we'll meet again. don't know where, don't know when. but i know we'll meet again some sunny day (or whatever the weather is like when i go back in time again but with japan)


Ngl, this series was practically the only reason I'm still following this subreddit. We'll miss you!


u/AlexanderTheFrye it's been a pleasure doing business with you


we will forever remember your journey


My final comment is a speech. I'm not ready for this to go.   Unfortunately, the time has come for this meme series to draw to a close. We all know that this day would come but we never know how we would feel about all this. For 444 entries, the subreddit came alive through the memefication of bill wurtz's magnum opus thanks to the efforts of the one and only u/dank-monkey. They brought us not only joy but also a bright spot in a world hobbled by various issues. They also enhanced the quality of the already great video by applying the power of memes in this subreddit. Personally, it gave this person hope and laughs through the darkest of times and the consecutive once-in-a-lifetime crises. Another part of this series' massive success are its commenters. All of those who commented throughout this entire series are appreciated and are given congratulations. Your compliments kept this series going and growing for more than a year whilst we face a deadly pandemic and an ever-threatening war. A special thanks will be given to our following commenters who were exceptional in this great installment. u/8-bit-Great-bit always comments early before everyone else, with a quip, reminder or a banter along the way. u/LightningRider_ sang well about anything from any artist and while they comment late sometimes, they make sure that some people are summoned too to be there. We also give a hand to u/Charcolecat for giving us facts and knowledge, either obscure or well-known, ensuring that we learn more about this fantastic world. Although the following commenters are sometimes absent, we also give them thanks. u/Ryley03d reminds us of the next line in this series and u/okay_is_cool personifies how we feel about this series: providing awe and complements to the creator. This person also contributed a little bit, with summaries of video games and the constant summoning of people to be there and comment. Lastly, we honor a bonafide member of this crew, u/AlexandertheFrye. He was the first supporter of this series, making sure to comment and give support every day a meme is posted. He also summarized films while making sure that we aren't spoiled should we not see it yet. He was the person that made this series known to all of us here. Wherever and however you are, no matter if you show up or not, we dedicate this series to you. It is hard to say goodbye to an indelible part of our daily life. However, it doesn't mean that what we did here is meaningless meaningless; it only proves that we are all connected through the power of modern communication and the current open-mindedness that we see today. Our paths may never cross in our respective lives but may we remember this moment and think about the good times that we had here. And thus, for the very last time, I hereby summon u/AlexandertheFrye, u/8-bit-Great-bit, u/LightningRider_, u/Charcolecat, u/Ryley03d, u/okay_is_cool, and u/dank-monkey. Once again, u/ThisIsMrAbapo, appreciating all of you for staying with us through this entire series. On the behalf of r/billwurtzmemes, until next time, thank you very much for following and have a good day, everyone.


honestly, the comments are what kept this series alive. if it hadn't been for you all i would have gave up long ago. so thank you so much.


thank you


damn you wrote a whole speech


thanks for watching history i hope i mentioned everything


# thanks for watching history # i hope i mentioned everything


also the very last word i wrote for this series was "shit" which pretty much sums it all up


I am so proud of this community


Goodbye everyone, I'll remember you all in therapy!


Well, it was nice while it lasted.


This has been a great thing to lurk for the past year, o7


What a time to be alive. I am proud to have been a part of this historical event. Even if most of the memes were horrible, that was part of the aesthetic. Truly truly wonderful job with this


He did it. OP has finally done it and I couldn’t be more proud


The final one. I have many words to say, but none could encapsulate the feeling I got when this ended: contentment, grief, relief. In many ways, a lesson on the value of life, and the inevitability, yet capacity to accept, death and the end. For now, I can only say: thank you, u/dank-monkey. Thank you for the constant stream of content that I had grown to rely on, thank you for the efforts of which you set out on this endeavour, thank you for never giving up in your voyage. When I wake tomorrow and, for the first time, I am not greeted with the gentle embrace of these daily comforts, I hope with all my heart I am able to accept that. Though I may shed nary a tear, no doubt shall I feel a certain emptiness. But, we must all move on. I must move on. You have done your duty for all this time, kept this band of users going throughout these tough times, but now you can lay your noble soul to rest, and quiet your eternal song. A salute, to you, u/dank-monkey.


The final fact: Your life is what you make of it. Whether it's spending time replying to memes on Reddit, or learning about the obscure, bizarre, or general knowledge, It's your life and get only one chance at living. But even if he was a jerk, Dr. Suess still has a great quote, "Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened." Until we meet again, keep shaving your pianos, being pieces of garbage, and most of all, keep frolicking. But don't frolic too hard.


It’s been a long, long, long journey that we’ve been on. And it’s a long, long, long story that shall be told. And it’s a long, long day. We’ve come a long, long way. And it’s a long, long, long way back.




Congrats on completing this. The memes were top notch. Hope you do well with your future endeavors.


I really hope that you're gonna do history of Japan now


i will... some day


Someday, he will return


maybe someone else will have to pick up where you left off…


“Don’t be sad because it ended, be happy because it happened.”


Exactly 444 days, what a number :D Congratulations! o7


It's over already? Oops


Thank you


Even though I tuned in late, I made sure to updoot every one of these slightly-better than average memes. It's been a journey, and have a free award.


Commenting before that guy ​ v135 That guy never showed up :(


Hey at least you got to comment before him


This was a long long long journey that we’ve been on, and it’s a long long long story that you have told, and it’s just 2 long years, we’ve come a long long way, and it’s a long long long way back. Thanks, u/dank-monkey, we’ll miss you


It's been an honor. While this series ends, the memes aren't done. Thanks for all the effort!


I guess the only appropriate thing for me to do is to sing a song. Here's the chorus of It Is Over by Orden Ogan: "Now the night has come, Everything is said and done Can't you see that it is over? Now the night has come, Everything is said and done, Can't you see that it is over, Now." (Day 164 of commenting after everyone)




Oh wow. Well done my friend.


Congratulations man. We salute you🫡




True history. I’ll leave it stickied!


now do this with history of Japan


I will some time in the future do not worry


It’s finished, outstanding effort friend


we'll never forget!


Thank you for your effort




Now do one for every word


aw hell naw you tryna kill me


thanks for memeing history. i'm glad you mentioned everything