It is a nice building, though just on the verge of clashing with its older neighbors. I also see some elements which I would call "Modernist" creeping through. New Jersey has some great towns, though for some reason they have all suffered from white flight.


That particular section of Jersey City is fairly gentrified though. A few blocks east and south and it's damn near wealthy with brownstones and contemporary luxury highrises downtown and along the Hudson River. I do however think there are maybe more interesting buildings in Jersey City than the one pictured. The Journal Square neighborhood is interesting (seen as Gotham City in the movie Joker) as is the Art Deco medical center [complex ](https://livingnewdeal.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Old-Medical-Building.jpg) that has now been converted to apartments.


The roof section saves this building from the ordinary.


Is the brown stucco part popping up from the roof, a separate building or an addition?


great closeup of the stone work and doors.