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I didn't change the banner just because I was lazy. Well, its changed to yesterday's scene now. And I appreciate your thirst for girls of colour. I like them too. Hope TS brings something soon.


Couldn't agree more.


Agree, nothing wrong with mixing it up a bit. Plus the times they’ve done it, race wasn’t exploited like in some other genres.


Definitely it’s needed. In general more non-white incest scenes need to be a thing. I remember watching Adriana Maya’s black family video years ago and haven’t seen much like it since. Also if it’s only the black dad/daughter with the other one being white, it can easily make for interracial scenes when the scene first starts off with the girls with each other’s dad. Checks off a lot of boxes. I think it’s more a booking issue or the up-and-comers aren’t usually black, Latina, or Asian. But nonetheless it would be awesome to get this. I don’t expect it to happen though




You walk to a 5 start restaurant. Orders premium meal, gets shit coated in gold. You question the chef about the quality and he tells "why don't you come and make it then?". Dude, my brain disintegrate every second replying to this comment.


Indeed, like seriously lol


That might be one of the dumbest things ive read in a while. Thats impressive. First, where did I say I was upset? Disappointed sure, but we cant point out things we want to see in DS? Welcome to the subreddit buddy. Thats part of what this sub is for. But I like your idea, i'll just grab my imaginary thousands and thousands of dollars and get right on that!


TS in general lacks diversity. Them banishing black male talent to the TLBC hinterlands and then killing off the series, in general, has murdered my interest in the site as a whole.