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What. A fucking. Idiot.


> John McIntyre, who served two years in the U.S. Military I'm willing to bet his stay was so short because he got kicked out, not because it was a short contract.


Two years is barely trained for most jobs in the military. I don't think you can even sign up for a two year commitment any more. He probably got separated.


Exactly. By the time they finish basic and MOS training the recruit is only around a little over a year. Rarely worth the cost to train them.


The terms of a two year enlistment were "2 years plus training"


Ah, well makes total sense. It'd never be worth the investment otherwise


Russia is desperate for fresh meat. He probably got sent to the front line after his RT appearance.


I give him 4 months before a grenade lands on him.


The median survival rate is 60 days. Four months seems generous.


4 months IF it doesn't die from all other natural(For Russians) death. Like Artillery, mortar, starving, shot, shot by friendly fire, shot himself, grenade self, space program, beat up, beat up by hammer, poisoned, friendly artillery, mines, bombed, hypothermia, aids, radiation, falling from stairs, falling from the window, falling on a knife then landing on his own gun and shot 3 times in the back of the head and then fall down the window down a flight of stairs.


I began my military career on a 2 year contract as infantry. That contract ended up being 2 years 16 weeks to ensure the army got their 2 years. With an involuntary extension my original contract ended after 3 years and 8 months.


USNR had a 2 year active program. Got in Sept 3, 1990 and out Sept 2, 1992 with no reserve obligation. I missed it so I did active reserves for 10 years.


Laughs I’n tank and 15 weeks of training. Then eats a whole ass jar of paste.


Thanks for the laugh in 14 weeks of infantry OSUT lol


Laughs in combat engineer, 16 weeks of training and a 3 year contract. Hehe I makea da boom


The terms of a two year enlistment were "2 years plus training".. at least they were in the 90's, though I did run into a fellow soldier that had a straight two year contract. No idea how he got that, and he was the *only* person that I bumped into back then that made any such claim.


Barely trained for any job, I‘d argue


I believe minimum enlistment is still 36 months plus training time. At 2 years you barely even qualify for education benefits. They would have been wasted in this case anyway.


Correct, they don’t offer 2 year contracts.


Do we even know this guy is real? His story doesn't make any sense at all. My money is on this being a Russian fabrication to undermine morale in the International Legion and any Ukrainian troops fighting along side them.


The guy is real in that there was an American on RT. How much of his story is real is another matter. It's hardly impossible with thousands of volunteers a few would be pro-Russian nuts though. Probably not much damage done; your average grunt really doesn't have much useful intelligence anyway, a foreign volunteer is likely to have even less.


Hey now, Russia could use some intel on how to do push up contests and how to identify infantry weaponry


That’s how Lee Harvey Oswald started out as well. Was a complete and utter failure in the military and then decided to hop over to the Soviets with his military intel in hopes of being important to somebody. I bet this guy follows the next step as well when he realizes Russia is a shithole and the Russians probably won’t give two shits about this guy either. Then he will come crawling back to the states hoping he is still welcome


> That’s how Lee Harvey Oswald started out as well. Was a complete and utter failure in the military Well, one could say he did learn to shoot decently.


From Full Metal Jacket,1987: Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: Anybody know who Lee Harvey Oswald was? Private Snowball? Private Snowball : Sir, he shot Kennedy, sir! Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : That's right, and do you know how far away he was? Private Snowball : Sir, it was pretty far! From that book suppository building, sir! Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : All right, knock it off! Two hundred and fifty feet! He was two hundred and fifty feet away and shooting at a moving target. Oswald got off three rounds with an old Italian bolt action rifle in only six seconds and scored two hits, including a head shot! Do any of you people know where these individuals learned to shoot? Private Joker? Private Joker : Sir, in the Marines, sir! Gunnery Sergeant Hartman : In the Marines! Outstanding! Those individuals showed what one motivated marine and his rifle can do! And before you ladies leave my island, you will be able to do the same thing!


“Trapper” John McIntyre from M*A*S*H?


Major Burns was right about him all along.


i was gonna say the same thing. next thing they will tell me is that he, hawkeye and spearchucker jones are going to be playing football with a Russian surgical hospital


I actually can't believe this story because of that. There is no source other than newsweek.




A video came out on YouTube, saw it last night , it ia for real, he gathered intelligence from where he was at and defected to the Russian side. The are videos of him in Ukraine as a volunteer then his interview.


I’ve never heard of a two year contract.


They exist, but in my whole 4 year contract the shortest I saw in the Army infantry was 3.


The terms of a two year enlistment were "2 years plus training", at least they were in the 90's


The minimum contract is four years, and those are (generally) only for simple jobs that don't require much training. Dude probably broke his shoulder in boot camp and got separated after it healed.


First of all, you are injured in basic it doesn't take 1.5-2 years to compete the med board process. As long as the soldier support center doesn't mess up paper work it's less than a year. Secondly, I saw quite a lot of people get separated for non-medical issues. A kid in my platoon could inhale air and make himself fart. He'd do it all the time in formation. 18 years old, had a 6 pack, and could do like 15 sit ups before burning out. Overweight guys could out run him in the mile. It was mind blowing how weak he was. He also came back from leave bragging about how his new girlfriend has access to nitrous because her dad is a dentist. One day halfway thru OSUT he ripped a fart next to the drill sergeant and the drill SGT said "Fuck you Klein you're out of my army" and he was out of the army. We had like 5 dudes get kicked out for having phones in basic they brought back from leave. They turned in an old phone and kept the active one to call girlfriends and wives. Drill SGT said one of the army values is integrity and if they don't have it GTFO. If this McIntyre guy is a piece of shit traitor in the UA army there's a good chance he was a piece of shit soldier in the US Army.


Had a kid in my basic flight who could fart on demand. I thought he was unique, but yours is like the 4th story I've seen on Reddit about similarly "gifted" individuals. It was funny at first, but he taught like 50 other kids to do it, so the first 30-60 minutes after lights out every night was just constant farting. Goddamn annoying as fuck when you just want to get some sleep. I'm hoping all those assholes have hemorrhoids now, even as a laugh at the memory.


> Had a kid in my basic flight who could fart on demand. I thought he was unique, but yours is like the 4th story I've seen on Reddit about similarly "gifted" individuals. Read about [Joseph Pujol](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Le_P%C3%A9tomane).


I wonder if that's where this kid learned it from, or if he was some sort of savant.


This is something that can be learned?


The trick is to swallow gulps of air - constrict your back of throat muscles, so it feels like a slug of water going down. 15 mins later it needs to exit somehow


That's not how this kid did it. It involved lying on your stomach with your butt in the air and pulling in air through your ass.


Huh. I've been doing that to make myself not hungry since I was a kid. Also to burp on command. Never considered it might make it all the way to the other end.


I’ll put my money on disciplinary issues. Maybe refusing to get the Covid vaccine.


He’s a boot with no experience. This won’t last or go well for him, and he is literally never going to ever be allowed out of Russia and it’s band of hermit nation friends




🗡️ And this is the weapon R9X Hellfire missile. It appears to be used as a targeted assassination weapon against high-value targets. The missile has 18″ blades extending from its midsection. https://www.bellingcat.com/resources/how-tos/2021/08/26/the-telltale-traces-of-the-us-militarys-new-bladed-missile-r9x/


The R9X is so dumb it’s brilliant. I absolutely believe that the only reason the thing exists is because someone thought it would be cool. And they were right.


It’s to minimize collateral damage. The US sometimes identifies an individual target in close proximity to innocents, like a terrorist hiding in a house with his young children and using them as human shields. If he’s walking around in the backyard fifty feet from the house, a precision bomb is still likely to destroy the house and kill everyone. On the other hand the R9X will slice him up but not physically impact the house or those inside. Edit: fixed typo


They used one of them to take out Zawahiri last year without harming his family.


Technically, they used two, because they wanted to make sure they got him. Overkill is undefined in that vocabulary.


They followed the "P for Plenty" rule


Always double-tap!


That’s sharp of you to remember.




I think the sound it made was more of a kapoww-sliiiiceee than a zing, but reports do vary.


Dude looks like he was attacked by The Wolverine.


They like to cut to the chase.


This is the missile that took out al-Zawahiri a few months ago. He was standing on a second floor balcony, and it turned him into a puff of red mist while his family directly indoors was untouched. Maybe a little rattled, lol, but unharmed. So not only is it totally badass, it serves the purpose of limiting unintended casualties as well.


IIRC, before it, French were using training bombs, made out of concrete and fitted with guidance kits, as a low-collateral damage anti-tank weapon (a huge hunk of metal and concrete, hitting tank from above, disables it as surely as a Javelin strike, minus explosions unless ammo cooks off).


Yeah, they used those as part of NATO's intervention in Libya. Enough kinetic energy can destroy anything, and especially if you're dropping it on the relatively unarmored tops of tanks.


That's essentially what APFSDS is about aswell. It's just a long metal rod without any explosives, exclusively relying on high kinetic energy to destroy tanks.


Yes and no. APFSDS penetrators have such a high impact velocity that the actual penetration is closer to a hydro-dynamic event than just kinetic energy impacting on a solid like regular bullets do. The actual material science and physics behind modern kinetic penetrators is insane. Dropping a concrete block on a tank from the air only liquefies the crew, not the tank itself.


To add to this point. American depleted uranium APFSDS is extra nasty. Uranium is pyrophoric. So at the energy levels at impact the uranium BURNS in atmospheric oxygen so the inside of a tank hit by it can become extremely incompatible with life. Its effectively explosive. I believe enemy tanks hit with it had human soup for remains....


Plus some interesting material properties that make DU not quite self-sharpening, but significantly less blunted on impact than tungsten. So it punches through leaving just a tiny hole, and then absolutely murders anything behind it as you describe. I mean I get some of the complaints people have about DU munitions, but hot damn do they work well.


Damn, there ain't no protection from that. Getting bonked to death lol


Nowhere near as cool though and certainly doesn’t fund Raytheon if we do that. Unless they now make special concrete.


Different use cases, though - concrete bombs to knock out tanks, R9X to slice'n'dice very specific people without even hitting someone sitting next to them in their cars.


I'm sure that project meeting was a fun brain storm. >We can just use inert missiles? >What if we just make the projectiles fins larger to do more damage? >What if we add swords to it?! >What if we add swords, then make it SPIN?


It's the US Military equivalent of /r/FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR


The R9X is one of many options used to remove traitors and HVTs, insinuating that this is the only weapon used in “assassinations” is misleading. The R9X use case is limited to scenarios where the extreme potential of collateral damage with a conventional bomb (or hellfire) is deemed to high, as this weapon lacks the traditional warhead and kills using only its kinetic properties to crush and slice the target with extreme accuracy. It’s been in the US arsenal since 2017, however it did not come into public knowledge until 2019 after is was used to eliminate the mastermind of the USS Cole bombing and in that time (until now) the missile has been deployed less than a dozen times. Because of the “brutality” and unique capabilities of this weapon, it’s nearly impossible now for the US to use the weapon without it making the news but even assuming that they could, there are only about a dozen additional rumored R9X strikes that didn’t make the news and lack supporting evidence and fact checking. So what I’m saying is, the R9X only accounts for a handful of assassinations carried out by drones and is typically reserved for really special targets who use civilians and the threat of collateral damage as a shield against a conventional drone strike. In the case of this American traitor, killing him with an R9X behind Russian front lines would be seen as a direct provocation and escalation by the U.S. (since we are the only operators of the R9X), meaning he is far more likely to die from a conventional bomb or rocket in use by Ukraine with targeting/assistance from the US, making it appear no different than any other missile or drone attack against a Russian target in this war. As an aside, you linked the main article I always link when ever people discuss any of the high profile R9X strikes, so congrats on your fine choice of information. I’ve been following R9X strikes since the 2019 case and since the bellingcat report dropped, no one has written a better article.


How fast is R9X coming in on impact? How far away would I have to see it to be able to dodge it? Asking for a friend


I’m glad you asked, if you can see it you are fucked and will be unable to dodge it, as it travels in excess of Mach 1.3 (roughly 1,000mph). I’d still try to dodge though, it could be aiming for the man next to you and any amount of “separation” will increase your chance of survivability. If you want to see what a strike looks like, [here is the best example and it’s also very likely the first R9X strike/deployment.](https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2017/02/27/middleeast/deputy-al-qaeda-leader-killed/index.html)




dead link


When you really, absolutely, positively need someone diced into cubes halfway around the world, accept no substitutes "R9X^TM "


America! The only country in the world that can Knife a baddy across the globe 🔪


Yeah I just believe that extrajudicial killings of American citizens isn’t a road I’d like to travel down. Now if the Ukrainians find him first and wanna take out our trash than it is much appreciated




Yeah I hear what you’re saying. It just worries me with the state of our politics. If it becomes a widely accepted thing it becomes another tool that some demagogue can wield as they see fit.


It's definitely a slippery slope. Especially if the wrong person gets into power.


>but when you consider that the only reason this person is extrajudicial is because they intentionally placed themselves outside the American justice system's reach I disagree. The reason it is extrajudicial is because the person hasnt even been charged with a crime. I'm not even sure it's against the law (in America) for him to do what he did - as distasteful as it is to the rest of us.


My headline takeaway: wow, what an asshole. My reading the article takeaway: wow, what a moron.


Why not both?


Why not indeed?


Dumbass probably thinks he will get the Stephen Seagal treatment by Putin. When we all know they will handcuff hum and send him straight to the front with orders to advance or die.


Nah, too valuable a propaganda tool to just send it to the meat grinder


Nah, Putin is a terrible general but a reasonable spymaster, and knows that the people he has turned have to stay alive if he is going to turn more.


I mean he's a self-described communist. So yeah.


Russia is a capitalist country. Communism has nothing to do with supporting Russia.


Yeah, no shit. Which makes him an even bigger idiot.


He strikes me as one of those leftists who will reflexively support anything anti-Western, even if what he supports is against his stated principles.


This is a common theme. Not just leftists, though. There's a non-trivial percentage of people, of all political stripes, who will actively work against their own interests if they think it will hurt their opponents. It just feels -so good- to piss on your enemy, that you don't notice your pants getting wet.


>It just feels -so good- to piss on your enemy, that you don't notice your pants getting wet. That's a *great* line. Mind if I use it?


You've got to remember that enough Americans voted for Trump to make him President a while back. So there's no shortage of folks like this, even now. :-(


He’s a tankie if you read the article


So the other flavor of complete fucking idiot. I hope he makes a better flower than a person.


Yep this war is the materialization of the horseshoe theory


There are many of us who maintain that the average tankie isn’t in it for the working class. They’re in it for an excuse to smash things and hurt people.


To be fair, many of them don’t even want to smash things and hurt people, they just want to cosplay that.


There has been an active psy ops going strong in the usavfor 10 years.


Now, imagine the same has been going on in Russia for over two centuries. The Empire, communism, a short period of disorientation and then the Empire all over again I find it funny when people get surprised with the majority of Russians supporting the war


The shock in his eyes when he is rewarded by Mother Russia with a shovel and front line meat march towards the enemy trenches.


He will be rewarded with a log of sausage and some Buckwheat.


And mink coat


* please return after photo shoot


Pikachu face


Let my people go


Nah, he'll be sent to a TikTok brigade. Hope he brought his own supply of Vaseline.


"welcome comrade! Have potato!"


They take a picture of him all happy given 5 kg fish and a fur coat for propaganda purpose, the coat is then later taken away 😞


Congratulations comrade here is your reward. You now have the opportunity to die in the East like a true Russian




He’s “anti-fascist” but defected to Russia. Good luck with that. 🤡


He also said he’s a communist, and is defecting to a country run by oligarchs. I’m not sure he knows what either word means


tankies gonna tank


Yup, just look at the "Rage Against the War Machine" rally that took place on Feb 19th 2023.


Prolly one of those redditors that are high and mighty in proclaiming Marxism thanks to romanticizing films, loving the soviet anthem a little too much, or something. Judging from kim philby and other big name defectors, they didn’t get shit when they defected and were never allowed a security clearance. And they were huge deals too. This guy ain’t shit lol probably was tempted by mail order Russian bride ads


Wait until he finds out those mail order brides are interested in the western lifestyle and western wages, not the actual western men themselves


You gotta wonder the type of dumbass this classifies him as lol, there are dumbasses that believe in flat earth, defecting to North Korea, and defecting to ducking Russia. Russia. He must be all “for the people ✊🏻”


Low end of the ASVAB range I think.


There was a picture of a bunch of Abrams on exercises in Poland. One of the A troop tanks was named "ASVAB WAIVER", lol.


If true and its a big IF. He says that he is and was a Russian spy then he will never be able to return to the US. Once a spy always a spy.


Can’t return to Europe ether.


Unless 200. But that's another postal code destination.


Well, he could return, but would face punishment.


The Russians are unlikely to let him just go back.


"Spies exist, and I'm a spy," McIntyre said Lol, sounds like a quote from a delusional person. This whole article sounds completely made up...


What intelligence you did bring us , comrade? "spies exist" Yes... anything else? "i am a spy" Blyat


>"It's the reason I came to Ukraine in the first place," McIntyre told Gazdiev. "I'm a communist, I'm an anti-fascist, and we have to fight fascism everywhere." Aye, delusional. Like any self described communist/anti-fascist supporting Russia.


he's *not* anti-fascist if he supports russia omg people know fuckall anymore.


Hence "self described".


I found the RT interview with him - [https://odysee.com/@RT:fd/John-McIntyre\_-interview\_2802:e](https://odysee.com/@RT:fd/John-McIntyre_-interview_2802:e) Couldn't be bothered watching the whole thing. Dude definitely seems cooked though


I Click it, forgetting that RT is blocked in Latvia. Which makes me happy.


[https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?path=/[email protected]/part1/chapter115&edition=prelim](https://uscode.house.gov/view.xhtml?path=/[email protected]/part1/chapter115&edition=prelim) So, yeah, he could come back, so we could put him to death for treason.


Im not sure you could convict if he betrayed Ukraine and we arent at war with Russia.


If he’s on the front lines he’s probably dead, so there is that. Good riddance.


Where is he from? What associations does he have? Is he allowed to return to the US?


He apparently is a communist, doesn't really seem to be anything special soldier wise either. I doubt he will be allowed to return. Also fuck him we don't want him back.


He was in the US army for a total of 2 years, I doubt he has any high-level skills or knowledge that will actually be useful to Russia. The fact that Ukraine put him in their international legion and not some sort of intelligence/advisory role would support this conclusion


Information about positions and troop movements is very useful until its not.


Yeah, exactly. Any "intel" this chud had to offer expired long before he handed it over.


Not necessarily. But, what he knows could potentially tactically endanger Ukrainian side in that area. Probably not much strategic value.


https://youtu.be/YqWUyjpbJX8 They caught a spy. He photographed the other people and transmitted gps coordinates


If he's a communist, he's gone to the wrong country.


The country is right, but 30 years too late, as communism died in 1991.


A little over 100 years too late, IMO. It died not long after the Soviet Union was established, when the autocrats got control and stomped over worker unions and community organizations to prevent another October Revolution from happening to them. If communism is the absence of a system, when there are no political, social, religious, or economic hierarchies left for some to exploit others, it will never be compatible with autocracy, it'll just be vulnerable to them. Tankies are the worst.


Everyone knows Communism died when Slovenia declared independence and Yugoslavia was no more.


Lee Harvey Oswald 2.0?


He *says* he’s a communist. He also says all the Ukrainian soldiers are Nazis.


Crazy. Putin doesn't want USSR 2.0. He's a neo-imperialist and kleptomaniac, the furthest thing from communist ideology. Confuses the hell out of me how many leftists fall down this pitfall.


> . He's a neo-imperialist and kleptomaniac, the furthest thing from communist ideology. Sounds a lot like the reality of the USSR, probably spot on for what communism really is


>"It's the reason I came to Ukraine in the first place," McIntyre toldGazdiev. "I'm a communist, I'm an anti-fascist, and we have to fight fascism everywhere." Boy, is he going to be in for a surprise ...


I think this story is bullshit. I think this is just a compelling narrative the FSB whipped up. Newsweek has really gone down the shitter - the report has no sources other than russia.


RT is the 'source'. If proper journalism is a well of fresh water, RT is like putting a soup ladle in a toilet bowl right after someone took a shit. I think you're right.


And there's the visual I needed to wake up. Bon appetit!


You learn more from RT with what they don't write. I read it for lols. "Glorious AWACS accidentally blew up due to ...ah...static electricity? Whatever works for you that isn't Belorusian partisans, which definitely did not happen."


Lindybeige did an interview with a foreign legion volunteer who caught a spaniard trying to do the same thing. They only caught that specific spy due to extreme luck(walking in on him once trying to go through everyones bags, and then catching him about to steal an officers laptop when he escaped custody after). The soldier in question mused that due to conditions on the ground he was only really caught due to dumb luck and if he got out and made a break for it nobody would really question a foreign legionaire travelling with a laptop, and the Russians could easily have collected him not long after. This is probably the actual case here. Things are chaotic so he could have just taken some pictures and stolen a couple of things and bolted before anyone realized what had happened.


There's vids of him with Ukrainian soldiers, there's vids of him saying "fuck putin" he's done it alright, What an idiot.


Newsweek has taken a more right-ward slant in the last few years. I used to subscribe and gave it up. It's not super surprising.


Yeah, he is playing along with the propaganda to preserve his life.


I thought the same. Did manage to find the interview - [https://odysee.com/@RT:fd/John-McIntyre\_-interview\_2802:e](https://odysee.com/@RT:fd/John-McIntyre_-interview_2802:e) I didn't watch the whole thing, but from the first 2 minutes he seems like a tankie.


Newsweek quoting RT… so a bullshit sandwich.


I’m so sure they gave him all the maps etc…


I served in the International legion last summer. Anything we got map wise was already in the public domain and any intel was only relevant for the immediate term. Good for a week at most. Outside of propaganda, he has zero value. Even if he did get intel of some value, I doubt the russians would believe him enough to use it anyway.


That's a relief to hear. His former buddies will probably suffer russian internet trolls, though. How will they survive?!?


Thank you for your service!


Makes sense. If captured, found or brtetrayed its useless past a week. You only need what's applicable to your mission.


Maybe he even brought maps from a Ukrainian store - to replace the maps from 60s and 70s that Russia used for the invasion.


He got a printout from Mapquest


People are actually getting killed then some mentally disturbed people think they need to help russia.


There is [recent Lindybeige video](https://youtu.be/YqWUyjpbJX8) where legioner explains how they catched Spaniard Russian spy and what happened next. Suggest everybody to watch the series.


My first thought too. Kinda wished they'd just executed him, but life in a Ukrainian jail as a traitor probably will be hell. But what that Spaniard did was really shitty. He was attempting, in part, to pass on the identities of his fellow soldiers. That could be used to harass families back home, which is a pretty shitty thing to do to someone engaged in combat. Soldiers don't need the stress of knowing people are calling their family with false reports that they've been killed or captured.


He gathered "Intelligence"? He thinks he had access to anything worth a damn? That's not how any of this works! lol He thought he was Edward Snowden when really he's an insignificant moron who'll end up being used for propaganda for about a month before being forgotten about in a crumbling soviet housing block. He'll spend the rest of his short life reminiscing about the days when he had a working toilet.


He needs to be euthanized, can he be charged by the American government with treason?


Russia is not fighting against the USA so, probably not.


Being a foreign agent is still a crime though. If he comes back to either Europe or the US, he won't make it to trial though. He just put out his own burn notice.


well he is going to be a liability for russia.


I’m having a hard time believing this article. Everything that this McIntyre says is (if he actually exists) sounds like Russian misinformation again. Newsweek just ran with it without really fact checking.




Yeah, the technical term for this is "bullshit".


Well, that’s one American I want to see in a drone video.


>I'm a communist, I'm an anti-fascist, and we have to fight fascism everywhere. Boy is he in for a surprise when he finds out what Russia is


This is the same type of asshole who runs off and joins ISIS and who decides after several years it was a very bad idea. This same asshole then tries to come home, only to find the US government not interested in letting a traitor and spy return.


May he find the bottom of a ditch soon


Limited damage but good riddance. At least this cunt actually went to Russia.


Need to purge the American education system of all communists and all Russian sympathizers. Need to prevent the indoctrination of communist / Pro-Russian ideology.


What a traitor bastard. He's actually going to be shooting at volunteer Americans fighting for Ukraine on top of that.


What an ass!


they knew this was going to happen and I would be surprised if the foreign legion was given sensitive information.


Some of my countrymen are fucktards


If true he’s a douchebag and will one day regret his actions.


May he be captured and returned to the US for proper beatings and imprisonment


He's a communist.. great. But in Russia, it is brutal cleptocratic capitalism.


Hopefully this will permanently answer all the "But why do they X with volunteers? That's unfair!" questions.


Revoke citizenship status


So he likes sharing? May Ukraine share their most painful weaponry with his head.