If you could add ONE arc in the Z part of the manga, what and where would it be?

If you could add ONE arc in the Z part of the manga, what and where would it be?


I would create a saga before Saiyan Saga, something like Dead Zone but longer. Saiyan Saga created a power gulf between Goku and every Z fighter that made them all irrelevant. A story where Tien,Krillin&Yamcha are near the ballpark of Goku's power gives the writers way more room to make humans relevant without worrying about power scaling.


> . Saiyan Saga created a power gulf between Goku and every Z fighter that made them all irrelevant No, that's been happening since before Z. It happened multiple times. Goku has always been far ahead of everyone.


Humans were not as irrelevant as they were after Saiyan Saga.


A better written Bojack Unbound epoch. It has been 12 weeks since the Cell Games; X. Cash announces that for his son's birthday he's throwing a martial arts tournament and publicizes it everywhere for even Gohan and Chi Chi to hear about. Yamcha convinces Krillin who's desperately awaiting to bump into Android 18 somewhere, to give it a rest for a day and try their luck winning the 50 million Zeni prize money. Roshi hears that and decides to join as well. Tien and Chiaotzu get excited too, promising evil Launch they'll bring the prize money home to her, but in reality ditch her in the capsule house and hope to resettle afterwards elsewhere. Piccolo learns that Gohan is entering and decides to put himself in for the test, seeing Gohan's SSJ 2 power makes him proud. Vegeta declines his entry when Krillin checks about him with Bulma, and goes to sleep. He mentions that since Kakarot is gone, he's got no more interest in petty fights. Elsewhere in Planet Hera, Bojack's crew, who for years had been fighting against the Frieza Force and subjecting races to their selfish desires, pick up a signal of the Kamehameha clash and realize that whomever these power levels belong to, can be dangerous for their domination of their galaxy. Bojack orders his crew to take him to Earth. They arrive within a week to the Earth, learn of the Z-Fighters' presence in one place and crash the tournament. They create a force field to contain their battles inside the platform. Vegeta gets there only to break the force field and kill Kogu as the others are falling at Gohan's wrath. Zangya defeats Piccolo but gets gut punched by SSJ 2 Gohan who spares her, she then dies while attempting to flee from Gohan and evacuate the battlefield as she sees him destroy her friends, Bojack hates her cowardice and kills her by his own admission noting he has no need for worthless traitors alongside him.


I like this idea. If I could make an addition, I think Android 18 would also show up at the tournament in order to get her hands on the prize money. From there 18 and Krillin could reunite and maybe have also have a scenario where she ends up taking a blast for him in order to repay him for the wish. Krillin would go ham on one of the minions that fired the blast, despite being way out of his league. And unlike with Cell she’s actually there to witness it which causes her to truly fall in love with him.


I'd probably just add the *Bojack* movie (with some tweaks/adjustments; e.g. properly exploiting the potential of its premise with the tournament) as an arc between the Cell Arc and the Boo Arc, so it'd look like Gohan didn't fall off *quite* so hard. **EDIT:** *Or* a tweaked *Wrath of the Dragon* arc based on the movie (e.g. fixing up the powerscaling; Gohan's Ultimate form remains his natural/new base state instead of becoming another transformation).


An extended epilogue after Boo. More focus on Oob, maybe?


I would've added a demon arc to expand on Dabura after or right before Buu's arc.


I'd add some kind of adventure focused scenario in space. Looking for the Dragon Balls on a planet which looked like Planet Namek but is actually a trap. But if I'm being totally serious, I'd change a lot about the Buu Arc knowing that there's a sequel now. Not sure if there's room to add an arc though.


I would add a training arc for Goten and Trunks and Maron. It would focus on the more playful competitiveness of training to add some much needed lightheadedness to the series after Buu.


I quite like an arc in were the villain/s are somewhat weak (Their total power never surpasses Goku or Vegeta), but the Z fighters have trouble dealing with them. The idea of having another with potentially another form seems formulaic at this point and I'd quite like to see other aspects apart from the constant fighting. Vegeta visiting Planet Sadala, Goku bonding with his sons, Dende re-visiting Namek, potentially the return of Jiren etc ....


The two good things about the garlic jr ace is that it gives some breathing room after the first SSJ, and it also gives the other characters room to grow without Goku being the savior.


I don't get why people hate the Garlic Jr. Saga so badly. It's honestly one of my favorite arcs in the series. It has strong OG Dragon Ball vibes, Garlic Jr and his minions are threatening, and it sets up Gohan as the one who stops the main villain, hinting at his eventual win over Cell. Kami and Mr. Popo even get to do something besides standing around on the lookout and commenting on things on Earth.


Freeza saga but about Cold and his road to power. That could be cool to see how he slaved sayians for example. Also, struggling for independenc under him sayians, Game of thrones style.


I'd add the Broly arc after Cell probably.


Ooo ssj3 against Broly huh


Give us a flashback arc with the Kais and Buu. There's a lot of story there.


Bojack would be the best for sure to have some more kid gohan badassery before he turns into a scholar. I like the chill and life focused nerfed gohan too (and eventually ultimate gohan)but the time with ssj2 was too short. Something before the android arc would have been cool as well involving everybody preparing but not sure what would fit in well tbh


I will like to add an arc of tapion after buu saga


I would create a canon saga set in between every major time-skip in the series using the Z movies as a basis (rewritten of course). Garlic Jr saga - Set 2.5 years after the 23rd TB and 2.5 years before the Beginning of Z. Gohan would only be 2 years old at the time. Lord Slug saga - Set during the time the Garlic Jr filler arc was in the Z anime. Goku & Vegeta are in outer space while the rest of the cast defend Earth. Cooler saga - Set in the middle of the 3 year training period for the Androids, Vegeta would unlock SSJ1 here. Bojack Saga - Set 3 years after the Cell Games, Gohan didn't stop training. Janemba Saga - Set one year after Kid Buu dies, with Goku & Vegeta being alive.


This is going to be contraversial but i would remove the cell saga arc or push it down the line. And have goku and the gang go on several minor adventures in that space. This was when goku dies it would feel more complete. I always hated how goku died in the cell saga. Why didnt he just teleport Cell into outer space and then teleport back. So irritating. Also dont worry, gohan would still get similar events to Cell so he cn get his ssj2 development


Goku cant teleport to ANYWHERE, he needs to feel the ki from someone that he knows to know where to go


You might be thinking of the animes adaptation, where it looked like goku had longer than he really had. He literally had milliseconds to spare


>Why didnt he just teleport Cell into outer space and then teleport back. 1) There is no ki signature to lock onto to use IT. 2) Goku would die instantly in outer space anyway so nothing changes.