I think I can apply for Indian citizenship thanks to the amount of time I've spent farming those stupid eggs


I should also apply for greek one as the amount of time i spent in olympos for those damn stars..


I gave up and am just gonna leave her at 10/10/8 until the summer event gives me the last stars I need Or I'll just completely whiff on pulling her and get really mad instead, but hey, at least I won't need stars then?


Yeah but you can never take back the time you wasted farming those stars lol


Isn't it easy using the memorial quest of atlantis? I thought it's a guaranteed star.


There's a warning that you won't receive anything when trying to enter the Q again. So nope.


I just farmed them during the hunting quests, it's way easier


Yeah I even used some rainbow apples and I don’t regret it, the drop rate was in my experience even better than GP said, I swear I was averaging one per ~60AP (1.5 runs) on the hardest level which I could consistently do in 4 turns. And mountains of EXP, so much I had to level random servants to pawn some of it off. HQ was amazing for both Eggs and Feathers for me.


I was also averaging something along these lines, iirc I threw like 10 apples or less at it and went from 20 eggs to 36. It was pretty convenient since I could 3 turn the stage with Beni, Bride and Artoria


(Me who only lacks gold gems and got all the other mats from events and drops with ease) Yeah, screw farming...hahaha... I hate fridays now...


>gem The training ground will be half AP during anniversary you can always farm then


\*Looking at my depleted apples **Oh.** **Cool.**


Thank you. I will hate fridays even more.


Actually, they should be open all week. So you can hate all days equally.




I actually don’t find farming gold mats that hard. I accept that I’ll get 1 per AP bar typically, and if I have to farm more than 5, I usually will just wait till the next event. Fortunately you rarely need more than 15 per skill. The thing that really kills me are silver mats, specifically feathers. They have nearly the same drop rate as golds but you need 2-3x more of them. You’ll almost never get a double drop unlike dust or proofs. I’ve frequently gone 1-2 AP bars without a single feather drop, often when I only need one more. Plus gold mats, getting 10 or even 20 from an event shop means you’re setting for one or two skills all the way through. 20 feathers is like, one skill level for Okita, and she’ll need more later. It’s pain.


Silver mats are soul draining. The number requirements of bronze with the drop rate of golds. Okay they're not that bad but you need so MANY compared to gold and they don't, correspondingly, drop much more frequently.


I never wanna see anyone complaining about eggs anymore after spending 1 year trying to get 216 stakes for Eresh without Salem only to get Reines and having to do it all over again.


I spent 3 gold apples for 2 Forbidden pages, i regret leveling jalter before castoria so bad


Damn bro, respect


Indian. And I approve. Atleast I think that India should give citizenship to all FGO players because I need more FGO friends here.


Must be nice. I haven’t even started Lostbelt. :(


This girl has special needs.


Me too and I barely have enough as well. I still need to go back since I need to fully leveling up my DaVinci Rider's skills. I skipped her in favor of Space Ishtar and getting ready for Castoria.


Here she comes, fellow Master. Do you have enough mats in stock?


I'm ready to shove all those mats and blazes down her throat if she decides to grace my Chaldea.


I'm ready to shove *other things* down her throat if she comes to my Chaldea ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


You mean embers right ?.. right?


Grails, son. Grails.


Oh, you're talking about chocolates, right? Right...?


𓁹‿𓁹 Heh.


\*The Nun Smiles\* Kiara: At times like these I can't help but be proud of 'humanity' ....


Whales: Heh. You think too highly of yourself, F2P peasant.


enough mats? yes. enough SQ? probably not


I got everything needed to get her from 1 to 90 and max her skills. Knowing my luck, she won't show up for me...


Me who already prepared all her mats: Heh


>Do you have enough mats in stock? Yep! I hardly ever get new servants so it's not like I do anything with the trickle of mats from events and casual farming anyway.


Yes I do, even have enough mats/QP to 10/10/10 skills and one Append skill up to 7. Will have to wait until I pick up 18 of the Small Bells of Absolution. Will need 54 more of those as well as 24 Scales of Fantasy to go beyond that whenever they get around to giving us access to improve them.


Not represented is the massive amount of SQ I'll spend only to not summon her.


I am so nervous. The summon simulator is not making kind predictions.


It’s quite funny how I’ve got plenty of eggs and stars ready to max out Castoria on day 1, yet the one thing preventing that is my lack of gold Caster gems. Oh how I wish we got more of those in more event shops instead of having to have farmed like crazy in the Counterfeit rerun.


Caster gems are legit one of the resources I struggle with the most. The fact basically every mega support is a caster, that they all want their skills maxed for best effect, the fact a shitload of extra classes want them as well… It’s a nightmare \(^v^)/ lotto doesn’t drop nearly enough


The alteregos who need them drive me nuts.


Half of the mooncancers as well. Like thanks guys, really appreciate it


Oh no BB needs em too doesn't she... ugh too bad I farmed Caster gem day for MONTHS scraping up 51 golds she's gonna have to get in line!


It’s one of the reasons Reines is great, being a Rider. I raised Ryouma, Ozy and Lolinci as high as I felt was necessary, and then basically need no other rider so Reines got all my gems. They balance it by her needing like 200 stakes though…. And the Koyans and Oberon are Assassin, Pretender, and Foreigner to at least mix it up. They should make a support Alter Ego and even things like Archers since Sabers have Bride and Lanling. Even Buster has Nightingale.


Support alter ego would only work as long as it doesn’t also want caster gems (states hatefully at limbo, sitonai, and bazett) a support foreigner or avenger could be cool though? And I do HAVE reines, but it doesn’t help when you need more caster gems to have a rider ;v;b


A support avenger would be great because they’d have abysmal star weight so they would be unlikely interfere with crits.


I got the eggs and stars too, but I'm pretty much out of caster gems and silver monuments.


Gems are somehow always missing, man.


Ehhh only for Caster and Berserker in my experience. And gold Saber gems. But I have so many Lancer and Rider gems, and a ridiculous amount of Assassin Gems due to many raids being Assassins (Barbatos, Jack in Apocrypha being the best raid).


I’m throwing her mana burst last to be levelled because I have enough gems to get her to 10/10/5 and then I’ll be out. Once lotto comes around all that changes


Yup. Hopefully I can get more gems through the half-AP quests so I can max her NP charge skills. I just hope this won’t impact my friend point gain. Then again, since *everyone*\* is gonna get Castoria, I doubt I’ll see much of a difference.


Honestly, may be better posting up a 10/x/10 Tamamo. Very rare, Arts will be the new meta, and Skadi will also still be a reliable Caster to post up. Sadly people rarely look to Rider outside of Doors and forget that Reines is an excellent support to borrow.


Decently farming a single lotto will secure your supply of gems for at least year. Have you been skipping them?


Nope, though I can’t say I’ve ever been motivated enough to push to 100 boxes. Plus I’ve been leveling my Casters more often than my other units. I often need their support more than an extra damage dealer.


300+ boxes per lotto is not enough to feed all the casters (and 2+ append skills each). Then there’s the army of extra class servants that also eat caster gems.


Yeah same here, just need the caster gems to max her out.


I've done enough lottos that I have 573-868 gold gems.


Their droprate during the one daily quest that comes around is really high too though. Regularly get two in one run, and sometimes (rarely) three in one. Unfortunately I almost always forget to check the daily tab for caster day. Also, it was yesterday so....fuck. Gotta wait till Friday I guess.


When i got merlin i had every material neededs, except the damm blue gems, i farmed all the golds in the anniversary but didn't had the blue kk


I have few caster servants on low skill levels cause that exact reason.


Gems are also my problem. But the rest? I'm good.


Are you talking about monuments? Counterfeit lotto had monuments not gems.


Ah, whoops. It happened so long ago it must’ve slipped my mind.


Hurts every time I see her Star Fragment/ Eggs costs.


I got everything prefarmed and 800+ SQ just come home i got chocolate 😭


I've been painstaking farming all her mats over the last few months and have everything. I know in my heart I won't get her, I can *feel* it.




*Me who saved up months beforehand* I am 4 dimensions ahead of you


Hello, fellow 4D-er I burned gold apples to prepare for this one Servant. I don't need her, but by Alaya, I will burn what SQ and tix I have for a shot at making farming less painful.


FUCK those seeds btw


When I realized I had 8 seeds left from using my stash on God knows who, I committed myself to Fallen Babylon and never looked back. Took 2 and a half weeks of mostly committed farming but I got to 70. While I was happy to be able to use Arjuna Alter and Kotaro for easy 3 turn farming, I don't wanna go back there anytime soon. Please let there be another lotto with Seeds, I beg.


I have none of that. gonna pull anyhow.


Only missing 35 secret caster gems ( shouldn't have used "only")


It probably won't be that hard to get those during the duration of the anniversary.


I still can believe we are at this point. Well, gems aside, I have everything I need for her :D. The faberge eggs and the stars were ironically the easiest thing to collect ~~damn you pages and seeds~~


All set and ready. I just need the girl herself!


850 sq and 70+ tickets including the anniversary rewards, really hoping I get her


Alright only missing a few of the red and gold Caster Gems and the QP to help her reach her ultimate Form So Castoria if you hear me come to my Chaldea where you will enjoy the outdoors and never ever just have a boring moment of nothing and join your Brothers and Sisters of team Farming


I do not have enough materials. If by some miracle I manage to pull her, she will remain at ascension 1 for a while.


Well that tells me not to raise up my under leveled Casters. Eh, Tamamo is worth it


Any upcoming events that’ll be selling those star fragments?


Summer 5 will have 10 star fragments in the shop.


You know the worst part about the mats? I have been prepping all the rarer mats, the stars and the damn eggs from the various events, and I'm low on god damn Secret Gems! The item that's been around for years, and I'm low on it at a critical moment and I forgot to farm them yesterday!


dont forget the 15 grails she deserves


So this is why everyone's been raving about eggs and star fragments lately.


I have everything I need and over 2,000 SQ.


She's been fully farmed for months now. Just need to get her.


What date she coming?


4th of July.


So she comes on the US's independence day.....neat. She even has the colors for the occasion


She was supposed to get released on the 3rd, but Maintenence made it go into 4th. In US, she will be available around 2am, depending on the state, while she will be available at 10 - 12am in Europe.


The eggs are killing me.... Csn we maybe have another hunt week, maha naga every day? Pls? Pretty pls?


Summer 5 gives 10 eggs.


Still have to get 23 more eggs from somewhere, maybe ill have to take a look at the dropsheets


12.3% drop rate on Walled Village. So, it will take some time to get them.




And there is a chance that the golden spike balls will also release in that time?


spike balls and eggs


I’m fucking ready


Those stars are going to be the death of me


this is going to send me to QP hell for the first time and I regret nothing


Fucking pages.... back to Hyde Park I go.


Doesn't shinjuku have higher drop rate?


Just slightly yes (68 - 74 ap). But I get bones from London. I don't need the tearstones of blood from Shinjuku.


Fuck me I only have 36 seeds. doesent really matter since my luck so far has been shit so there is a chance I dont get her anyway


757 quartz and a dream


Bah, everything but Stars and no access to LB 5. FML.


Do we get a ticket that lets us fully ascend a 5 star with no cost?


Is it weird to say I have less blue gems than the gold ones?




I have everything except caste gems bruh


Every material and Embers are ready for her, Quartz are ready as well, now all there is left to do, is challenge the RNG.


Nice, I was waiting for that. Thank you.


I have enough mats. Please just come home Castria




I don't recall amy Lottery to ever have gold mats, in their boxes. However, you can get 10 Eggs from new Summer event and some from Ooku as well, I think.


I think I'm ready. I got everything except Castoria her self which I will get with ease.


Dude, you are going to jinx it...


Nah I got this I'm going to succeed


The power of positive thinking


I'm not rolling for Casturia Cons: not having her Pros: not needing all those goddamn stupid eggs and star fragments


For some reason i have all the mats and i haven't farmed them well im missing qp but that the least to worry


Bruh I only have 5 of the morning star things xD


I'm so fucked


Wait, you only need 30 stars? Damn, I actually have enough mats for her, then


Im gonna be farming those pages for the rest of my life aren’t I?


The only things I'm missing are blue and gold gems and the pages.


I have enough of the materials for her skills but only have enough of the gems and shit to be able to max out one skill.


I think I have pretty much everything thanks to the lotto/hunting Quest/the fact that I don't own other Servants who needs those materials (I guess that's a pro for once). But I would feel way too bad if I happened to prefarm and then not get her...good luck to everyone!


Does it make sense to try and get NP5 Castoria if I end up having the quartz? I know with AOE damage dealers it can help with looping, but idk about support NP's


If you want to and if she is just favorite, go for it. But extrictly speaking, she doesnt really need it (at least compared to someone like Kiara). Her NP levels just raises the attack buff she gives (goes from 30 to 50%) since Around Caliburn's enforcement defense is tied to the overcharge That said, getting more copies gives you more servant coins for her append skills and 120 (but if you want absolutly every append skill and 120, you will need NP6)


I have everything but the qp for her lol I’m truly broke atm


Im ready for her i got my materials my quartz, my embers, my... gems.......oh no...


I'm ready, I have 59 Stars and 120 Eggs, also bought my 15 paid SQ for the GSSR.


So what order should I level her skills, cause I'm short on Secret Gems for now, so I can only max 2


I hoped to cook mapo tofu for dinner tomorrow and use it as a catalyst, but I will be on a visit [Guess I will instead use the ritual recommended by Gudao himself](https://youtu.be/joxEjKDlua8)


Man, im stuck in qp hell


i dont even have enough seed of yggdrasil or qp or caster gems bc stupidly low droprate


Well heres to hoping that not seeing a rainbow in the past 5 banners produces some luck for castoria for me to even worry about the mats.


I’ve got everything ready. Just need her. Strangely, I feel…relaxed. Normally I get super anxious before stuff like this, but for now - at least - I feel fine. Hopefully it all doesn’t hit after I fail to get her.


Everything is ready to go! Come home, plz!


The hope is to have her 10/10/10, lvl 100 within like half an hour of the banner going live.


I have the eggs, I do not however have the stars. I need 19 more, or 14 to just get the skills up. So that's annoying.


163 million qp? Damn


Got all the mats now i just need 1 x castoria..


I hate these gems so much... I'll take a while to put her on 10/10/10


I hoarded all the items, just need one castoria now.


me now realising i have no caster gems 😍🪓


I need one more star frag...


Gems are my bane. I thankfully have enough eggs though.


EXP, Mats, and QP all ready. All is ready for Castoria's arrival.


I was so focused on all the other mats that I just realized I'm exactly 1 seed short of being able to max her. Good thing I realized now. Gotta go farm.


I have everything needed... Except faith in my rolls


With all the preparation we did to get her max, she would atleast come home right? Right??


All farmed up an awaiting use, just need her now. Most painful to get was Caster Gems, Stars an QP. Been holding 51 Gold Gem's for ages, it's been painful resisting using em


i miscounted eggs by 2..... thought i had enough to max Dantes append skill and still have enough. But at the very least its only 2.


I have literally everything except for the caster gems, god dammit.


Of all the things, I’m only missing the QP :( Crying and punching the air right now


Stars: 2 Pages: 1 And now I remember why I decided to stall my farming efforts until I know they won't be wasted


Got everything I need to level her up right away. Just you know…need to actually summon her.


Im ready. I swear im gonna get really pissed if i dont get her


I now regret using my pages on salieri... damn you >!Zeus!< !


Yggdrasil seeds and caster cookies are gonna vibe check me do hard. That is, if I even get her in the first place.


That actually isnt as bad a list as i expected. Just clearing atlantis puts me only 4 star fragments short.


Mfw I realized that the thing I’m short on is seeds, oh well at least it’s only 3 I should be able to get enough in time.


As Emile-A239 once said: *"I'm ready! How 'bout you?!"* For full ascension and skill leveling, anyway. Appends still got me beat.


That’s not that bad actually


If I pull her, she will be the second servant that wil have her max skills on the day they were pulled. The first was Kiara.


What an odd spelling for it


Voyager and Hokusai ate a good chunk of my stars. I managed to grind up 25 to max two of her skills. That should be fine for the time being.


I got everything I need. Except the unit…for now.


I only realized earlier this morning that I dont have enough caster gems. Well not to worry, I probably won't get her anyway!


Summer 4 rerun gave back the eggs I needed to farm. Ended up spending a bunch of them on Voyager's unexpected early arrival, but thankfully the event gave me more than I needed in return. I just hope the small stash of SQ I managed to save will be enough to get me a single copy of Castoria...


Still on Camelot so won’t be able to max ascend her.


I dont have enough oranges or secret gems, sadge. Guess I'll hafta like...... actually finish the lostbelts so I can grind oranges


How do I farm those spike balls ? I'm in lb2 and I need some of those


I need 8


Due to putting more attention on levelling and mostly only getting skills up to 4-6, I haven't spent a lot of star fragments or eggs yet, so I have plenty of those. I do need a lot of blue gems, but I can farm those easier when the anniversary hits. So the only thing that will keep me from maxing Castoria right away is seeds. I need 55 seeds. I should probably have been farming Babylonia the last few days instead of embers.


I've never struggled with Eggs before, or Fragments. Any high-level mat, now that I think about it. But my account is still only about 10 months old, so that's probably why. My mats are all fine, except...I have 18 *blue* Caster Gems. Off to Shinjuku I go, I suppose.


If I get Castoria and 10/10/10 her skills, I can finally use those stars to max out Europa's skills! 😭


I'm out of caster gems anyways from finally getting waver, will take a bit but oh well


I've had enough mats for her for months. Now, it's just a matter of having enough pulls.


smh where's the 5 grails to offer to her. jk, but yeah I'm pretty much set for her mats if I get her lmao


Definitely not desperately farming comet shards to avoid 10/10/8 right now or anything.


30 pages...of course it would be the pages. But at least I can FA her. 55 eggs, 44 fragments, 64 roots, more than 100 seeds, even got the caster gems... Which upcoming event has pages in the store?


I’m five eggs short of maxing out her skills


I have everything to max her out on day 1, just hope she’s merciful and comes to me


I have everything ready to go! Petty happy I managed to plan ahead well enough this time.




Everyone talking about stars, gems and eggs, while I'm here worrying about seeds. Feels bad man.


Was so bussy farming eggs, pages and twinkling stars that I forgot to farm these damn gold caster gems...


THE REAL QUESTION: Y’all gonna multi-roll or single roll?