Weather is great in the winter and too hot to walk 400 meters in the summer.


3 men to one woman ratio: multiply the first number by about 1775 and divide the second number by 1.15. Closer to reality.


It’s similar to living in Canada I guess. You won’t be restricted at all. It’s is normal to wear a mask when entering an establishment but you can take it off when you are inside. If you are living in Masdar city you can rent there, or in Al Raha beach which is near by (it’s nicer I think). Having roomies isn’t really common here, but you can rent a studio for a reasonable price. You will be able to make friends through work, clubs, etc.


1) Masks are still mandatory indoors. 1) You can freely buy alcohol or get a hotel room with your girl no issues there. 2) Kissing in clubs it really depends on the club and the vibes of that place I see a lot of people making out in raves even homos. 3) There is no such thing as a segregated club in UAE. 1. Masdar is a city located within Khalifa City which is 20 minutes away from downtown, you can walk around there with a tanktop no problem, you can do that almost in all of Abu Dhabi if I’m being honest. 1) Dating is all on you and your abilities and confidence 😂 if you’re confident it shouldnt be tough to meet a girl especially in bars. Lastly, for the majority of the year the weather is absolutely too hot to go to work using a bike


Re cycling, the place isn't cycle friendly. Riding on the roads around there is foolish and the footpaths aren't continuous.


For accommodation look at Al Bandar and Al Muneera. There is an Irish pub kind of there. Anything beyond that party wise you'll be heading over to Yas Island or down town.


If you don’t mind , what is it you do and is the company name composed of a letter and two numbers ?