The hurt business

The hurt business


I just hope they have a trio of three with Lashley, Kofi and (keith lee?) with mvp going up against Usos and Reigns with Heyman at Survivor Series. The staredown alone would be epic!


Keith Lee would a great addition


Why not Kofi and Woods? I've not watched Raw for like 2 months but I'm pretty sure I'd have heard if The New Day had properly split. FWIW, I don't think they would split them with a feud or something unless Big E was back with them. Now I'm spitballing, but imagine Kofi and Woods join MVP and Lashley, they do the Survivor Series match you suggested as Raw world and tag champs v SD world and tag champs... They win the match, then Big E (who has MITB) comes out, and they pulverise Roman, Big E becomes SD world champ and aligns with The Hurt Business to branch across both brands. Business is booming!


I think that's pretty good to have kofi woods and lashley against roman and the usos at SS. However, I don't personally think that the Big E beats up roman angle would work. I think they've built up roman to the point where he's untouchable in big matches like super cena was before so it wouldn't make sense to have him get beat up after a big match. Then again, Nexus did beat up super cena and punk in the same night so I don't know forsure. I'm curious on who's gonna take the title away from him though. I don't think anyone on the smackdown roster can take it away from him currently.


But even super cena lost his title to MITB after a big match


I completely get what you mean with Roman. It's something that I think would work with the Big E angle, but I don't think it's something that WWE would do. Maybe they could have E come out after the match to celebrate with them, in a full suit and then just have him square up to Roman, hold up the briefcase and tell him he's coming for him. Set it up as a Mania match. There's no point really spending 2 years building Roman up into this unstoppable heel unless somebody everyone wants to cheer for can get the rub from it. Failing that, you'd have to feel Kross would be the prime candidate to come up and wreck Roman


Ooooh I think kross vs roman would be big money. I'd want to see kross do what kevin owens did with cena and the us open challenge though. Like come up on a smackdown after a takeover maybe and challenge roman after a promo, without him losing the nxt title and say nxt is the superior brand and this and that. And then, roman would laugh it off, get offended, and set up the mania match. I think that could work if kross gets enough momentum as nxt champ, but I still think kross would lose that match. I want too see big e get his manina moment too though, cesaro and nakamura could be good for the match too. However, I think that they lack the momentum to do that to roman and their current rivalries have lost momentum. I mean i don't even think big e is on tv recently.


Oh mate that Kross idea sounds so good. Though if you're gonna make that much of a deal over it, he needs to win. I don't even think that he needs to big up NXT. He can just say something like "I hear you're head of the table, I'm here to take your throne" I think Roman would need to not do his insulted smile thing though. He'd have to sell it with some fear. Like he should almost acknowledge through hisfacial expressions that Kross would be the guy to beat him


That's the only way I'd accept losing Benjamin and Alexander if they were replaced by Kingston and Woods as heels.


I agree. They wouldn't even necessarily need to be full-on heels. They could have decided to align themselves with THB so that they can get back into contention for titles


The reason to add members to a stable is to cover the bases - a past star, a future star, a heater, and the final boss. 4H, Evolution, Bullet Club - all great at pulling this off. NWO - just added people who were already names, and didn't create a ton of stars. Lashley is the final boss and MVP is the mentor. They need someone who can fill the rising star and/or heater roll. I think Keith Lee would be perfect, but Vince doesn't seem to "get" Lee. The Street Profits are not a bad addition provided Montez Ford is pegged as a future main eventer. Kofi doesn't need to be in the group for his development, nor does being in the group elevate him to group mentor. Same with woods.


Bruh! The hurt business vs Reigns stable would be an epic survivor series match!!!


If each stable has the tag and world titles. Unify both divisions Edit: I do something similar in my universe for a PPV, called the Clean Slate Match, except its number 1 contenders for the mid, world, and tag titles vs the Champs, winners take all


Yea that is a good idea


I don’t see Kofi leaving The New Day. It’s more likely that he’s the next to go up against Lashley.


For the WWE championship? Or after losing to Drew in a regular match. What’s your thoughts


Drew is going to lose on Sunday, so Kofi will be the next guy up.


I can see Lashley dropping it. They are going back to live audiences soon. MVP can’t save Bobby from that.


If they give the belt back to drew I hope the live audiences shit on it. I love Drew but he needs to step back for a little while. I was at wrestlemania and I know it didn’t come off like it on tv but the cheers for Bobby were LOUD. Both nights of wrestlemania so many people were blasting bobby lashleys entrance music in the parking lots .. he deserves to stay the champion I remember watching him back in like 06/07 when I was in elementary.. I’m 24 now. Ah I’m rambling


Didnt realize Bobby was so popular at WM. Nice.


It was definitely awesome to see!


I love Bobby and wanted him as Champion for the longest time but I just hate how he’s been booked since getting the title. I know both him and MVP were against breaking up THB and it definitely was the right choice. That Lashley seemed more like a fighting champion that would happily take on and destroy any challenger and is all about business, not just partying every episode lol. I don’t think it’s likely but if he does keep the title, I’d love to see him go back to that serious monster and not just partying every week


I feel like there are rumors of every black wrestler joining the hurt business


Everyone knows you aren’t a proper tag team unless you’re the same race


I mean AJ is a midget and Omos is a giant....


If Kofi doesn't join, which I hope he doesn't, it could be planting the seeds for a Lashley x Kofi feud once Drew loses at HiaC.


How exciting /s


I’ve been saying kofi will join him some time. He’s telegraphing it with the green ranger costume (though it could be a red hearing)


Not the most knowledgeable about the power rangers haha what is the significance of the green ranger ?


He kicked the shit outa the entire original power rangers.


Noice lol


Every member of the New Day have gone on record saying they would walk out if WWE ever made them turn on each other.


Have them turn heel at the same time.


But Green Ranger went the other way. Was bad, then became good


Green Ranger was bad, but then turned good. So I don't think that works here.


I would love to see Keith Lee become part of the Hurt Business .I would love to see them do anything with Keith Lee .


Lashley, Cedric, Shelton, Kofi, Keith Lee, and MVP is what I wanted to see the the Hurt Business but I would be completely fine with Lashley, Kofi, Keith Lee, and Street Profits as the new Hurt Business. Im just imaging Lashley, Ford, and Dawkins facing off with Roman, Jey, and Jimmy at Survivor Series with Kofi, and Keith being at ringside.


They shouldn't have disbanded them in the first place.


There is a argument for both outcomes honestly. Splitting them up was honestly the best choice for Bobs sake imo.


Not at all


MVP never gives up for what he wants. He will make Kofi’s head to join the Hurt Business one day


Technically, the Hurt Business isn't broken up, they just kicked out Shelton & Cedric, so the gear and the music aren't going anywhere. Real question is whether or not anyone new gets to join.


I’ve been wanting AJ in the hurt business since it’s formation


Aj and omos ?


How about Lashley, MVP, Kofi and Keith. That would be a fucking lineup


The Hurt Business never broke up they just kicked two members out.


I'd be surprised if there wasn't a Hurt Business 2.0 popping up here. They are keeping that branding all over Bobby and MVP and have hinted at a handful of options.


Its not uncommon for a wrestler losing his ring gear and using old ones


to be fair to MVP, if that chain is all legit it probably costs at least a few thousand. I'd wear it around regardless too lol. you could also argue that MVP himself *is* THB himself, kinda like HHH or Michaels still rep DX every now and then even though the group is technically disbanded


THB is still a thing, it's just MVP and Lashley now.


MVP was also wearing his “THB” chain last night on Raw


Don't care for New Hurt Business. It's pointless considering that they'll split it up when they get bored of it.


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Why do we need a new hurt business, we had a perfectly good one already It will never not piss me off that WWE broke up the best faction on the main roster for no reason


One of the worst decisions of the “COVID” era