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But it's still nice they have a safe space they can go and cry about their hurt feelings. Good for them!


It sounds like this professor was trying to get the class to think about the connection between racism and the symbolism of light and dark. I'm betting he didn't say we should quit using "darkness" as a negative term, but maybe to question it when we do. Even if he did say that, it's still an interesting conversation to have. You'd think lobsters would appreciate a conversation like that.


I 100% believe OP fudged the story a bit


why are so many Peterson fans christian?


Peterson has a whole lecture series on the bible and is constantly patting Christians on the back with his rhetoric. He often makes claims like “it’s impossible to understand the world without the bible” or tries to convince people that “the bible was the first book ever written” and a bunch more nonsense designed to make Christians feel special and holier than thou. He has so many Christian fans by design.


Because he literally says everything conservative Christians love to hear: Climate change is fake. Women should be controlled. Trans people are scary. Trudeau bad. Liberals bad. Lefists bad. Marxism bad. Socialism bad. Weed is ok tho so he's definitely not right-wing.


because he is a source of validation for them.


>I'm not kidding when I say this is the most woke person I've ever encountered--and I'm in a major city, I've met some woke people. He unironically uses all the buzzwords, virtue signals every chance he gets, and preaches the woke orthodoxy like some kind of postmodern priest. Of course, he's a rich white academic himself. It's a shame because he's actually a great teacher and good at what he does. If he's one of the most "woke" people you know, and this is the first time you've found something he's said truly objectionable, perhaps he has more of a point than you would acknowledge. >Anyway, today he said something that truly shocked me, and I've heard it all. He essentially said that we need to "reclaim" the word "darkness" because it has racist connotations, arguing that we should stop using the word to refer to evil, deceit, and corruption. He then went on to imply that the fact that we symbolize evil with "darkness" and goodness with "light" is a social construct and a tool of oppression. >Now playing these sort of language games is standard social justice fare, but this instance particularly disturbed me. Light and Darkness are two of the most foundational symbolic categories that human beings use to understand the world. They may even be the most fundamental symbolic categories. It's almost as if we should question our own deeply held assumptions, even if they are symbolic in nature. I thought you all were supposed to be critical thinkers, no? >The fact that Light is associated with truth and goodness and that Darkness is associated with evil and deceit are actually fundamental to a Judeo-Christian worldview. Jesus literally calls himself THE LIGHT OF THE WORLD, and spoke quite a bit about the evils of darkness. Judeo-Christian. Only uses one quote from Jesus as an example. Sure, buddy. >To insist that it is racist to view Light and Darkness in this way, is to me, quite literally Satanic. If this view becomes widely embraced, it would render Christianity a fundamentally racist religion in their eyes. Thankfully I’ve only heard him say that so far, but is this where they’re headed? We love a slippery slope fallacy. And also, lots of organized Christianity is definitely incredibly entangled with racism. Jesus wasn't a racist, but the Catholic Church? Pretty damn racist. They cared so little about Black people that they actively spread misinformation about HIV in African countries. >I just needed to vent. I'm posting this here because I feel that listeners of Jordan Peterson (and/or Jonathan Pageau) will understand why I'd be so appalled at this in particular. Because you can't handle the possibility of any part of your worldview, no matter how symbolic, being questioned.


Correct me if I’m wrong but Judeo-Christian values was a term that in America, was used as a catch-all anti-communist slogan to bind folks together. Which of course fits very nicely with Peterson neo-Marxist hogwash.


>We love a slippery slope fallacy. And they never have any self-awareness about it. Here, they're complaining about making unjustified leaps in logic. Seriously: "I think it's a bit of a stretch to say that associating bad things with darkness and then associating darkness with black people, indirectly associating bad things with black people, is racist. In fact the mere suggestion is literally Satanism!"


Bro "darkness" being associated with "bad" is racist? Come on dude, it's been associated with "bad" because guess when our prehistoric ancestors were the least safe? During the night. Because of what? Darkness. Also afaik other cultures have the inverse black-white dichotomy. I am not sure but iirc the persians associated white with mourning and death and black with life and strength.




I just read the post. Is conspiratorial gobbledygook common on that subreddit?


Look at the r/Conspiracy sub. It's inundated with far-right politics, racism, anti-semitism, transphobia, etc. Of course the JP sub reflects that. Their ideas come from the same ideologies. There is never any true dialogue over there rising above semantics and boilerplate circle-jerk topics. Even moreso, JP-ers are duped into thinking their intolerant positions are defensible because Jordan's and their rhetoric is dressed up as if they're a religious crusaders for truth and good. Jordan Peterson has been playing a dangerous game courting these fools for so long.


Just reading it made all the dogs in my neighbourhood stand to attention.


It's exclusively conspiratorial gobbledygook


Please read the original post. It’s a full blown Carl Jung archetype level meltdown over the critical discussion of the word darkness. It’s really funny to read because the person essentially becomes the 😡TRIGGERED😡 meme.


They've started talking like their unhinged leader.


They're terrified of being exposed to ideas outside of their ideological box. Absolutely terrified. JBP's whole narrative is being brave and fearless enough to face and subdue the dragon or whatever but as soon as a lobster encounters something that doesn't fit their preconceptions, they freak the fuck out. On a separate note, is there more to this post? I don't see what other redditors are referring to re: what the professor actually said.