Stuff like this is why I think the left can get the military on our side. I know there are a lot of chuds in the military but there are also a lot of people in the military who hate the virtue-signaling about the military from the right and know that they don’t give a shit about them. The top brass also realizes that the right has turned into a useless, insane burden on the country.


I'm more optimistic about its future than other things. There are SO MANY things the military can do that doesn't involve arms manufacturers or blowing up children. Shit ton of civil engineering.


A side note; many national guard members said they were disgusted by how the cops were treating protestors during 2020 (would have been nice to have hardlined Top grade firepower unleashed on the cops, but ill stop dreaming lol). So yeah, its very possible. People seem to have this idea, even some people on here, that the Military is just the Star Wars Clone Stormtroopers and if the President gives the order, they all snap to and would even kill friends and family without thought and blindly bow down to whatever law the State puts up. My great grandpa was military, he gave rifles to union workers when cops were trying to drag them for refusing to work. Yeah the Military are not the Police, they are probably more in touch with average people than the Police tbh, a big reason is when many of their tours end, they don't became these Call of Duty on call Black Operations units, they go right back to civilian life and are in the muck with the rest of us.


Exactly. It’s weird because the military has the reputation for brainwashing people but in my experience at least military people are often more open-minded than a lot of average Americans.


We NEED the military on our side. If the military was on our side literally nothing could realistically oppose us, these theocratic fascist fucks would be turned into goo before they could even put up a fight. It's one thing Mao was correct on, political power does grow out the barrel of a gun.


I generally hold a much higher opinion of our military than I do of similar occupations that often get lumped in with them, e.g. police. People join the military for a wide variety of reasons, from the extremely chuddy and terroristic (e.g. wanting to get deployed to the Middle East so they can kill people) to people who don't want to be there at all but joined for the healthcare and free college. As such, the military tends to be a more representative sample of America as a whole, which means that you can expect around 40% or so of military members to be massive chuds, give or take a few percent. The rest are there, broadly, because they want to help others or because they want to help themselves. Anecdotally, some of the most left-leaning people I've met irl have been either active or former military. I know there are some who get out and join the Proud Boys and shit, but the military is by no means entirely comprised of these types.


I agree. Occupations like the border control and the police attract a lot of sadistic assholes who just want to fuck with people and while you get people like that in the military they’re not generally as bad I think.


Makes sense, the last thing the military wants is women serving being unable to receive an abortion.


To be fair, the last thing the right wants is women serving.


Are we going to see recruitment videos touting the ability to get an abortion as a perk of service? What dystopian hell hole are we living in?


service guarantees citizenship! would you like to know more?


To be honest this has the same energy as corporations paying for flights and other expenses for employees. At the end of the day the military is basically a jobs program, and this kinda feels like a recruitment tool more than a political stance Edit: I was busy so i just read the rest of it referring to Hyde amendment, so the military being able to pay for abortion services is kind of a nonstarter too it seems


The difference is that the military is an organ of the state.


The military is all about efficiency. No bullshit, get it done. This isn't always a good thing but in times like these, that attitude can be very refreshing.


Why can't we open free abortion clinics on military bases that even civilians can go to?


So at least the pentagon is recognising that forced pregnancy is a war crime. And if I wouldnt know better I would think it was a ploy to get more women to enlist.