We didn't know about the whole story. Maybe it was like this before entering his job. Maybe that was not his job. Maybe he was told to never disconnect anything, even for sorting things and then reconnecting.


Oh, no; this was an onsite technician, sent to diagnose and correct a network or power issue for a POS system. It was absolutely like that before he entered the jobsite, and yes it is absolutely disgusting... but he was supposed to troubleshoot connections for a point-of-sale station at this location. Instead he noped out and sent these two pictures as his "why". As a remote support technician, if I could reach the cables I'd just do it myself -- but those cables are separated from me by multiple state lines.


Yeah I always look forward to working with cables I can't reach behind counters I can't move and equipment that has rat shit deposited on it.


Welcome to the real world. This is the reality of the job.


POS swaps/troubleshooting pays less and in restaurants and grocery stores there's unhealthy messes like this. The combination of the two is why I don't take POS jobs anymore.


Every restaurant office after 5 years ever


As a field tech, I've worked on worse...


Really not that bad... lol put on gloves and get paid.


This is the way. I keep a box of latex gloves (the thick mechanic ones) in the work van next to the hand sanitizer.


That’s how it is sometimes. Suck it up dude.


Was thinking the same thing. This doesnt seem all that difficult to sort out.


this is tame. like this is actually not that bad from what I have seen under a couple thousand POS counters.


Every time I have to pull a cat6 line its because of rats. One location had 6 drops and 4 had to have wire from the service loops used because of rodent damage. A month later I was back out to replace one of them for the same reason. I removed an actual rats nest in the wall these drops were in. cleaning rags, plastic bags, all sorts of paper and the worse smell of rat piss ever. Half expected to find babies.


worked grocery IT remodel/construction for 6 yrs. Rats use the drop poles and overhead cable raceways as a free way around the store. All those candy goodies at Checkout? The rodents were having a buffet under the belts. They love Peanut M&Ms.


The locations I work in have candy as well, its just not a grocery store... But I've seen payday candy bars moving across aisle and under racking and had to do a double take. Currently we have one location with a pallet that has a squirrel nest, the rats are cohabiting with the squirrels... Pest management can't seem to get things right so the store has a stray cat that has become a team member... He earns his keep, unfortunately for me means the rats are in the drop ceilings where replacing cabling is a pain in the ass...


Yeah, slap some gloves on and get it done.


I was thinking, now he needs a new job.


Most countries have laws preventing this need.


That dude is not long for field work.


I was like: “oh that’s not so baaa-“ and then I swiped to the second photo 🤢


I would not worry about it too much. At some point that plug strip and all that trash will catch on fire and then you get new wiring.


I dont blame him


Damn, that Rat piss on the wall.


What this site needs is not troubleshooting, it's a full cleanup and rebuild. That's not the same price. No wonder he walked out, not paid enough to work on such crap.


This is probably In a room next to another room where food is being prepared.


As upsetting as this certainly is for you, dumping on the tech isn’t fair. This is obviously a mess and he could’ve simply lacked the experience or test equipment to pull it off. This can go sideways so easily and then he’s at fault. If it’s that big of a deal to have the outage surely the department can come up with a couple hundred dollars to properly punch those connections down so this isn’t happening in the first place


Sadly, in this case "the department" was the reseller who initially set the restaurant up, or the owner of the restaurant -- and whoever it was couldn't be bothered to do the job right the first time. The company I work for recently acquired the portfolios of several resellers and is in the process of revamping the POS infrastructure at tens of thousands of restaurants across the US. I get the feeling this one's going to end up with all new equipment (server, stations, router, switches, printers, pinpads) just so we don't have to unscrew the existing setup.


thankless job. honestly that pic is about a 2/10 of what I have had to work on in many POS swaps.


That tech better find another line of work if this scares him/her/it. Fragile comes to mind.


That tech is a darn snowflake


How dare he have standards of what is acceptable. "Nobody wants to work anymore!"


I attend site visits l where this is normal, the client always pays for my time


Sheesh what a baby!


That's not all that bad


Snowflake. Hike up your big girl panties and get to work. If your worried it's dirty wear gloves. Rant over.


If you can’t be bothered to make his work area clean why should they bother doing the work?


Honestly, I'd have walked too, some of that has been there long enough to start decomposing.


Yes retail, restaurants, even offices get this dirty. I saw worse in the hospital I used to work in. This isn't that bad.


Send that guy to dollar tree register swap. Better yet the pos/scale at any deli/ bakery at Walmart.


This looks like a site I worked on last week. Installed new 3 POS for the customer, took 7 hours rather than 3. This image is considerably neater but still has years of dust accumulated.