Don't you dare lie about steam servers like this.


Do you have issues with steam servers? They always load instantly for me


Have you seen csgo (or any) inventories? They barely ever load


They seem to have fixed it recently tho


Yeah they're a bit better, still bad though, and other things are extremely slow as well so...


yeah you can't expect steam inventory to load perfectly since theres you know millions of users with billions of items. be real.


There's also billions of users with trillions of pictures on facebook. And pictures are a lot more data. Yet facebook is able to load them without problems


Doesn't Facebook also compress the shit out of everything? I swear every picture on Facebook is less than 1mb of data


1mb is still way more than it takes to store most if not all steam inventory items


steam doesn't even have to do that. You basically just need to store text data describing what the item is. ID, condition, etc etc


I haven't used Facebook in a while (because it's literally the worst) but I remember many times I would experience weird glitches, photos that wouldn't load, etc.


Nowhere near as bad as Reddit lmao. Opening reddit is 50/50 if your feed is even going to load


Which is not the same thing as steams inventory system.


Agree, the inventories should be a lot easier to manage.


probably because ever decreasing player counts kappa


I mean, peak concurrent 1m players ww daily isn’t bad. It’s just dying in NA


Why do I feel like it always gets fixed recently


They didn’t add enough RGB to make it work


Do you have a bad computer? Never heard of this being an issue on a major level


I haven't had any issues regarding that. There are a few odd times when servers would plummet (steam went down for a few seconds before), but nothing major. They really handle it well.


Some games download 60gb in minutes through my gigabit connection others struggle to even start downloading on a small update of 300mb it's really wierd.


Cached vs non cached. How steam operate is they have central server on every continent, and some cache server kinda everywhere. Cache server are only there to download from the central server the game/update, then send it to you. It stay in the cache server as long as it is downloaded by other people. if people don't download it but other thing, it will be replaced by another game/update. So if it is on the cache server it will be really fast to download, if it is on the central server, it will need time to get to you.


Plus they allow people to set up their own Steam cache servers. So ISPs might run their own local servers even closer to you than your regional steam server. When I was in Uni and helping run our local LAN parties, we'd set up a Steam cache with the common stuff to help save bandwidth. If you downloaded CSGO or TF2 from Steam while on campus during those times, it'd download *real fast*.


> So ISPs might run their own local servers even closer to you than your regional steam server. Lets be honest, no North American ISP does this.


A lot of the big ones do, actually. It's cheaper to do that than upgrade infrastructure for increased bandwidth usage. And if there's one thing NA ISPs hate most, it's increasing throughput capacity.


They totally do. They frequently have stuff saved locally like that where it's really easy for them to get it to you, but it still counts towards your data cap.


Interesting, I didn't know that. I was just confused as to why it allocated the needed drive space and then waited for sometimes up to half an hour for a few seconds of download. So my assumption that less popular requests get stuck somewhere in the chain isn't that far off the mark.


I think its also sometimes a semi optimal update process on some games. Path of exile had that problem for the longest time but they fixed it recently(unsure how). Before it took for the smallest updates like 15min just to start the download i think for a verfication of the installed data or something. The standalone client never had that issue at all. Could be server thing or an integration/update problem too.


Also important to note that often when you see nothing happen for a small update, you can usually see your drive sitting at 100% load. Because even small updates can do large changes (delete files, adjust file formats, recompress archives, etc).


AFAIK some games are compressed and get decompressed as you're downloading them, so the limiting factor is usually the CPU doing the decompression, or the drive it's reading from and writing to can't keep up with the simultaneous workload. Other less popular games might not be stored at your closest steam server facility, so some less popular games might be getting downloaded from hundreds or thousands of miles away instead of a more local server. And finally some games (mostly on launch day or after a big sale) can be getting downloaded dozens or hundreds of times per second which can cause the download for that game to slow down for everyone. Most slow downloads are caused by the first situation.


> Most slow downloads are caused by the first situation. The decompression shouldn't matter that much, a modern CPU can keep up with it easily. Ofc there are algorithms which can fully utilize even the strongest CPUs, but they are not really used in practice because there are diminishing returns in terms of storage savings. For most purposes a compression with a "normal" preset is the most efficient all things considered. And in terms of transfer rates, even an old HDD can definitely achieve more than 30 MB/s in sequential writes - the better ones with 7200 rpm even up to 80-100, which is (sadly) still a lot faster than the average internet connection most people have. Fully agreeing with your second and third point though.


Normally when I want to check my inventory it always fails to load


Ikr people always complain about steam but I've never had an issue


Ive always heard that it depebds on your region, and that european Steam servers suck when compared to americans ones. Cant confirm that though


It's the video player


Don't blame your shit internet on steams servers From start to finish downloading I get 150MB/sec from a game that is like 100GB and online it's a constant 30ms ping with no disconnecting ever (unless the games servers themselves are a bit out of whack like a new game having poor netcode)


Sometimes steam just dies and only downloads with actual kb/s. Changing download servers works, just have to find one that isnt crawling at a snails pace


Some games install and download at the same time. If you notice, when it is not downloading the disk ramps up which means it is unpacking the files. When you are changing the servers in between it's just restarting the process because you interrupted it.


This is the kind of thing that depends *heavily* on where you live (like, way more specifically than just "USA") in relation the various Steam server types. And more importantly, what's between you and Steam. I'm five network hops from one of Steam's major servers, and they use my same ISP. I go straight from my ISP's local network to Steam's load balancer. Steam downloads is *never* down for me, and my download speeds are insane. But the moment you start adding more distance and companies into the path, the more likely you're going to run into issues. Odds are the Steam download servers are not down that often. Odds are something has broken on the network route between you and Steam. Because cache servers and content delivery networks are pretty damn stable and easy to run. The odds of the entire network going down are basically zero without a major backbone outage that wouldn't be their fault anyways. Now the friends system, that's down all the fucking time lol


you're very much right on both parts, steam is for the most part good but as a 7~ Mbs user fuck you but politely and even with my shit internet it still loads in quite well and my highest download speed I've ever gotten was on steam with a 5Mbs


Steam is down very rarely. Obviously not stable like google but much better than most


Minus Steam Chat which goes down reliably every Tuesday evening, if only briefly.


steam is fine


2020 RMR Sale disagrees


Most people replying to you are assuming that steams store and profile page is all of steam. When you try to load anything that isn’t common it takes way longer, feels like Microsoft edge.


Microsoft Edge is a reskinned Chrome.


Edge is based on Chromium, as is Chrome. But Chrome has a few added features that are not found in Chromium.


Some of which often make Chrome slower than Edge. But like, I really like addons. That said... > When you try to load anything that isn’t common it takes way longer, feels like Microsoft edge. Is funny as hell. Edge is a browser. 90% of Steam is just a web app. In fact, Steam *also* uses Chromium. It should *always* feel like Edge.


And yet, they still both use the exact same rendering engine and underlying "blink" technology. So the fact that it "feels like microsoft edge" is akin to saying it feels like chrome. Only difference being chromium doesn't sync to your google account, and some minor upstream changes that may be missing.


They're just the Google servers with different lighting!


And a door!


I once had a TF2 game where it lagged constantly for everyone on the server, like full stop for at least 5 seconds, usually more, and it lasted at least 10 minutes if not longer. That shit was unplayable but we stuck around and, after getting auto-disconnected a few times and rejoining, the servers stopped shitting themselves and we played normally.


That sounds like it was due to a player in the lobby and not the game


Idk, no one strange joined the game


European server are so broke, they sometimes never load.


Shit, they covered the warzone label and put reddit!!!


Agreed - Steam is powered by Gaben's exercycle based on my experiences


I see alot of people fighting you on this... as far as games, I'd say they're right. HOWEVER, I NEVER watch video on store pages because they load like absolute shit.


I came for this.


My downloads are always trash on steam. Like hovering between 2-10 mbps (i have gigabit internet). For some reason last night I downloaded borderlands 3 at 102mbps consistently. That’s a higher speed than I’ve ever gotten on an internet speed test. I dont know what the fuck went right but I’m not complaining, I got to play for an hour before bed instead of downloading overnight.


My only thought


Common typo Replace "reddit" with "gaijin entertainment"


Laughs in EA sports


"It's not in the game"


"It's in the DLC"


"It's in the loot box"


“It’s in the *surprise mechanics*”


More like “I’m not in the game. Yeah,no, I got disconnected again. Send another invite”. Most sessions.


Laughs in Splatoon "servers"


No, because the bottom right is connected to a socket and not run by a hamster


Fuck u right


Lots of punctuation fun to be had here.


,Fuck u right


The classic [LoL EU server meme](https://knowyourmeme.com/memes/fix-eu-west)


You misspelled "esports ready"


Can we take a moment to just call out gaijin for the whole booting on startup horseshit? Their products really aren't worthy of or important enough to be a boot on startup application.


Yeah man the sound files died and I wasted 4 hours redownloading war thunder


Ah, a fellow sufferer


Unless you’re in Russia, because *R U S S I A N B I A S*


Forza Horizon 4 just entered the chat. You can't even connect, or stay connected for long online, with the new update.


it's either 200+ ping and 1% pl or 30 ping and 30% pl


Lol has anyone ever had ping under 200 playing War Thunder?


you now have to click play on gifs, like wtf


and most of the time they dont even load


That is


true indeed.




Very true


I can


Relate to this


You are


so funny


Exactly, single moms don’t look so dopey


And if you click on them, they go from 852p x 480p to 160p x 90p.


Enable autoplay ?


also saving a gif or video while its playing just stops it from playing and you have to fullscreen it to have it play again


Meh. As a mobile user im fine with this


Rick roll protection


Subreddit picture changed, wow


The subreddit is gayer than usual.


must’ve been the mods


Mods be gettin gayer


Fun fact: Netflix uses the servers of Amazon/Amazon web services


Only for everything before you hit play. Everything after you hit play is handled by [Netflix Open Connect Appliances](https://about.netflix.com/en/news/how-netflix-works-with-isps-around-the-globe-to-deliver-a-great-viewing-experience).


Yep. That’s how it’s able to play and seek so fast because it’s stored literally in your ISP’s data centers.


Is the Netflix CDN fundamentally different from any other CDN?


Imagine that you a soccer player. You go play a few matches in Europe in one day, and then head to Asia the next day and play a few matches again, and finally head to North America on the third day to play more matches. Within these continents, you are playing multiple matches in multiple countries per day. So for example you are playing a match in Italy, a match in France, and a match in Germany in Europe. Notice as you play these matches, you have to travel very fast between these countries, head to change room, change jerseys, and go in the field, come back after the game into the same change room, get dressed, and then go to the next country. Because there are multiple matches per day per continent, the timing is critical and you cannot for instance be tired as you’ve got a game to play. And as you head to another country to play another match, you’re walking to the change room and you slowly realize that all of this makes no sense because I have no idea what the fuck I’m talking about




God damn it u had me hype for the knowledge and facts and you just left me in a pile of shit


I was thinking where are you going with this the whole time..


> This specialization and focus on optimization has allowed us to improve OCA efficiency by an order of magnitude since the start of the program. We went from delivering 8 Gbps of throughput from a single server in 2012 to over 90 Gbps from a single server in 2016. It looks to be more optimized for their own usage. That’s an insane improvement in throughput…


It should not be. But Netflix is a very popular service and it’s lucrative for ISPs to host locally to save on bandwidth costs among other reasons. Other CDNs might not be as close to you; it could be located in a different state or with a different ISP. It’s peering from that point on… Akamai, for e.g… it’s not located with my ISP, but my ISP peers with an [Internet Exchange](https://extreme-ix.org/members/content-providers/), where Akamai is a Content Provider.


At first, reading this, I was like, “AWS also has a CDN service, why did they build it custom?” But in your link, here’s the real nugget of why this system is better for their use case: > Since the launch of the streaming service in 2007, Netflix had proved to be a significant and increasingly large share of internet traffic in every market in which we operated. Although third-party content delivery networks were doing a great job delivering Netflix content (as well as all kinds of other content on the internet), we realized we could be much more efficient based on our knowledge of how our members use Netflix. Although the number and size of the files that make up our content library can be staggering, **we are able to use sophisticated popularity models to make sure the right file is on the right server at the right time**. These advanced algorithms share some common approaches, and sometimes common inputs, with our industry-leading content recommendation systems. So it sounds like a regular CDN with a custom made cache algorithm.


"ISPs have even placed OCAs in Macapá and Manaus in the Amazon rainforest " .....for whom ?


i mean i guess OC was technically right


So does Reddit


Is this why loading comments either takes 2 seconds or two hours?


nsa has to take their copy


From the moon?


That would only add a few seconds. Their data center must be on Mars.


Reddit : Who has the largest cooling solution now, mortals


I mean, it's still the other three. They're so large they they get their own dedicated rooms.


I don't see pornhub


I wanted to keep this as SFW as possible. Sorry mate.


Just insert PH Kids, duh


Modern problems require modern–WAIT A FUCKIN SECOND!


Except the reddit servers have a better gaming chair


Nah they're running on potatos


Don't forget the 2 electrodes attached to the nipples of whichever employee they sacrificed today.


Oh I see reddit and apex legends share the same server


I switched to steam the second it came out on that platform. Origin is light years behind them


The game still uses EA servers regardless of whether you’re on steam or origin


Makes sense tbh. Guess they got better in recent months then. It was rough a while back. I mean they still crash at every new season drop but hey, overall i'ts better.


I switched to steam the second it came out on that platform. Origin is light years behind them


Is this an American thing or something? Cause I've never had issues with Reddit besides the odd "down for maintenance" stuff every few months. Hell, only servers I struggle with are EA and Uplay.


I think it's more of a servers are too slow. Because even low-resolution videos take quite along time to load.


The problem is that a video fully loads in hd, you click replay and it completely stops and you can't play it again


Nah German here. I notice it mostly on mobile. Videos take sometimes 8-10 seconds before they start playing and my phone isn't weak.


Even fucking pictures some times take that long or even longer to load for me.


My problem is with reddit-video specifically - often it takes a dog's age to load a short 360p video. All the other common video hosts are fine.


v.reddit is pure trash.


Yes it is. Have to reload a 20second 360p video 20 times for it to play all the way thru. Then it doesnt stop auto playing over and over again until you go into your memory and shut down reddit lol


I'm in Southeast Asia and Reddit is way slower than Youtube or Netflix.


I see they share servers with rockstar.




The steam and the Google server are literally same. They just changed the neon lights.


Which is a shame because photos of Google's actual data centers aren't hard to find, and actually [look pretty cool](https://media.wired.com/photos/59325aa89be5e55af6c24593/master/pass/ff_googleinfrastructure_f.jpg). [Source article with more photos.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wired.com/2012/10/ff-inside-google-data-center/amp)


Don't expect a redditor to put any more effort in than necessary


Don't forget EA's servers! Best ones to ever exist!


Replace Reddit with apex legends and this meme still works




I've did research and found 6 reposts of this on this sub They were with same text, only the companies and images were different. One or two were gifs.


Reddit and R* games have something in common


Why is there blue / purple lighting, is that just to look cool or is there a purpose?


Server run cooler with blue light and hotter with red light.


[Ubisoft servers](https://www.google.com/search?q=potato+vga&client=ms-android-oppo&prmd=sivn&sxsrf=ALeKk026UTjWq1C6P_NQebyaNC1myhpAIQ:1622553057256&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjbh-2UwfbwAhWWyzgGHcdxC6UQ_AUoAnoECAIQAg&biw=360&bih=648#imgrc=5grXtt2d4JwNvM)




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Hypixel is a popular server too


Whel u got rockstar servers


i laughed i dont know why


Someone forgot the PornHub servers


Show reddit serve Ron steam site also It's fked up alrdy


I used to play roblox on my mom's overheating laptop with a fan on my bed cooling the computer.


The server uses only fans


I feel like Netflix’s server room isn’t even a blip on the map compared to Google’s.


Replace reddits server with a potato and you got it bang on


Yea but my ads are still loading in 1080p, hepl pliz


Yet somehow it works out fine on reddit with that cord fan idk why.


Servers wise I see that reddit is no different than EA. You can insult them for ages. But as long as we are still here they will not change even 1 bolt


that’s still loading the forehead


You win 🏆


Replace the reddit logo with the Jagex logo.


Bro Reddit servers are better than Steam


i actually have it the same as on the reddit pic, but i keep the ventilator on the left side of my desktop, it actually made playing way video games way better, during summer ofcourse


I didnt see the name cause reddit isn't loading. Upvote


Long may it remain. I'll take slow as shit 240p video loads over all the crap Google and Facebook throw at my face to afford all that cooling. Steam can subsist on all of my money and I'm cool with that. Netflix 4K is a modern miracle on my 3.5mbps ADSL.


Top left is Youtube's servers for it's ads. Bottom right is their servers for the actual videos.


I have a fanless mini-PC, but it's not really expected to have high loads for long periods, so when I video chat with it, I arrange a small desk fan to blow on it. I don't use packing tape, though.


I'm seeing a distinct lack of hamsters


I don’t agree with the steam one


I hear the Reddit servers are in Alexis’ basement being propped up by Serena’s tennis rackets.


Nah reddit servers are a deteriorating cardboard box with the circuitry just thrown inside.


This guy HEPL’s.


Windows store: “Hold my beer”