The following submission statement was provided by /u/Rev19rb: --- After the classified briefing to senators, a letter was sent to the DoD requesting more funding for AARO. More UAP legislature and a public facing oversight committee may follow. --- Please reply to OP's comment here: https://old.reddit.com/r/UFOs/comments/114zydm/16_senators_sign_demand_for_aaro_funds_from/j8yuisl/


Both sides of the aisle, good.


I saw some people commenting on a recent compilation of senator statements that it was all Republican anti-Biden rhetoric. Makes me so glad to prove those kinds of people wrong again and again


I was actually shocked at how many cheap shots reporters teed them up to make and how many Republicans who didn't take the bate. I thought all bipartisanship was dead.


Okay that was a valid concern though. "Those people" are just trying to figure out the truth the same as you.


No. They had already decided based on 0 research that this UFO story was a media distraction from the Ohio disaster and/or conservative BS to attack Biden. They were never gonna give it a modicum of genuine investigation


Yup as if we all don’t know that’s it’s CORPORATIONS that are basically responsible for that incident. Wall street literally owns the railroad company that derailed in Ohio. And who buys our politicians? Wall street


The politicians aren't bought. They're on the take, before they even step into the office they're selected for.


This. Same thing happened to me with several people. They had zero interest in anything "those politicians" had to say. Said it was all just partisan slander.


The word "government" is actually "govern-mente"..meaning "to control - the mind". The unspoken purpose of politicians is this. Keep thinking their there to do anything else, though...


Is it? I was just going to ask for those of us outside US .. interesting!


Honestly, UAPs are the only bipartisan subject at the moment. Both sides of the aisle are clamoring for more information, transparency, etc. Long overdue…


Maybe getting rid of daylight savings time. But they can’t seem to lock that in either so….


It's just a uni-party in two different costumes..with a few outliers. They're all part of the very same corrupt establishment, pretending to be at odds with each other. It's poorly written political theatre...


Yes. Especially some of those particular senators. Lindsey Graham is one of the farthest right and Elizabeth Warren is one of the farthest left. Several others in there that aren’t exactly moderate. This is a very diverse group, politically speaking.


It's a uni-party. Two different colors of ties. That's about it. Lulz. They pretend to be at odds with each other..and people eat it up, while they continually bankrupt a whole nation..right in front of everyone.


Isn't it nice to see the political division stop being such an issue when it comes to something big like this? Feels like they got their heads' out their asses and were like "okay this is bigger than normal, let's not fuck around".


Imagine what the US could be if they didn't worry more about lobbyists and special interests and actually cared more for what Americans wanted.


Maybe I’m jaded, but it’s not a politically charged topic. It’s kind of a harmless subject, a “softball” topic and FOX News isn’t going to go after any of these Senators on these grounds. I suspect that these Senators are using this for publicity because they know through polling, that their constituents are in favor of disclosure or are interested in UFOs. And I suspect in some cases some of these Senators are personally interested in UFOs and have been since childhood.


Feels like you're falling for the admitted psy-op..it's a uni-party portrayed as two rival parties. This has been the way it is, for decades..hasn't changed, yet. Probably never will, unless people wake the heck up. They all ultimately tow the line, and publicly agree on little more than to drive the country further and further into unpayable debt. Lulz. I've got some oceanfront property on the sun, if you're interested in taking it off my hands...


Yep, the fact that you have both guys like Marco Rubio and Mark Kelly signing off on the same bill is pretty wild


I know. Strange to think. That there is a whole world out there. Ya know. Outside of the United States.


Do you live somewhere where it is not ok to engage one side?


No I live in a highly functioning multi-party democracy unlike the US


That's how you know that this isn't just the usual political circus show meant to keep the population bickering over bullshit. This will be worth paying attention to, because if the puppets on either side support it, it must be an important step towards the goals of those lovely selfless caring human beings which are members of the WEF.


I mean it reads like the DOD military industrial complex just successfully secured funds vaguely marked to pay for propulsion system development and we still got no answers as the public… sounds like usual politics to me


No this isn’t DoD getting more funds. This is congress requesting more funds be allocated to AARO for full funding from DoD. This supports the idea that the DoD has been uncooperative.


DOD [established AARO](https://www.defense.gov/News/Releases/Release/Article/3100053/dod-announces-the-establishment-of-the-all-domain-anomaly-resolution-office/) to report to the secretary of defense. It is a part of that organization but when the funding says they are using the funds for replicating the propulsion technology, that means that the department of defense is earmarking funding for the development of propulsion for defense systems


I'm surprised Sen. Kennedy isn't on it after his public post-briefing statements.


Good guy aliens, visiting earth to fix our broken political system.


Now this has my attention


Damn I *really* want to know what was said in that classified briefing


They probably said well now, we’ll tell them it was balloons. It worked before so?


Because it was a spy craft and they’d rather have people thinking it’s aliens then investigate their actual spy technology


Not much, according to Sen. Rubio.


Probably nothing new, but Rubio already knew the gory details. Most of the Senators probably hadn't even heard of AARO before this fiasco with balloons, this is about getting more people involved.


Yep. Never witnessed of heard of any Congress member engaging in any politics at all unless it was motivated by either trying to obtain votes/approval, or more commonly, as a means to line their pockets and their corporate pals pockets. This clearly is not a voting issue... Well at this point the subject may have more public attention than normal- but that's only because Congress continues to put it Infront of the public more and more. So what is the end game here?


Telling the world there's more going on here and it demands serious attention and discussion.


To be clear-. You are suggesting their end game is disclosure in this manner for the world to give this topic serious attention and discussion? Why would a government with a century of manipulating it's population for it's own good decide this time they aren't going to treat their population like cattle? It used to be a conspiracy theory decades ago that it was members inside US government intelligence agencies who started the crack/cocaine epidemic within major US cities, while at the same time publicly the government was strictly fighting their "War on Drugs".. It was a conspiracy theory that is, until Gary Webb started to unravel it all to prove that it was conspiracy fact. Gary Webb was later found dead, ofcourse labelled as a suicide. He had two gunshots to the back of his head. The crack/cocaine epidemic continued to kill countless Americans and ruin countless families lives, the US penitentiary business continued to boom, and the US government continued to pull in billions of dollars of money off the record to spend on black projects. Just one of many, many examples that prove the people who run the government are not running the government for the people... They are there to make the wealthy and powerful more wealthy and more powerful.


Personally I think the reason they'd do something like this, is to control the narrative so to speak. There's enough public interest behind this that legislators are taking note. That same public interest is increasingly making the MSM give it serious airtime. Even academia is opening up to these conversations. Whatever the phenomenon is or isn't, is being treated credible enough to have moved things out of the box the Airforce shoved it in back in the 60s. Personally I believe they know very little about what's going on. The compartmentalization and burying of information and data into the private sector, has made it so very few know the exact reality of what's really being discussed. Meanwhile today, the amount of data being brought into a centralized area, with federal oversight, is enough for Senators to make public statements and ask for more funding with a bipartisan signed bill. This without a doubt is putting pressure on DoD and the contractors behind the scenes. This isn't just a US thing. There are programs and major funding towards the Study of whatever this is, all over the world. China, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Columbia, Uruguay, France, to name a few. The race for answers is on. Being the one to make that kind of announcement to the public will still be the one controlling the narrative. It's not that I trust them to be fully transparent and forth coming. It's that I don't, and believe their best way to control it is to get out in front of things. There are too many incidents and too many incursions of sensitive areas, that ignoring it makes them look incompetent. The volatility of the world at the moment demands we not appear incompetent.


I like it! Truly, thanks for sharing, I appreciate your take. I also believe that there is a very careful effort to control the narrative. To what end, ofcourse, I do not know, but I do worry that the whole thing is one big psy-op helping to push the WEF toward achieving whatever their modern name/equivalent is of Agenda 2030. I shouldn't be so doom and gloom- but it is the reactions and input I continue to see online that keeps the worry with me. I see a whole lot of people commenting on whatever the latest UAP related story is, and the high majority of those comments take most of what is presented at face value. I see people who want to believe and thus with exciting mainstream media reports and Congress member comments on the topic, they happily eat it all up. I guess I am just fearful that if there are too many of us too excited to finally know the truth about our fellow creatures in the universe... In the chance that the narrative is being controlled for deceitful purposes to control the masses through their emotions.. (such as the endless 'War on Terror' fear porn that gave us the patriot act, and more recently ofcourse the US president signing the 9/11 war on terror National Emergency Act again for the 21st year in a row) I have the impression it would be all too easy for the majority of the public to faithfully believe in the truth pudding that has been presented to them on their TV's and phones, with few stopping to wonder why no one is getting the chance eat the pudding and taste the proof for themselves.


Excellent commentary and views i also share. Well done.


We need more comments like yours. Keep fueling the fire under the feet of those few politicians who understand that there are things in the sky that are routinely breaking the laws of physics as we currently understand them.


Do you think Kristen Gillibrand is going to bring you aliens? 🤣


She invited me for dinner- barbecue alien ribs!


Senators are individuals, and not every single one of them is the same.


Yes, I am aware. Every salesman on the car lot is an individual, however they are all trying to make money for the same business- regardless of what tactics they each individually use to sell you a car. Ofcourse, the various Congress members don't have their bank accounts filled by the same person or organization- but it isn't the common citizen who are giving them the millions that motivate them.


You are cynical. [Here's an example](https://www.reddit.com/r/Charlotte/comments/10h5gzi/when_does_the_insider_trading_start/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button) of a representative not primarily motivated by millions. Watch/read the rest of his stuff. You'll get the idea.


That is an example of political advertisement meant to gain popularity and future votes. At least provide some evidence that they've actually put meaningful effort into their cause. Politicians make countless promises... You can easily find incredibly long lists of broken promises politicians have made while campaigning. In some cases the politicians actively support the opposite of what they have previously claimed to support.


Thats great, but are there any others...?


A video of a politician speaking isn't evidence of them actually doing anything meaningful to begin with.


I'm not allowed to respond just "yes" apparently because the answer's too short, but the answer is yes.


Good point. There ARE people who care working in government jobs, but it definitely cannot be said for everyone, particularly not for everyone in positions of meaningful power.


I am not American, can you tell me how exactly intelligence agencies were responsible for crack epidemic?


What do you really think the answer is? Money just like Bigelow siphoned money out of them to Chase ghosts and werewolves


Honestly I agree that 99% chance this is just the usual. Another piece of another plot strung together to be used as a funnel for money and power. Seems to be the obvious answer, So then why do so many people take all of this stuff at face value? Why are so many people eating up all the Congress member comments and news stories. Why are there so many here who seem to believe this is leading up to the government sharing information with the public- purely out of the kindness of their hearts. Is that what has changed from before? They didn't want to share this UFO stuff with the public previously, but all the Congress members got together for a slumber party and after some pillow talk they've had a change of heart? Or is it just the next big manipulation tactic in the making? war on drugs, satanic panic, war on terror, covid-19... Mars Attacks?


I agree. Power is never ceded willingly.


We have graduated from pseudoscience to real science! 🧑‍🎓


**They** have, finally. Folks on reddit are well ahead of the curve.


I more meant how they (Congress) view the field, but yes you are right when saying we have been pushing for this for quite some time now. I’m happy that they don’t just see this as being on the fringes of science anymore.


After the classified briefing to senators, a letter was sent to the DoD requesting more funding for AARO. More UAP legislature and a public facing oversight committee may follow. AARO Science Plan: https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CREC-2021-11-04/html/CREC-2021-11-04-pt1-PgS7814.htm


"(1) In general.--The Director and the Secretary shall each, in coordination with each other, designate one or more line organizations that will be primarily responsible for scientific, technical, and operational analysis of data gathered by field investigations conducted under subsection (d), or data from other sources, including testing of materials, medical studies, and development of theoretical models to better understand and explain unidentified aerial phenomena." Testing material and medical studies sounds like they got bodies or considering what's said next maybe they are sentient crafts. Or maybe just🎈


They could be referring to the medical effects of being near/interacting with some UAP that has been reported in some cases. That would be my guess.


Havana syndrome type shit?


Yeah exactly. Or radiation burns, etc.


nah that's a massive stretch. medical studies probably refers to the number of reports that close encounters are followed by medical anomalies.


The fact a former NASA astronaut signed on brings instant credibility to the issue.


Totally agree, this is the main frontier of science right now.


Agreed. This is seriously huge news!!


It was huge new when you connect the senators press meetings after their classified hearing with the Presidents address. Either: 1. Someone is lying to the Senators about this being a serious threat. 2. The Senators were told theres no threat and are lying to us about there being one. 3. Someone lied to the President about their being no threat. 4. The President lied to the public.


aren't we on a conspiracy reddit? what are we thinking using the scientific method acting like we're not drooling idiots like the mainstream has us look like... pathetic man this should be top headlines what the hell!


UAP aren't conspiracy/fringe anymore, friend. Especially due to stuff like this and AARO, etc.


Seems like a giant waste of funds, right? We can't understand the capabilities of these objects they don't meet our understanding of physics. The dough should be spent on better monitoring.


I disagree. The frontier of science is definitely either fusion technology or AI. Studying UFOs may confirm non human intelligence but it doesn't guarantee any scientific advancement.


You’re talking of the frontier of modern science. Ufos is science of the future. The energy sources, materials science, it doesn’t guarantee because we may not be able to figure it out but it’s worth studying


Astronauts typically have the role of a technician, while the scientists stay here on Earth. Just pointing that out, because it felt like you were implying they had more credibility or authority than they actually do. \*edit: I looked further into it and Mark Kelly does indeed have a masters degree in aerospace engineering from the US Navy Postgraduate School. So I'd say he's pretty qualified.


There is a reason they called it The Right Stuff. It wasn't just being physically fit. Astronauts are typically held in very high regard for very good reasons. They are the cream of the crop, especially ones like the Kelly bros. I went and saw him speak at a science talk on my college campus, and it was very inspiring. He's cool. Their experiments and experiences were super cool to read and hear about, and the entire year in space!


Yay AZ! Sorry, comment too short. I meant to say that I am happy to have something to be proud of in our arizona political shit show.


This is some wild stuff, it really is. Compared to how this discussion was going 20 years ago, this is literally insane. We have 16 United States Senators signing onto a bipartisan work asking for funding to study and reverse-engineer (they used the word “replicate”) UAPs that “exceed the known state of the art in science or technology,” which could potentially lead to breakthroughs in understanding natural phenomena, or dare I say crafts of non-human origin.


Yes, can’t wait to see this come up in the presidential debates 🤣.


We're gonna build the best ship, the best. It's gonna be HUGE. Everyone will say oh Donald your ship is just massive. It's going to be amazing.


I feel like he would pronounce them as “Al Yuns”


That’s close but I hear it more as “Ally Yuns” coming from him


Lindsey Graham and Elizabeth Warren signed off on something together...??? OK - WTF is going on?


Trust me it's been so frustrating trying to get people hyped for UAP/UFOs prior to this last couple weeks. I felt like a crazy person. Like there is an IG investigation at the DoD, bipartisan legislation, and extremly bright people saying this is real and everyone I tell this to looked at me like I'm a fucking loon.


I feel you, UAP isn’t the kind if thing you can show someone and just convince them. They have to want to know more and look into all the evidence on their own like I’m sure you have. When I got curious and realized there was way more than meets the eye it really was a big deal for how I thought about life and the universe.


Shows that whatever they know, or whatever they were told is important enough for bipartisanship.


Should've been 84 more.


All this over 3 weather balloons? So much more to it obviously.


I’m firmly on the side of at least 2 were mundane balloons, and third another mundane explanation. But what I think this did do was get the senate far more invested in all of the *other* far more substantial things that have happened over the past years. They’re probably demanding access to details previously and extent that they didn’t take seriously before


I agree with Christopher Mellon that the Alaskan object is the most suspicious one that could potentially still be ET while the other two were probably just balloons. All the official messaging around the Alaska object is very suspicious. - Initial reports from multiple DoD officials to CNN saying it shattered - other credible reports that it messed with the pilots’ sensors and that it would be an easy recovery of the debris - no description that could be mistaken for a balloon (strings, payload, etc. like the Huron and Yukon objects were described as having) - the videos of that civilian showing the massive search happening at the crash site, then suddenly no military activity for days even though the official message is that they’re still searching for it


The radio transmission I heard during the lake Huron one sounded strange. They had tons of static. They kept repeating themselves. I find it strange our best fighter planes have static in their radios.


You weren’t the only one. Many things felt off about that audio. Also, why do we have two F-22 pilots circling a balloon only to decide “ah we can’t tell what that is let’s shoot missiles at it”?


Don't forget about the 4th "weather balloon" over Montana that was tracked on radar and then disappeared before jets could get to it, was called some kind of radar anomaly at first with someone from NORAD actually speaking to it, and then claimed to be the same object over Lake Huron without an explanation why they believe it was, or how it traveled so quickly to the north, and was able to evade radar and jets in Montana. I think the one North of Alaska was different from the Canada and Huron objects... that is the one that was seen as being as large as a small car. That said, if the one in Canada was the hobbyist balloon, it was said that it was just 3 feet wide and reflective mylar. So we have some pretty amazing missiles that can take out a 3 foot wide mylar balloon, and amazing radar that can pick it up.


Something may have been downed over Billings today.


I do wonder this as well. Perhaps they were just basic balloons but in all the overreaction and hype they revealed far more than they needed to.


Wow that's huge! At least in what it signifies... not sure what it will produce. Where is the goal language from though? I don't see it in the PDF letter.


Yes there is growing tension between the White House and DoD many are realizing they haven’t been informed and now it may cost them re-election if this is a campaign issue. https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CREC-2021-11-04/html/CREC-2021-11-04-pt1-PgS7814.htm


Theory: we’ve switched from “aerial” to “anomalous” in the UAP acronym bc they’ve discovered some weird shit in the sea






Actually intra-dimensional and ultra-terrestrial are something we should consider along with extraterrestrial. Why not all 3!?


You know what sub you're on?


Don't you have some flat world meeting you should be at?


Look up Carl Sagan's video on intra-dimensionality and 4D entities appearing to our tiny 3D perceiving minds. I've been guilty of this very thing for too long as well until I had to accept that we barely know anything as a species and perceive very little of the natural universe. I was left with no choice but to open my mind and listen more. Discussing string theory and other dimensions is way deeper and way more sensible than freaking Flat Earth BS. They aren't the same. Quantum mechanics alone is spooky and counter-intuitive. Yet, it's really nature being ever-mesmerizing.


Its much easier to say “thats stupid” and go about your day than taking the time to expose yourself to these ideas


I'd say that's a major piece of the dam cracking right there. Bi partisan senators signing on to fund AARO in such a public way is a major sign this topic is not going to disappear.


This is incredible, I am proud of everyone who made this possible , we still have good leaders in place. Not everyone is corrupt. This a massive step for the future of disclosure. And will go widely unrecognized to the public. I truly believe we are at the crest of the golden age. And I am proud to be here in time for it.


I wholeheartedly agree, after paging through those documents this is absolutely fantastic news. Sure makes everything a lot more clear, even the channels of disturbance.


So we are going to raise funding with the level of transparency that we have now ?


You have to understand this time is different from Roswell. We have technology and information resources to actually track some of this stuff. They can only hide this stuff for so long. It is a matter of time before it comes into the light.


Thank you. Someone had to say it!!


Do they mention anything about characterizing the stuff that does conform to physics?


This!! I’m so interested to see how they address this. Yeah, it very well could be some sort of misinterpretation of the tech, but regardless- there’s a lot that don’t line up with our current understanding of reality. This is very exciting. Hopefully.


Anyone feel like this is indicative of a continual power struggle in Washington between the Executive branch, USAF, and Intelligence against Congress, the navy, and the rest of us? The amount of conflicting statements from both sides is very interesting


I just wrote to my 2 WA state senators. Subject: 16 Senators signed demand for AARO Funds from DoD, but not you. Dear Senator, I would appreciate hearing why you didn't feel it was important enough to sign on. This is IMPORTANT. Please add your signature to Senator Gillibrand's letter and show is that you care about transparency and truth. Sincerely,


You the real MVP.


You would think they would be into this as if there are reverse engineering possibilities, you know Boeing is going to be involved in that.


They must have been told something in that meeting that made them want to do this right? Surely if they were told it was balloons and nothing to fret about they wouldn't have done this?


I believe they may have been shown slides about the other UAP that were observed as well, such as the tic tac. Most of the senators that came out of the briefing said similar things that this has been going on for years and it should be addressed.


Yes im sure they have seen unabridged FLIR footage and mosul and had major questions.


Mark Kelly the former astronaut?!!? Why did I not know he became a senator?


Arizona senator, just got re-elected.


Yeah Arizona really likes Mark Kelly!


I mean, his wife was an Arizona congresswoman before she was shot in the face. So I guess they like the family. His brother book about being an astronaut wad interesting!




This is great news, thanks!


I personally don’t believe the yap shot down can be explained away like president Biden did. I don’t know what they were but I think the explanation was a lie. Especially after all that attended the closed dos meeting cpming out and saying Americans deserve the truth. No it is not only the us that deserves the truth it is the whole world.


The DOD intentionally under funded AARO. I can’t believe how arrogant the DOD is. They are intentionally undermining the law put in place by the Legislature. It’s not hard to imagine that they are running programs intentionally hidden to avoid oversight which is against the law. The Military Industrial Complex…Incredibly powerful. If we knew everything they were actually doing we would probably all freak out and not sleep well for months if ever.


Yes, I imagine someone asked during the classified briefing if AARO was involved and after pulling the string a bit were pissed to discover DOD barely funded it. USAF made a big mistake there. Now they are going to have Congress breathing down their necks for quite awhile. Whether or not these objects are balloons, the incident has really accelerated any future disclosure


That’s a really nice response from our elected representatives. I think they saw the effect the Presidents decisions had on the American people. Talk about dropping a thermonuclear disappointment bomb…That one was bad. It would be interesting to see the numbers. My sense is that UFO related social media activity is just a fraction of what it was prior to his press conference. Some people were so disappointed they simply gave up and walked away from this. The way the politicians are responding I must be over the target 🎯 This is one hell of a battle. Whatever they are hiding must be everything we imagined and more.


Even I have been giving Joe a chance, but wow, his response was pathetic and that walk away was geriatric.


It’s nice to see this is an area of bipartisanship


It’s all prosaic am I right guys??


Stigma…..of what? what a weird hanging sentence. Feels like something got crossed out there.


its clear they had to be very careful with the wording of this letter.


wow, this is a very peculiar and troubling document. it's peculiar because the 2023 NDAA gives the director of AARO (dr. sean kirkpatrick) direct access to the heads (or deputies) of both ODNI and OUSD(I&S), and a deputy director with similar access. it also provides for the appointment of "an official" who would ensure that AARO has the resources it needs to do its mission of field research and scientific analysis. so what leverage, access or authority does the AARO lack despite the legislation? it's troubling because it indicates a really deep rooted resistance to the UAP mission within the military (or possibly in ODNI) from persons unknown for reasons unacknowledged. luis elizondo has spoken out about this resistance and its origin in *"religious aversion"* to the topic. last year senator warner documented, in notes to the 2022 IAA, the congressional disappointment with the *"slow pace"* of DoD response to this issue since 2019. so the fact that the senators who sponsored previous UAP amendments are appealing for AARO support indicates a repudiation of congressional intent, in other words military resistance to the civilian rule of law. i don't have evidence to support opinion in the matter. but congress has plenty of leverage in budgeting and in congressional hearings and public testimony to press the matter. the question is: why don't they? i'm not sure why you posted the section called "Science Plan", but i've called out since it first appeared in gillibrand's amendment last year that it is not about science, it is about [weapons/countermeasures development](https://www.handprint.com/UFO/UFO.html#scienceplan). but in that case the funding shortfall may indicate that the bureaucracy does not see a lot of weapons bang for the funding buck. (excuse the pun.)


I really hope The truth of this get's out and no more classified information on this topic.


I emailed my Senator to ask why she hasn’t signed it and outlined it’s a bipartisan effort to maintain national security. Gotta fund ARRO or the charades will never stop.


I very much respect this because Senator & multiple-mission Astronaut Mark Kelly is a signer.


Wow, heavyweights from both parties. Even Warren and Graham, who've never focused on UAPs.


Damn. That’s a weird mix of people to agree on anything.


This is good. For “disclosure” to happen it will have to be disclosure of newly investigated incidents. More “look what we’ve found!” than “look what we’ve been hiding from you!”


I hope this brings both sides together to actually start working together for the best of everyone and not just for themselves. I can only imagine what the announcement of the presence of an intelligent extraterrestrial life form would do for humanity. Many of our problems we have with each other will become extremely small.


If Mark Kelly an ex astronaut is signing it hmmm that’s interesting.


Nine signees are on the Armed Services Committee representing 36% of the membership. Five are on the Intelligence Committee, representing 24% of the membership. Klobuchar and Hickenlooper are on neither committee but serve on Commerce, Science and Transportation. 11% of that committee is represented here. Lindsey Graham is on none of the above but is on the Budget and Appropriations committees. 14% of each of those committees are represented. He is also retired Air Force.


Also, 32 up for re-election next year, 7 of those are signees (22%). So there doesn’t seem to be a stigma in that regard. Why didn’t more republicans sign on after all their talk this past week? I think it’s 12 dem and 4 republicans. I guess they are less interested in giving this effort the funding it needs.


But I thought Steven Greenstreet said all of our officials were fooled in 2017, what more is there to investigate... /s


Amazing to see bipartisan support for this


Just sent messages to my representatives.


Is it happening?


Cool, bipartisan too!


Their goal: “account for characteristics and performance of (UAP)that exceed the known state of the art in science or technology” ​ Where is this quote from? It is not in their signed statement...


The defense bill for last year


https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/CREC-2021-11-04/html/CREC-2021-11-04-pt1-PgS7814.htm it is in the science plan for AARO.


12 democrats 4 republicans signed


When Elizabeth Warren and Lindsey Graham can agree on something, I think we should all be paying attention. All this over Pico balloons? Doubtful.


Who’da thunk UAP would be the one thing to unite the US congress lmao


So here's devil's advocate in me. The DoD had a classified briefly with senators and presented "whatever evidence" they chose to people who control budgets. So basically the people with black budgets who already have the biggest chunk of the national budget are asking daddy Warbucks "Hey if you wanna know what these things are (that we already have knowledge in the deep classifieds echelons) the you are gonna have to pay up". That's what I heard anyways.


Maybe whoever or whatever is showing themselves are trying to make us realize we have to get the Clorox and disinfect the White House and senate. We all have to make our votes count


How many of these are republican? I'm from the UK and am not making a statement, but it does seem like some republicabs may be using the issue for political agenda. Can anyone tell me how bi-partisanal this group signatory is?


It is largely bi-partisan. The conservative media will use this issue to criticize Biden and it will come up in the presidential campaign soon. But when you look at their interviews after the briefing Republicans are given many chances to bash Biden but instead emphasize the importance of the topic.


Thanks yanks!


12 dem 4 republican


Make us proud 🫡


I feel like that is already where dod spending goes haha 🤣


Wow, frankly surprised to see Warren and Klobuchar on here! Didn't know they were involved with the AARO effort. Or are they new joiners?


Another pet project for the defense to do what they want with


It sounds like “more money for defense contractors” to me


No Sean Kirkpatrick, the director for AARO is very much awake when it comes to this I trust he will push hard. Senators don’t seem like they will let this go anytime soon and will be happy to campaign on it.


Just stop with this tired ass nothingburger of a conclusion of why they want funding.


Go away Hunter Biden


Found a red hat 😂 no one gives a shit about Hunter Biden except you


Look at the last 70 years of history


16 senators out of 100 isn't exactly something to lose sleep over. When we get to 50/100 then I'll raise an eyebrow. This is certainly a great start though and hopefully just the beginning! Do you guys remember Occupy Wallstreet? It's feeling like we need that kind of movement but with the subject of UAP/UFO disclosure, nationwide, in order to get critical mass. We need to do more than comment on reddit and share stuff on twitter all while relying on the same government entities we openly distrust. Its feeling more like we need to get vocal in a physical, tangible format to force the hand of those with the secrets.


Man... If I polled 100 random people in my life I doubt I would find 2 who are even interested in UAP/UFOs... 16 out of 100 Senators, with influential names from both parties included, is huge. I bet most of the other 84 are hardly aware of the subject, if at all. For many I bet all that would be needed is a chat with one of their fellow senators. Even the most skeptical would have curiosity of some sort about this stuff as human technology would be just as, if not more reality shaking. Most regular folk feel the same way, but these Senators have actual power. They're powerful people and they're pissed enough to sign their name publicly to that document. I doubt they even had to work hard to get these signatures; it seems to me as if the most pissed off of the 100 got together and decided to do something about it. They have to be real fired up to do what they did. I'm sure many others feel a similar way but just aren't as invested or knowledgeable about the UFO/UAP phenomenon... Not yet anyway.


The topic is already being politicized and as far as my memory serves, its primarily by the right. If i had to guess, the majority of the senators signing on to this are republican. (Hopefully this comment ages well as this is memory only, too busy to fact check at the moment). If i were to go poll 100 people, I'm willing to bet I'd find at least 33% or more would be interested. Its a significantly growing subject. Not only that, more people have had sightings and experiences than you think. Anyways, I'm sure a few senators are genuinely interested and concerned. The rest are jumping on the bandwagon for votes. I've watched the same exact situation play out on crypto for a few years....


Given that you're assuming most of those senators are Republican when you could easily look and find out for yourself, I think you yourself are politicizing it more than you might think. Fox is definitely covering the subject more, partly I think because conspiricies appeals to their viewers and also to own the libs within their own sycophantic echo chamber... But it's also a damn good story so over all I think they're at least exposing people to the topic which is good. And I dont know where you are but im continually shocked at how little people know and how little they're interested in the topic. That being said, I've had experiences myself that confirm they're here, and friends have opened up to me about their own experiences since I started bringing the topic up so im well aware. Anyway, I think this letter is a great thing. The only thing bi-partisan are tax breaks and more money to the military, but I suspect that even the average US politicians have enough shreds of humanity left in their ghoulish hearts to actually be genuinely intrigued by the question of alien life.


12 Dems - 4 Repubs


If you're gonna down-vote me, give me a reason why.


As if the DOD needs more funding 😅😂


More nonsense. This just gets our hopes up. For nothing


Can someone provide link for science plan please




Didn't we just gave them $880 billion!!! Goddammit!!!


They can’t find 220 of that... Guess they just misplaced it.


Maybe the aliens have healthcare…


I still can’t shake the feeling of “why are they using this distraction now?” Is this smoke and mirrors?


Smoke and mirrors..




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Looking at the wrong aliens.


So that lue guy was pretty on the money again. Had to see this.