[https://store.401games.ca/](https://store.401games.ca/) in Ontario! Great staff, great selection, great prices! They also host tons of tournaments!


Will always upvote 401 Games. I've given them a lot of business over the years (both boardgames and MTG) and they've never disappointed me. Between [401 Games](https://store.401games.ca/) and [BoardGameBliss](https://www.boardgamebliss.com/), we in Ontario are pretty spoiled for great board game online stores.


There's rarely a reason for me not to shop at Boardgame Bliss, but I've perused the 401 Games website a few times and they have a killer selection as well. I may also throw Meeplemart on the list.


They dont ship outside Canada but Greatboardgames.ca out of Waterloo and Boardgame Bandit out of Mississauga are also solid options.


[LVLUP Games](http://lvlupgames.ca)is also great for the west end of the GTA. Smaller stock than 401 and BGB but still solid and the owner is wonderful. Game shack as a chain has an awful availability feature but ordering through there is pretty easy.


Just bought Concordia for $50 here yesterday! Also, to add stores based on experience, Legends Warehouse is great as well!


I know this is just going to end up being a "USA and Canada" thread but of course we do this in other places too. So if there's anybody else in Finland scrolling through this thread, here's the best local boardgame resources: * [Poromagia](https://poromagia.com/) - at least before the pandemic, they had game demos, rentals, and drop-in sessions * [Fantasia Pelit](https://www.fantasiapelit.com/index.php) - WH40K and drop-in sessions too * [Lautapelit](https://www.lautapelit.fi/) * [Puolenkuun pelit](https://www.puolenkuunpelit.com/kauppa/default.php) * [Pelipeikko](https://pelipeikko.fi/fi/) * [Spelexperten.fi](https://www.spelexperten.fi/) * Shoutouts to local non-gaming stores with sometimes a decent selection: [Prisma](https://prisma.fi/) and [Verkkokauppa](https://www.verkkokauppa.com) * The best local Facebook group: [Lautapelikirppis](https://www.facebook.com/groups/lautapelikirppis/) * And occasionally for charity shop finds, try your local Kierrätyskeskus or SPR Kontti


This is great, thanks for representing across the pond! I actually have family in Finland, so if I ever want to get them a game, I know where to look now!


Thanks for the feedback! Most websites here are also available in English, and even when not, pasting your thing into the search bar usually returns an easily-understandable result. After all, most of the games available in one country are the same as available globally - that's one of the things that unites us as a community!


I love looking over online game stores for outside US/Canada, so thanks for the list. Shipping usually hurts, but sometimes it's the only way to find things that either never made their way over the pond or can't be marketed here (Star Wars Carcassonne, for example).


This is very true. Sometimes I'm jealous of what's available in the USA (I paid a ton for a copy of **Camp Grizzly** many years ago, and more recently paid another ton to get custom cards printed of the expansions, as it's the only way to get them at all). Shipping is already silly, and then over €40 or so total value, including postage, you get hit with 24% import tax on top of it. I'm still on the fence about ordering the two sets of painted minis - that's another €100 right there! Occasionally I'll also find stuff in the UK or Europe that I can't get here easily, except second-hand if I'm lucky. I had to get my copy of **Raptor** shipped from a seller in Italy. It's a crazy hobby but these are the things we do for the games we love!


Or the version of **The Quest for El Dorado** with new art and full-sized cards. Really want it, really don't want to pay too import it :P


I'm in the UK our local game shop is https://www.skywardfire.co.uk/ I take my kids there regularly to try out new board games


This is [Tanuki Games](https://www.tanukigamesatx.com/) in Austin. Good store with a really good selection.


Best game selection in Austin. I’m really glad they got out from under The Gaming Goat.


This place has really awesome people. I'm glad to see they have an online option.


Tanuki is a terrific shop and well worth supporting with your board game dollars.


Looks great, thanks for sharing!


My favorite store. The staff will help you find or order just about anything too. I've stopped shopping for games anywhere else.


Couldn't agree with this more. This place is amazing and the people there are among my favorite in board gaming. Nice, knowledgeable, and excellent prices. I can't think of any place I would rather order from. Ever since I discovered them a few months ago it's put a serious dent in my budget. I try to stop by at least once a week and buy a couple of things.


Wait Tanuki ships now? I moved away from Austin and have some preorders hanging out


[Noble Knight Games](https://www.nobleknight.com/) has a large selection with a storefront in the Madison, WI area. They also buy and sell used games.


So awesome to see a place that does used games too!


This my first check when I'm looking for basically anything, especially OOP games. They have a fantastic selection.


Atomic Empire is in Durham, NC: https://www.atomicempire.com/


Whoop whoop! Was looking to see if this was posted yet. Ty ty


I’d like to give a shout-out to The Wizard’s Chest in Denver: https://www.wizardschest.com/


Wizards Chest is great! I got my first board games there about 8 years ago. I’ve moved away from Denver since then. Im glad to hear that it’s still around.


Awesome! I’ll also share this with my Denver-based friends.


Have your friends take a look at Black & Read in the Denver area too. No online store unfortunately, but the sheer number of games is overwhelming.


Will do, thanks!


Yes. If you are in town, I think they still have curb side delivery too.


Boardlandia.com is a good local one for the fox cities.


Hands down the best game shop in the area. Well curated collection, knowledgeable staff, decent selection of used and dinged games. Worth the drive past other game shops from my house 😊


I've bought so much from boardlandia without even knowing where their brick and mortar store is located. Love them!




Yes, thanks for sharing non-US options too!!


[Table Top Game & Hobby](https://tabletopgameandhobby.com/), in Kansas City - shopping and shipping [Mission: Board Games](https://www.missionboardgames.com/), also in Kansas City but for pick up only


Came to recommend Tabletop as well - they and the peeps at Cardboard Corner are the best!


[Blue Highway Games](https://www.bluehighwaygames.com/) in Seattle, WA! Free shipping over $75, some great sales that change every month, along with staff picks and best sellers. 10% off all preorders. Free gift wrap if you ask for it in the special instructions. You can find them in the thank-you notes of a lot of Flatout Games' rulebooks (definitely **Cascadia** and **Calico**, off the top of my head). Family owned for 14 years and going strong. The staff is amazing. Truly the best FLGS in the world!!


Love these guys. I have two game stores closer to me but I drive across town specifically to go to Blue Highway. Great collection, great used section, and just nice folks all around.


Same. It’s one of the least convenient stores for me to visit in the area, but they always make it worth the trip!


Funagain Games has two locations in Southern Oregon and has apparently been doing the online thing for years. https://funagain.com/


I used this site to finally get a copy of Food Chain Magnate. Great site and shipping, I didn't even realize it was a local shop.


They are our local in Eugene as well. It's a great operation.


[Red Castle Games](https://redcastlegames.com) in Portland, OR is a good little local shop with an online store. They ship and do in-store pickup. [Guardian Games](https://ggportland.com) is the larger store that most people here in Portland are familiar with. They don’t have online shopping, but do offer gift cards online.


There is also [Dice Age Games](https://www.diceagegames.com/) for folks on the North Bank.


Here in DFW, TX, have a few. One of my favorites is Common Ground Games (https://www.boardgamesdallas.com/)


Beat me to it! Great selection and staff.


Don't forget that CoolStuffInc.com is a local game store to NE Florida! They have a few physical locations now, but every one offers free site to store shipping as well as space to play.


[Games of Berkeley](https://www.gamesofberkeley.com/) is my local store. I love it. It features a friendly helpful and knowledgeable staff, a rewards program, a huge space with a well-organized inventory, and a dedicated room you can use in to play any game in their library. I support the store every chance I get (which becomes self-fulfilling what with the rewards program.)


Board games unlimited in Pittsburgh PA


www.queenandrookcafe.com Majority POC, Woman owned board game restaurant & adjunct retail store in Philadelphia. We have over 20 staff & would greatly appreciate it if anyone would keep us in mind for your gaming needs


For the UK, [Dragon Cavern](https://dragoncavern.co.uk/) Honestly the best service I've had - my copy of Twilight Imperium was missing a single ship (entirely not their fault) and they, to speed up replacement, cracked open another one of their copies and sent me this single piece individually packaged. Their preorder notifications are also super helpful, and they're just generally nice people.


I couldn't figure out where this was in the UK from the site, where are they based? That's amazing customer service so definitely interested


S81 9QH, so east of Sheffield. Though I've only really interacted with them online (what with the pandemic).


I’ll shout out [Level One Game Shop](https://levelonegameshop.com/pages/special-request#) in KC! Great selection and super friendly staff.


For Canadians Ontario: - Board Game Bliss (https://www.boardgamebliss.com/) - 401 Games (https://store.401games.ca/) - Great Boardgames (https://greatboardgames.ca/) Quebec: - The Dice Owl (https://thediceowl.com) Alberta: - Mission: Fun & Games (https://www.boardgames.ca/) These are all ones I've personally used.


In New York, I use [Flipside Gaming](https://www.flipsidegaming.com/) and [Champions Cards and Comics.](https://www.championcardcollector.com/) Both have a decent eBay presence, but I've called/emailed them and ordered the same items that they had listed on eBay (and saved them the 13% eBay fees). Give them a shout, they're great.


Versus Games in Tigard Oregon


I didn't realize they shipped. They opened a few years after I moved away, but I still visit family from time to time.


I do believe they ship, however I am local so always just use store pickup.


Got to give a shout out to [The Compleat Strategist](https://www.thecompleatstrategist.com/pages/about) with retail locations in Midtown NYC, King of Prussia PA and Falls Church VA, mainly for their staying power. They got most of my allowances for my AD&D books a long, long, long time ago. Still a great store.


A really amazing store based in Las Vegas is [Boarding School Games](http://www.boardingschoolgames.com) . Nice owners and they have truly amazing prices (plus a free shipping option).


Boarding School Games is a good spot. Another one for the more Henderson / Green Valley part of town would be [Shiba Games](https://shibagameslv.com/) . They also have really good prices and do weekly open play and D&D.


My local store in Ottawa Ontario is https://www.outoftheboxcards.com Good game selection, with great ties to the past, as that exact location used to house Leo’s Hobby Shop, which had DND books, miniatures and supplies, model kits etc, all while having a barber shop in the back. If Leo’s was still around I’m sure there would have been board games there too.


Table Top Cafe in Edmonton. https://www.tabletopcafe.ca


Montreal, Quebec has two great ones www.levalet.com www.thediceowl.com The latter is better price wise, the former has been around for like 40 years and their stock is impressive.


Near Boston (Cambridge): Pandemonium Books and Games https://pandemoniumbooks.com For kids stuff: Henry Bear Park: https://www.henrybear.com/shop-by-interest/games Magic Beans: https://www.mbeans.com/collections/games-puzzles


We have https://www.skywardfire.co.uk/ in lowestoft I get all my board games there


[Red Raccoon Games](https://www.redraccoongames.com/) in Normal, IL has a good selection and reasonable shipping in the U.S. Bought KLASK for my dad there from states away!


www.amazingstoriescomics.ca in Saskatoon.


I just got a chance to briefly visit [Games Unlimited](https://games-unlimited-llc.myshopify.com/) in Pittsburgh which was really nice inside and the online shop seems nice to navigate.


The only reason I don’t order from them more often is because the $17 shipping is killer. So it comes down to “am I going to be near Squirrel Hill any time soon to pick this up?” when choosing to order from them. But love stopping in when I’m in the area, really nice people and amazing selection.


I don't have to pay sales tax when ordering online so I'll have to see if that balances out somehow. But I was visiting an area near Pittsburgh so I wanted to stop real quick. Literally all I saw of the city, haha.


Well if you’re gonna see one thing that’s a good stop! That whole neighborhood is wonderful if you come back and have more time. There’s a few other game stores spread out around the city but that one is by far the best. Their new location is superb.


Nice to see all the Canadians chiming in. From one in Hobart Australia we have: [Area52](https://area52.com.au) [Good Games](https://www.goodgames.com.au/organiser/good-games-hobart)


[Stone Valley Games](https://www.stonevalleygames.com/ ) out of Alabama, USA gave me a very personal-feeling buying experience even though I bought online. Highly recommend!


They’re incredible.


[Mission: Board Games](http://www.missionboardgames.com) - Kansas City


I'll throw in [Out of the Box Cards](https://www.outoftheboxcards.com/) and [Wizard Tower](https://www.wizardtower.com/) for the Ottawa area. Have purchased online for local pickup at each one. I stopped using Amazon for boardgames a long time ago-


[Dice Drop Games](https://www.dicedropgames.com/s/shop) is a great shop in Macon, Georgia, USA. They've got excellent customer service, a wide variety of games to choose from, and they even host events and courses (like how to paint miniatures) throughout the year. They are my go-to store for game purchases!


[Meeple Madness](https://shop.meeplemadness.com) in Braselton, GA. Great in-store library of games to try, and they have events throughout the year, including times where you can buy/sell games using store credit.


https://www.levelupgamesmn.com/ This is a great store with a couple locations in the Twin Cities. I’ve gone to so many events and game days there, and met many people there that are now good friends. The owners are wonderful too, and I hear (from an employee friend) that they treat their people really well - healthcare & other benefits. I’ll always put in a good word for this store :)


Located in New Holland, PA: [Six Feet Under Games](https://www.sixfeetundergames.com/)


Small shop in Southern MN https://www.fettshutt.org/


Here in Philly we have red caps corner: https://www.redcapscorner.com/ They struggled a little at the start of the pandemic but seem to be doing ok now. They run deals every so often too!


[Twenty Sided Store](https://twentysidedstore.com/) in Brooklyn is a nice shop run by nice people.


[Sinclair Games Carmel, IN](https://www.sinclairgames.com/) [Herrick Games, Deer Creek, CA](https://herrickgames.com/)


In Portugal you have [Gameplay](https://gameplay.pt/en/). Very friendly and great customer support.


[Game Chest](https://game-chest.shoplightspeed.com/) in Sioux Falls, SD! It's a great FLGS and awesome community.


https://www.gamesandstuffonline.com This place is about 15 mins away from me. Great shop, great people.


[Spielbound ](https://www.spielbound.com/) in Omaha, NE


Love me some Spielbound


Huge shout-out to [eFantasy](https://www.efantasy.gr/), my years-favorite FLGS in Heraklion, Crete, Greece!


"That's Entertainment" (thatse.com) in Worcester Ma is where I buy my board games.


That’s es collection is so tightly curated and I love it. It’s like 5 book shelves of games and I always walk out with my arms full despite having over 100 games


[There's fun in store](http://theresfuninstore.com) this place is awesome. It has two locations that I frequent in Illinois. Staff is friendly and the selection is top tier.


Puddletown games in Portland!


faraos cigarer in denmark is really great


[Gamesweb.dk](http://gamesweb.dk) is also pretty good.


[Diver](https://www.diver.pt/pt/) in Portugal, you can also email them to ask about games, they are my closest FLGS.


One Eyed Jacques in Richmond Va. [One Eyed Jacques ](https://www.oejrva.com/) They have contactless pick up and if you're vaxxed, you can rent games to try them out.


Game rentals is a cool feature!


Love OEJ on eBay, as well!


Going to throw [Tower of Games](https://towerofgames.com/) into the mix, here in Hampton Roads, Virginia. Wonderful couple of stores that I watched grow from the ground up!


[gamersgrove.com](https://gamersgrove.com) in Huntsville, Texas


[Chicagoland Games Dice Dojo](https://www.chicagolandgames.com/)


[Modern Games](https://www.moderngamesbend.com/) in Bend Oregon, favorite local board game shop I’ve had, such nice people.


Be sure to check out [The Adventure Begins](https://shop.theadventurebeginstx.com/) in Houston, TX !


[Collector's Cache](https://www.collectorscache.com/) in Lenexa, KS and [Game Cafe](https://www.playgamecafe.com/) in Independence, MO Anytime I go see my buddy in KC, I always hit these places up for trading cards but they have a nice selection of board games too.


The Guardtower in Columbus, Ohio is a great one! Www.theguardtower.com


Any one know of a good store in the Tampa area?


Lazarus Games in Harrisburg, PA! Great selection and prices. https://lazarus-games.com