announcement…


Agreed hollow ataraxia is my favourite TM work.


I love seeing F/HA get love, it’s my favorite TM work and did so much to make me really fall for Fate. It’s basically the Mass Effect Citadel DLC to F/SN but as an entire game plus one of the best endings I’ve ever read.


And a potential PC version too.


Oh I totally forgot about 5x exp. Along with the embers quest, I might be able to level my mordred to 120


Man of culture I see


It's still gonna take a very long time since it takes like a quadrillion embers to 120 sometime


And I can have the qp needed to level my Mordred


Pure Prisms early? Wow.


A whole 1.5 years early at that. That's CRAZY good.


Hopefully Mahoyo is successful enough for seeing Fate Stay Night and Tsukuhime remake come to the west.


I have no hope of FSN ever getting a western release since it's so old (and probably really pricey to pay all the seiyuu for it), but Tsuki Remake has a better chance IMO.


I think the Tsukihime remake will probably come to the west when Far Side is getting released and to make a bundle to the first part.


older things have been remade and localized. Tsukihime, while not (yet) localized, is even older than FSN and got updated. Have hope. Cling to it. Eat it.


Gonna buy like eight copies for my homies. I don't care if they don't play it they're gonna have it in their collection. Gotta boost those sale numbers some how.


I like how they insist on keeping things secret as if we don't know exactly which servants are coming/getting strengthens.


its a good meme


Well there's a good chunk of players that avoid using Clairvoyance to some degree to have some surprise


FGO Anniversary morning is better than Christmas morning


huge mahoyo fans finally excited to read it for the first time


Mahoyo fans and Persona fans W


Unlimited W Works


Meanwhile Tsukihime fans in the corner:


There’s hope if mahoyo sells well it’ll show TM that the west wants translations.


I don't know man, despite how big FGO and the ufo anime are even in the west, the OG FSN still doesn't have official translations.


The OG VN hasn't had a rerelease on consoles since the Vita release which was in 2012, only way we'd see an official translation is if they do another port or a remake.


Isn't there an android port? They should just translate that.


But how much a game sells translate much better for prediction that how much an anime is popular.


This could shift it


My guess for Tsukihime is that if it gets translated this is how it will go. First, when (And that's a **massive** when) Part 2 of the Remake with the Far Sides are released, it'll be Japanese-only. Then, about half a year after that, they'll announce a collection containing both parts of the Remake with both Near Side and Far Side routes in one complete package. And *then* it gets translated. I say this because them translating Part 1 now seems unlikely, but them translating Part 2 without doing Part 1 first would just be a bad move. So the best hope we have for an official English release of the Tsukihime Remake would be a collection.


Preach bestie


Hilarious, yet painfully apt.


The mana prism change for daily quests is very nice. I doubt basically anyone was clearing all dailies just for the MPs. That'll be a huge boost to MP income and render the shop CEs less unattainable.


>render the shop CEs less unattainable That would have been great. But iirc the past 2 years of shop ces for jp haven't really been all that great, can't really improve upon the greatness of what we have already


It also helps to new players get either older ce or max out their archives with all the extra slots. Almost 10k free MP a year just for doing 3 quest be it ember or mat farming. Pretty good.


It helps newbies. Also, I don't have enough of that thing I been missing a lot of that cards Y\_Y


Personally I'm fine with that, I started late so I have a bunch of the older CEs to catch up on.


Same. I started this year, I don’t have a single copy of any of the CEs yet, let alone the MLBs.


Single copy isn't useful either - you want all or nothing for the reward boosting CEs.


I know. Just saying, I haven’t had enough leeway to even think about starting on that process. Between Fous, Embers, and Tickets, there just aren’t enough mana prisms in my life yet.


I’d say the latest round of shop ces are pretty nice. 25 fp + x points up. FP is great because FP gacha is probably gonna be your primary source of servant coins for Grail genesis. Better than using Teatime or Belle Lisa yourself at least.


They still have the most gougeous ones, and maybe the FP ones aren't really the worst with the grail farming now. Though I have been waiting for long a 50% gauge 5% effect set. If I get Castoria I should already be able to 6CE dailies but it would be great for other farming and it's not like event give enough 50% gauge CEs already for newbies.


Yup, especially cause I started a few years ago, so I've missed some nice CE's, but unfortunately I've struggled to get 5000 every new CE release, this will ease that nicely, now I'm kinda stumped which CE I'll want to use my RP on...


Usually QP (10%) is the more valuable one for oneself, like it's good to bond farm but it's not like it really gives you much extra to work it, and the qp and bond 15% for friends are the ones that off event give the most FP.


I've thankfully got those, tho farming those 5000 MP... pain... Mona was wortha that RP tho not gonna lie. The ones i speak of are Chaldea Lunchtime i think it was (10% bond) sweet crystal (50% an pierce iirc) an that Arjuna one (Divine iirc)


The divine one is not one you will often use and sweet crystal is quite usefull for those CQ where your dps doesn't have the ability. But I will remember you that those 2 valentines ones use 25 RP to MLB and no MP.


Unfortunately true, tho I'd rather have them an not need them, rather than the rare occasion they are useful an not have them. Wait 25 RP? I'm gonna go give the shop a closer look next time, thanks for that info, guess they will have to wait, I've only enough RP to MLB one


Yeah, they are Valentine CE like the pink Mash one instead of unlocking da vinci ones


Seriously, that’s great.


I am one CE behind as I wasn't doing much besides login and event for a while and it was getting quite hard to catch up with a phone that is a bit old to just use automata in roulette. And now I might finallt get some of those space I wanted to buy, I got some of the early CE space but servant space is OG and second archive is already full with gold fou and the 5* CE I have been able to collect.


I was for a long time till I could MLB Mona Lisa


Note that the News page has been massively updated with all the announcements. In particular, Summer is slated for **mid-July**. My condolences to everyone who was hoping to use that Ooku SQ for summer rolling.


So Ooku comes AFTER summer?......Fantastic. I can use those quartz to maybe summon Kama :D


> In particular, Summer is slated for mid-July. WHAT??? I needed those Ooku sq for Summer....


So the early QoL updates are the extreme nodes, pure prisms, and tutorial missions. Was hoping for triple support slots because Castoria's presence is going to upset the balance of my Skadi/Waver/Merlin friends.


Meh memelin forever my dude. DICK WIZARD FOREVA


With Mahoyo announces, ig I'm buying myself a switch later lol




Pure prism is one of my fave things about JP, it's seriously great we get it early


Hm, I do wonder if there is any chance for Tsukihime Remake coming over if Mahoyo sells well enough. Both are Switch games, so no matter how niche it will have some audience over here considering how big the playerbase is (and there are a couple of VNs on the Switch now even if they don't reach massive numbers). ... and yes, I am coping. \*exhales\*


If worst comes to worst, just wait for tsukihimates


Im coping just as much aa you are. I hope it geta translated along with the far side routes


>Guaranteed limited 4 star with the GSSR Wtf? They changed it from just being any 4 star. I guess most people won't mind the change but I was really banking on that chance to get a general pool 4 star for coins. Only 30 coins per copy is a pain. This blows...


I noticed that too. I'm sorry for you but to me it does seem like a nice upgrade to be honest


Most likely a typo since year 1 didn't have any limited 4 stars.


Yes you're probably right. We should sue and ask for an extra limited 4* then


I feel like I remember them wording it weirdly back when jp had this gssr too, im not convinced its actually only limited 4 stars (though id be happy to be wrong). Maybe its meant to mean a 4 star limited to that time period?


That's how it worked on JP, yes.


It's most likely a typo. Year 1 didn't HAVE any limited 4 stars.


> Year 1 didn't HAVE any limited 4 stars. If only it stayed like that for the other years too...


[Confirmed not limited only](https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/340043314466390016/993316296383008829/unknown.png)


Yeah, I read it that way the first time too. I think this is just a bad translation. That it's a "limited time" thing, as opposed to being only from the limited pool. The [news article](https://fate-go.us/news/?category=NEWS&article=%2Fiframe%2F2022%2F0703_5th_luckybag%2F) makes it clear that it's any 4-star servant.


I really wanted the Skill speed up, but no dice.


Eh don't write off QoLs just yet. They never announce those kind of system updates at the AX stream. Look out for the news page update later tonight.


Yeah you think people would learn from the last 2 massive qol drops over the last 2 years.... heck we got so much that wasn't mentioned with the first unity update. Something like Blue Apples would get a slide, don't think triple supports or sped up animations would.... (and that's how it happened on jp, supports and animation were just update notes)


Thanks for the cope! Crossing my fingers (and praying they hold up on my grind to level 120 Melt) that that rings true!


I went in hoping we would get it, but with no expectations. At the end of the day I'm glad we're getting pure prisms, extreme quests, and some missions early.


I thought we would get 5* Dailies *or* Pure Prisms this year. Very happy to see we are getting both


Same, we're getting tutorial missions and boosted first time story/free quest qp/embers, though. All of those are intended to streamline the new player experience, so definitely makes sense to bring them all at once.


o wow missed the pure prism part. thats a nice surprise. would definitely help both new masters in getting just what they need to ascend servants much quicker and for older masters to stock up on the more annoying mats for them.


Rieeeeeeeeee-chaaaaaaan!!!!!! 😍😍😍


those sq CASTORIA


>Command code can now be removed without using a code remover This makes me happy. But banners **2020. 8 - 2021.7** and **2021.7 - 2022. 7** stress me because even if most of the ones i want are in the second, the first one has summer BB


I was reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyy hoping when Mahoyo came on they were gonna confirm PC. Hell at this point I would take Epic Games doing their thing and paying to bring some console exclusive to their store exclusively.


Japan has a bigger console market and it's pretty much PS and Nintendo as far as they are concerned they got most people (anyway the real reason was that Nasu's selection wheel didn't hit it but at least it hit English this time)


Most JP companies are doing pc ports these days though, even if its only for the overseas audience. Even Atlus who didn’t care about PC for the longest time is starting to embrace it.


This is fueled by the rampant shortage of PS5s in Japan, which caused people who normally buy consoles to get PCs instead (it's a really easy upsell for any electronics store employee) So Japanese companies are starting to care more about PC ports because more of their audience is getting PCs.


It’s kind of wild though that it’s been two years and I still have yet to see a PS5 in stock at any store. I can’t be bothered camp out their delivery days either. Never in my life have I seen a console so hard to get this long after it’s release


It’s kind of wild though that it’s been two years and I still have yet to see a PS5 in stock at any store. I can’t be bothered camp out their delivery days either. Never in my life have I seen a console so hard to get this long after it’s release


Well, in fairness, never in your life has there been a global pandemic leading to rampant supply shortages and complete changes to the standard way of life.


The good news is that Switch emulation on PC is in a pretty good state. There’s some irony in that the lack of a PC release will be the biggest driving factor for people pirating it, but short of getting TM to actually pay attention to the West there’s not much you can do.


They are going there, slowly. But Mahoyo translation is a good sign.


Early cum cubes is a big bonus


I’m sorry wut?


Nata De Coco.


Early cum cubes, he says.


Didn't expect they add pure prisms early but it was a good one


Pure Prisms? Well, thats actually pretty neat. It seem I will be able to max my Orion and my Kintoki sooner than expected ~~why do you need so many hero proofs!!?!?!?~~


Ohhhh, we are getting the really big exp farming in english ver? Because now it will not suck to level up a 5*




Road to level 120 Angras' looking bright!


For me the panel was amazing.


First we get servant coins early, now pure prisms? Is... This a dream? Am I dead?


That re-revival of Bunyan's event is quite a nice surprise, means I'll be able to add Bunyan soon.


Are there not going to be extra xp cards and summon tickets available in the mana prism shop? Edit: If you check the website it says the bonus items will be in the shop


Wait did they just basically give us 6th Anniversary update???


Minus Koyanskaya and triple support pages.


Triple support lists came a month later.


No steam RIP BOZO


The biggest surprise for me is Mahoyo having EN translation on release, considering their history with EN translations. The fact that it's only available on the Switch and PS4 however, *isn't* a surprise. So summer is going to be the next event? I wonder, what about Ooku? Who's the VA under Nobu? I recognize all the VAs except for her.


So, no FGO Waltz for America? That's disappointing.


Yeah, that was probably unlikely to happen. They'd have to translate it and put it through certification only for the app to be taken down after a couple months afterwards; it's simply not just worth it for them to do all that work for basically almost no gain.


I still hope it comes out, or at least they give us the Commemoration CE.


Probably should give us the CE for it (since it's not tied to a IRL event like Winter Fes commemorative CEs NA has skipped), but who knows lol. NA currently likes to do some crazy stuff very out of schedule from JP lol


oh yes, however there is still hope, I re-watched the live of the Japanese fifth anniversary and they had not announced waltz but it came as a surprise later, so it can come later to us too, also because unlike the other apps this is essential for future collaboration.


Eh, the Waltz game isn't *that* essential for that Waltz collab NA will get in the future. Heck, look at the the CCC collab event we got, we never got a western release for CCC, or even the Requiem collab event too, for something from a more modern product. Those collab events were totally standalone from their original source material.


ah it's true, I was forgetting about those collaborations


Compared to these two: Waltz is free, was published by the same company, and has barely any text, so I get why people would expect it to come. There's also the fact that you can't even play the Japanese version anymore, making the "collab" aspect of the event even more awkward than it already was with the "FGOxFGO" controversy.


We may not get the app but atleast we should get the costumes and the welfare servant.


We didn't get any of the April Fool's apps either, so this isn't surprising.


So for JP players, are pure prisms similar mechanically to like the monthly exchange tickets for mats we get once per day?


No, they're if anything highly limited. You only get one per Main Story Section completed (If you're not a new player you already get sent on your box ones for all the Main Story progression you've already achieved) and nowhere else can you get more. If you're already caught up and beaten all of currently available Main Story there is no more Pure Prisms you can obtain outside of waiting for the next Main Story Chapter to drop. Spend them wisely, don't burn through the majority of them at once.


Good info thanks, guess I'll be hoarding mine until i find a painful to farm mat


I’m personally gonna use them for EGGS GODDAMMIT THEY SUCK ASS


>Spend them wisely [proceeds to use them on capping Sei's and Castria's skills :P] By all accounts it wouldn't be that much actually since I only need 13 pages and 14 mirrors at this point. Update: turns out I forgot that Sei needed eggs as well, but I still wasn't bank breaking in that aspect.


Sure, I get that they aren’t given out at the same frequency, that wasn’t what I was asking. I was asking if they function mechanically similar to the mat tickets we get (where-in you exchange them 1 for 1), which it sounds like they do, albeit much more infrequently obtained than the tickets. Appreciate the response anyways. Free mats are always nice regardless, no matter the capacity.


Oh yeah, if you mean the functionality yes. You spend them for any mats you want. Bronze Mats cost 1 Prism, Silver 2 and Gold 3.


Interesting. Are the mats you can exchange for limited by a monthly rotation? Or is it *any* available mat at the moment of exchange?


It can be exchanged for any of the currently available mats


Sweet! Thanks for answering!


The limit is also 100 per individual mat - once you buy i.e. 100 bones, you can never use pure prisms for bones again.


So, how many hours till Castoria release? Edit : I shouldn't have asked lol


9 hours and a half, i think


My coffeemaker's ready, how about yours?


On my timezone is like 5 am so i can just go to sleep and set up an alarm.


I haven't slept for a day. WHAT'S ONE MORE FOR THE BEST GIRL.


About nine and a half hours, assuming that maintenance ends when scheduled.


As of typing this, roughly 10. Less than half a day...


4.5 hours until maintenance starts. And then 3+ more hours depending on how said maintenance goes.


The maintenance lasts at least five hours.


… So it does. Ok, 4.5 + about 5 hours until Castoria


long castoria time?


Did they just dump every update at once!? Cuz holy that's a lot of additions


Hmm... I don't see the new and improved Support lists. That's a shame.


Is the 5th anniversary trailer video on YouTube now?


How about FGO Taiwan ? Do we get pure prisms ?


Try asking in the Help Thread.


Damn, I was hoping for a 1/2 AP Rank-Up period, and the Support List improvements. Oh well, there's plenty here to be happy about. Good luck everyone. Hopefully the salt will be limited this time.