The following submission statement was provided by /u/RepresentativeFee967: --- I saw this object floating over hemet California. I am not sure fully what it is. My guess would be a series of balloons. However, it was taken with a Samsung s22+ at 100x Zoom. So if it were balloons, then it would have to be massive, right? Especially if you could the "strings" hanging off the bottom. Eventually, it just disappeared, like maybe floating higher or moved away from me. --- Please reply to OP's comment here: https://old.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/116mjsy/spotted_over_hemet_ca_less_then_hour_ago/j9795ls/


- F22 *heavy breathing*


This really got me lmao


Did the object demonstrate any of the five observables ? For reference: The (5) Observables Anti Gravity: September 2003. La Fortuna, Costa Rica, Arenal Volcano. Video footage by Nico Pisani. Instantaneous Acceleration: March 12th, 2018 Colima Volcano, Mexico. Video footage by WebCamsDeMexico. Hypersonic Speed: Summer 1993, Gulf Breeze, FL, USA Video footage by Ed Walters. Trans-medium Travel: April 25th, 2013 Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. Video footage by Customs and Border Protection crew . Low Observability: October 3rd, 2019, Concordia, Antioquia, Colombia. Video footage by Aleida Ramírez. EDIT: Aguadialla Video conclusions determined by actual scientists (NOT Mick West) Analysis by Kevin H. Knuth: The Flight Characteristics and Physics of UAP Analysis by Rich Hoffman: AVVBA presents Rich Hoffman - August 30, 2019


Dude that's my first time seeing the instantaneous acceleration video and that is *exactly* what my girlfriend and I saw 2 years ago, same colour and everything - except there were 2 of them and they were bigger. That video still doesn't do justice to how quick they accelerate but oh my god I can't believe someone actually caught them on camera, this has to be some of the best footage out there?


Are these showing up as links on your end? Its just plaintext on my end. Your comment made me curious to see the video but trying to find it on YouTube doesn't give me anything. Just live feeds of volcanoes in Mexico or unrelated sightings.


https://youtu.be/Y-WPyNAfq3s Found on YouTube


Thank you North Korea. First time saying that.


UAP instant acceleration videos are pretty rare. never seen this one though, thanks for posting. if anyone’s interested, here’s another one: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=-nL1uNqbyp4




Good share. Definitely one of the best videos ive seen


That's interesting! I don't know shit about drones but that hard maneuver looks way more intense than any drone maneuver I've seen. Cool footage for sure! I'm surprised I haven't seen it shared here before.


Thanks for sharing


No did not hyperlink them.


In my opinion the best footage is footage verified by multiple sources (multiple radar sensors, video, and human witness). Commander David Fravors experience and the footage that was taken afterwards (footage was taken after he had returned and another team went out) is the gold standard at this point in time.


https://youtu.be/Y-WPyNAfq3s That's the one I watched, so I think I was just a bit excited seeing the colour and streak of light as that's how it looked when I saw them in person, after rewatching it and accounting for the framerate and exposure it's not actually moving as fast as I initially thought so could be a drone in the video, unfortunately. But in terms of how it looked in real life, just imagine two disks that colour, bigger and flatter, hovering one over the other in the distance for a few mins then one of them shooting across the horizon instantly leaving a trail like shown in the video - except not an artifact of light from the framerate, it actually stretched across the horzon like it activated warp drive. The way it streaked across the horizon from a standstill is something we'll never forget.


Whatever you seen that accelerated, was it spherical?


I seen one in 1992 came to a stop from at least a couple thousand mph, sat still for maybe 10 seconds then took off and cleared the entire horizon in less then maybe 0.7 of a second maybe less, then came back into view within five seconds and hovered back in place as it did when it stopped, and it took off again past the other side of the horizon just as fast, their was absolute silence, our engine cut off, it was at the top of a hill idk if the driver stalled the engine or if it got shut off by this object it is just as likely either way, the ppl we went to see say they seen it as well, it was a hot summer night they had no ac it was migrant camps my friend was working for a farm as a child so was his family


Where can I watch the Gulf Breeze Fl one? I live here and have never seen it. Can’t find it on the net. Edit: found it. Probably the most astonishing footage I’ve seen of a ufo


Can you post links? I can't find anything online.


Even if it doesn’t exhibit any of these you should be good. None of the balloons shot down exhibited any of these and yet everyone on here was still convinced they were aliens.


Wow thanks for this!


Excellent post!


Are there links to those directly?


Those are absolutely a bunch of balloons. I'm not usually so skeptical but dude it's obvious


Ooh I found a Hemetite in the wild, I actually think I drove past your truck the other day lol. It was Sunday, so I'm gonna assume some over-decorated Quincenera lost a whole lotta Mylar. Or someone robbed one of the Dollar Trees of all their prepumped Mylar balloons... Or spent like $50.


Equipped sidewinder missile: this time I won’t miss!


I that was the a F-16 that miss, f-22 don't miss 😆


"Put me in, coach! I'm ready to play today."


You mean F22’s? Anxious to attack 😆


Fixed it, thanks!


Prepare the AIM-9X Sidewinder


We have way better missiles than that but for some reason they insist on using that one...


No idea what this is. You should shoot it.


"Once again the LAPD is asking Los Angelenos NOT to fire their guns at the visitor's spacecraft, you may inadvertently trigger an interstellar war."


Welcome to Earth!


The good ol’ American way


It's coming right for us!


God I love classic South Park




I recently learned about a 2008 mass sighting in Stephenville, TX. One of the close encounter witnesses was out in the woods with a gun and considered shooting at it but ultimately decided that was a bad idea.


Omg aliens talking sense into bubba!


I mean....I am PRO 2A and from the Eastern parts of Texas. A lot of hunting skill is an accurate shot, meaning the rounds WILL kill, IF they hit a vital area , but its not like the movies where things go flying from getting hit with .223. Maybe if I was hunting deer with .50BMG (I don't know TBH, maybe it would just burst through and keep going....) but my point is, if my Ar-15 is relying on me hitting a vital area, then I have no chance against a vessel that has demonstrated abilities greater than our understanding of physics and gravity. Yes, I do own a pick-up, and a shotgun. No dog though,


No dog? WTAF man....I've never been more disappointed with anyone *in my life*! JK Texan bro. Do you😁😎 but also get a dog. And don't shoot at UFOs.🤘👽🤘


Make sure to also post a tweet pointing a gun up in the air as well.


It’s getting away kill it!


Using an ABUNDANCE of caution.


This made me spit out my lunch


Your comment illustrates how comedy and tragedy are close cousins. It’s tragic that our go to response to the unknown is “blast it”. Still, also funny.


*NORAD intensifies*


So you know in before everybody starts debunking but I will just say people commonly ask on here how come you don't use one of the modern Samsung s22 or s23 phones? and here it is. this is the quality of your very best lenses on Modern phones you can hope for a regular person to have. and this is what 100 times Zoom can give you. it's not the greatest amount of detail ever of these objects. So don't complain that people could give better HD video quality. they can't.


Literally! Thank you! 🙏


Digital zoom is not a real zoom that a proper lens is capable of.


Not many people walking around with a DSLR and bag of lenses to produce high quality pics though...


Which is what I tell everyone saying "but we all have HD cameras in our pocket..." Go outside, put your back to the moon. Then turn around and take a picture of it in 1.5 to 2 seconds with your phone. (Not all, but many sightings of unusual things are brief or moving. Here you can have your phone in your hand and you already know where the moon is). Now look at your photo and zoom in on the moon to finish the exercise. It doesn't matter how much HD/4K your phone has, to shoot objects that small from that far, you absolutely need decent lenses. Every photographer knows that lenses are paramount.


I am. Or at least I was earlier. I spotted a plane flying overhead through a gap in the canopy above me in broad daylight. Without changing the 50mm lens, because I didn’t have time, I guessed at the aperture, iso, shutter and managed to fire off one decent pic. I didn’t have time to set up a tripod so I had to go with f2.2/200iso. I’m a long way from the fastest on the controls but as far as being ready to take a photo goes, the camera was in my hands turned on and ready to go. [This is all I managed to get.](https://imgur.com/gallery/SM6lYxm)


I just imagine some dude in hitman clothes walking around with like two suitcases full of lenses just for this. Pulls them out the puts them together likes he's Forrest fucking Gump lol.


I agree, it's certainly a problem and why we never get better photographs.


You best be filming the sky at the moment to cause good luck getting ready and catching it in time


Yes but nobody has a DSLR with telephoto lens in their pocket


Women should carry one in their purse. Men need to normalize bag carrying too.


It's not normal to carry a murse?


My dad swears by his murse.. has so much room for activities.. he carries his phone, wallet, AirPods, a small crossword puzzle book and his weed.


And his weed? A man after my own heart ♥️


He’s a pretty cool guy


I don't see it very often.


They’re very convenient. I think that soon everyone will have one.


Why? I'm always trying to limit the things I'm carrying around, even made my wallet smaller. My wife is the same, she never carries a purse if she doesn't need to and most times doesn't. I'm not opposed to carrying a bag if need be, but if I don't need to then I'm carrying the least amount of crap around as I can. We should normalize being comfortable lol.


I'd rather normalize taking a proper photo of a fucking ufo. Fuck your comfort :).


Wouldn't a properly zoomed in photo of a UFO also require a tripod or at least a professional level steady hand to snap a zoomed in photo of a far away moving object? Not very practical in the least for the average person. That's a no from me dawg.


We all should be carrying a couple of Nikon's P-1000 in our pockets.


I think that really is the best bang for the buck option, if you want to have something that might actually have a chance of catching a decent picture, and you can bust out and shoot with very quickly.


He said he used the S22+. The S22 Ultra ( and Ultra series in general, starting from the S21) is the one with the 10x optical zoom lens. Here's a quick demo of what the zoom on those can do. https://youtu.be/wsGcJFqNs54&t=1m27s I actually got an Ultra just on the off chance I witness something lol. I'd encourage others to do the same, so maybe we can finally get some decent imagery


Ultra is sweet. I got it so I didn't have to climb ladders anymore. I have to get numbers off motors /gearbox/vales esc. Alot of them are well above my head. With the ultra ,I can zoom in to see the smallest part numbers. It's kinda amazing.


Can confirm. I have the 21 ultra waiting on the 23 ultra to arrive. My s/o has the 21+ and my camera is by far superior to hers.


In all seriousness, if you could organize a huge group of people to be ready to take pics of these things all over the world, you might be able to see what some of this stuff is. I would bet you could maximize the chances of capturing some stuff if you created an organized mental process for taking the pics. Like maybe start by expecting to see something. Practice whipping open your camera as fast as possible. Practice making lists of observables that you can mentally check off as you are observing and attempting to take pictures. Program yourself to take notes about what you just saw as soon as you finish taking pics. Take notes of how you felt, etc. To get ready, practice taking photos of birds or planes. Practice observing yourself, and separating yourself from your feelings as you do this, so that in a surprise situation, you can react with thoughts first and emotions second. I’m sure someone else has come up with something like this before. But I feel like if you could mobilize a thousand or more people all over the world to do this, you’d come up with a few bangers.


But an s22+ doesn't have 100x zoom....?


But we can still zoom and enhance on the pic right?


That's what this fake 100x zoom is doing already...cropping and AI enhancing. A real 100x zoom requires a 3 ft telescope (yes, you can make them shorter by folding it)


Also the periscope lenses on those phones produce weird looking rectangular artifacts https://www.metabunk.org/threads/unusual-oblong-bokeh-galaxy-s20-ultra-periscope-zoom.12519/


Welp. Hemet is close to several military bases the way the crow flies.


The way the *ufo flies


Xenu is just picking up Tom Cruise at Goldbase.


“Clearly you’re the only one that truly believes aliens run on consumerism, capitalism, and authoritarian control Tom. Come with us before we clean the slate.”


Goldase? You know the area. Impressed. I had to drive past that several times for work. At first I was, what the hell is that? Looks like a golf course plus holiday camp. With very tall fencing…


Some little kids birthday party is without balloons.


I got a clean lock. Taking the shot.


Damn. Missed. Coming around for a 7th shot


That's what THEY want you to think. :O Just kidding it's totally balloons.


Is thar Danny and Sandy riding off into the sunset?


Looks like this… [drone](https://youtu.be/KBMU6l6GsdM) [multiple kill vehicle](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Multiple_Kill_Vehicle)


Whenever I see this video I'm reminded of how well that thing would operate in space. It struggles in atmosphere and under gravity. In orbit without those hindrances that thing would be terrifying. Satellite and orbiter killer.


That's an interesting concept!


In the image you can see the same jets coming out of the bottom like in the wiki article and video


That’s crazy cool


That thing is crazy! It also looks like what is seen in OP pics. I think it would likely have a pretty identifiable movement in flight


Sir I think you are right sir.


I think that’s it. That’s unsettling


Ahh, it's called (codenamed?) Brilliant Pebbles.


Yooo I saw the same thing this morning in Minneapolis. I’m going with the ladder of a bundle of balloons, also there was a sky crane helicopter they was being used in downtown but that’s another thing. BUT strange coincidence. The one I saw wasn’t really moving like balloons though, also what I saw was very high to the point where the balloons would be as large as a car possibly. Either way thanks for making me reconsider the obvious and most likely now lol


I'm pretty sure after last week, people will think its hilarious to go buy a bunch of mylar balloons just to let them go so people can freak out.


2nd pic looks like a flying portapotty


That looks like a bundle of balloons. Like from a bday party.


Zoom in on the first one. I see a blocky square. Hard right angles.


Could be image compression from digital camera zoom.


Of course it’s a blocky square. You ever see a round pixel?


I see what you’re seeing, but I think it’s the foil-type of balloon caving in as the helium starts to dissipate, creating the angular/blocky look.


I see the same. Angular, blocky, faceted.


This is an example of the kind of stuff that goes on in the sub where you're just like you throw up your hands because it's exasperating people will just want to try to reach for any kind of explanation even if it doesn't fit and as long as they get a couple of people agreeing with them then all of a sudden that's what it is and everybody moves on. I'm all for not panicking over UFOs if it's not necessary but we don't do anything that's even close to a scientific type of response on this stuff


Egg-fucking-zactly! Guys! Im here because I want to bounce ideas, thoughts, questions back and forth off of each other without ridicule. Constantly claiming balloons or weather gas is the explanation has been incorporated into our brains since the 50's. What Project was that? The Project that basically got the public to discredit witnesses because of X,Y, or Z. They created a world where we didn't believe the Russell Case's of the world, and look where that got us.


You want to bounce ideas as long as they are in line with your predisposed beliefs, apparently.


It's wild! And I'm like, are y'all not even looking at it? I think maybe some just literally can't see it. I'm so baffled every time.


Yah. WTF? Literal balloons with strings hanging down and everything. The bar is so low.


OK... are you assuming that's a balloon? Or did you really look at all the pictures


It's balloons, plural.


The certainty is strong with this one 👀 Can you describe the process you used to make your assessment?


Looking at them with my eyes.


That sums this sub up perfectly. Seen some ridiculous things identified as balloons or strobe lights or whatever. Then everyone is like 'that's it', then that's the accepted description. Usually happens after 7 or 8 posts


all the fn time dude. and then anyone that offers a counter argument gets downvoted. so fucking frustrating. it’s like any prosaic explanation (no matter how absurd) is always preferred over the alternative.


I don’t think you’d see the strings below the balloons like this unless they were tied up with huge ribbons.


Looks like a bunch of blurs


Proving that these aren't Chinese balloons, they're Japanese


Bunch of blurred balloons


99 blurred balloons


Floatin in the summah sky


L Ron Hubbards ship


Underrated comment


Here we go again. Blow another 400k out the taxpayers ass


looks like balloons tbh


It's probably a bunch of pink and white heart balloons with maybe a big pink kitten balloon on top visible in the third photo. Could be from a girl's birthday party, baby shower, or something. Probably more cute than menacing. The strings would be visible because they are bunched up and reflective. [Similar looking balloons for sale on Amazon](https://www.amazon.com/Balloons-Birthday-Decorations-Ballooning-Valentines/dp/B07ZNSDFVV)


I could only hope for a kitten balloon!


Party balloons


I saw this object floating over hemet California. I am not sure fully what it is. My guess would be a series of balloons. However, it was taken with a Samsung s22+ at 100x Zoom. So if it were balloons, then it would have to be massive, right? Especially if you could the "strings" hanging off the bottom. Eventually, it just disappeared, like maybe floating higher or moved away from me.


Can you edit this comment ⬆️ and make it longer. Then it will count as a submission statement Edit: perfect


How did you first notice it? How long did you watch it?


I watched it for maybe 35 or 40 minutes before I could see it any longer.


100% angular, and not round.


North Korea version of a spy balloon.


That’s a bouquet of balloons I think


Bruh hahahaha that’s a bundle of balloons


There is not one person here that has provided any scientific evidence that the object in question is actually balloons.


And no evidence whatsoever, "scientific" or otherwise, that it is anything *but* a bunch of balloons.


I guess we are going to have balloon people now in this sub every time a “balloon” post happens 😂


We need to know if it demonstrates any of the five observables.


Yeah, we are in a triangle of three.


A giant teddy bear!!!


Mylar balloons?


The Mylarians are invading, nbd


Well this one is definitely showing propulsion.


Indeed. Those look like thruster puffs to me...


It’s funny, this is just like a Hollywood movie where UFO’s only visit the US, or maybe 🤔


The native camera filter/AI has ruined the image


is that a mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell?


Zergs Overlord


Hahahahaha I grew up in Hemet and can say nothing really happens there


You are absolutely not wrong about that!


I watched it for probably 35 of 40 minutes before I couldn't see it any longer.


For all the folk seeing [angles](https://www.partycity.com/silver-cubez-balloon-15in-587196.html?extcmp=pla%7CLia%7CGoogle&gclid=Cj0KCQiArsefBhCbARIsAP98hXTzwPAK08CMn0EtkcwqLcouRhz1aaMVvixiQKqzS7bByw_5ZSHK_mAaAgDyEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds).


That is a balloon.


Hey bro! You just found some balloons!


Could be a video would be better do u have one


I tried to get one, but the zoom on my phone just was capable of showing it.


It's the house from UP


Why is the world going crazy over every balloon these days?


"with all of the balloon stuff going on, I thought I'd post pictures of a balloon" Such a nice guy!


We should turn this sub into r/Balloons at this point


Oh, I'm sorry I didn't realize what you wanted to see is what we were posting! My bad. 🤦


that's a bundle of party balloons, but it shows how smartphones are not the perfect imaging devices that people like NGT make them out to be


Could be, but how on earth at that distance are you gonna see the strings on them? We have all held party balloons. The strings are a 1/4 of on inch wide.


Each Ballon has a string, making a big appearing string?


I can count the pixels.


S22+ 100x zoom for you lol


Don't forget your submission statement! Write a comment on the top of your post...tell your story


Aww crap, I apologize! First time I have posted here.


No apologies needed. Welcome to the party! 🥳 These are great pictures 👍💯 They show the blocky structure of the object, the change in lighting/orientation/shape (whatever it is changing, idk), and the local colors on parts of the object. You might get some people clowning on you, just ignore it. Don't take any downvotes personally, this is a good post. Ignore anyone who wastes your time. Thanks for posting!


And thank you for being welcoming!


My pleasure, friend! 💯💪🏽


This is the kind of respect and decency for one another I really appreciate seeing mate 👍


Thank you kindly, I'm glad you're here!


A quick Amazon search turned up several options for cube shaped balloons. I wouldn't take balloons off the table.


Very strange one. Sometimes I wonder if some of these might be alive.


Im curious as to what you see. To me it's so clearly a balloon. Or are you trying to force yourself into believe this is something more?


I kind of think the same thing. Most of my point is that if it is a balloon, it's got to be massive, right?


Well there are massive balloons out there :)


I see a fucking square bro on the first one. Hard right angles, nothing balloon-like.


It seems the balloon lacks air in it, and balloons get flimsy and makes weird shapes, and the photo caught it like that. And you clearly see the string of the balloon.


I see something hanging down, it might be a string, but at this distance a string really shouldn't be that clearly visible.


True as well, but to me it's most likely a balloon.


It could be, but people are acting like you must be insane to see anything else. It's really not clear.


Believe what you want to believe, Im not trying to stop you.


I don't believe shit right now.


Alright, alright. No need to get hostile.


I didn’t think about that. That’s a great observation.


Ok. I know exactly what it is. Who remembers that flying robot in a cage? Goin psss psss blasting from every direction.


You know, if I were a UFO, I would stick a string on me so everyone would debunk any photos as a mylar balloon.


Whatever it is, let’s send quickly some F22s to shoot it down with a 400k rocket 🚀! Apparently, this is what we do nowadays.


It’s not a balloon. I’ve seen several of these in photos but none this clear. Does it strike anyone else that many of these objects have similar attributes to deep sea diving bells? I’m starting to believe that we have a terrestrial civilization based underwater off the Pacific coast with it’s highest concentration around Catalina Island. When they get restless they head to Topanga Canyon and screw with everyone for kicks.


Maybe they figured how to put one in the air? I like your 2nd theory tho


I mention it because the many sightings and events that have been reported and witnessed at Topanga go back decades. The nature of the occurrences seem mischievous and not malicious. If you view a map of where Topanga’s located in relation to the Ca. coastline and the canyon’s unique geography - I’ve sometimes wondered if that’s a place where underwater dwellers offshore sometimes take their craft to “blow off steam.” Pure supposition on my part.