Bill, you’re washed up. You’re on CNN. Buy a clue


There comes a point in life when we all reach a level of absurdity that makes us betray all our previous beliefs, thereby making us involuntary anuses.


That happens when a person starts to think they have everything figured out, that their thoughts and ideas are somehow complete. That's when they fall off the wagon.


Catching some harshness on this sub Bill. He’s right the SF 5 million dollar reparations plan is crazy and stupid. Idiocy is idiocy on the right or left.


The left is annoying at worst. The right is violent and dangerous. These things are not equal.




Not only $5 million for each person, but $1 homes…. in SF?!?! Coming from a city that was never a part of slavery. And yet they won’t spend a dime to resolve homelessness. There’s DEI and then this crazy idea SF has. The two are not related.


I'm liberal but this is fucking stupid. I think reparations in general are a bad idea. It is too expensive and it won't fix things. Better to make sure there is equality going forward.


Me too. Liberal who thinks the left needs to stop discussing reparations as it undermines left wing support.


San Francisco spends over a billion dollars a year on homelessness.


It was one suggestion of many and the most extreme of them all. It wasn't the only suggestion and it never really stood an actual chance but people love to grab onto a single, outrageous suggestion and run with it as if it's the entire plan. It's in the same vein as the gas stove thing, no one is coming for your damned gas stove, an agency simply said maybe we should do some more research on the harmful affects caused by the fumes.


This moron again. Bill, you are washed up. Take a seat.


Honestly, fuck Bill Maher


Tbf, this plan isn't very good, but I do dislike Bill Maher so I'm fine with this post's sentiment. Reparations in general of this kind don't really work, I think it'd be far more beneficial for the long term of black San Franciscans to have government funding go into developing the black communities that were ignored in the past. Reverse the red-lining and racist urban planning that intentionally destroyed their neighborhoods by building freeways on top of them.


Honestly even a negative income tax would be better


Bill Maher is a twat.


He’s just another grifter. That’s all he ever was. He might say he’s a liberal, but he never was. He’s an opportunist. And he can get fucked.


Always has been.


The meanest thing I've ever said to a person is that she would probably be friends with Bill Maher. What a dismal man he is.


Um. I've been saying "fuck Bill Maher" since the 90's when he was little more than a bomb thrower. Forget the name of the show, but he used to have a late night show that was just groups of guests who didn't get along sitting too close together while Bill poked them with sticks.


Politically Incorrect was the show


There it is! I still hate it!


In this case he is right


It does raise an interesting question about who is eligible for reparations. Not all Black Americans have slave ancestors and I imagine that it would be tricky to find a genealogy record of a lot of descendants, especially for the slaves who ran away to the north. This is one of those things that I certainly agree with, but am very thankful that I'm not in charge of organizing. Definitely above my pay grade.




Well according to the 13th amendment, slavery is still legal. It's just something you can only do to people in prison.


I've always detested that smarmy, smug, smarter-than-thou, S.O.B. and NEVER saw his appeal in any sense whatsoever. Ugh.


Look, if you think that reparations plan is sensible, you need to get a psychiatric evaluation.


Fuck Bill Maher. If there is anyone who listens to him in 2023 should get out more often.




Was he though? In the 90’s, he bragged about being a conservative.


His fifteen minutes expired decades ago.


Maher is a fucking dipshit.


He was right though when he said every single week of trumps presidency that trump wouldn’t leave. He was the only one who predicted January 6th… and he did it in 2016!


He keeps bringing that up in interviews like he wants a medal for it. He got one prediction right. So fucking what? He also thought that flu shots cause Alzheimer’s, kids that come out as gay are just pretending to be gay to “get attention and be cool”, and he completely waved off Roe v Wade being overturned by literally shrugging and saying, “Well, it doesn’t affect my life. I ain’t getting anyone pregnant”. I would not give him too much credit for getting one thing right among countless other stupid ass statements and predictions.


Maher is a great grifter. He knows his marks.


For context, his statement on the show was with reference to a university that has over 140 DEI staff positions. *One* university. Do with that what you will. Is it too many DEI positions? Not enough? What’s the right number?


My daughter is 1/4 black, is she only eligible for a 1/4 share?


Native Californian here. Yeah, I’m pretty liberal but this reparations talk is asinine. Why the fuck should a non slave holding state pay reparations? Make the Confederate states pay.


Why does he focus on the annoying left wing BS instead of the fascist and much more dangerous right wing ideology ? 🙄


For reference, the plan is 5 million USD per person. Yes it’s a bad idea.