He's the ancestor of Alan from The Hangover. Crossover you didn't know you needed.


Ron Swansons great grandad


Fitting because the Essos is partially based on ancient Greece.


We’ll never know but I like to think Illyrio was the biggest player in the game of thrones. A true Targaryen Loyalist.


Blackfyre loyalist


I would have liked to see that explored further as well.


"If it ain't about the cheese it ain't about me neither" -Illyrio probably idk


I like the theory that Faegon is actually his own son, fathered by his deceased wife who looks like Dany (he has her painting in a small locket). He and Varys have been working together since they were on the streets trying to survive. What a coup to put his own son on the throne! I wonder if his wife was actually a Blackfyre or a descendant of Saera Targaryen.


Maybe his wife was a descendant of Aegor Rivee and Caella Blackfyre (I suspect Maelys was too).


Maybe his wife was a descendant of Aegor Riveer and Caella Blackfyre (I suspect Maelys was too), or perhaps descended from them and also had the one Daemon Blackfyre who his head twisted of by Maelys. As you can tell I really want them to do more with the Blackfyre Rebellion.


Well (and who knows if this was true) Illyrio told Tyrion he found her working in a brothel, so this is more in line with Saera’s history. But Who knows? Illyrio could obviously be lying about that


His wife was definitely a Blackfyre. GRRM made a point to say the Blackfyres died out *in the male line* for a reason.


Yeah….but he could work the Blackfyres in in other ways tbh. I remember him saying something about how Daario “is more than he seems.” Maybe HIS mother was a female Blackfyre. It would explain his blue eyes and Dany’s instant attraction. Also IIRC there is one paragraph where Dany is looking at Daario and his blue eyes and thinking how he might look Targaryen, or Valyrian at least. I’ll have to look it up. Edit: well I found it. It’s in Storm of Swords, and it’s just a little blip about Daario’s eyes looking purple: “Later, when the time came for sleep, Dany took Irri into bed with her, for the first time since the ship. But even as she shuddered in release and wound her fingers through her handmaid’s thick black hair, she pretended it was Drogo holding her … only somehow his face kept turning into Daario’s. If I want Daario I need only say so. She lay with Irri’s legs entangled in her own. His eyes looked almost purple today …”


Could be. I’ll see if I can find the quote, but I think George said in a blog post that violet eyes are an Essoi thing, and not exclusively a Valyrian thing. Something like “all/most Valyrians have violet eyes, but not all people who have violet eyes are Valyrians.”


Here’s another quote in Storm of Swords in a Dany chapter: “Daario had plundered himself a whole new wardrobe in Meereen, and to match it he had redyed his trident beard and curly hair a deep rich purple. It made his eyes look almost purple too, as if he were some lost Valyrian. “They arrived in the night on the Indigo Star, a trading galley out of Qarth.” Idk, just saying. This may be some sort of foreshadowing or maybe not. Who knows.


I have liked Roger Allam since the original *Les Miserables* debuted in London in the mid-80s. He sang Inspector Javert, the villain. Allam's now more famous for playing Inspector Thursday in *Endeavor* which just ended in the UK. I wish GoT had time to develop Illyrio (a fascinating character). In the convoluted but detailed books, Illyrio's still alive and an important background character (who I think will be killed in TWoW). But the first GoT season was financially iffy, so I guess he fell by the wayside. Sigh.


Also speaking of 1980s Les Mis, Alun Armstrong should have have been given a role in Game of Thrones


He’d have been a good Blackfish


Oh, agree. But which role? He might have made a good Mace, considering that he's funny and can sing. Or how about the captain of the *Titan's Daughter?* He talks with Arya and after they reach Braavos he rows her to the House of Black and White.


He might have received a slightly singed letter from Varys at the end of season 8


I loved him as Fred in Endeavor. Got super excited when I saw him, but was disappointed when he never showed up again.


I want to see him in either the Snow sequel or a Roberts Rebellion prequel.


We gettin this desperate for posts now




You can see him politically scheming in The Thick Of It