Fyi if your drink is spiked, get your liver checked after. Apparently some of the date rape drugs used like Rohypnol can fuck up your liver and your ability to process alcohol in general.


Paramedic here, I'd recommend anyone who gets spiked to go to Hospital anyway. I've seen two 20-year-olds have heart attacks due to spiking, I'd recommend anyone to have a Doctor or Nurse have a check up on you.


Also a reason to get checked: allergic responses to a lot of date rape drugs can present similarly to alcohol poisoning. Happened to one of my sister's friends; his drink was spiked, and it turned out he was allergic to the drug. Her friends took him to the hospital because they were concerned, he had only had the one drink that evening. Turns out that taking him to the hospital saved his life. Had they waited and let his parents take him, he could have passed from his reaction.


Most patients I receive who have been spiked often have friends with them which say the same thing, that they've only had one or two drinks.


Oof, I’ve had my drinks spiked twice and never went to the hospital or check up, just home. Both times happened after having 1 drink as well, I just felt like it would be dramatic for me to go to the hospital… guess not! Thank you for the advice 🙏🏼


Is it because when they have more drinks and get drugged their friends attribute their passed out state to the alcohol?


I'd say it's probably this. Had a friend get her drink spiked and we realized pretty quickly because she was the designated driver (and reliable). If she'd been drinking with everyone else we might have just thought she'd got hammered too quickly.


At a Renaissance festival here in Texas someone spiked a girl’s drink but her boyfriend not knowing ended up downing it. He made it but he flatlined twice in the ambulance on the way to the hospital.


Please y'all, I was an absolute dumbass and didn't go to the hospital after I got drugged & concussed. I now suffer from permanent memory loss and bouts of vertigo (very minor, thankfully). I can barely drink alcohol anymore without getting violently sick (likely a side effect of liver damage). I'm a 105lb 5'3" woman and my doctor said it's a literal miracle I didn't have a heart attack. I should've been hospitalized for at least a day as they supported my body's basic functions. I always wonder what would be different if I had gone to the ER.


My 300 lbs ball of muscle roommate got drugged in college and it had him struggling to breath and a drunk mess. He apparently drank something meant for his date and the reason he survived so long till he got to the hospital is because of how big he was. Lucky our old neighbor was a nurse who got us to drag him to the ER super quick.


Wait what


Someone tried to drug my friends date but he drank the drink and his thiccness saved his life because he didn’t get to the hospital ASAP


Thanks, I kind of got that - still this is fucked up - the drugging part




Are you sure you weren't spiked? That looks like a bit like a stroke.




fire bread nose?


Smell of burnt toast, symptom of a stroke




And if you’re the US plan on working the afternoon after your funeral. In fact, your boss will probably ask you to schedule your funeral for the evening so you can still work your shift that day.


Can't do much medically if ur American


Can also come with leaving toast in the toaster for too long


WOOOOO! ‘MERICA! *plays national anthem on guitar* /s


Don’t panic, call me and I’ll tell you a joke!


If you start to smell burning toast, you’re having a stroke ^or ^overcooking ^your ^toast


i always have a panic attack when my boyfriend burns toast but i don’t realize he’s making it and i smell it




You’re really joking at a time like this??


Lmao I was so confused


Or overcooking your toast..




Anyone who gets caught spiking drinks should be charged with attempted murder


How long after a suspected spiking should someone go? Is it possible to check days or weeks after? What about mass spikings?


I'd recommend you go as soon as you have suspicion of spiking, or when symptoms start to set in. Most spiking drugs will be removed from the blood in around 24 hours, but the first few are critical. Make sure if you do go, you go with someone you know and trust.


Also -- go in groups. Even if you think you trust someone, bring 2 people; preferentially people that don't hang out in the same friend groups.


Isn’t this true about most injuries? I’ve also heard this about drowning, dehydration, etc. Basically if somethings gone bad with your body but is fine now, you should get yourself checked out.


Probably! Drowning and dehydratation can kill you, it makes sense you should get checked after because it can hurt your body in ways you can't necessarily see at first But an overdose or just getting drugged is a way more violent and quick reaction. This stuff can shut your brain down, it's dangerous. And people don't necessarily think the drug can have lasting effects if they feel fine after


Can I ask, what are the symptoms of getting spiked and how can you tell them apart from someone just being drunk wasted?


Feeling drowsy, feeling drunker than expected, mental confusion, speech difficulties such as slurring, memory loss, loss of inhibitions, nausea and vomiting, breathing problems, muscle spasms or seizures, loss of consciousness, an unusually long hangover. Best way to tell is the backstory. As you can see above, the symptoms are similar to being drunk normally. So if your friend has had one drink, accepted a drink from a stranger or left their drink alone, and suddenly they're really drunk, I'd suspect spiking. All symptoms come from JRCALC Guidelines. (Joint Royal Colleges Ambulance Liaison committee)


My blood ran cold when I realized it was my doctor checking my liver


Oh, that explains a lot


If that happened to you or someone you love, I'm very sorry.


Yeah a few years ago I was date raped and I can't drink much anymore, and I'm having some weird liver issues lately. I didn't even consider that as a source of the problem


I’m so sorry that happened to you


I remember my ex mentioning rohypnol back in 2014 when we were dating. The same time I’d throw up after a single beer. Is it too late to care about? Now I’m okay at tolerating alcohol btw


Well, you may have grown more alcohol tolerance, or could you drink fine before you dated him?


It was her, and I was fine with alcohol before her


Well, it has defilently left your system, so I would say no, dont go.


Uber it home dawg


Can’t trust all of them either


No, but your odds are honestly a lot better. The horror stories of Uber/Lyft drivers are repeated a lot more loudly than the countless stories of women raped by "friends" they trusted to get them home safely. I've only seen tales of the former online, but I've quite literally lost count of how many times the latter has happened to someone I know. If the random driver you hired from your phone creeps you out, you can just cancel your ride and book another, without all the social pressure that's involved if it's someone you know.


You make a good point there and sadly a lot of the times you do have to fear who you know more :(


"It's your schizophrenia medication, idiot", says my friend as he slowly fades into mist.


Wow, that’s good.


Gonna be a real bitch getting home if your imaginary friend drove you there though.


“Why did you drop it in my drink? I’m supposed to chew it!”


The glass was empty, maybe




I don't want that to happen to anyone again, I had this happen once. I know this is a story, but such things happen.


I, a man, was out at a bar with my gf and her two friends. We ordered a shot and a beer each. We do our shot and just hang out. About 5-10 minutes later we all started feeling sick. So we left. By the time we got back to our car we were all nearly passed out. Someone got behind the wheel and drove a block or two and found a parking lot. Somebody called somebody. We all got home safe. All I remember is getting in a car and waking up and a friend's house.


Hope such things don't happen again.


Hope nothing like this happens to you again. I’m glad you noticed and didn’t go home with this person.


I felt unsafe seeing his reaction after I said I'm not going with him, so I took another friend with me. I hate the people who drug others.




Thank you. Same with you.


You're welcome.


That's why I like to either not go into crowded bars or watch them make my drink directly.


Wasn't even crowded. But I always watch them make drinks now.


Man, I kind of wonder who spiked you then I hope it wasn't a bartender.


Could have been anyone. Maybe the bartender or barback. Maybe bartender left the drinks unattended and it was a customer.


This may be a rumor but I have heard of some bartenders spiking cranberry juice since the idea is that women are more likely to order a vodka cranberry. Ugh


We did order "girly" shots. It's scary that those people exist at all


Yikes. Yeah, that sounds like it’s possible the bartender was involved. I’m so sorry, and I hope you never find yourself or others in that situation again.


Well i guess I'm never ordering that again


Yeah… I stopped getting cosmos after that. It’s awful that there’s even a market for this, but there are drug detecting products - nail polish, straws, coasters. For whatever that is worth.


Well at least you lived to tell the tale. 🙏🏾


I didn't understand can u pls explain


We were roofied. Passed out in a parking lot. One of my friends was able to call somebody to get us home safely. I don't remember most of it. The night could have ended with the four of us missing and dead.


I was at an outdoor concert in my hometown a number of years ago. My co worker (older, quite attractive woman) reportedly found a blue pill next to her glass of wine on the blanket she was sitting on at said concert. She brought it into work and showed me. I forgot what it was but the intention was quite clear. Some people.


If it something that can happen in real life then it just become more horrifying.


"I'm not afraid of vampires, monsters, and werewolves. I'm afraid of what real human beings do to other human beings." -Walter Jon Williams (American author)


Really, humans are the worst being that ever existed.


Yeah I've seen a walrus rape a penguin so yeah.....


Don't look up anything about otters. Or dolphins. Or chimps. Or horses. Or squirrels. Or penguins. Pretty much all life is absolutely horrific in almost every aspect. To a mouse a cat is a monster.


A Walrus raped a penguin?


[apparently it was a seal. my bad.](https://youtu.be/YxkLd-8fODk)


Can we please cancel seals now? I wanna go back to clubbing!


This is infuriating.


HAPPY FEET just took on a whole different connotation.. that penguins never gonna waddle the same way again. Those assholes just standing around watching while their buddy gets assaulted!!! Not one of them tries to help and the crowd just gets bigger. Tho the sealion def gives the crowd a look like ‘you wanna do something bout this’ at one point


Not the worst. You should learn what ducks and meerkats do to each other. That being said we do have higher standards for ourselves as we are also *aware* of what is right and wrong, being sentient and all.


>being sentient and all. I think maybe you mean sapient. It's the one that means self awareness. Sentient is just being able to perceive and respond to sensations of various kinds.


most animals are sentient.


Dolphins are right up there tbh


“There's no ogres, wicked witches Only greedy sons-of-bitches Who are waiting to exploit your life away” -Dick Gaughan, “the father’s song”


It really hits home for me. That "friend" was who I was going to go back home with, he had so much chance to rape me. I remember saying I will go back home with another friend to him, and the disappointed look he gave.


Damn, really dodge a bullet there. Good thing.


I thought he was nice, but trying to drug me was certainly not a nice thing to do . He was disappointed that I said I Suddenly don't want to drink anymore that night. "Why ? We were supposed to go back home together. You're so impulsive." Like I was going to be alone with him at 1:00 am after I saw what he did.


You should have given him your drink and say "try it then you know why." People who do such things deserve to get a taste of their own medicine.😡


I would have if it happened in somewhere more familiar to me. being A foreigner student in England, I was just too scared to take action at the time. All of this happened 6 years ago, I was younger, didn't know what to do.


I hope you ditched this 'friend' and went no-contact with him


Don't worry, I did it 6 years ago.


You should have taken the drink, walked to the manager, asked them to call the police and ask if there are cameras. Press charges. He may be drugging another woman tonight now. Alternatively, it seems you lack male friends that would be willing to throw him a party with a pillowcase and some baseball bats. Those sort of people come in handy sometimes


I know I should have. All of this happened 6 years ago. You can't expect a nervous young foreigner student To make the right decision at all times . But, be assured, he didn't get a chance to drug anyone else. It was a party for a few of us classmates. He got back home with everyone else. He lived the apartment next to mine.


Happened to the girlfriend I took to prom. Someone slipped her something at the after party and I basically carried her home. Never understood why she ever hung out with any of them ever again.


Mine was a "friend". The nicest friend turned out to be the least nice .


Far too often.


Yes, it does happen a lot. It was like 6 years ago.


Ugh this happened to me. Took an open beer off a friend at the after prom party who said it 'tasted funny' and she didnt like it. I had asked her who gave her it and if she opened it herself- apparently she did so i trusted her and drank it myself, but in hindsight she was leathered and it was her first time drinking so i should defo not have trusted her. Anyway, 20 mins later were in our other friend's dad's car on our way home and i start feeling all wavy and sick. I knew id only had 3 drinks and was below my tolerance level, so something was definitely not right. I got back to the friend's house and barely made it to the bathroom- I was spewing for about an hour and then passed out. Luckily i was in a safe environment, but i was still shamed for 'drinking to much' by the friend group, who didnt believe i had been spiked. The whole thing ruined an already shitty prom, and scarred me so much i barely ever drink. Thankfully, i dont talk to the crappy friends anymore.


Such things seem to be happening very frequently in England right now. Its not on at all.


Ive heard its not even roofies in a drink here in england anymore, I heard its some twats going around with needles and just straight up injecting it, possibly bull but it is england


Yep, lots of cases reported to police. It's terrifying, because there are reasonable actions you can to to prevent getting drugged by strangers through your drink, but your can't stop someone poking you with a needle in a crowded bar/club


It’s very much true, people getting injected with HIV in clubs


I lived in a foreign country for study that time, so it felt even scarier.


Paramedic here, spikings are some of the most horrific things I've seen.


Thankfully, I noticed before anything happened.


Happened to me once. Except as soon as I started to feel funny i tried to leave. My friends sister who was sober noticed i was off and she helped me out. She locked me in her car and then got the others and drove me to the hospital. I was so lucky for that. That night could of been worse.


Lucky for me, I noticed before anything could happen. But I still can't get the fear out of my mind.


No it’ll never leave. Knowing what did or could of happened. Its a terrifying feeling and experience to even just think about.


It really is. It's worse when a "friend "does this to you.


Yes not only did they betray you but knowing that you were once close to such a monster. I am sorry you experienced that.




The scariest stories are the ones rooted in reality.


My dad got spiked on his 66th birthday by two little cunts that were doing it randomly for a laugh (cctv filmed it). It damn near killed him, these drugs are so cheap these days that they can be dumped into anyone’s drink just for shits and giggles. I never let my eyes off my drink unless a (trusted) friend is watching it for me whilst I take a piss.


I hope they got arrested for it


Unfortunately not, obviously not deemed an appropriate use of police time.


"This is a civil matter"


Yeah, just try laying out a ‘spicy’ tweet and see how long it takes them to be knocking at your door. Elderly father nearly murdered by a couple of chavs for a laugh in a public house? Not our job ‘sir’.


When I confronted her, she showed me the package of an additive to prevent hangovers.


Happy twist. (If my interpretation is correct)


Mmm, succinic acid




Kool aid purple flavored powder.


Never leave your drinks unattended or any possessions for that matter unless someone you trust is watching, and only trust someone as far as you can throw them, theoretically that should reduce your chance of being taken advantage of drastically.


The chances of being drugged becomes 0 if you dont drink at all. Or just be a social recluse like me and just stay at home. Edit: sfelling


Sadly, as a former bartender, I've seen a few cases of sodas being spiked. In a bar most will assume the person is just drunk. If you have been serving them nothing but Coke all night you know either they are drugged or hiding a bottle.


This strategy works great for me.


To ensure 100% safety you can always roofie everyone you meet before they can roofie you, shooting first worked for Han didn’t it?


Truth is often terrifying


Good rule of thumb: if you're at a party or bar, and leave your drink unattended, even for just a few seconds.. just get a new one




That’s what they want to do


Thanks, I hate it.


I bet you would


Is your friend Bill Cosby?


For the record, the most common date rape drug, ***by far***, is alcohol.


Oh fuck, I wonder how often this has happened to people in all actuality. Shit is fucking terrifying


I actuallly had my drink spiked twice, once from a bartender (He took money from creeps to spike girls drinks, but I just got sick from it and went home where I passed out on the floor) and once from a supposed "friend". I was so lucky to have been there with friends, who refused to let him take me "somewhere quiet to talk" while I was so out of it I was staring at the wall (apparently, because I have zero memory of that night after the first sip of that drink).


Sounds like it’s time for an angel shot


If it weren’t for this thread, I would never have known so many things about drugs spiked drinks and everything related to it.


I didn't find out until too late it was the antidote to the slow acting poison the bartender had been serving all the guests.


*Chukles* It's horrific because it's true!


I love how this went from fiction to informational PSA. Why I love Reddit (*insert qualifiers*). Edit - I said joke, but meant story.


Its okay, they were just fed up with your drunken antics.


My revulsion quickly faded when I realized I'd left my actual drink in the other room.


homie ur friend is still a rapist


It could be their own drink


They’re supposed to be driving the speaker home


The true horror here is the absolute reality of it


Okay this one actually scared me. This is some real fear shit right here


He probably slipped you some Vitamin C. Looking out for you.


Omg! That must have been a big drink if his entire friend fit in it!


Was it a Halloween party and the someone was dressed in a Bill Cosby costume?


Wow what a pice of shit


Guys also get drugged at parties btw, I was slipped a molly during a staff Xmas party. I figured my own way home…I think


That’s nice, no one said they didn’t, but we all are aware that women are the victims the majority of the time.


I was the drink




It was narcan I swear


Sounds like it’s time for an angel shot


What exactly do those do when they spike your drink? Do you just pass out?


If I EVER see someone spike a drink... They will not walk out of the building. Or anywhere ever again


I don't get it somebody please explain


their friend is the one who spiked their drink, and that same friend is supposed to drive them back home after the party. it could be assumed that the friend wanted to harm, rape, or kill the narrator. additionally, the fact that this is the narrator’s friend adds the element of betrayal to the story


Ohhh.. thanks.


yeah, np


i dont get it, can someone explain


Her drink was drugged by the friend she trusted to drive her home. Which means he betrayed her. The fact a trusted friend did this is the horror part, knowing what he could do to her afterwards.


Ah. Thanks


You're welcome


I asked the bartender for an angel drink and she got me the heck out of there.


Hahahaha I had to laugh you're too funny


It was a nickel.