What are you playing Wednesday!

What are you playing Wednesday!




It is probably one of the best indie games


It was my gate way to the fallout games


Oh you must be talking about the outer worlds! It has a very similar name to outer wilds but very different games. Both good tho, and both in space


I am, I misread it lol


>I am, I misread it lol I make this "mistake" ALL the time. But Outer wILds is more akin to, say, Subnautica in its gameplay, right? Edit :: quoted the wrong comment


It feels the same at first in that sense that you discover things but generally they aren't the same. Subnautica plays more like minecraft. Outer Wilds could not be described that way, it's really a puzzle game at it's core.


Witcher 3 first playthrough. Im positively surprised with myself. I usually hate games with lots of dialog, but I actually like the story here and I find myself going over almost all of my dialog options before progressing.


It’s a long game which in its case is a good thing since the characters, worlds and story are so engaging, interesting and enjoyable




Skyrim is always fun! I have it for all of my consoles, including Switch now, which is nice because I can take it with me when I'm on the go.


Diablo 3. I'm gearing a cold damage frenzy barb in preparation for the D2 remake. Mmm, can't wait for that frost zealot goodness.




I completed TES: Oblivion like 16 times when I was a child. This game definitely will be forever in my heart.


I just got The Forest. Excited to build stuff and be scared silly!


The forest is honestly a lot of fun


Wolfenstein The New Order. Escape from tarkov Biomutant


Ghost of Tsushima. Picked it up for my birthday at the beginning of the month and fell in love with it


Happy Birthday bud!


Happy Birthday my friend!!! Hope it is a great one!!!




Same, except I didn’t get it for my birthday


It’s fantastic. Don’t skimp on the mythic tales, and side quests, some of them have cooler moments than the main story.


Bayonetta on infinite climax difficulty.


I just beat resident evil 8 but now I’m hooked on subnautica for the first time.


I'm playing some SWTOR (Star Wars the Old Republic) then I lend my laptop to my friend so he can play Genshin Impact hes PC and phone are really crappy so im helping him out and while he plays on my Laptop i'm playing God or War ghost of Sparta on PS Vita.


Your friend is very lucky he has you. You are a great perso, never let that go :) keep gaming cheers


Bout to finally pick up Halo: The Master Chief Collection and have some fun in the Halo 2 multiplayer maps.


Pillars of eternity 1. It's been a long time since I played an in depth rpg like this so it's really nice experience. Not too keen on the lore as quite a lot of times I don't really know what they're on about and have to reread stuff and make an educated guess as to what they mean. I was trying to figure out how to access different parts of the world map when they haven't been uncovered yet. I just found out by reasoning/logic that you head to the closest point on a local map and click on the compass which will then reveal the next closest location on the world map. I felt pleased with myself for discovering this, but am still wondering why they didn't just reveal locations automatically as you travel.


If they showed you all the locations automatically, then you wouldn't be exploring :P Plus, Baldur's Gate did it like this, and that's the game Pillars is homage-ing.


Hades It’s pretty good! Hard, though, really hard


Mass Effect 3 (Legendary)


Same. First time playing the series and I love it. I might start a new save file at ME2 though because I fucked up on the suicide mission and didnt upgrade the ship. Had me lose a couple of people, especially my bae Jack.


I just finished ME2 and managed to save everyone which I didn’t manage the first time around (lost Legion and all the crew except Chakwas) so it felt real good to save all my babies. Now I need to get back with MY bae Kaiden in 3 and see if I can’t manage to have my FemShep survive


Hope the best for you and your run through. And it’s ok legion is a geth


Legion is cool as hell and i will not take any of that slander.


Just completed Nier: Automata, and tearing into Nier replicant. Kind of a chill Rpg week for me. EDIT: Things that are great: 1. Well for Automata it was the interesting robots and mechs you could pilot, the swordplay is fun too. 2. As for Nier replicant i look forward to whatever has changed or whatever else since i barely played the US version years ago on PS3. things that suck... 1. Controls can be confusing. 2. To get the true endings you are really forcded to replay the games along with getting 33 weapons in each on the new game+ for a few times each. 3. After playing Automata the graphics in the Replicant even though remastered still shows the games original age.


AC Black Flag. It’s so fun


Overwatch! really enjoying playing Reinhardt after fresh placements. smiles :)


I tried Phantasy Star Online 2 PC but the game is broken. Played some Far Cry 4 because still through first playthrough and should finish it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChUQjLsdC64


Minecraft Dungeons on Xbox One, just started playing again a month ago and I have already bought two DLCs, through the frozen biome wasn’t too thrilling (cant remember the name of it). I plan on buying all of them but im just taking it slow, I have other games too.


How are the DLCs? Played it for free on gamepass and was considering getting those if they're quality


That frozen biome and the jungle one are great! The jungle one was my favorite of the two, i am planning on buying that desert one (i think it is) next. As for gameplay value, i think its alright. For the amount you give, i would say you get about one and ahalf hour out of each, atleast from the two i have played. Game Pass members save an addional 10% on the Dlcs, so thats cool. I just got the game itself from gamepass and then bought the DLCs.


Been finishing up Mother 3. Shaping up to be one of my favorite RPGs.




Haven’t played that one yet, actually. I’ve started it but it kinda bored me in the beginning act


wating for eso to download, love the elder scrolls universe


ESO! Didn’t get far yet but im pretty excited for the new content. So far Mirri hates me for pulling wings off butterflies....


/r/Northgard RTS fan here and I’ve been enjoying this Norse/Viking themed RTS for a while now. The dev team (Shiro Games) is quite small but active and regularly releasing content, balance patches, and expansions. They just released a new clan that I’ll be trying out. The game is not perfect and doesn’t have the largest following, but the devs and committed mod makers have kept the game fresh and fun to play for a long time!


Getting back into Slay the Spire, got all characters up to A18 now!


Absolutely hooked on **The Division 2**, I have 26hours in the game already while I only owned it for 3 days, it's been a real while since a game hooked me up this much; I get **Destiny 2** flashbacks everytime I'm in the game since I was also extremely addicted to **Destiny 2** when I first started playing it, I ended up having around 1.8k hours in **Destiny 2** (which I no longer play). I really didn't like the first **Division** game, I played it when Ubi gave it for free last year, and while it had the looter shooter elements that I personally enjoy (I seriously LOVE looter shooters), the game was extremely stingy when it came to loot, and the enemies started to become very bullet spongy on later levels, mainly because you can't really get anything decent that is on-par with your level, so you use under-level gear, which make the ttk way higher for my enjoyment, I don't mind bullet sponge enemies but there must be a balance. **The Division 2** is different, you're constantly getting new weapons, new gear, new mods...etc, and they're all good quality and on par with your level, you're constantly getting more and more powerful as you acquire more powerful gear which is the whole gameplay loop tbh, and that makes it fun.


Thing is first division sucked at first .. then it got better then it got better then it got really good at last.. then div2 game out and they seemed to have forgotten everything they learned in div over the years of improving it.. so "vanila" div2 was pretty shit


Death Stranding. I really doubted if it was worth buying and playing this game (it's a bit expensive in my country, even with a discount, compared to the other single-player games). But after I launched Death Stranding for the first time, I just fell in love with it. Death Stranding won me over with its unique gameplay, great visuals, and breathtaking storyline. It's also a very relaxing game, I'm resting after a hard work day while playing it.


Just started Chivalry 2. Enjoying it more than Mordhau even though I’m not playing on PC


Biomutant and Vampyr.


Vampyr is an amazing game! Couldn't recommend it enough! The story, the combat and especially the NPC story. Love it so much!


I agree. I didn’t pay it much attention when it came out. But a few weeks ago it was on sale for $9.99 and I bought. Glad I did. I love it.


Subnautica (i think it is in ps collection or something) It was nice and quite calming to just swim around ...and then the sun went away and omg wtf is that long worm thing and what keeps screaming and why is it so dark and oh look the suns back


I will probably be playing WoW or COD: Cold War. I bought Miitopia for the Switch on launch, hoping it would be a lot like Tomodachi Life for 3DS but it was not, it was a glorified version of Mii Pass from 3DS and deff not worth $50.00 in my opinion, so I took it back to GameStop.


Bf is playing WOW😍


I'm taking a break from my PS5 since I bought 2 copies of Dying Light so that my girlfriend and I could do the campaign together (on PC). We are loving it so far ! All you could hear in the gaming room is: Parcours ! (on Michael Scott tone) or REVENGE RAMPAAAAAAGE when one of us gets killed.


The Sims 4! Maybe Cyberpunk 2077!


Simcity 4? That’s a fun one


Chivalry 2 and its fantastic


So epic


Overwatch, assassins creed Valhalla, doom eternal


Gran Turismo 5 with a steering wheel combo I got for the game


Haven't really been able to give any game full focus. Bits of Celeste, Wild Arms 3, Tales of Vesperia, and Super Mario World


I played Cs.Go on the Exeedme gaming platform. I got some XED token and NFT for winning. Also looking at winning a spot in the referral program that will allow me win some more token


You can climb the latter or refer people for awards and that great really. But for me, play2earn is still the best way to make money. It's pure joy and it's paid.


Shin Megami Tensei 3 - I beat the second Dante boss fight, and then I died on the way back, before I could save, so that didn't feel great. At least the area before Dante is puzzle-based rather than having to deal with a bunch of random encounters, so that should make it quick to replay.


Doing a Borderlands marathon - currently in the final hours of Borderlands 2. Did the main story+most side missions+DLCs in BL1 Enhanced, and am going for a 100% run on the rest of the series. Love these games. Also passively grinding out Destiny 2 and it's newest Season.


Alternating between Immortals Fenyx Rising and GTA IV. I never played IV or V, getting geared up for GTA V remastered in the Fall.




Might not have heard of it but KSP. Inst just so addictive


FF7 remake. Just did Honeybee Inn. No spoilers but wow haha.


>!Cloud was best girl all along!<


Ori! Will of the Wisps. Beautiful game. Great sequel. Different


Halo CE (MCC) It’s the only game that never age for me , I see myself in 10 years still playing it


The MP has aged a bit for me, the campaign still holds up really well IMO




Far Cry 5! After playing far cry 3 last week I’ve been absolutely hooked on liberating outposts and being a badass


Gonna start Dying Light with my mates. Though I'm not convinced it's a good game... I wanted to play Speedrunners :(


Rogue company. Probably the best multiplayer third person shooter there is. Plant/defuse, hero-based, cross platform. Really buggy and low QoL though because it’s made by HiRez.


Replaying Brigador: up-armored edition. goes really fast from hehe my mech goes dakka dakka to being a difficult game


Probably Remnant From the Ashes. I have to beat a particularly unfair, mandatory boss


Trying to finish Biomutant but the most recent update is causing it to crash constantly. Otherwise I was feeling an ARPG and picked up Victor Vran on sale


Divinity 2. Picked it up the other day and I can’t put it down. The game is just so good!


Final Fantasy XV


Disco Elysium. My second playthrough!


Been playing Necromunda Hired Gun and so far it’s a blast. There’s some small performance issues like when enemies spawn there’s a small lag spike but other than that the fast pace gunplay is pretty awesome!


Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare


Just Minecraft I play when ever I do not know what to play


Watch Dogs Legion. I'm enjoying the campaign. Screw the critics 😂😂


Quickley Quackley, amazing precision platformer that just came out, you guys should definitely check it out.




New Pokemon Snap.... After a month of playing, This game has so much hidden interactions and moments. The replayability factor is high. I thought I would be done with it after the credits.


Stellaris 3.0. First game. Picking up things 20 years after they would be helpful, but that's what picking your way through a learning game is right?




Sky: Children of the Light Animal Crossing: New Horizons Kingdom Hearts Unchained X.


I'm having a friend over soon. What are the best coop games for switch or ps4?


I’m still loving Mass Effect!


Playing CSGO and sharing time with my family :)


Steam Punk and Homeworld (since it was on sale for $3)


Simcity 4, Minecraft, teardown . In that order Edit just realized that TODAY is in fact Wednesday, guess that’s what I will play on Thursday


Super animal Royale!


I just finished the LE version of Mass Effect 1. I'm going to just about start ME2 before Rift Apart comes out.


Disco Elysium. I don't even know what kind of game this is but I am excited. Any tips?


Get your reading glasses game was kinda overrated IMO but lots love it. I didn’t really care about the characters or a lot of the dialogue most disappointing game I’ve played in awhile


Just started Ghost of Tsushima today. The gameplay is amazing and the graphics look like a full game cutscene


bloons adventure time. one of the few offline mobile games that is not insultingly dumb (no ads too when offline).


Minecraft because of its new update caves and cliffs part one. If that update didn’t come out I would be playing Apex Legends


THUGPRO and a bit of THUG 2 arcade mode.


Chivalry 2 just dropped on console so I have been raging that pretty hard. It is full of insane and epic moments that you really can't get anywhere else. Still trying to perfect my timing and counter skills but I've been murdering a lot of dudes.


Destiny 2 and loving it


Destiny 2, Spellbreak, Overwatch, Don't Starve Together, and Valheim. What makes it worse is that I can only play on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and I can only play for 2.5 hours on each.


Knockout city baby


Lately I've been playing Ace Combat 7: Skies unknown again to have that feeling of achievement again..other than that, it's back to Dragon Quest XI 🙂


Fire emblem 3 houses and animal crossing I’m a PlayStation guy and kinda wish switch had trophies like Xbox and PlayStation for some reason but they still good ganes


Finished playing Red Dead Redemption 2 for now and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6e3bKUFclLw


I am playing **Cyberpunk 2077** and **Hollow Knight**. Cyberpunk is a decent game. Interesting story so far, but the city and the load times are underwhelming.


Sekiro on Xbox One.


I just got my ps5 the other day so i just played through Astros playroom first. I got the ps collection cause i missed out on the ps4 ill probably play untill dawn next.


Control. So far, it's the best of the PS plus games that I've played so far.


Chivalry 2.


I’m currently playing sekiro, it has been 4 months of fromsoftware games ever since i played bloodborne on my ps5


new to them?




ah, awesome. lots of soulslikes out there too for when you're done with FromSoftware games. ;)




ooffff....... let's see...... * The Surge * The Surge 2 * Nioh 2 (can skip the first) * Salt & Sanctuary (its sequel revealed yesterday) * Hollow Knight * Blasphemous * Mortal Shell * Hellpoint * Ashen off the top of my head. there are more out there and more coming.


Thanks, from software changed how i look at games and reignited my passion for gaming.


man, i know *exactly* how you feel. when i first played Dark Souls, it changed me too lol. absolutely love this sub genre.


borderlands 2 with my wife. I have finished the main campaing and tiny tinas DLC a few times, but its my wifes first time finishing the game and never played any DLC. Still having a blast with this game in co op almost 10 years later


I'm playing Resident Evil 2, and I like it, but I'm at point where I feel like I'm going to have to start over because I'm low on health and have no healing items or ammo and can't find any. Either I go upstairs and get cornered by Mr. X, Lickers and zombies, or I go downstairs and get killed by the dogs. I don't want go start over so advice would be appreciated.


The stock market and old school runescape!!


I’m currently grinding out levels, money, and mana on the Disgaea 6 demo. 50 hour save file, and I’ve had my Switch play 35 hours of it on Auto-Battle. God bless you, NIS.




I don't know what to play, help!


Moonlighter! Been super fun so far.


still stuck on Odyssey to be honest


Metroid prime. Great game, probably best I’ve played this year. Controls are weird though


The Dawn Of War series.


Spore (well I just finished it) it’s an absolute HEATER of a game


Valorant (kind of)I’m doo doo at it tho and it’s pretty wack to solo queue so it’s kinda hard to play a lot. gotta get a squad or something that’s down to play


Bout to run through cyberpunk. Wish me luck.


Finally got my first gaming pc running and starting Chivalry 2! $15 off epic coupon certainly helped. I5/gtx 1660 Super. It's a prebuilt, but who cares. It works and it's mine.


Knockout City and Biomutant. Two very different games KO City just to fill my PVP needs. Biomutant because I like open world games. Biomutant is up and down for me I want to like it but there some repetitive fetch questing that is becoming annoying. Also the dialogue is not very meaningful. I am hoping Biomutant improves going forward.


Soma. Really great horror game so far scary as fuck


God of War first play through. This is my first GOW because PS5 is my first adult console (I had skipped PS4 and I was pretty little when I had the PS3 so no money lol), and damn I get what the hype is about now but parts of the game feel lazily coded (imaginary game boundaries, inconsistent mechanics etc). But it is a good experience. Also, some FIFA sprinkled in between ofcourse.


I'm switching job currently and I got a week vacation. I been playing through the mass effect collection and I haven't put it down. Love the nostalgia I get from this game!


Zelda-BOTW for the first time :)




At the moment ff15 but perhaps I’ll buy dragon quest 11 today