Much respect to you. As Bahá'u'lláh said in the Tablet of Ahmád, let each of us choose the path we take. I wish you a happy spiritual journey, and sincerely hope that you find the things that bring you peace. <3 I believe that all is necessary is to write a letter to your NSA and ask to be removed from the rolls so that you do not receive information you don't want to. I bet if you just emailed your LSA, they would take care of it for you as well.


Thank you, that's exactly what I need.


All you really have to do is send the LSA an email or letter stating that you no longer believe that Baha’u’llah is a Manifestation of God. But just remember that not being a Bahá’í does not mean that you can’t still be involved in many activities run by people from the Faith.


I drifted quite a ways once and found I just needed a review of sorts. Did you study prophecy when you came in? Good luck to you.


If you believe in oneness of mankind you are already a world citizen.


You might want to consider, though, that the only reason to resign from the Faith is if you don't believe Baha'u'llah is who He said He is. If it is a matter that you are not able to obey all of the laws, well, that doesn't require you to resign; none of us is perfect, just trying.


Yeah, that is the part I am struggling with. I was raised Catholic and feeling called back towards a Christian path. My partner is Jewish, though we are both pretty secular. I really respect everything I have learned about the Baha'i faith, and I wouldn't rule out being involved in the future, but my doubts are a barrier towards accepting Baha'u'llah as a manifestation of God. And that's why I feel it would be best for me to resign.


Then you are right, you can certainly learn about Baha'i beliefs and join in community activities, but you shouldn't be a Baha'i unless your conscience tells you you have to. (Just my opinion, though, others may say fake it till you make it. 😊) Good luck, wherever you spiritual journey may take you!


What if you question the validity of the will and testament of Abdul-Baha?


My personal suggestion is to not draw rigid lines. If you need time away just take it as long as you need it.


Thanks, that is wise.