I hope the cats smoking cigarettes aren't bad guys too...


I don’t think they’re “bad,” per se, but I’d still give ‘em wide berth.


Only bad in the way all cats are bad. To the bone.


>all cats are bad. So that’s what ACAB means.


Assigned Catgirl At Birth


In the Shaolin Cowboy universe, they were probably genocidal maniacs.


"They don't bite or scratch but they can hurt you in other ways." \--Cat pulls out a 1911 and starts shooting.--


KKKFC got me with that one


I liked the nazi tape dispenser.


Holy shit. I need Tarantino to make this movie..


What's the artist's name? Geoff Darrow? He did Hard Boiled with Miller, no? Am I getting that title right? I used to have them til they went missing.


Yeah. As far as I know, nobody is doing the kind of detail work like Darrow is. But Hard Boiled was the comic he did with Miller.


Darrow and Miller were doing a signing for Hard Boiled in Los Angeles when it came out. I had Geoff sign a Hard Boiled t-shirt that had artwork of Nixon (the robot tax collector) getting shot in the chest. Darrow signed it, then started doodling extra details on the shirt. He went on doodling for a a few minutes- like he just got caught up in it.


It’s kind of a different style, but the work of Gabriel Rodriguez (of Lock & Key) is full of beautiful details. You should check out his twitter, he posts WIPs and the level of tiny little details he adds to every corner is insane.




He did a wraparound cover on daredevil 500 i believe. The detail was astounding.


I’ve been wanting to check shoalin cowboy out. I think I will buy a couple now haha Lmao this just gets better the more you look - they’re eating “KKKFC”


Cats with cigarettes.


That was the bloodiest Where's Waldo I've seen in a while, looking for those cats.


Even the tape dispenser has a swastika on it


The SS gay porno mag I liked


Funny you mention that, because there is a r/documentaries and recently they had a whole series on Gay Neo Nazis in Germany and apparently it’s a whole scene.


Everything is isn’t it. So much so it’s boring. How can gay neo nazis be boring…and yet


Definitely adding to my must own.


The artwork is incredible!


It's like the church scene in kingsman!


Sort by controversial to find free salt.


I love that it was eight straight pages of this


Brought the first three collections on the strength of the artwork & wasn’t disappointed. I read somewhere that Geoff Darrow was Moebius’ protege - his work definitely has influences from bande dessinée to my eyes!


Exactly. Definite Moebius vibes here.


It’s Moebin time?


I love Shaolin Cowboy. That art is astounding. I bought a few issues way back when, but I got distracted. I need to get back into Darrow.


Fuck MAGA.


It's honestly hilarious. Darrow makes them so utterly loathsome and vile that you can do nothing but cheer as the **Shaolin Cowboy** carves his way through them - there are even brilliant nods to *John Woo's* **Heroic Bloodshed** style and kung-fu classic **The Flying Guillotines** in there


Fuck BlueAnon too


wtf is Blueanon


> wtf is Blueanon Right-wing fan fiction.


↙️ ↙️ ↙️


Are people downvoting what I hope is the iron front flag? (Three arrows pointing down left?)


I guess it’s easily mistaken for like a downvote thing? I intended for the iron front…


I had never heard of these people before!! Are you aware of any really good books about these people?


I’ll upvote it then.


No worries. Fuck MAGA being top is good enough for me lol


Iron front. Fuck MAGA.


What is Iron Front?


A German political party that went directly against the Nazi party during the 1930's in defense of democracy.


I’m glad we can all agree fascists and white supremacists deserve no quarter


Totally agree 👍


It’s amazing the evil shit people can do when they convince themselves that a group of people are more evil.


Fear is a hell of a motivator. More so when it’s irrational.


This comment section is a good example.


Not as good as some of the policy the GOP are proposing


Biden has only saved the economy and our border and lowered crime compared to the fascistic hell scape Trump made us all endure.


Umm…what? You might be the only person on the planet that thinks Biden has done anything other than destroy this country. Right or left the fuckin world agrees with that. Destabilizing the Middle East, creating open borders, cost of everything has skyrocketed, unemployment is up, our allies fuckin hate us, crime has risen, etc. No clue where you get your info but you need to do more reading.


Living in La La land over here, bud.


Newsflash the cost of everything has been skyrocketing for years and no single one of your "allies" has ever liked you, or respected you.


'Ignorance leads to fear, fear leads to hatred, and hatred leads to violence. This is the equation.' \-Ibn Rushd




I appreciate the sentiment but the first issue had so much casual racism, It completely took me off the series and Darrow forever. The comics themselves are also extreme one-trick ponies with micron thin plots narrated at bullet time speed. Yes, the art is purty throughout but boy It becomes a chore to watch the same things happen again, only the gore is shown from a different angle this time.


Geoff Darrow, also check out [Doc Frankenstein](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doc_Frankenstein) also published by [Burlyman Entertainment](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burlyman_Entertainment) the original publishers of Shaolin Cowboy before Dark Horse got the rights.


Read the book. It's more anti-KKK, white supremacist than anti-MAGA. ​ Granted, I'm sure most KKKers and white supremacists are MAGA.


There's literally a guy in this panel being shot wearing a Trump shirt so I'm pretty sure they don't consider it all that different


There’s also a Trump poster elsewhere in the issue, and a bunch of dudes in red hats. It’s pretty clearly about MAGA cultists.


I mean cauliflower, broccoli and brussels sprouts look different, but they’re really all just cabbage.


I'm gonna have to doubt you there. I see: \-Two pictures of Trumps stupid fucking face. \-Two "45"s \-"...RUMP" written on a guy's hat. \-Multiple MAGA hats \-Multiple Confederate flags \-Multiple NRA posters \-Confederate Civil War uniforms Elsewhere in the issues there's mentions of Qanon. These guys are definitely MAGA, which naturally comes with a hefty side helping of KKK and Nazi symbolism.


The irony in the comments, lol


How is this? Never heard of it before.


Me neither. I got it from a facebook group called Out of Context Comics.


It's incredible. Amazing, hyper detailed artwork and (sometime) literally issue long fight scenes backed up by a weird, quirky sense of humour. There is sometime very little dialogue, but you will spend forever looking at all the little details on a page, and are guaranteed to notice something new every time.


I learned about Geoff Darrow from his concept sketches for The Matrix movies. I remember seeing a broken cupholder in a drawing of one of the control chairs and next time I saw the movie they had put that in.


Raaaad. Fuck MAGA traitorous fascists.


A lot of mental illness in this comment section


Geoff Darrow is such an amazing artist!


You know… I think the artist might be trying to tell us something. I really think so.


Love the NRA poster with a naked woman on it next to the Jesus Poster haha


I don’t know which is more surprising to me. The fact that people are getting wound up about a bunch of racist pieces of shit getting killed, or that these same idiots know how to read.


To be fair it's mostly a picture. So it's at least at their reading level.


It's borderline cartoonish just how ridiculously racist, evil and loathsome these characters are. Anyone who relates to that and gets offended, well...


Most under appreciated comment


Lots of snowflakes upset with this one. Very cool illustration


Imagine seeing Neo-Nazis being killed and feeling triggered , self report


Fun gore but I feel like the coloring could stick out more with the blood yk?


Yeah the art style is giving psychedelic but the colors are giving king of the hill


epic, i mean holy shit this is an awsome comic.


Fuck ALL MAGA. This is badass.


The cats smoking




I like that in the bottom panel there’s a guy with a nazi medallion at the end of his beard


A A nice sequence shot, but above all beautiful drawings


Geoff Darrow is a fucking GOAT.


Honestly this gets better the longer I look at it.


Just the sheer number of far right references in this picture is mind boggling.


Someone decided that there tape dispenser looked too dern liberal, so they stuck a swastika on it just to be safe.


Badass cats!


As a poc, celebrating violence towards others you deem enemies for the purpose of equality and a better world makes us no better and the exact same as the people that spread hate.


The worst part is that, in this panel, the bad dudes are just having a beer and sitting down. I’d cheer this if he was shooting them in the middle of a lynching or something, but this is just a massacre. Would they still be cheering if they were gangbangers or slavetraders instead ?


As a poc. I find people who think “maga = nazi” are the real nazis. It kinda hilarious how the “virtuous” group ask for the most murder. They force others to think like they do Wich is actually fascist.


Tbf I don't think anyone is calling for murder. I am yet to read this comic, but I assume the characterization here is that these are racists and Nazis who happen to be Trump supporters (because let's face it most Nazis and racists like Trump). I don't think the take away here should be that all Trump supporters are racists and Nazis. At least it shouldn't be. Again I haven't read the comic so I could be wrong, but that's just my impression. Either way this is a fucking amazing page art wise.




Im not saying there arnt bad people it depends on how far you go. the better person doesn’t always mean hitting back. It’s clearly trying to depict trump and his supporters as evil and bad. I would go even further and say its trying to depict all his supporters that way. i would much rather a world of teaching and learning to be better people. then just getting rid of those that you dont like. You can hate but hating each other wont solve anything.


I’d prefer a better World of teaching and love too and admire your optimism, but I’m far too much of a cynic to think some people will ever learn to give up hateful ways.


I would love a live action film version. It would be insane.


The church scene in *Kingsman: The Secret Service* seems to be pretty close ;)


That scene is incredible and makes me wetter than an otters pocket but I meant a live action of this series =0




Do you suppose they should be...rounded up and put into camps like the worthless vermin they are?


No. I just dont like them because they are intolerant scum and I am intolerant of the intolerant. They are societies problem and create problems due to their stupidity, ignorance and lack of adaptability


No just prosecuted for their countless hate crimes and violence toward people of other races religions or creeds... Same as I expect for anybody who commits treason, plots to kidnap people, shoots up public spaces and/or children, sells top secret documents to enemy countries, and gropes women without consent.


So just prosecute anyone who supports a certain person?


When they help him try to install a dictatorship, yes. I mean, buddy, I get you're trying to be cute here, but I literally gave you a list of irrefutable shit that red hats have done and self-proclaimed they did it no less. Guess you can't figure it out, that is a list of crimes and they're very Nazi flavored.


Trumps a racist, incites racists and calls white supremacists very fine people. Nice try with your gaslighting bullshit though.


Oh, I might have to pick this up!


Been loving this Cowboy run.


How is this any different than a Ben Garrison comic besides it being made by a guy who you share an opinion with? Idk this is just psychotic to me. Nobody left, right, or centrist should be making calls for violence.


Fine. I'll buy it.


You had me at shaolin cowboy, you kept me at vs. maga




Y'all are fucking psychopaths 💀


Keep dehumanizing your countrymen and fantasizing about their deaths . It’s going great.


this is the most circlejerk shit ever and I hate maga lol


This is where we’re at now? Cool cool.


I love when comics and other media actively try to divide and demonize groups of people based on their political beliefs. I love the divide between Americans being pushed by media so much!!!!!! Gosh this is just the most forced thing ever lmao. All the buzz words are checked. Evil white men, trump supporters, NRA, Christian’s. A fucking hand gesture. Can’t just have them be racist, cause unironically fuck racist and nazis, but you gotta actually attack everyone you can who disagrees with you


Here’s the thing. I agree. But this is like… the four millionth time on different freaking things that we’ve had to say “just because this political party does X doesn’t mean they’re Y”. If you KEEP having to make that argument… it’s no longer an argument. It’s an excuse. This wouldn’t be a problem if _any_ of those groups made a concerted effort to say “we want no part of any of the racist violent nonsense these people are peddling”. They’ve had ample opportunity. If they haven’t… and if they’ve doubled down on saying everyone opposing them is wrong and that they’re aligning themselves with political party X _because_ those racist groups are being called out… then they’ve made a choice to be associated with those racist and violent groups. It’s not the fault of art if it starts grouping them together. If they don’t want to be grouped together… they can always be more vocal about saying they don’t view those groups as themselves. The problem is they know if they do that, they lose a big portion of their supporters. That should be telling.


You know, its kind of telling -- communist characters get killed in decades of action movies, who cares? The "marxist" left in America doesn't see themselves in those people. But someone releases a Wolfenstein game where you kill Nazis in America and woah buddy, suddenly a lot of people take offense.


Back in the 30s, Nazis were saying the same thing over captain America #1


They’re all the same people, my guy Trump supporters are mostly evil, white, and men. They mostly support the NRA. They’re mostly Christian. They use fucking hand gestures. And they’re racist AF, and also lots of Nazis. So I’d say it’s pretty accurate


“Mostly evil white men” gosh this is just sad to read. This whole comment section is. Just denounce anyone who supports a certain thing/person. It would be different if they were supporting actual racist, but trump is not that. I’m not even a trump supporter and this whole division thing is anger inducing. Try broadening your view on the world.


Trump is *absolutely* an actual racist and the fact that you deny that is proof that you are a fool and not worth attempting to have a rational conversation with. Good luck with you delusions, try not to ruin the country, thanks


Show some racist things he’s done. And I don’t mean things he’s said taken out of context, I mean actual things. And it’s pretty ironic you’re calling anyone delusional. “Try not to ruin the country”. Tell me how it’s gotten better since he’s been out of office.


https://www.vox.com/2016/7/25/12270880/donald-trump-racist-racism-history You won't even read that.


He got real quiet when hard facts came into the picture. Lmao


Don’t they always? Or just yell louder so they drown out the other side


This is what you just said 1. Show me the evidence that is literally everywhere if I actually look for it but refuse to acknowledge its legitimacy 2. No, YOU’RE the one that is the delusional one 3. Show me how the country has gotten better FOR ME


No. I asked you to show me evidence showing that trump is racist. Evidence that is taken out context because that it is all i have seen over th years. All the evidence that has been pushed takes a 30 seconds google search to fall apart. And yes, you are delusional to think that most of millions of people you’ve never met, heard, or had any form of contact with are all evil. That’s like me saying every Biden supporter and voter supported segregation. Thats just an ignorant, delusional, and blinded thing to believe. And lastly, yes, how has the country gotten better for me, a US citizen. Isn’t that a normal question to ask, what benefits me will benefit everyone


“What benefits me will benefit everyone” is an incredibly ignorant, stupid thing to believe. Your understanding of the issues is that of a small child. You Oh wait you’re a troll


Atta boy. Avoid being backed into a corner by saying someone is a troll. Evasive tactics 101. Just ignore everything I say and, what you do acknowledge, you misinterpret. Bravo


>Just denounce anyone who supports a certain thing/person. Nazis. You're defending actual Neo-Nazis.


Bro you’re on reddit. No one’s going to have common sense. Just be at peace with yourself knowing you have a lick of sense and critical thinking. Downvotes mean nothing. If this comic was flipped to the Conservative perspective, it would be a shitty Ben Garrison comic of Trump shooting up a diner full of ‘Libtards’ and Nancy Pelosi and AOC eating LGBTQ McDonald’s. And everyone would be trashing it. Truth is, both sides of the political system are ethically and morally fucked, and there’s no winning when the two teams are Red or Blue. There’s delusion no matter where you go. Of all the places to attempt a rational political discussion, Reddit is the worst


You're right, both sides are the same. Please continue shoving the fence up your ass.


Not our fault u wanna support a racist


Bro. ....If these remind you of anyone you disagree with, that's kind of a self-tell ain't it? It's **supposed** to be satirically over the top. :P


Nice try dude but miss me with that shit




The sheer prejudice stupidity in this comment section is hilarious. Gotta love it


Le epic strawman destroyed


Gotta make sure they check on the virtue signal boxes and pander to as many people they can


God I miss those days when being a fan of virtue wasn’t a thing people tried to make a cynical negative thing out of. “Appealing to the widest variety of people by liking virtuous things” is a _negative_… bonkers.


Well “everything has to signal to others that I am superior” is more accurate. But it’s harder for you to dismiss it.


Are we not in a comics subreddit? You’re _SUPPOSED_ to feel superior to nazis and racists. The whole problem here is that people are seeing nazis and racists and saying “wait.. they must be talking about _me_!” Perhaps the problem lies more in the people trying to convince you that it’s true. If I saw a comic saying there were a bunch of nazis and racists in a group of comic readers, my mind wouldn’t go immediately that they were trying to target me.


So you assume that the only people that are against this, is because they see themselves as the ones being shot? That would be completely ignoring the fact that.. gee… I don’t know… some people do not view themselves as murderers? Some people don’t think it’s okay to kill others just because you label them a bad word? Yeah shocker but not everyone is okay with murder just because you convinced yourself they are something that you labeled them. You think they are that label. But you’re only giving them that label because it then allows you to think murderously and evil without regret. “I labeled them a nazi that means murder is okay!” Alright but what’s stopping you from calling anybody a nazi? Right. So that’s the problem.


I never said I was ok with shooting these people up. This thread was about someone indicating that appealing to a wide variety of people by indicating virtuous stuff was a bad thing. I don’t think this page is particularly helpful to anyone. But I also think the whole act of pearl clutching on it by the more conservative people here is demonstrably hypocritical. There are calls to shoot lgbtq people that are met with crickets by conservatives. Trump proposed solving Hillary Clinton using the second amendment and he’s entertained shocking support in spite of it. Conservatives insisted on Rittenhouses innocence and hero status _before_ video evidence simply because they didn’t like BLM as a concept. People were chanting to hang Pence and conservative shows have voiced support of that movement and tried to paint it as innocent. There’s a shocking amount of violence and acceptance of violence _that this page is in __reaction__ to_. It didn’t appear from nowhere, it came in response to a consistent trend of violence and encouragement of violence. I’m fine being against this page as not helping the problem. I have to wonder why more conservatives wouldn’t be if the shoe were on the other foot. You insist they aren’t this. I have to ask if they aren’t why do these groups keep thinking they are? I would suggest it might be because conservatives keep getting caught at white supremacy rallies, at conventions where they discuss killing lgbtq folks, at gun rallies where they talk on camera about shooting liberals. If that’s not who they are… perhaps they need to be more vocal about renouncing those people. Because right now the top three donated to republicans fit at least one of those categories and the top two republican presidential candidates have both discussed their political opponents in religious enemy terms and have both suggested extremist methods for dealing with them, including sending convicted murderers to highly liberal places with the hopes “something happens”. That… isn’t normal but it’s extremely supported currently in that political sphere. We should maybe be discussing that as well.


There are no calls to shoot lgbt cause you can lose your job and become a social outcast for that. However what I do see is people losing their job and being attacked just for having different views than the left or democrats. So it’s clear you live on a different planet than me entirely. You are okay with shooting people up because apparently to you, if others do it, it’s okay.


Gotta mock having virtues when theirs has none.




Or run them over with your car apparently… https://www.cbsnews.com/news/shannon-brandt-vehicular-homicide-cayler-ellingson-says-he-hit-teen-after-political-argument-north-dakota/


Imagine thinking MAGA folks are on par with Nazis. Insane.


Imagine thinking people who * literally use Nazi symbolism * routinely protest alongside neo-Nazi groups * routinely repeat phrases originated from the Nazi regime * Openly espouse all the same goals and motives as the Nazis did * Use Neo-Nazi groups as foot soldiers to try to overthrow the capital during an election * Have an entire political party pushing Christian supremacy and demoning the separation of church and state * Spout literally constant racist rhetoric * Have actually rounded up minorities and put them into camps already * Literally tries to recreate circumstances that led to the rise of the Nazi party * Literally deck themselves out in Nazi regalia all the time * Get banned from platforms all the time for acting like Nazis * Want to jail all political opponents * Literally Heiled Trump * Build their entire political belief system on believing one guy is so Uber he should just rule us and punish everyone who doesn't fit their mold ...are not Nazis. Lmao


Source: I made it the fuck up


Do you really want me to go make *every single bullet point on that list* a link to what it refers to? Do you really want to look *that bad*? Man. Some of the things I'd link would literally be the Republican platform web page.


If you look very closely at the picture (and many of Trump's supporters) you'll see clear and obvious signs that they are actually Nazis in name and/or ideology.


This is great. Truly revealing all the psychopaths that celebrate slaughter of other humans. This world is done.


[ Removed by Reddit ]




There’s a Nazi flag hanging on the wall in this scene.


Jesus christ, you are delusional, and a terrible human being. The sad part is you think you are righteous. Seek help.


Do you feel personally attacked? Is there something you'd like to share with the rest of the class or what?


You are a terrible human being, that is all. Thats yours to deal with.


Good god this place is absolutely devoid of IQ points.


Lol at an ancap getting uppity about other people's IQ


Who said I'm an ancap?


In an alternate universe, there’s a Ben Garrison comic of Trump shooting up a diner full of dramaticized ‘Libtards’ with dyed hair and transphobic stereotypes- and they’d be eating LGBT McDonalds or some shit


That's just regular-degular news in our universe though.




Trump people shoot up places all the time in real life because they imagine that




Your boys have committed treason, insurrection, tried to hang the Vice President and tried to assassinate other liberal politicians, partially caused the invasion of Ukraine, and have committed several brutal mass murders including Uvalde. Go Google *mass shooter right wing manifesto* and see how many guys are on your team before you start thinking it's a smart idea to keep score. You guys pass laws to run over protesters and kidnap immigrants, ffs, if you expand it beyond just straight murder it's an even worse look. And oh yeah *all the Nazis are totally down with your team* too so there's that. Find me a Proud Boy who voted Democrat. You guys are way, way deluded. People openly fantasize about imprisoning or killing liberals all the time, on TV even. You got guys running for Congress who say we need to round up gay people into camps and you want to put women in prison for not wanting to have children after being raped. The right is *hideous* and it's not even close. But even if you want to keep it one to one Trump people are way ahead in terms of murdering people.




A bold statement on your 1 month old troll account


“Average Trump supporter”


This is so terrible it’s funny!!


Also remember recently that guy who ran over that Maga teen and got let out of jail! Hooray dead teenagers! Do vehicular manslaughter next! As long as they're Maga they deserve to die that's what I've been fed


Is anybody celebrating that teen's death besides the rabid, socialist, communist, liberal fascists in your sad little fever dream?


Just see *checks for 5 seconds* the entirety of twitter


I see everyone celebrating this lol, read the comments bro.


I don’t like MAGA in the least, but I think that person should have a harsh sentence for killing that teen. However we should be accurate in reporting, he wasn’t let out of jail, the incident only occurred two days ago. He just posted bail. He’s almost assuredly to still face trial and jail.


How long was Rittenhouse in jail for a clear cut self defense caught on video? 8 months.


You guys keep on saying “we’re in jail” as if you get convicted at the start of prosecution… which is odd. But even so this is ALSO misleading since Rittenhouse posted bail almost immediately after it was set and that was far before 8 months. He was, at least according to this [1], in jail for 2 months. The video you describe was only released 3 days AFTER he posted bail [2] so I’m not sure how you consider that he could have possibly been shown to the public as provably innocent before that. [1] https://www.foxnews.com/us/kyle-rittenhouse-makes-bail [2] https://nypost.com/2020/09/23/kyle-rittenhouse-attorney-releases-video-in-self-defense-claim/


This is like an I Spy book, I love it.


Odal rune tattoo just like the stage at CPAC. Perfect


Orange man bad




Being part of a fascist cult is bad.


Also an idiot. And racist.


Well... this is weird and gross...


Another strawman... \*sigh\*


There is no good argument for racism and bigotry.


Holy shit the far lefts interpretation of right wingers is hilarious. Hopeful it’s satire and not a genuine view point


It’s kinda revealing that you simply call these KKK and nazis fucks “right wingers”, not fascists or anything…


Great art, just plain bad writing.


Why am i just hearing about this?! Anything vs those d-bags is my jam!